The Three Ring Circus Resumes …

… with a new ring master:

Phase Two of the Democrat impeachment circus resumes this week with a public hearing on Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler.

They plan to railroad the President, slapping him with deadlines before all the witness testimony has been released and before the report from Phase One has been completed and released. When and if they do release the depositions, testimony, documents, and report, the President will have mere hours to prepare to respond.

So much for an accused defendant’s traditional right to discovery and to confront all witnesses against him, although it remains to be seen, after all this time, of what exactly the President is being accused.

How can the President’s lawyers  possibly mount a defense under this rigged scenario? How can House members rationally vote on impeachment under these circumstances?

Without all prior testimony and all documents, how can Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee prepare to cross-examine witnesses and compare their testimony to previous testimony?

They can’t, which was the Democrats’ plan all along.

It’s a wonder they’re carrying on with this circus, given that Phase One didn’t go very well for them.

Despite the circus, President Trump’s approval ratings are rising, instead of falling, exceeding the allegedly very popular Obama’s approval ratings at the same point in his own presidency.

As this writer points out:

President Donald Trump has not been credibly accused of committing any crime, much less a high crime or misdemeanor. …

And precisely no one had any evidence of anything actually illegal happening, even if they wished that Trump loved foreign aid more and didn’t want the investigations he told everyone he wanted. …

Reporters kept deleting their tweets because they were getting facts about the hearings wrong. …

While the argument for impeachment was difficult to understand, Democrats’ own witnesses kept making Trump’s case against “the swamp” for him. There is no question that these bureaucrats, sometimes using third-hand information, were deeply opposed to Trump, his policies, and his behavior. Their problem was that they were not elected president. In fact, they weren’t elected anything. …

Schiff kept a tight hand on the wheel, controlling witness lists, controlling their testimony, keeping things secret, selectively leaking, and withholding information. That’s his prerogative, but for impeachment to be considered something other than political theater, the unfairness didn’t work.

Nevertheless, for Democrats, the show must go on.

And We the Taxpayers will have to continue to pay for and endure this Impeachment Circus.

Pray for our President, our Republic, and our sanity.



72 responses to “The Three Ring Circus Resumes …

  1. Here’s a good, “fair and balanced” analysis of the whistleblower, his activities, and his motivations:

  2. Here’s the response from the President’s lawyer to the letter sent by the new ring master laying down HIS conditions for our President:

  3. Here’s the so-called impeachment report. A work of FICTION, no doubt, or maybe just another “parody”:

    Click to access 20191203_-_full_report___hpsci_impeachment_inquiry_-_20191203.pdf

    I haven’t read it yet. I don’t know if I have the stomach for it. TCTH will likely digest it for us, like a devoted mother who chews the food for her children. 🙂

    Here’s a link:

    • Of course, the hateful, skunky, smelly, disgusting pigs release this to steal away attention from our President, overseas, doing the work of We the People, most especially fighting Europe to PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF THEIR OWN DEFENSE.

  4. I told you somewhere that there’s a reason why they suddenly indicted those friends of Giuliani and this appears to be it:

    Continuing the same process used to spy on and “investigate” the Trump campaign and later the Trump administration, under the guise of “counterintelligence,” now, outrageously, it appears that under the guise of “impeachment inquiry” the DemocRATS abused their power and apparently SPIED ON the President’s personal lawyer, probably using warrants for Giuliani’s friends’ communications.

    • Nothing they do is EVER an accident.


        “There’s a particular type of anger that surfaces when you realize the Schiff team who coordinated the origination effort with the CIA whistleblower; and then vehemently hide their coordination; are the same crew simultaneously using the power of their position to subpoena private phone call records from President Trump’s lawyers, members of congress, and journalists. …”

        Exactly. It’s BEYOND outrageous.

