Progressive Totalitarianism

Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

David Horowitz @horowitz39

Recently, David Horowitz got up-close-and-personal evidence of just how true his statement was. The progressive ideological pogrom against conservative speech continues apace.

The other day, Twitter blocked Horowitz’s Twitter account:  [emphasis added to quotes]

One of the last things that David Horowitz was able to tweet before his account was locked was a link to an article, “How the Left is Outsourcing Censorship of the Internet.” The article described how the left is using tech companies to silence political dissent. Not long after, @horowitz39 was locked by Twitter.

The censorship tweet wasn’t what triggered Twitter. But it does describe the great crisis we all face.

Instead, David Horowitz was censored for tweeting, “But if you’re a Muslim, you might not want to be sworn in on a Judeo-Christian bible, since Islam has conducted a 1500 year war against Christians and Jews, is calling for death to Israel and has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians recently.”

That was in response to a user who had accused him of having a “Zionist agenda”. Instead of sanctioning a bigot who had engaged in shameless Jew-baiting, Twitter censored Horowitz for telling the truth.

Twitter accused David Horowitz of violating its rules against “hateful conduct”. And that’s on a site which not only allows Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, a violently racist hate group, to use its platform, but has turned a blind eye to his top tweet, “Thoroughly and completely unmasking the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan.” According to Twitter, there’s nothing hateful about that. …

Twitter did apparently relent, although they gave scant explanation for their “error.”

A few years back, Horowitz’s online magazine sponsored an essay contest inspired by his quote at the top of this post. From the winning essay, Inside the Progressive Mind:

The Progressive believes in precisely two things:  his own magnificence and the constructive power of brute force.  In combination, they lead him naturally from the role of pestiferous busybody to brutal dictator.  Where the productive man dreams of the things he might create if only left alone by his fellows, the Progressive dreams of the world he could create if only the lives and property of his fellows were at his disposal.  The roots of his pathology lie in that oldest and most destructive of all human vices, the desire for the power to rule over other men.

As naked power-lust is a rather ugly motive, the Progressive rationalizes his desire to rule as a concern for human welfare, seeing himself as a great humanitarian, far superior morally to the lesser beings who pursue merely “materialist” ends such as their own prosperity and who frequently object to his program for achieving Utopia.  This assumed moral superiority spills over into fields of practical accomplishment, and the Progressive imagines himself capable of allocating resources and even directing entire industries far more efficiently than a free market, often despite not even having any business or scientific experience.  But despite what the Progressive believes about himself, the desire to compel others to obey his orders is what drives him forward.  To satisfy this desire, there is ultimately no limit to what actions he will take, for he respects none of the restrictions on government officials intended to guarantee individual freedom that have been developed and set forth in written or unwritten constitutions.

Five years later, we’re all learning just how unfortunately true this analysis proved to be.

Ominously, progressive haters, well-funded themselves by the usual suspects, have now gone after David Horowitz’s ability to function in the free market:

For years the SPLC waged a war of its own on the Horowitz Freedom Center. The SPLC is also the same group that Twitter and Facebook use to fact-check target and censor conservative sites.

This week the SPLC got Visa and MasterCard to block donations to the Freedom Center.

No conservative voices will be allowed in America.
The left is out for complete elimination of prominent conservative voices and publishers.

Horowitz’s organization can no longer process donations via credit card–a major blow to the free speech rights of his group.

Thank goodness for the U.S. Postal Service, which so far still carries mail and donor checks to conservative groups. Don’t be surprised if social justice warriors who work for the Post Office decide to join the political cleansing of conservatives (aka, the ideological pogrom) by, say, waylaying their mail.

One can easily imagine progressives similarly pressuring banks to deny checking accounts to conservatives. Already banks have somehow gotten away with discriminating against Second Amendment devotees:

Citi, the fourth-largest bank in America, announced in March that it would withdraw its services from weapons and ammunition stores that refuse to accept a range of progressive gun control demands, none of which are mandated by U.S. law. These included prohibitions on the sale of bump stocks and “high-capacity magazines.” A week later, an investing group claiming to represent over $600 billion in assets urged its members to cut ties with the NRA.

No matter how wild one’s imagination gets when trying to guess at what progressives will do next, progressives never fail to go beyond our wildest dreams, into the outer limits of outrageous, totalitarian behavior.

