Finally, the Horowitz Report

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s long-awaited report about FISA abuses perpetrated by the Obama Deep State is due tomorrow.

It remains to be seen whether this report will be a (relative) whitewash or whether it will be the harbinger of swamp draining to come.

Keep in mind that the report is limited in scope and written by an official whose reach is similarly limited. Horowitz can examine/investigate only what is in his purview. He does not have subpoena power, vastly limiting what he’s able to discover. He has no prosecutorial power, as the President himself pointed out.

This analysis provides some insight: [emphasis added to quotes]

Inspector Generals are like the human resource arm of a corporation. … Inspector Generals exist to help their agency deal with problems and messes. Sure, they may be forced to admit wrongdoing on the part of the agency and its employees, but they will always downplay it. If there’s a conceivable way to say that the department didn’t violate the policy or law, they will do that. And they will characterize the bad behavior that they must concede as limited to rogue employees and not representative of the larger agency. …

People expecting a thorough look at the widespread surveillance on the Trump campaign likely will be disappointed for several reasons.

First off, the IG said he was looking only into the surveillance of “a certain U.S. person,” presumably Carter Page. But Page is just one of the campaign affiliates who was surveilled. Horowitz said that “if circumstances warrant,” he’ll “consider including other issues that may arise,” but it’s unclear how many were looped into his sluggish probe.

Horowitz is also constrained by the fact that he is only allowed to speak with people who work at the Department of Justice at the time of his questioning. If they’ve retired or been fired, he can’t force them to cooperate with his probe. If they work at a different agency or department, he can’t compel cooperation.

The best thing the Inspector General report will have is factual information. … Regardless of whether Horowitz joins Trump’s critics in defending all the actions of the agency he serves, the facts will enable people to make their own decisions.

On Wednesday, Horowitz will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain (defend?) his report. The devil will be in the details.

The report is said to be hundreds of pages long. Most people will probably read only the executive summary, if that.

Far too many will rely only upon the corrupt, anti-Trump mainstream media’s spin, which will probably have been coordinated with, if not written by, President Trump’s (other) political enemies.

If Horowitz places priority on salvaging the DOJ’s reputation, then the most damning facts will likely be buried deep among the many pages of the report and will be skimmed over, if mentioned at all, in the executive summary.

As for the President, he’s more eagerly awaiting the results of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation:

“I do think the big report to wait for is the Durham report,” Trump said. “That’s the one that people are really waiting for. And he’s highly respected, and he’s worked very hard and he’s worked long hours, I can tell you, and gone all over the world. So we’ll see.”

We the People have been waiting for justice for far too long. Let us hope and pray that these two men, Horowitz and Durham, do not let us down.

We’ve been waiting a long time for the swamp that is Washington DC to be well and truly drained. Is this finally the beginning?

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

Pray for our President and our Republic. 


135 responses to “Finally, the Horowitz Report

  1. very ^^^^ interesting .. dave m always! come by more often!

    as … WTP live with the HERD of STOOGES in the USA …24/7
    He said Viktor Shokin — the Ukrainian prosecutor general investigating Burisma who was Fired After Joe Biden Threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid — “holds documents proving money laundering” by Burisma & the Bidens.
    Further, Giuliani said, Shokin’s medical records “Show he was Poisoned,
    died twice, & was revived.”
    “Lots of heads will roll …roll roll in Ukraine if this Opens Up,” he said.

    • This is a good one:

      “This is illegitimate and contemptible conduct, the kind of rejectionism which belongs in Third World banana republics. But the failure of the rule of law persistent in a South Africa, Burma, or, dare we say it, Ukraine, is part and parcel of today’s Democrats. Jerrold Nadler would be perfectly at home in Johannesburg or Kiev, where expediency trumps long-standing rules and political goals are far more of a priority than societal ones.

      Where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns.

      Should there not be a hard lesson taught to these people? And should a rancid, nakedly political abuse of House power not be met with a righteous act of political comeuppance?