        • No longer having the ability to CONTROL the intelligence community activities, once Mueller was finished, they simply moved the coup to Congress. This also, I believe, explains WHY they didn’t go the real route of getting an impeachment inquiry vote that would activate the President’s and Republicans’ ability to actually subpoena, fairly cross-examine, and have input into WHAT and WHO was subpoenaed. INSTEAD of being outraged about this unprecedented invasion of the Executive Branch, not to mention attorney/client privilege with regard to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the complicit media are instead talking about WHY Giuliani would talk to OMB and why Nunes would talk to either Giuliani or Solomon. Mind you, they NEVER ask why the DemoncRATS leak only to THEM, are complicit only with THEM. Apparently they’re only outraged when Republicans talk to members of the media THAT THEY don’t approve of. Where’s their outrage over all the leaking and cozy stuff going on between the FBI, Congress, LEAKERS in the NSC and the WH and the likes of CNN and the NY Times? How the HELL and WHY THE HELL did ATT and Verizon give over PERSONAL PHONE RECORDS RELATED TO THE PRESIDENT’S LAWYER? This was an illegal subpoena, if it came from Congress, given that there’s no legitimate subpoena power without an actual House vote to give them that power. No, THIS IS WHY the corrupt SDNY indicted Giuliani’s friends, who will no doubt eventually be exonerated, just as Papadopoulos and Page DID NOTHING WRONG. They wanted ONLY the excuse to get the “two hops” from the Giuliani friends to the POTUS.

          • I almost said the same thing:

            “I never thought we would see the possibility of a hot civil war in my lifetime. I was wrong. …”

            WHERE will this end if things continue as they are? Maybe POTUS was not so ridiculous to suggest, as he did recently, that maybe it’s time to get the Supreme Court involved. IF EVERY REPUBLICAN IS NOT OUTRAGED ABOUT THIS, THEN EVERY ONE OF THEM NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF OFFICE ASAP.

            Obviously, from TCTH records, they were spying on GIULIANI and everybody he talked to, including Jay Sekulow, ANOTHER of Trump’s PERSONAL LAWYERS.

            AND ALL THIS WHILE THE PRESIDENT IS OVERSEAS! Disgraceful. Did Nunes know before today that they spied on him, too.


  5. DEMOCRATSWill Chamberlain unravels the Democrats’ impeachment report …….. SHREDS IT

  6. Some of you may know that the long awaited publication date for the IG report on FISA criminality is to be Dec 9.
    Some you may also know that as of Dec 10, Facebook, Youtube, etc are changing their account guidelines to let them remove accounts that they consider “not viable” ie not that the accounts are being offensive in some way but just “not viable” like if you have an old mobile you don’t use and eventually your service provider takes your phone number away from you.
    It is possible that between this latest social media action, the fake impeachment circus and the usual control of main stream media it will be somewhere between difficult and impossible to get any real news about the IG report.
    Q is posting again. Q started posting a couple of weeks ago.
    He (They) have some interesting posts about upcoming criminal indictments.
    It would be not a big surprise if Youtube removed X22 report which has been a good site for coverage of Q related news, but a non oogle site is
    and that’s quite a comprehensive update o all that stuff.

  7. There is a free Dave Janda video still available about the impeachment “goat rodeo” – that’s his term but it makes me smile
    Here it is:

  8. Matt Gaetz Goes Beast Mode at Democrats’ Sham ‘Impeachment’ Circus: ‘If Wiretapping a Political Opponent is an Impeachable Offense, I Look Forward to Reading the Inspector General’s Report Because…….

    ….. Maybe It’s a Different President ….??? ….We Should be Impeaching’

  9. Convicted Pedophile Used In Mueller Investigation Indicted For
    Funneling Millions In Illegal Contributions
    …..>>>.. to Hillary, DOJ Says …WOW!!!!

    • ~ BL….
      I thought for a bit there that Malcolm X was the father but the numbers didn’t quite add up on that one. And maybe Davis was the father. Now, THIS guy, Mohammed Subud, is the Spitting Image of Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, Barry Obama, Steven Dunham , Barry Soetoro …WHOEVER he is. Kudos to you !!