Horowitz is not the only conservative voice that progressives seek to stifle. Robert  Spencer, of Jihad Watch, was similarly denied the ability to process credit card donations. This is not unlike the tactic the Obama Administration used to stifle conservative groups’ voices during the 2010 mid-term elections, when Obama’s IRS abused their power and harassed and denied  tax-exempt status to conservative groups. Which makes one wonder who’s organizing this progressive cabal. The Obama Shadow Government in action, aka the Resistance?

All of this is being done ahead of the mid-term elections, during which the radical progressive left (the Democrat Party) will do anything and everything in their power, by hook or by crook, to take control of the House of Representatives, with the ultimate goal being to impeach President Trump in order to stop his draining of the Swamp that is Washington DC.

Where is the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates banks and credit card issuers? How is it possible for entities as large as MasterCard and Visa to punish any organization specifically for its political stance?

Is Horowitz being punished because of his religion? Is he being punished because he tells it like it is with regard to radical Islam, in which case he’s being punished because he’s not a member of that religion? (Such an argument is used to protect atheists.) Is he punished because, as one of his detractors claimed, he’s a Zionist?

The federal government regulates interstate commerce as well as the financial industry. Is it legal, is it constitutional, to interfere in any citizen’s or group’s ability to engage in commerce on the internet? How about to conspire to interfere in their ability to engage in commerce?

Isn’t this all evidence of a conspiracy designed to interfere in an election? Aren’t we told that’s a crime?

The federal government also protects citizens when their civil rights are violated. Where is the Dept. of Justice when it’s time to protect citizens like David Horowitz?

A Breitbart writer describes this latest tactic by the progressive left as an “existential threat” to conservatism:

In online fundraising as in social media, the internet provides a tremendous advantage to those who know how to use it. When allowed, conservatives and critics of progressivism have used these platforms to great effect. …

As the left prepares for the 2018 midterms and the 2020 general election, they want to ensure that only they have access to that tremendous power. And with PayPal and Stripe withdrawing support from politically neutral fundraising platforms, they are well on their way to achieving that aim. Like the social media purges, this represents an existential threat to the conservative and pro-Trump movement.

And the progressives know it, too, which is why they do it! By any means necessary. Sound familiar?

In 2012, if not before, social media companies like Google and Facebook (in what seem like huge, unreported, in-kind donations) gave assistance to the Obama campaign and the Democrat Party specifically so that the Democrats could utilize the “tremendous advantage” that the internet supplies in the areas of organizing, getting out the message, and raising funds.

(Funny that. Those huge in-kind donations. Just what the Deep State and the progressives accuse President Trump of doing through his lawyer. Different strokes, folks. Different strokes.)

President Trump, as a candidate in 2016, owed much of his success to the fact that he was similarly able to use the internet and social media as well as, if not better than, the progressives.

This the progressives recognized and this they became determined to prevent in 2018 and beyond. Thus their stifling of conservative speech and fund raising, in collusion, in a conspiracy, with social media companies, banks, and other companies and platforms.

If the Trump administration does not recognize these threats and mobilize the Dept. of Justice and the regulatory agencies against these un-American, likely illegal, and probably unconstitutional tactics, then the swamp may never be drained and America may never be made great again.

And our Republic will be lost.


131 responses to “Progressive Totalitarianism

    • Several decades ago, people were wont to say, “Stop the world; I want to get off.”


  1. ~ bitterlyclinging CoolBrew • ….^^^^^^ O’ BUMMER WHO????
    Nothing funny about Obama, the man who tried to remake the United States into Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, & Cyril Ramaphosa’s South Africa. He knew full well he’d have to import the Entire ethnic nations of Zimbabwe & South Africa 2 do that, or failing that, Import enough Latin American’s resembling their political philosophies along with a lot of Muzzscum jihadis. He knew that would likely be met with American citizen’s armed resistance, so Obama started right out of the gate, in 2009, with his first attempt to disarm America with ‘Fast and Furious’ and kept up that pressure his entire
    8 years in office.
    Everything Obama did or stood for is Repulsive. He & his Goals were & are equally Despicable, every word Uttered by the Tongue & Vocal chords behind his shiny teeth were Satanic lies. < YEP !!! 100% on TARGET!!!