      Of course it should.

      McConnell’s wish to snuff the impeachment proceeding for the pointless and stupid political Sin of Onan that it is can certainly be justified, but we are in an age when naked political theater is what remains of statesmanship. And McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate need to understand that dragging us back to some semblance of decorum and restraint depends on punishing the lack of same by his counterparts in the House. …”


      The POTUS alluded to this in his letter to Pelosi today. Nadler actually is at risk of being defeated by a(nother?) socialist like AOC if he doesn’t do this impeachment charade, which explains so much.


      Yeah, fwiw.

      “It is nothing short of stunning that other media outlets — from CNN and MSNBC to ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post — all out to get the president, repeatedly ignored not only the facts behind the FBI–DOJ attempt at a coup d’état but even — make that especially even — turned their backs on the opportunity to get the facts. …”


    ~ How anyone can stay in business and remain in that state is beyond me.
    I read the city is actually fining businesses who don’t clean the poop and urine off the sidewalks in front of their shops ..begging the question why would any business even want to remain in that nightmare Demonrat state …

    ~ FRANZ LISZT Dalton •
    Look up Prop 47 in Calif. you will be shocked
    george s0r0s bought and paid for this bill to be passed

    I have been wondering this myself. Not to mention…no one is happy in that state…go and visit, you will see what I mean.
    It used to be a great place to live…no more.

    I’m sure those products around drop zone will be tossed, right?
    Can’t have ‘splatter’ problems, e-coli, ya know. How pathetic of nasty Nancy focusing on her >>> hatred rather than her constituents.

    And whats even worse is Calif passed a law stating that a
    shoplifter stealing less than $950 will not be prosecuted , YEP
    the POOR FOLKS NEED the STUFF ???
    ….. it’s just insane..
    Feel so sorry for all business owners in the state of calif. SICK!!!!

    • Did you see that the Republicans (and I suppose the President, too) caved on allowing the DemoncRATS to include $25 million in the budget for research on “gun violence?” This “research” will be just like that on global warming and then it will be used to give the imprimatur on “common sense gun control.” The results are already in and the “research” will be to rig up the so-called “evidence,” which will show that gun control will “save lives,” especially those of “children.” They will NOT look at the root causes of gun violence because that will lead them right to: no fathers in the “family,” total dependence on government hand-outs, no good role models for the violent “children,” no discipline in schools, no accountability for one’s own actions from the cradle to the prison. The will focus on “white supremacist violence” and conservative “hatred” that leads to violence and NOT on the violence that afflicts cities every day. With their blinders on, they will look only at what makes “white men” angry and how to stop the NRA and repeal the Second Amendment because, you know, it’s just “common sense.”

  3. PET’ … PET-e …. BUTT’ O’ so ….RICH! …. butt’ still 2 young!


    Maxine Waters: I Have No Proof — But I Believe <<< ?????? NUTS

  5. The arrogance of this whole thing might be attributed to youthful ignorance, but more likely, it’s the attitudes of Greta’s handlers, who probably crafted the tweets.

    Thunberg’s green backers, linked to Al Gore and looking to make a killing in the markets through government green contracts are already well known, but her handlers are not, and they are mighty interesting too. The one who’s been identified, Luisa Marie Neubauer, am experienced 23-year-old German activist and politician with a likely money $$$$$$$$$

    relationship with >>>>> George $oros’s ONE foundation, <<<<>> seen in Greta’s company. ….O’ ….really???????

    • I love it when liberal stupidity comes crashing back at them. Did you see how she had to apologize because some people (she says) misinterpreted or mistranslated something she said as a threat against politicians who don’t follow her dictates? Hoist on her own petard. I had to pick on a kid, especially one who’s “challenged,” but she literally does ask for it.

