Progressive Totalitarianism

Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

David Horowitz @horowitz39

Recently, David Horowitz got up-close-and-personal evidence of just how true his statement was. The progressive ideological pogrom against conservative speech continues apace.

The other day, Twitter blocked Horowitz’s Twitter account:  [emphasis added to quotes]

One of the last things that David Horowitz was able to tweet before his account was locked was a link to an article, “How the Left is Outsourcing Censorship of the Internet.” The article described how the left is using tech companies to silence political dissent. Not long after, @horowitz39 was locked by Twitter.

The censorship tweet wasn’t what triggered Twitter. But it does describe the great crisis we all face.

Instead, David Horowitz was censored for tweeting, “But if you’re a Muslim, you might not want to be sworn in on a Judeo-Christian bible, since Islam has conducted a 1500 year war against Christians and Jews, is calling for death to Israel and has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians recently.”

That was in response to a user who had accused him of having a “Zionist agenda”. Instead of sanctioning a bigot who had engaged in shameless Jew-baiting, Twitter censored Horowitz for telling the truth.

Twitter accused David Horowitz of violating its rules against “hateful conduct”. And that’s on a site which not only allows Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, a violently racist hate group, to use its platform, but has turned a blind eye to his top tweet, “Thoroughly and completely unmasking the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan.” According to Twitter, there’s nothing hateful about that. …

Twitter did apparently relent, although they gave scant explanation for their “error.”

A few years back, Horowitz’s online magazine sponsored an essay contest inspired by his quote at the top of this post. From the winning essay, Inside the Progressive Mind:

The Progressive believes in precisely two things:  his own magnificence and the constructive power of brute force.  In combination, they lead him naturally from the role of pestiferous busybody to brutal dictator.  Where the productive man dreams of the things he might create if only left alone by his fellows, the Progressive dreams of the world he could create if only the lives and property of his fellows were at his disposal.  The roots of his pathology lie in that oldest and most destructive of all human vices, the desire for the power to rule over other men.

As naked power-lust is a rather ugly motive, the Progressive rationalizes his desire to rule as a concern for human welfare, seeing himself as a great humanitarian, far superior morally to the lesser beings who pursue merely “materialist” ends such as their own prosperity and who frequently object to his program for achieving Utopia.  This assumed moral superiority spills over into fields of practical accomplishment, and the Progressive imagines himself capable of allocating resources and even directing entire industries far more efficiently than a free market, often despite not even having any business or scientific experience.  But despite what the Progressive believes about himself, the desire to compel others to obey his orders is what drives him forward.  To satisfy this desire, there is ultimately no limit to what actions he will take, for he respects none of the restrictions on government officials intended to guarantee individual freedom that have been developed and set forth in written or unwritten constitutions.

Five years later, we’re all learning just how unfortunately true this analysis proved to be.

Ominously, progressive haters, well-funded themselves by the usual suspects, have now gone after David Horowitz’s ability to function in the free market:

For years the SPLC waged a war of its own on the Horowitz Freedom Center. The SPLC is also the same group that Twitter and Facebook use to fact-check target and censor conservative sites.

This week the SPLC got Visa and MasterCard to block donations to the Freedom Center.

No conservative voices will be allowed in America.
The left is out for complete elimination of prominent conservative voices and publishers.

Horowitz’s organization can no longer process donations via credit card–a major blow to the free speech rights of his group.

Thank goodness for the U.S. Postal Service, which so far still carries mail and donor checks to conservative groups. Don’t be surprised if social justice warriors who work for the Post Office decide to join the political cleansing of conservatives (aka, the ideological pogrom) by, say, waylaying their mail.

One can easily imagine progressives similarly pressuring banks to deny checking accounts to conservatives. Already banks have somehow gotten away with discriminating against Second Amendment devotees:

Citi, the fourth-largest bank in America, announced in March that it would withdraw its services from weapons and ammunition stores that refuse to accept a range of progressive gun control demands, none of which are mandated by U.S. law. These included prohibitions on the sale of bump stocks and “high-capacity magazines.” A week later, an investing group claiming to represent over $600 billion in assets urged its members to cut ties with the NRA.

No matter how wild one’s imagination gets when trying to guess at what progressives will do next, progressives never fail to go beyond our wildest dreams, into the outer limits of outrageous, totalitarian behavior.