    Admin | November 18, 2019

    YEP ….. once again >>>> ObamaBarReg
    Atlas Shrugs: The biggest hustle in human history, March 31, 2010,
    Obama’s teaching career was a sham, Lazy and unqualified

    The following article can no longer be found at Atlas Shrugs at the following link: ???? WHY???? NOT

  11. so DO ….WTP …WTP CALL BS. …. YES WE DO!

    REALLY ? >>> WHEE!….let’s go Play Wheelbarrow …honey,,,

  12. Devin Nunes: Adam Schiff Violated My ‘Civil Liberties’ with Phone Snooping; Pursuing ‘All Legal Options’

    • Schiff gets away with this because, as with everything else, there are multiple stories out there to “explain” HOW he got the records. Some say a “national security letter,” which doesn’t need a judge or a warrant.

      “A national security letter (NSL) is an administrative subpoena issued by the United States government to gather information for national security purposes. NSLs do not require prior approval from a judge. The Stored Communications Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Right to Financial Privacy Act authorize the United States government to seek such information that is “relevant” to authorized national security investigations. By law, NSLs can request only non-content information, for example, transactional records and phone numbers dialed, but never the content of telephone calls or e-mails.[1]

      NSLs typically contain a nondisclosure requirement forbidding the recipient of an NSL from disclosing that the FBI had requested the information.[2] The nondisclosure provision must be authorized by the Director of the FBI, and only after he or she certifies “that otherwise there may result a danger to the national security of the United States; interference with a criminal, counterterrorism, or counterintelligence investigation; interference with diplomatic relations; or danger to the life or physical safety of any person.”[3] Moreover, a recipient of the NSL may still challenge the nondisclosure provision in federal court.[4]

      The constitutionality of such nondisclosure provisions has been repeatedly challenged. …”

      Others say Schiff “subpoenaed” the records and ATT (which owns CNN) just handed them over without disputing the subpoena (even though there really is no official impeachment justifying subpoenas and even though it’s not in their “oversight” authority to do the work of the CIA/FBI).

      I think they’re obfuscating deliberately because once again they’re abusing the intelligence community and the laws regarding counterintelligence, NSA data, FISA, etc. All of the Patriot Act laws. IF they used a national security letter, and going by what they DO have and what they DON’T have, then it looks AS IF that’s what they used, then they were never supposed to “unmask” the citizens to whom the phone numbers allegedly belong. Laura Ingraham says Schiff had only phone numbers and wanted to know who they belonged to. IF he got the phone numbers from Parnas, then Parnas himself broke laws, allegedly, because HE wasn’t supposed to share discovery, from what I understand. It’s so complex and they like it to be so because the more complex, the harder it is to explain to people why this should OUTRAGE them. Ingraham said they had phone numbers. That would be “metadata” but Schiff wanted to unmask the people behind the numbers so he took the numbers to ATT and they obliged, giving up the IDENTITIES of the people behind the numbers. Now from whom and from where would Schiff get METADATA? IF the FBI and/or SDNY (don’t know if they can do this) used a NSL to get metadata and then passed the numbers to Schiff, that could explain it. But it also seems it’s all illegal. But who cares, huh? All in a good cause. You can’t hold them responsible for breaking a few eggs when they’re trying to make an impeachment omelette, for the good of the COUNTRY, of course.

    • This is another so-called “conspiracy theory” even though everybody knows it’s completely true. He’s going after them for something that the DOJ and the courts ought to have already addressed: Inserting a FAKE witness in the place of the alleged real witness. Her half-sister stole her “identity” as the witness and testified under oath AS IF she were her half-sister! And the lawyers who knew and put her up to it apparently still have their law licenses. It’s outrageous. Here’s hoping that George wins a YUGE bundle.