  6. General Flynn to be sentenced on Jan 28,
    all defense motions denied. Boo.
    So I have an opinion about the likely Senate trial of the President,
    My guess:
    President Trump will be acquitted by the Senate
    there will be a quid pro quo:
    In return for his being found not guilty, none of the wrong doers about whom we have heard so much in recent months will be exposed and sent to jail.

    A question for Miri
    Where can I find some of those curious pictures about Michelle Obama that suggest she may not actually be as she represents herself?
    I heard that Obama said yesterday that women make better leaders than men, but only if they are young women. Seems like he is getting ready to introduce Michelle O to the world and rule out Hillary (too old). This made me think of the evidence, if it still exists, suggesting there may be a political problem with this approach.

    • dave m, it would truly be ironic when they demand their quid pro quo. Don’t you think? I couldn’t help but ponder last night how incredibly hypocritical and ironic is the psy-op they’re perpetrating against Trump, where he’s being excoriated, impeached, threatened with 20 years of imprisonment for something they “perceive” (imagine) he did when they have it on tape, explicitly, that Biden actually DID threaten and bribe Ukraine to do something that directly benefited his family, if not also himself if only by virtue of protecting his “legacy” as a Senator and VP. Can we guess who the untouchable will be in your scenario? Barry perhaps?

      Oh, I caught that, too, about Barry saying women are better leaders. I have real fear that the plan all along was to bring Mooch in as the nominee at the last minute to steal the nomination away from whoever it is, just as Hillary stole it from Sanders last time. They will all fall in line, too. It’s as likely that there are so many potential nominees just to fill all the coffers from every source possible. Biden is obviously NOT going to be their nominee. At least I don’t think so. He’s lost it, mentally, that’s obvious and will become more obvious as a year-long campaign evolves. The media have so far mostly ignored his “mistakes” but that’s not going to be possible when it comes down to two people and when the President WILL use Twitter to point it out.

      I didn’t catch the part about young women versus old women. Hillary for sure is older than Mooch but Mooch is no spring chicken anymore, either. It would be very ironic and hypocritical if she ran considering that she herself has NO EXPERIENCE either in law OR in politics (something they criticized Trump’s latest judge pick for). Not to mention that, just like Hillary, she said she won’t ever run. In fact, that would follow the Obama rule: whatever they say, the opposite is the actual truth.

      Just imagine, a SECOND Obama imposter as president. One not a natural born citizen, possibly not really the first “African-American” president, and the second not really the first female president but one who is actually the first “trans-woman” president.

      This link has photos if you scroll down.

      But of course. No mention of who the recipient of the IVF was, though: Two sperm donors, with the egg donors and surrogates unspecified?

      No doubt, the name of her book, “Becoming”, is a tell/signal/snark. Becoming what, “Michelle”?


    Oh, my. Right on cue. Right after people logically and correctly ask where the HELL is the FISA court, which is SUPPOSED TO HAVE its own procedure for investigating and policing the people who come to them for warrants? CYA much, Rosemary?

    “As we noted, last weekend HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes dropped the gloves and essentially stated the DOJ/FBI were conspiring against U.S. citizens with the willful participation of the FISA court. This was a stunning, albeit unreported, development. …”

    Too little, too late. In the interim, she let POTUS twist in the wind when she was in a position to blow this scheme, this illegal, unconstitutional COUP, right out of the water. Instead, she lay back, I suppose waiting until after impeachment. This woman KNEW that for years, iirc, the “intel community” was misusing the FISA database and “deliberately” (her word) allowing outside contractors access to the highly sensitive and supposedly highly legally protected data. She buried that fact in a footnote in a memo. What else did she do to use the powers of the FISC, the oversight powers, to see to it that this outrage was PUNISHED?

  8. … ~ The Crucible • ……….. Let’s be honest….
    The Dems aren’t trying to impeach Trump for HIS crimes, they are trying
    to impeach him to cover up THEIRS.

    They’ve become masters of Projection Politics.

    ~ It worked with Benghazi, they thought it would work with Trump. Trump is not the average man on the street… he doesn’t buy the BS. ……

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