Horowitz is not the only conservative voice that progressives seek to stifle. Robert  Spencer, of Jihad Watch, was similarly denied the ability to process credit card donations. This is not unlike the tactic the Obama Administration used to stifle conservative groups’ voices during the 2010 mid-term elections, when Obama’s IRS abused their power and harassed and denied  tax-exempt status to conservative groups. Which makes one wonder who’s organizing this progressive cabal. The Obama Shadow Government in action, aka the Resistance?

All of this is being done ahead of the mid-term elections, during which the radical progressive left (the Democrat Party) will do anything and everything in their power, by hook or by crook, to take control of the House of Representatives, with the ultimate goal being to impeach President Trump in order to stop his draining of the Swamp that is Washington DC.

Where is the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates banks and credit card issuers? How is it possible for entities as large as MasterCard and Visa to punish any organization specifically for its political stance?

Is Horowitz being punished because of his religion? Is he being punished because he tells it like it is with regard to radical Islam, in which case he’s being punished because he’s not a member of that religion? (Such an argument is used to protect atheists.) Is he punished because, as one of his detractors claimed, he’s a Zionist?

The federal government regulates interstate commerce as well as the financial industry. Is it legal, is it constitutional, to interfere in any citizen’s or group’s ability to engage in commerce on the internet? How about to conspire to interfere in their ability to engage in commerce?

Isn’t this all evidence of a conspiracy designed to interfere in an election? Aren’t we told that’s a crime?

The federal government also protects citizens when their civil rights are violated. Where is the Dept. of Justice when it’s time to protect citizens like David Horowitz?

A Breitbart writer describes this latest tactic by the progressive left as an “existential threat” to conservatism:

In online fundraising as in social media, the internet provides a tremendous advantage to those who know how to use it. When allowed, conservatives and critics of progressivism have used these platforms to great effect. …

As the left prepares for the 2018 midterms and the 2020 general election, they want to ensure that only they have access to that tremendous power. And with PayPal and Stripe withdrawing support from politically neutral fundraising platforms, they are well on their way to achieving that aim. Like the social media purges, this represents an existential threat to the conservative and pro-Trump movement.

And the progressives know it, too, which is why they do it! By any means necessary. Sound familiar?

In 2012, if not before, social media companies like Google and Facebook (in what seem like huge, unreported, in-kind donations) gave assistance to the Obama campaign and the Democrat Party specifically so that the Democrats could utilize the “tremendous advantage” that the internet supplies in the areas of organizing, getting out the message, and raising funds.

(Funny that. Those huge in-kind donations. Just what the Deep State and the progressives accuse President Trump of doing through his lawyer. Different strokes, folks. Different strokes.)

President Trump, as a candidate in 2016, owed much of his success to the fact that he was similarly able to use the internet and social media as well as, if not better than, the progressives.

This the progressives recognized and this they became determined to prevent in 2018 and beyond. Thus their stifling of conservative speech and fund raising, in collusion, in a conspiracy, with social media companies, banks, and other companies and platforms.

If the Trump administration does not recognize these threats and mobilize the Dept. of Justice and the regulatory agencies against these un-American, likely illegal, and probably unconstitutional tactics, then the swamp may never be drained and America may never be made great again.

And our Republic will be lost.


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    Two articles that provide some information about the Tibbetts case that you probably won’t see in your local paper or on the TV news. First, his girlfriend, mother of his child (poor child), probably knew Mollie. Whether the killer knew her, too, or was stalking her is not yet revealed. Nor is her cause of death, so far as I know as I write this. There may have been developments since I read the above stories. There are photos, as usual, in the UK story that you won’t see here. Specifically interesting are the photos of the GUNS (the ASSAULT RIFLES) that he posted on social media. He was an illegal alien, so did he have a “right” to bear arms? Permits? Legally purchased? The leftists are trying to blame the owners of the company for which he worked, but HE PASSED OBAMA’S E-VERIFY. So one has to ask: Was he a “Dreamer”? Was he one of the 300,000 Barry saved from deportation and handed work permits to? How could he be in the E-Verify database otherwise, if he’s truly an illegal alien? So one story says he was USING A STOLEN ID. If so, then is the name we’re reading really who he is? Whose ID did he steal? Is the girlfriend ALSO an illegal alien? It’s said in one story that when the FBI showed up at the barracks where his co-workers lived, they all feared an ICE raid, so you have to ask yourself–why would they fear ICE if they’re NOT illegal aliens? Did they ALL pass E-verify? Were they all using forged or stolen ID? Did Barry load all their information into the E-verify system just so they could pass beneath the radar and work? So many questions. Bottom line: He IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN and if he were not here (allowed to be here, allowed to stay here by BARRY and the DemoncRATS), then MOLLIE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE.