  13. Trump War Room (Text TRUMP to 88022)Verified account
    Highlighting @realDonaldTrump’s #PromisesKept, fighting #FakeNews.
    This account punches back 10x harder. Managed by the #TeamTrump 2020 campaign. #MAGA

    MAGA Country
    Joined March 2019

  14. U > U > U DON’T MESS! with > “ME” < … Really U bitch of a female
    the CRYING GAME ….I remember that one 2 .. 2 OLD HARD AZZ-HAG


  15. O’ such LOVE LOVE LOVE … 4 EVERY… BODY’ …. O’ sure!!!

    Democrats Are Pushing America Into Civil War
    Civil war becomes likelier with every passing day.

    What happens when the left comes for people’s guns and citizens start dying by the hundreds, or the thousands? Will assassinations of public officials become prevalent? How about acts of terror such as blowing up bridges and pipelines?

    What would have happened had the terrorists on 9/11 targeted the George Washington Bridge and the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant instead of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

    The Democrats are opening a can of worms and they simply do not understand the consequences.

    At Nadler’s hearing on Wednesday, Jonathan Turley talked of “rage.”

    Democrats don’t understand what “rage” is, but they are about to learn.

  16. WE “PEEL” off the Straw man woman & child ..WTP LOVE OUR LEADER

  17. Bob68 … Monday, Nov. 18, 2019 at 11:03 PM .. & REMEMBER THIS!!!!
    Why DID Nancy PELOSI sign 2 different DNC certification forms for Obama,

    1 sent to Hawaii saying he was constitutionally eligible to be president &
    a second 1 sent to other states
    which just said he was duly nominated by the DNC?
    Both were Signed by PeLosi on the Same DAY & Notarized by the Same Person. Why was the 1 form saying Obama was constitutionally eligible
    not used for all 50 states. DID ???? PeLosi ever Answer that?
    Here is an article by J.B. Williams at Canada Free Press which includes pictures of the actual documents………….

    One form says this:
    “THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democrat Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 though 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively & that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.”
    And the other is this… does not mention the Constitution:
    “THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democrat Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 though 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively:
    Did I miss a logical reason why there were 2 different forms & not just 1 that stated eligible as required by the Constitution?


    Are “Crowdstrike” and Alleged Ukrainian Election-Meddling the New Obama Birth Certificate?
    On Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 ….+ > 7 Comments Do read!


  19. F’ … ALL these FRIGG-in’ KILLERS! .. SAD SICK & a WASTE of AIR
    US digs into Saudi Shooting suspect motive in Navy Shooting near the
    …. Naval Air Base Station in Pensacola, Fla.,

    As questions swirled about the shooting, which left 4 people dead,
    ….. Including the >>>> Attacker,>>> Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani <<<>>>> Officer in the Saudi Air Force.
    Alshamrani was Attending the aviation school at Naval Air Station Pensacola, 1 of Hundreds of International military members who are receiving training there. The Shooter OPEN-ed FIRE in a Classroom
    ….building on Friday morning. …..

    another TURD! in WTP’s FACES shoot-in’ OFF them LIPS!
    …just WHO does IT think she’s TALKIN 2 ….

    • How many of the 9/11 hijackers were in “pilot training” down there? WHAT did they EVER learn from anything? In the meantime, because of the laws passed to address 9/11, now we have the spectacle of Adam Schiff conspiring with CNN/ATT conglomerate to SPY ON HIS FELLOW CONGRESSMEN, TO SPY ON THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, AND TO SPY ON THE PRESIDENT’S LAWYERS AND INTERFERE IN ATTORNEY/CLIENT PRIVILEGE. They need to eliminate this NSA crap ASAP. Get rid of that huge repository out there in the Utah desert, where ALL OUR COMMUNICATIONS ARE STORED. This was a shot across the bow by Schiff to let everybody in Congress and the WH know that he has the in with those who HOLD ALL OUR RECORDS AND THUS ALL THE POWER. That man is the one who abused his office and his “power.” In addition, ATT should be held accountable.

