The Three Ring Circus Resumes …

… with a new ring master:

Phase Two of the Democrat impeachment circus resumes this week with a public hearing on Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler.

They plan to railroad the President, slapping him with deadlines before all the witness testimony has been released and before the report from Phase One has been completed and released. When and if they do release the depositions, testimony, documents, and report, the President will have mere hours to prepare to respond.

So much for an accused defendant’s traditional right to discovery and to confront all witnesses against him, although it remains to be seen, after all this time, of what exactly the President is being accused.

How can the President’s lawyers  possibly mount a defense under this rigged scenario? How can House members rationally vote on impeachment under these circumstances?

Without all prior testimony and all documents, how can Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee prepare to cross-examine witnesses and compare their testimony to previous testimony?

They can’t, which was the Democrats’ plan all along.

It’s a wonder they’re carrying on with this circus, given that Phase One didn’t go very well for them.

Despite the circus, President Trump’s approval ratings are rising, instead of falling, exceeding the allegedly very popular Obama’s approval ratings at the same point in his own presidency.

As this writer points out:

President Donald Trump has not been credibly accused of committing any crime, much less a high crime or misdemeanor. …

And precisely no one had any evidence of anything actually illegal happening, even if they wished that Trump loved foreign aid more and didn’t want the investigations he told everyone he wanted. …

Reporters kept deleting their tweets because they were getting facts about the hearings wrong. …

While the argument for impeachment was difficult to understand, Democrats’ own witnesses kept making Trump’s case against “the swamp” for him. There is no question that these bureaucrats, sometimes using third-hand information, were deeply opposed to Trump, his policies, and his behavior. Their problem was that they were not elected president. In fact, they weren’t elected anything. …

Schiff kept a tight hand on the wheel, controlling witness lists, controlling their testimony, keeping things secret, selectively leaking, and withholding information. That’s his prerogative, but for impeachment to be considered something other than political theater, the unfairness didn’t work.

Nevertheless, for Democrats, the show must go on.

And We the Taxpayers will have to continue to pay for and endure this Impeachment Circus.

Pray for our President, our Republic, and our sanity.



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  3. Jonathan Turley testimony on Trump impeachment, “this is not how an American president should be impeached.”, “legal case for impeachment…woefully inadequate,… dangerous” … … .+ comments…

    • I would love to learn Turley’s take on the subject of Schiff somehow purloining Devin Nunes’s phone records. It’s scary that this can happen to Congressmen and journalists alike. Not to mention the President’s own lawyers. If them, then imagine: It could be any of us next. And where is our vaunted Constitution to protect us? How can this go on in the USA?

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