    Two more things: Did you see how that mainstream media reporter griped about how the media was focused on “that [white] girl in Iowa” instead of the fake news about Trump? Did you further see how Pocahontas outrageously said that instead of talking about Mollie’s murder, we should focus on “real” problems like illegal alien mothers being separated from their children as they illegally cross the border and break our laws? (That last part is my own. She stopped at separated from their children.)

    REAL PROBLEMS. Illegal aliens being separated from their kids for a time, until they’re deported, when they KNEW it was a possibility but they came anyway, and when they DO EVENTUALLY see their children again


    Mollie who is permanently separated from her parents, never to be seen alive again. But according to Elizabeth Warren, Mollie’s murder is NOT a “real problem.” Disgraceful.

    Will Elizabeth Warren APOLOGIZE for her total insensitivity to Mollie’s family?


    Lanny Davis, Hillary toady, trying to save his law license. He lets his client plead guilty to a crime that’s not a crime, all to tee up “impeachment” for the DemocRATS and a campaign narrative that Trump’s an “unindicted co-conspirator” in another non-crime (collusion isn’t a crime, either).

    Whoops. Lanny admits that Cohen was NEVER in Prague. So what does that tell us? That definitely, without a doubt, the NSA database was illegally being tapped by Clintonistas because where ELSE would they get the mistaken notion that “Michael Cohen” was in Prague but from a database they had no business tapping and from which they made the leap (that they were oh, too eager to make) to assume that the Michael Cohen (common name) who went to Prague was Trump’s attorney?

    The (CONTRACTORS) were illegally doing an “about” query of the NSA database for anybody connected to Trump. Got a hit on Michael Cohen. So wanted to believe they could spin this as collusion. They were illegally trolling the NSA database, doing oppo research for Clinton. THIS was put a stop to by the FISA judge and Rogers. The court even said they seemed to have deliberately allowed the “contractors” to access the database for that reason alone! THIS IS exactly when Nellie had to jump to Fusion so they would retain their line communication between her hubby at DOJ/FBI and Clinton’s oppo research trolls and Steele and the other spies attacking Trump’s campaign.

      • I’ve said many times that I’m no lawyer, but things do kind of sink into one’s head after decades. Isn’t it incumbent upon any lawyer to look out for the best interests of his client (not his friend Hillary or her and his political party or the witch hunt/insurance policy designed to protect the Deep State, including all the aforementioned)? So one would expect that this means that no lawyer should allow his client to plead guilty to acts that are NOT crimes. (How the hell, anyway, did a huge Clintonista end up being Cohen’s lawyer? It’s not AS IF he was PLANTED there to achieve the Deep State ends, is it?)

        Why did Davis allow Cohen (both lawyers, btw) to plead GUILTY to a non-crime? We know what it means. First of all, we can figure out Davis’s motivation, and it wasn’t, first and foremost, the BEST INTERESTS of his client. Second, what does Cohen get out of it? Well, given the makeup and the politics (and the corruption?) endemic in the Southern District of NY (remember Trump had to FIRE Preet), how will Cohen get a sweetheart deal of a plea bargain UNLESS he coughs up something to further the BOGUS NARRATIVE/FAKE NEWS about Trump, that the DemoncRATS can use in the 2018 elections? And THIS he can obtain, perhaps, as long as he has the services of a DemoncRAT “fixer” like Davis.

        Who else can get the inside track on getting Cohen the fewest number of years? Maybe NO years? QUID PRO QUO, too. That’s not illegal, is it?

        Surely the fix is in and he’ll get his reward from the Southern District of NY. Manafort wouldn’t play ball, so …

        Well, they’re going after Manafort not only because he worked for McCain (Republican, such as he is) and Trump, but also because he worked against the side that Clinton et al PREFERRED in the Ukraine situation. Manafort worked for the guy who was Putin’s choice. So this is payback.

        My point is: how can Davis work against the interests of his client by allowing him to plead guilty to a NON-CRIME? Wouldn’t he, as an “ethical” lawyer, resign first OR are we to believe that he actually advised Cohen to plead guilty to a non-crime, which is, at least in my opinion, therefore perjury.

        Do note that they made Cohen put into the plea his alleged “intent” in that he said he knowingly did what he did with regard to the payments to the women in order to, specifically, “interfere in the election.” That way, nobody can say “double standard,” he didn’t have intent to commit a crime and so, LIKE HILLARY, GET OFF. And by extension, since he ALSO said Trump ordered him to do it, that supposedly “proves” Trump’s INTENT, so nobody can compare it to Hillary’s NON-PROSECUTION.