  20. ‘Don’t mess with me’ …‘Don’t mess with me’ …‘Don’t mess with me’
    HEY …NANCY up 2 her NECK in FILTH & STOP .. ha’ PRAYING
    4 ..OUR ..PRESIDENT ..they R NOT WANTED with your CHILDISH
    .. SLY- Clap- CURSE … WTP SAW U .. HEAR U .. the JIG is SO UP!
    Go back 2 church 4 U PRAY HARDER 4 U!!!
    IF they would even LET U ENTER?… I have MANY DOUBTS on that 1!

    Giuliani Promises ‘Evidence’ of Obama Administration Interference in Ukraine …..11 Comments

    President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani promised “Evidence” that former Vice President Joe Biden & other Obama administration Officials “CON-tributed to the increased level of corruption in Ukraine in 2014 & 2016.”

    Giuliani made the statement as he travels in Ukraine, meeting with lawmakers who have said that Biden’s son Hunter Biden obtained $$$$ money Stolen from >>> Ukranian taxpayers.

  22. The forthcoming book, This is What America Looks Like, is scheduled for publication in April 2020, according to the publisher. The memoir is expected to chronicle her childhood in war-torn Somalia and her journey to the United States. Dey Street’s executive editor Alessandra Bastagli told Forbes that the book will also counter “everything we keep hearing from the current administration and the right-wing media about refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and women.”

  23. Pensacola gunman hosted party to watch mass shooting videos…
    Assailed USA as ‘nation of evil’…
    Quoted Bin Laden…
    Six others arrested; Filmed attack…
    Saudis distance selves…

  24. Americans don’t like imposters or liars. They especially don’t like people who thumb their noses at our most cherished documents, run around the world apologizing for our great country, and introduce Communism, Fascism and Totalitarianism into our body politic.

    And so I ask once again, Mr. Obama: Who’s your daddy? Who’s your mother? Where’s your birth certificate?

    Abo, Abongo, African Muslim countries, baptismal certificate, Barack Obama Sr., Bernard Obama, Betty Shabazz, birth certificate, black nationalism, Charles Rangel, CIA, college transcripts, Communist, Dreams from My Father, Fidel Castro, Ford Foundation, Frank Marshall Davis, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Harlem, Illinois law license, Indonesia, James Petras, Jeremiah Wright, Kenya, Kezia, Langston Hughes, Lolo Soetoro, Madelyn Dunham, Malcolm X, medical records, Mobil Oil, Mombassa, Nation of Islam, Nikita Khrushchev, Obama, passport, Peter Geithner, Qubilah, Rockefeller, sealed records, Selective Service records, Standard Oil, Stanley Ann Dunham, Stanley Armour Dunham, Stanvac, Suharto, Sukarno, Tammy Duckworth, terrorist, The Audacity of Hope, The Honolulu Advisor, The Independent, Theresa Hotel, Timoth Geithner, Trilateral Commission, U.S. Constitution, UN General Assembly, visa, visas, william ayers, Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Who’s Your Daddy? Who’s Your Mama? added on Tuesday, January 5, 2010
    …. Sharon Rondeau

    • But Pelosi calls President Trump the “imposter.” Really, they take this stuff way too far. They ALWAYS accuse others of what THEY THEMSELVES DO, up to and including having an imposter (a REAL imposter, not a figurative one) as their presidential candidate.

  25. ….B U T T ‘ of COURSE SHE DOES… another LIE??? what a FOOL
    SHE EVEN ……
    HATES’ HER-SELF! …YEP … & I CAN “SEE” Y !!!

  26. The Saudi student who fatally shot three people at a U.S. naval base in Florida hosted a dinner party earlier in the week where he and three others watched videos of mass shootings, a U.S. official told The Associated Press on Saturday.

    One of the three students who attended the dinner party videotaped outside the building while the shooting was taking place at Naval Air Station Pensacola on Friday, said the U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity after being briefed by federal authorities. Two other Saudi students watched from a car, the official said.

    The official said 10 Saudi students were being held on the base Saturday while several others were >>>>>> unaccounted for. ???? O’ ???

  27. AMERICA please P R A Y harder ….. 4 SICK TIRED HAG NANCY P

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