    • I thought it was conservatives and Republicans who were SCIENCE DENIERS. Sorry, folks. The human race is BINARY. SEXUALLY BINARY. Y AND X CHROMOSOMES. XX is FEMALE; XY is MALE. There’s nothing nonbinary about it. Women and men. Male and female. Never the twain shall meet. God made them, male and female. Be fruitful and multiply. End of story. Case closed. REALITY. FACE IT!

    • Taking a page from Imran? This is the chick (the hijabbi, guess we have to get with the program, hijabbed, too)–anyway, this is the chick who married her own brother while still married to another husband, so she’s an incestuous bigamist, although I’m sure the narrative is that there was no incest involved, she was “faithful” to the first husband, BECAUSE SHE ONLY MARRIED HER BROTHER TO SCAM THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM. Whatever happened to not putting criminals on the ballot?

    • There’s no way the Senate would vote to impeach Trump. They need 2/3 agreement and that’s unlikely, even if the DemoncRATS controlled the Senate, which they don’t and won’t. In addition, isn’t it true that to be impeached a person has to commit high crimes or misdemeanors that relate to their job as well as that have been committed while in office? So far, what they’re griping about is something that’s NOT a crime but even if somebody (like a DemoncRAT-controlled House) wanted to pretend is, it happened before the election. The issue of “obstruction of justice” is similarly ridiculous and also not a crime. The President is empowered by the Constitution and by law to run the executive branch. He therefore is not “obstructing justice” by running the justice department and under his own constitutional authority firing someone who’s a holdover from a previous corrupt administration and who is a known perjurer and who is someone who himself broke laws, in particular (but not singularly) the government records laws.

      • I have to take issue with that writer’s use of the term “genocide” when he refers to the murders in inner cities that are run by DemoncRATS. Genocide implies that some group is deliberately murdering other people because of the group to which they belong, in the hopes of wiping out entirely that other population. In the case of Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, et al, unless he’s referring to one drug gang murdering members of another drug gang, genocide has nothing to do with it. I hope this writer doesn’t buy into the B.S. that blames all the criminal activity in the black community on white people.

  2. MCCAIN DEAD IN AZ… ……ha’
    Scarred but Happy Warrior…
    ‘Last of the American heroes’…
    Will lie in state at Capitol…
    Funeral speakers expected to include Bush and Obama…
    Trump won’t be present at service…
    Fiercely independent…
    Titan of American politics…
    The Senator No One Could Ignore…
    35-year congressional career…
    Clashed with media…
    Hollywood Cameos Caused Controversy…
    2008 NIGHTMARE: Lost by two-to-one electoral college margin…


    • ~ no-nonsense-nancy ….U TELL THEM …N N N !!! I’m fried….

      Well, ever the Skeptic, I don’t think he is dead. I think he faked the whole thing to Avoid prosecution & Punishment, Hanging. Think he wouldn’t do it
      or couldn’t pull it off? Only God and a handful of people would know. I was leary of his illness in the very Beginning. He announced in the fall of 2017, right when it became known of the Coup that was to STOP the Trump campaign & then to over through the Trump presidency.
      We Know that it Was HIM….. who turned the Dossier Over to….. the FBI.

      • During the Trump administration, McCain took to heart Trump’s criticisms and returned them tenfold. The most dramatic moment came in late July 2017. With a bill to repeal many of the worst parts of Obamacare at issue, McCain cast the deciding vote against it, defeating Trump on one of his most cherished campaign promises.

        Beset by his illness, McCain had been absent from the Senate since last December, depriving Republicans of one of the two votes that comprised their majority.

      • What an odd thought. It occurred to me just today to think that maybe the same is true of Seth Rich, which might explain why his family is reluctant to investigate. There’s the odd story about how he was taken to the hospital, had surgery, was doing better than most in his situation, was in the ICU when, many hours later, suddenly everyone was escorted out of ICU and his treating physician was locked out and then “news” was released that he had died only a few hours after being shot! There’s also a story that Brazile and another DemoncRAT bigwig arrived at the hospital simultaneously with Seth Rich. How did they know to get there so quickly? Brazile claims she wasn’t even in town that day, but others dispute this. In any case, it’s all quite curious and if there were a Deep State involvement in covering up the REAL story of how Clinton’s and other emails got to Wikileaks, one way to do it would be to put Rich in the equivalent of witness protection. Sort of like how Fuddy conveniently disappeared.