        It’s all so ridiculous, anyway. How can a candidate or his own people “interfere” in an election of which they are participants? It wasn’t a campaign expense; therefore, there’s no violation of CAMPAIGN finance laws. Am I the only one who seems to remember how the OBAMA website for political donations was DELIBERATELY modified to accept foreign donations: Was he impeached? I digress …

        Let’s suppose Hillary personally paid for Chelsea to get new clothes to wear on the campaign trail, so she’d look nice and not embarrass her mother. Does that make it an illegal campaign donation? What about having your nails done and your hair done, but you pay for it yourself? Of course, you want to look good on the campaign trail, but is it an illegal campaign expenditure to look nice (as if possible in her case) in order to “influence” or “interfere in” the election?

        Here’s another: Moo was given clothing to wear by designers. Were all those clothes an in-kind campaign donation? How about all the millions worth of free assistance and DATA (the entire Facebook database, including friends of friends, etc.) given freely to BARRY by the social media companies? Did ANY OF THEM report these illegal in-kind donations?

  3. Details Of Democrat Communist Ocasio-Cortez’s Ties To America-Hating Globalist Billionaire George Soros Exposed …..ha’?????

  4. @ THE LIBERTY DAILY ……WOW !!!!!!!!

    Michael Cohen’s Plea Deal ‘Not Nearly as Deadly’ as it Looks, Says Liberal
    Details Of Democrat Communist Ocasio-Cortez’s Ties To America-Hating Globalist Billionaire George Soros Exposed

  5. A set up at Trump Tower. Read this one:

    “Anatoli Samochornov, a Russian translator who was present at the infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with campaign officials, testified that he was previously an interpreter for Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama.

    Samochornov also said that he held a “public trust” clearance from the U.S. government. The clearance provides a level of screening for individuals who do government work described as sensitive, but whose positions do not require a security clearance.

    Samochornov was previously identified as being the Russian translator who was present at the meeting at which Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya reportedly argued against the Magnitsky Act, which sanctions Russian officials. The meeting was set up with Donald Trump Jr., presented as being about information regarding Hillary Clinton. Veselnitskaya says she does not speak English and has given interviews to U.S. news media outlets through translators. …”

    Gee, what a freaking coincidence (and we all know there’s no such thing as a coincidence involving Barry. Veselnitskaya meets with HILLARY’S employee Simpson both right before and right after the set up on Trump Jr. (which they hoped would include his father). Now the “interpreter” is an asset of the U.S. intel community and worked for Clinton, Kerry, AND Barry. What a freaking coincidence. I imagine Russian translators are in short supply in DC. Hmm. One has to wonder how many of them made TAPES and how disappointed they all must be that nobody incriminated himself in the meeting (If they had, we’d have heard about it). I can’t forget, either, how aggravated that foreign spy was when he kept trying to get George P. to “bite” on the bogus fake news dirt and he WOULDN’T because it seemed he didn’t even care.

  6. …ha’ …… WORN’ …..O U T !!! ~ NO ANCESTORS??? REALLY
    David Cornsilk (United Keetowah Band of Cherokee Indians & Cherokee Nation) is a Cherokee genealogist & historian who has reviewed the research by Twila Barnes on Warren’s family tree. According to Cornsilk, Warren is neither Cherokee nor Delaware. Between 1817 & 1909 there were 30 rolls taken of the Cherokee people by the federal, states, local, & tribal governments. “Cherokees are among the Best DOCumented People in the world, right up there with European royalty & Mormons.” If a genuinely Tsalagi person doesn’t have ancestors on the Dawes Roll ….. their direct & collateral ancestors will still be in one & often more of the rolls.

    NONE .. ZERO …. of Warren’s direct or collateral ancestors are ON the rolls. “Either her family went POOF & every sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, cousin, niece & nephew just disappeared from the Cherokee records or logic says they never were Cherokees & that (sic) why they aren’t there” said Cornsilk.

    Cornsilk went on to say that Warren is N O T Eligible for, nor has made an Effort to Receive, a Certification that the Cherokee Nation offers to those who aren’t eligible for tribal enrollment, but whose family are listed on the rolls.

