The Lawyers Speak

Time for President Trump and We the People to have our day in court. Today, the lawyers for the plaintiffs present their opening statement to the public. Soon enough, we learn whether or not we still have a democratic republic with equal justice under the law and not a banana republic. This is as serious as it gets. Watch …


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  1. Sidney: “we are the people “


    Based upon what this lady testifies she saw, I speculate that what happened is that Trump votes were selected out, hidden away, boxed up or put in purses or suitcases or other items that should not have been in the counting room, and then the Trump ballots were spirited out and destroyed. THEN, the 50 boxes of Biden ballots were brought in during the dead of night to replace the Trump votes. Voila! The COUNT of ballots remains the same but they have substituted Biden ballots for Trump ballots and no recount will find the substitution. There was no reason for these people to be peeking into the envelopes (seen by many witnesses) and then processing Trump votes differently from Biden votes. The reason the challenger was told that the Trump votes were already counted (when she knew they weren’t) is because they knew they were destined to be replaced later on, in the dead of night. The trick would be to match up the exact number of ballots so the total count would remain the same. They didn’t count the Trump votes because they planned to replace those ballots with Biden votes and count those faux Biden ballots later. The only way to potentially catch this is to find those ballots that many testified looked pristine, were NOT folded (as a mail or absentee ballot would be), and which looked printed (not filled out by pen).

    • Notice her description of the poll workers. How they behaved in a partisan fashion. What they were wearing–BLM insignia on clothes and masks. This WAS BLM running the election.

    • Yep. Too many being dismissed out of hand, seemingly without even hearing evidence or looking at it. Judges bloviating a bunch of liberal claptrap, too (like count every vote, even ILLEGAL ones). It reminds me too, too much of the litigation around Barry’s ineligibility. They couldn’t accept the case or hear evidence or even allow it lest … DISCOVERY. RIGGED.

  3. So …so so sorry … After the Party ended!!!

    Blames … COP …for possible. … COVID 19
    .. As his family … Honkers DOWN???
    GALVIN N ??? Was it your AUNT NANCY
    p E LOW cY ..Or @ the FRENCH LAUNDRY see-newsom-at-french-restaurant-allegedly-not-following-covid-19-protocols

    • Now the WHO (who we disavow) claims that even with a vaccine and a vaccinated populace we will STILL have to social distance and wear masks. SAY WHAT?!!! In your dreams, globalists. WHEN do you think We the People will rise up and say “NO!!!!!” Stick it.

  4. Knew 4 …20 years?? ….. Some of US …..
    have been family 4 … 60 years???
    apologizes? .. ha’ …WATER …off a DUCK’S
    BACK …. Means …ZERO … Step down!!!

    • I hope that both he and Sidney have the goods and will deliver. I saw the videos at Gateway Pundit, allegedly of the election officials shredding ballots. The thing is, they don’t KNOW FOR SURE what’s in those trash bins. There’s any number of types of paper that’s not needed after an election but which it’s not illegal to dispose of–such as training paperwork, etc. Don’t want to throw cold water but I want to see indisputable EVIDENCE so we know they’re going down. I’m sick and tired of hearing, “Boom!” and being misled into believing that JUSTICE WILL FINALLY BE DONE.

  5. YES. … NO . .. YES …ha ….I ponder do some
    Really wish the Old Folk ….. GONE?

  6. In 2000, Bush lost every case until Bush v. Gore reached the Supreme Court. @realDonaldTrump has never been short sighted.

    Do those who have been wrong so often consider that he allowed the transition piece because he is presidential & confident – playing the long game♟?

    — Dr. Gina – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@RealDrGina) November 24, 2020

  7. What about this?

  8. more

  9. wow

  10. Money …no money …. Wish $$$ makes
    All problems …go away …or not …

  11. All azz hole reporters. … !!! Get the Names
    A list …needs to follow …. We the People
    Want 2 ….know them ….All !!!
    The ? High & Mighty … Az-h’s ..We See “U”
    & ….more that. ..that !!! We Hear U … F-U all

    • Ha, ha. Maybe he should give himself and everybody in his family and administration a blanket pardon. Would serve the a-holes right. Those who think they’re going to destroy him post-Jan. 20, 2021. Do you really believe that if they think he may run again they WON’T try to destroy him in the same way they tried in 2015, as soon as he declared he was running?

    • This would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Nobody can be THIS incompetent. It MUST have been deliberate. All of this goes far beyond even the most fundamental tenets of accounting and auditing and software management. NOT debugging changes? NOT verifying that what was changed is what was supposed to be changed and not something else? (Like inserting a rigging algorithm.) It’s suspicious alone that this happened right before the election and was performed by a RABID anti-Trump, antifa-supporting activist. One would expect AT LEAST the same level of election security as is probably used in Nevada casinos, on TV reality shows that use voting techniques, and on TV game shows. The states and the feds REGULATE those activities, so one WOULD EXPECT at least the same or even higher standards of accuracy and competency when dealing with ELECTIONS, especially federal elections that affect the entire country.

        • With regard to the “pre-canvasing” that was illegally done in PA, despite their laws forbidding it. I read days ago but can’t find the article now, that they weighed the ballots to use the difference in weights to identify those that probably did NOT contain the security envelope. They did this after their Supreme Court (or maybe it was SCOTUS) ruled that the security envelope had to be there or else the vote was invalidated. This, imho, at least proves a consciousness of guilt, in that they knew they were doing something outside the rules. It’s LAWFARE. A way to do an end run around the words and even the spirit of the laws. There’s a REASON why their legislature said they couldn’t examine or mess with ballots to determine validity until the day they’re supposed to do it. They didn’t follow that spirit of the law but instead, on a differential basis, weighed the ballots and allowed those who forgot the security envelope to “cure” the ballot, which is apparently also illegal in PA, because, for one thing, it’s illegal and unconstitutional disparate treatment of voters. They gave DEMONCRATS the contact information and allowed THEM to get the DemoncRAT ballots “cured.”

          • Out EFFING rageous:

            [DemoncRAT activist] “Rock the Vote’s web tool was connected to our system, making the process of registering voters through their online programs, and those of their partners, seamless for voters across Pennsylvania,” the lawsuit quotes Boockvar as saying.

            That’s not supposed to happen. It’s one thing for outside groups to submit registration applications to the state on behalf of would-be voters, but election clerks are the only ones who are supposed to enter this sort of information directly into the records.

            It’s easy to see why by inspecting post-election voter lists, which contain names such as “Mary April Smith,” followed by “Mary May Smith,” “Mary June Smith,” “Mary July Smith,” and so forth through the rest of the calendar.
            When the same voter lists were purchased just a week later, however, those suspicious names had mysteriously disappeared from the rolls.

            Under the circumstances, that’s direct evidence of a systematic effort to conceal wrongdoing. All further alterations to the SURE system should be immediately halted to allow a thorough investigation of the records before any more evidence can be destroyed. …”

            This kind of crap simply CANNOT STAND.

  12. Threat’s … Threat’s. …were playing
    JOE’S ….GAME ??? Come on U FOOL!

    • Wonder how many were for Trump? 100%? Wonder how many other bunches of uncounted ballots are still hanging around?

    • Imagine, if you will, being an accounts payable clerk and losing or forgetting to pay 386 invoices. Or being a payroll clerk and forgetting to pay 386 employees. Who runs these election sites–convicted embezzlers?

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