  3. Horrible Things Lefties Said About John McCain Before They Fell In Love With His Anti-Trumpism
    Democrats Plan 52 Trump Investigations If They Win The House In November
    Former Vatican Official Accuses Pope Francis of Knowingly Reinstating Abusive Cardinal
    ‘Remarkably Stable’: Presidential Approval Rating Barely Budges After ‘Trump’s Worst Week’
    John McCain’s Legacy: Voting to Keep Failed <<<>>>Obamacare?
    Freed NM Jihadis Hoped to Attack a Hospital, Other “Corrupt” Institutions
    California Headlines

    ‘Multiple Fatalities’ at Video Game Conference in Florida; Killer Dead

    • ~ spottedturtle Guest • ….^^^^^
      Still hanging onto that 3…. decade old story, huh?

      BUTT’ WAS IT ABORTED??? that’s THE “REAL” STORY” !!!

      HOW life HAS CHANGED … SEX with WEALTH still …is GAME ON!!!

      • It’s so ridiculous. It’s as if the DemoncRATS saved up their grudges against anything and everything ever said about their darlings (either Clinton and the Obamas) and now, in their never-ending spite, they’re puking the same accusations back at the Trumps. The difference being that what was said about THEIR darlings is TRUE and what they’re trying to get everyone to believe about the Trumps is false. So we’ve SEEN Bill’s child. Will the alleged love child of Trump look as much like him as Bill’s does Bill? SAJUDIN? And who is he, exactly? The doorman. His story? A RUMOR HE HEARD. Isn’t it funny? Does the mainstream media report about Bill’s son, much less Bill’s RAPING of Juanita Broaddrick?

  4. For those Reasons, along with many Others, God chose Trump. !!!

    Let’s work with and for the man we have now. He is a fighter. I say we fight with him, not against him.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  5. One of my graduate school mathematics texts, Roads to Geometry, begins with this declaration: “[t]he truth of these axioms [the presuppositions upon which the mathematics is rightfully developed] is not at issue – just the readers’ willingness to accept them as true.”
    The Bible could end with the same.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  6. But what happens when a 16-year-old state champion football player
    finds out that his sports injury was a tumor dangerously Close to his Heart,
    & he has aggressive bone cancer resistant to any radiation treatment?

    He is rushed to the hospital, told his ability to walk is Gone, & yet he says, “Then I’ll just Preach from MY ….. wheelChair.” ……^^^^^^

    BLESS the BEAUTIFUL “MAN-UP” he is showing & LIVING

  8. WooHoo!!

  9. Something to give us hope in the next generations:

    This guy should run for office, but he probably has better plans for his life than politics.

  10. Zach’s walkaway story.

  11. We know the Deep State is loaded for bear. We know the progressives want to take back power and continue the fundamental transformation of our nation.

    We know that false flags happen. We know that sometimes they’re not false flags but may be connected in some way to false flags.

    It’s odd, isn’t it, that THIS particular shooting is not getting as much coverage as others. It’s odd that the story was on page 5 of my local paper, unlike most “mass shootings.” Well, this could be political correctness in kowtowing to those who see racism everywhere and who now cry out that black lives matter and why do white people who are shot get more coverage, yadda yadda.

    This latest killer allegedly used a pistol and so not the dreaded “assault rifle” that’s in the sights of the anti-2nd-amendment crowd.

    We know for certain that the progressives AND SOCIAL MEDIA companies want an excuse, any excuse, to continue to censor, delete, harass, bully conservative sites. Isn’t Dorsey having to go before Congress this very week to answer questions about their questionable algorithm that magically allows only conservatives to be shadowbanned, banned, and punished?

    We also know that the mid-term elections are critical to the progressives. They want very, very, very much to stop Trump from appointing any more SCOTUS judges. They hope to do anything possible to win as many seats as possible in the mid-terms and that means they need all the help they can get from mainstream media as well as SOCIAL media.

    It occurs to me that there may be a method to their madness. ARE THEY MESSING WITH US deliberately to get us to violate their “terms of service” so they can ban us?

    Consider this. Scroll down to the bottom of this link and look carefully at the photos. I’m going to give this information in a few comments. I wish I knew how to save the linked page, in case the censors get to it. Anyway …

    • Now go to the page at this link, scroll down until you see the photo of the same culprit wearing headphones under the title “soon.” The paragraph that explains the photo:

      “And here’s a picture of the devil himself at his machine, supposedly taken by a gamer but only lately released. If it’s genuine, note he is not wearing glasses and uses a mic and headphone set, which are both absent from the room photos.”