    • Well, I beg to differ. Not all the Cherokee were listed on the rolls. It’s true that the government and the tribes themselves only consider those who were (on the rolls) to BE members of the tribe, but that’s not the same thing as not being genetically Native American. Some people married “whites” and went to live with whites and had children counted as whites but that didn’t erase their own ancestry (although it probably erased their tribal MEMBERSHIP).

      Not that I want to defend Warren. But truth is truth (in this case, not opinion or conflicting opinions, as is the case with what they hounded Giuliani for saying the other day).

      Lots of Native American people are NOT listed on the rolls. That just means they don’t belong to the TRIBE (like membership in a political party); it doesn’t mean they’re NOT genetically Native American or descended from Native Americans. The government made up the lists and apparently the tribes have now adopted the lists because it’s financially in their best interest to keep the number of people who share the bounty as small as possible.

      There are people on the rolls who have such a tiny amount of Native American DNA that it’s next to impossible to find it, while at the same time there are people who are full-blooded Native American (or as full-blooded as is possible in this mixed-race country) and which is OBVIOUS by their phenotype and yet they’re NOT on the rolls because their ancestors left the tribe before the rolls were “taken” beginning in 1817, which is relatively late in U.S. history. If that’s not crazy enough, there are people who belong to the tribe and so are considered Cherokee who are only listed because they ONCE WERE SLAVES OF THE CHEROKEE and so are African-American!


  8. Will anyone in the media tell us whether or not the murderer in Iowa, the illegal alien who used a false identity that the authorities won’t reveal NOW, was perhaps registered to vote and did vote in any elections over the 4 to 7 years we know he was here? If he used a false identity, including a legitimate SS# that was probably used then to get that official state ID, was the false identify of another “immigrant” OR was it of an American citizen, perhaps one who’s deceased? We need to know how he evaded detection and whether or not he voted. If he did, then POTUS needs to have the DOJ get on this issue post haste and ensure that other illegal aliens are NOT registered to vote, and voting. You have to wonder WHY they’re hiding the name he illegally used. They claim it’s because the investigation is on-going, but it may be as likely that they want to prevent Internet sleuths from learning the TRUTH.

  9. Front hole leak?

    You can’t make this crap up.

    “I am a nonbinary trans menstruator ― someone with a uterus that bleeds monthly …”

    But wait! A uterus? What’s that? Would that be the muscular non-incubator at the end of the front hole? I’m confused.

    • It’s not enough that there’s supposedly a “right” to abortion, but now there’s no longer any such thing as SHAME. They want to shout about and celebrate the murder of innocents in the womb. What a sad and horrible place our world has become.

  10. Life is hard as it is. Too many rough roads to travel. Too many chains to untangle. But no matter how cruel the world may be, life becomes less hard when you got a good friend.
    – Unknown

    True friends say good things behind your back & bad things to your face.
    – Unknown


    Excellent summary of how ridiculous this allegation against Trump is and how ridiculous it was for Cohen to plead guilty to a non-crime.

  12. SALIN Iowa jogger Mollie Tibbetts died from “multiple sharp force injuries” according to the preliminary results of her autopsy, officials said Thursday.
    Tibbetts, a 20-year-old rising sophomore at the University of Iowa, disappeared the evening of July 18 while jogging in the rural farming town of Brooklyn, a close-knit community of about 1,500 residents.

    … ‘She’s gonna be fighting her best … to get back home’:
    her Brothers speak out, ….
    HAVE ..a …GUN??? … just like OBAMA SAID? NOPE NOPE NOPE!

    ~May he meet the same fate very soon.
    God Bless that sweet baby prayers for her and her family
    Remember Molly in November.
    Another “undocumented” “dreamer”. …. Yes, VOTE in November.
    Remember Kate & Mollie in November.
    yet “they” want to abolish ICE? <<<<
    Is Senor Rivera living The Dream… 4 SURE HE WAS!!!!!
    He has entered a plea, . he admitted to IT- O' as the cameras saw his car

    God Bless to the family and friends. Everybody think about our Borders.
    Has his first communion picture arrived from Mexico yet? …????? ha'

    Remember in November

    Democrats are going to turn out in record numbers in places like California & New York & re-elect seats to keep this Immigration Policy as the Staus Quo

    Support Trump & the Republicans to protect this country.
    A loved one in your family could be next …. YES THEY COULD!!!
    Remember Kate Steinle & Molly Tibbetts. #MAGA #Trump2020

    as I've been a democrat all my life but I just became a Trump supporter.
    Stop illegal immigration. ….SMART COOKIE! VERY SMART!


    Horowitz talks about what was done to him:

    “We have been attacked by the left wing hate machine whose goal is to suppress and silence conservative voices. This is the work of a Soros funded Media Matters and Southern Poverty Law Center operation. It’s cynical, calculated and supported by the Democratic Party. The reason Mastercard and Visa gave us for cutting us off and thus sabotaging our online fund-raising operation is that the SPLC told them that we were a hate group. It is wrong to focus on the Tech heads as the culprits because as businessmen they have a vested interest in keeping their platforms politically neutral. They have been threatened by Senator Mark Warner and other Democrats if they don’t censor conservatives. The fact that Mastercard and Visa are now part of this juggernaut indicates how dangerous this has become. …”

    Yes. We KNOW it’s a Soros/Brock PLAN.

  14. MORE!!!!

    • These are all so great. People are slowly waking up. I’ve been watching this guy, found via a story at Gateway Pundit:

      And reading this guy’s Twitter feed, which documents all the real hate in this country, against white people, from all walks of life, but especially where you usually find progressives: academia, Hollywood, mainstream media.

      These guys are keeping one step ahead of the progressive trolls who even, in one case, give each other tips on how to get the sites or videos taken down by “reporting them” as being harassing to a “protected class.” That’s something I discovered recently, Twitter’s “rules” against racism and harassment. They have some sort of category for “protected” classes versus everybody else which, at this point, probably consists exclusively of white people and mostly of white men. So far I haven’t found their definition of “protected class” but that’s probably because it varies according to whatever and whoever they feel like suppressing today. You see, if they clearly DEFINE their policies, then everybody can call them on it and, as Alinsky advised, make them live by their own rules.

      For some reason, though, HARASSMENT, BULLYING, “DEHUMANIZING,” and HATRED AGAINST SOME PEOPLE is not proscribed and that’s because somehow, against the Constitution and everything this country stands for, according to social media giants, people come in classes (gee, are they creating a CASTE SYSTEM?) and only SOME castes classes are protected and coddled while the others, the “unprotected ones” (aka the untouchables, dhimmis, deplorables) are FAIR GAME.

      It’s just a hop, skip, and jump to the gulag or gas chamber, or civil war, if not worse, if things keep going as they are going and if nobody says STOP! Jeff Sessions, are you paying attention?

        • But no. Don’t you see? The progressive mainstream media has called out President Trump for LYING about this happening. It’s NOT happening, according to our media. It’s fake news. It’s not true. There is no confiscation and there are no murders of whites by blacks simply because of the color of their skin. It’s Trump who’s lying, THEY SAY.

          Yep. Coming soon to a country near you, unless people WAKE UP.

          Reparations is just the term used here for what’s happening in SA under the guise of righting the wrongs of colonialism.

    • Her experience when she began to research and learned the truth about Clinton and progressives is EXACTLY WHY social media and the rest of the progressives are trying to SUPPRESS every place and every person from which she learned the TRUTH.

    • At first I thought this was satire, a joke, or at least a very old story. They’re HANGING with him NOW, even after this Me, Too “movement?” Oh, wait. I see; his estate but he didn’t attend. Well, Hillary ditched the tent for that one night. I wonder what’s up there? The “beautiful people” versus us deplorables. How nice for them. Nauseating. No Huma. How sad for Hill; she had to dance with Bill.

    ‘In my culture, …… YOU …..MAY …. KILL ‘
    Confessing to a knife attack on a 24-year-old German woman, a Muslim immigrant insisted his violent act was justified by Islam.

    “IN MY …… Culture, YOU MAY KILL ,” he said,
    according to the German newspaper Bild.
    The paper’s report, translated by the blog Searchlight Germany & featured by Jihad Watch, said the Syrian national stated in court “his behavior was
    N O T …… Wrong according to the rules of HIS Religion,”
    & he did “not understand ….???? Why he must be detained.” < REALLY?



    I’m waiting to hear HOW the Tibbetts murderer was able to get in and stay in this country, WHAT NAME HE WAS USING, and whether or not HE voted in presidential elections.

    So you can be sure that these 19 ILLEGAL ALIENS were allowed, deliberately by the progressives, to vote and to NEGATE the votes of 19 citizens. And they probably all illegally voted for Hillary. At least Sessions accomplished THIS.


    “Back in 2008, State Department contractors “unnecessarily reviewed” the passport file of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The breach came without the knowledge of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who called the senator to apologize. “I myself would be very disturbed if I learned somebody had looked into my passport file,” Rice told reporters.

    According to the State Department, two of the contract employees were fired for the security breach and a third was disciplined but remained on the job. The department did not reveal the identities of the employees nor what they might have been looking for in the presidential candidate’s passport file. On the other hand, some information did emerge. …”

    Brennan and the “cauterized” passport file. As you well know, among my most favorite topics:

    The most comprehensive study/analysis that I know about, if I do say so myself. Background, with links, although having not tested them for a while, you may have to avail yourself of the Wayback Machine, in case links have been scrubbed, which is likely. Page three of my post references Barry’s Pakistan trip, and I offer alternate explanations for the cauterization.

    btw, one theory I discussed was that they wanted to insert a birth certificate that matched the SFCOLB Barry’s campaign put on its “Fight the Smears” site (perhaps because it was created specifically TO BE released, after being inserted in the passport files). Which reminds me how Daily Kos and others seemed to have colluded with the Obama campaign to distribute that bogus document. So was that another violation of campaign finance laws, considering that it was at least an in-kind donation? Not to mention the services supplied by Fact Check.

    Front Page refers to this CNN story, which rather interestingly points out that the Brennan employee looked at Barry’s as well as McCain’s files. Interesting, considering that McCain is yet another presidential candidate who was not born in the USA. Re-reading my own post, I’m suddenly reminded how Barry was held by the Russians in their airport when he went there as a senator. Remember that? Could that be just another reason WHY the DemoncRATS are so eager to discredit Trump as being in “collusion” with the Russians, just in case the advise Trump of what exactly was wrong with Barry’s passport at the time?

    • Because of the Brennan, contractor, passport file corruption, we can easily see how this “insurance policy” that’s being revealed today is something that goes WAY BACK in time.

      Who would be surprised if they FORGED “electronic records” to “prove” Cohen was in Prague, after seeing how Barry had his passport records “cauterized”, his biography modified after 16 years, his birth certificates invented out of whole cloth, the entire state of Hawaii in collusion, birth announcements created and inserted in microfilm, etc.? The IC can do whatever it wants. NOTHING they turn up at this point will be believable. Brennan’s contractors in 2007/2008 HAD ACCESS to all passport files. In 2016 and before, Fusion GPS and others (Crowstrike?) likely had access to the entire NSA database and, according to the FISA judge, seemed to have the access for nefarious (my word, not hers) unauthorized uses that were nevertheless deliberately allowed by those who gave them access and then looked the other way.

    • When what Mueller knows becomes common knowledge (meaning all the corruption involved in the “insurance policy”) then Cohen and Manafort WILL pale in comparison. And if Mueller’s bias, his collusion, his complicity in the “insurance policy,” is NOT what Rather (the Disgraced) is talking about, then are we supposed to believe that somehow he has inside knowledge again? Well, that can only be as a result of another FELONY (a leak from Mueller’s “investigation”) OR is this just another case of him making up stories? Let’s not forget how Rather was allegedly “duped” by a DemoncRAT operative who handed him FORGED National Guard documents and Rather bought it all hook, line, and sinker! We’re supposed to believe that Rather is NOT still a useful idiot for the likes of Brennan to use? CNN is FAKE NEWS and Don Lemon using the disgraced Rather as if he were an expert, a REAL journalist, or anything other than a PARTISAN HACK proves it.

  18. CANNOT make this stuff up, but if you think about it, it could have been predicted:

    “A man claims that a prominent homosexual couple whose wedding was officiated by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg drugged and raped him in 2010.

    Speaking with the New York Daily News, Samuel Shultz, an opera singer, claims that while he was a graduate student at Rice University, he met opera countertenor David Daniels and conductor Scott Walters at a closing night party for Houston Grand Opera’s run of “Xerxes.” He reports that after going back to their apartment for drinks, he blacked out and woke up the next afternoon “in a bed alone, completely naked.”

    “I was sore and I didn’t know why,” says Schultz. “I made my way to the bathroom to figure out why I hurt. I was bleeding from my rectum. I became numb. I was paralyzed with fear. What had happened? How could I escape? How would I get out? Where were my clothes?”

    According to Schultz, when David and Scott returned, they asked Schultz if he “had a good time.” …”

    HimToo, I suppose.


    Will there be justice for this man? Will the children, the parents, and the NAACP be made to apologize to him? He was allegedly held on suspicion of a FELONY sex offence and, presumably, a hate crime because the kids lied and said that not only did he urinate on a little black girl’s head but that he also did it out of racial animosity because he called her stupid and the n-word.

    TOTALLY MADE UP, all of it. Guess we have to hand it to the cops for getting to the TRUTH (although it sounds like that child advocacy group is the one who learned the truth, although there was also an allusion to a DNA test) but think how this man’s life would have ended up otherwise. One can only imagine the vitriol aimed at him and the “white community” in the meantime.

    Not explained was why and how one of the boys peed on the little girl’s head and what the consequences to all of them will be, considering their lies. What prompted those children to falsely identify a white male as the culprit? Will they be sent to reeducation for their apparently racist ideology? (The story with the video interviewing the mother of one of the little boys says the white man is on the sex offender list, but that wasn’t known in the neighborhood. One has to wonder if it was her kid that peed on the girl.) The video shows the reporter claiming that the “young girl still fears” that the white man will “find her again,” even though he was in JAIL. Turns out she had no reason to fear him and knew it herself, because she knew they were lying, so I suppose somebody was projecting or dramatizing the incident. Hmm. Now why would progressive reporters do such a thing?

    This story says the falsely accused man has mental illness:

    • The details of this story proves that it’s a mental illness. Who in her right mind would pray for breast cancer because she hates being a woman? Think about it. How many people are there out there who dislike a feature, like their nose or their hair, whatever? Do normal people accept how they’re born or do they pray that they get cancer so the “offending” feature has to be cut off? Insane. Should be treated, not indulged.

      • You have to read it in the ORIGINAL to get the full flavor of the all-round insanity, which ALSO INFECTS the so-called “journalist.” (My comments in parentheses.)

        “Starting at age 11, they prayed for breast cancer. So distressing were the markers of their femininity that Kris Irvin (shouldn’t that be plural? The Krises Irvin?) — who identifies as a man (no, that’s MEN) and uses the pronouns they, them and their — would have welcomed abnormal cell growth in their “crappy and dysfunctional body.” (Nope. Sorry. BODIES.)

        Irvin knew of no other remedy for the physical and emotional agony that seemed to intertwine in their breasts, as they knew of no word to describe what they were experiencing. (Kris or the breasts?)

        Since they were 3 years old, Irvin said, they were certain that they were male. “But I didn’t know the word ‘transgender’ until I was 28,” said Irvin, who is now 31 and a student at Brigham Young University, a school bound so tightly to the Mormon faith that enrollment rests on evaluation by religious leaders. That requirement could place Irvin’s education in jeopardy. …”

        I agree with this commenter: “It seems my linguistic skills were not up to the task for this article. I can read in 4 languages, but not the one in which this articles was written. Unfortunately, I am not fluent in Stupid. …”

  20. ~ FairestWitness • …… ^^^^
    In all seriousness, Surgeons who perform these procedures should be stripped of their licenses to practice medicine, indicted, convicted & sent
    to prison for assaulting their patients. This is Barbaric!

    ~ Wildwood •
    It’s right up there with abortion and Islamic genital mutilation. I am not void of empathy, for these “they’s”. Knowing many, & related to a few, through whom it is that I know so many, it impresses me that so many (the majority) of their “stories” R all the same, & involve the earliest beginnings of the mental illnesses they suffer, born of abuse & neglect or the twisted mindsets of amoral, senseless parents.

    ~ LINER011 iWildwood •
    The Left will do anything to bring down America, including normalizing obvious mental illness.
    ~ Wildwood LINER011 •
    They’ve already normalized mental illness, have they not?
    The lot of their Hollywood supporters R proof enough, 2 me, of that!
    ~ Patti Mike6 •
    And so should the people who brought these girls to the doctors. What is outrageous is it is almost always the girl’s mother & grandmother.
    ~ Molon labe Mike6 •
    Absolutely agree with you! We are NOT 7th Century barbarians in this country!
    So …. LETS PUT the WALL UP UP UP UP UP NOW!!!!!!!

  21. Patton Oswalt Promotes Impeachment Petition: Trump Supporters Can ‘F*ck Right Off’

    Actor-comedian ????. Patton Oswalt promoted a petition calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump in an essay published Friday.
    “There is no firm, guiding hand on the tiller of statecraft, the economy, diplomacy, or infrastructure. There is puerile, adolescent emotion & momentary libidinal pleasure,” Patton Oswalt wrote in an essay published
    on McSweeny’s. “And the rest is up to us. We march in the streets, we petition our representatives, we raise money & signal-boost fundraisers for the weak, vulnerable, & unlucky.”

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