      I had forgotten that he, whom I will call culprit #1, was a gamer, too. I am deliberately NOT using his name or the name of the latest culprit (#2), deliberately, in order to avoid those who want to infringe on the rights of others. So please try not to use their names so as not to call attention here.

      Again, are they TRYING to set up as many people as possible, to get them into a discussion about this in order, DELIBERATELY, to get people banned? I’m just supposin’.

      Here’s why I am suspicious. We know the latest culprit is a gamer. No doubt about that. His photo at this link. It’s important to look at that link because other photos, such as here, show him from another angle.

      • Gamer. Hairstyle. Eyes. Eyebrows. Chin. Shape of face. Crooked smile. (See photo at this link, which is supposed to be culprit #1 and then compare to the photo of culprit #2 with the football player.) Granted, the younger photos of culprit #1 show a smile that’s more balanced and involves both sides of the mouth.

        About how old would culprit #1 be today?

        Is there a biological (DNA?) connection here? Some sort of PHENOTYPE for mass shooters? Or …

        Actually, culprit #2 looks quite like the brother of culprit #1. Maybe that job runs in the family?

        Is there another possibility? Someone useful who was supposed to be under wraps but grew up and went rogue?

        Odd that the usual suspects are oddly silent. btw, he was a progressive, anti-Trumper, of the “resistance,” so maybe that explains something. What, I don’t know; but where are the usual suspects screaming for gun control? Those who use every excuse and every “mass shooting” to push their agenda?

        Everybody needs to be careful on this one because I fear it’s designed to SMOKE OUT PEOPLE, to trick them into discussing both families so then the powers that be can decide it’s harassment and inhumane and then they delete sites and blogs, like they did to FOTM. I’m positive their coverage of these types of questions is why they were deleted.

        Fortunately, did you know? They’re back. Whether they have their own domain now or are hosted somehow, I can’t tell, but they’re at their name, spelled out, and then .com

        Actually, the trolls KNOWING that this is a topic FOTM wrote about extensively, maybe they’re hoping to get them kicked off their new domain, considering that it must incense them no end that they have figured out how to evade their tyranny.

        More details than in our media, as usual, here.

        One of the young men killed was black. The other was white, as was the alleged shooter. Are they downplaying it because it was on account of being beaten at the video game, so they’re taking motive into account?

        • Oh, yeah. Like so many of these young male mass shooters–he was on psychoactive drugs. I’ll bet.

          UK media say his family lives in a gated community, so maybe they’re “somebodies,” which explains something.

          Guess this is just another coincidence that it makes two “mass shootings” in Florida recently.

          Gotta tell you that there are videos at You Tube where people came to the same conclusion–meaning they recognized either the same culprit (or actor) and also that even a NEWS STATION put up side-by-side photos of culprit #2 but “mistakenly” had culprit #1 in the montage (three photos, #1 in the middle) with all labeled as the most recent shooter! (I just decided to check by search if others had seem the same resemblance I did.)

          There’s also a cell video of cops outside the venue setting up slowly, AS IF IT’S A DRILL. And there are the usual situations where one or two people are interviewed over and over, shown in the hospital with their minor wounds all bandaged up, etc., with loving family nearby, posing for photos as if enjoying their 15 minutes of “fame.”

          Someone did a search of the gaming stats and didn’t find culprit #2 under his own name (if it’s his name) or his two pseudonyms used during gaming. It’s all very, very suspicious. AS USUAL.

          And can you believe it? In a final statement, McCain insulted President Trump and NOW the AmVet spokesperson (or leader) is coming out and slamming Trump for not doing enough to honor McCain when McCain, first of all, specifically dissed Trump by announcing that he didn’t want him at his funeral and now dissed him again in his “last words.” It’s so unbelievable. You’d think that someone facing the great beyond would let go of petty animosity, forgive, hope for forgiveness for his own sins, and go in peace with a clear conscience. Of course, it’s entirely possible somebody else wrote the “last words” for him. Partisans, I mean. I wonder if the governor will be stupid enough to hand his Senate seat to his liberal wife? These dynasties HAVE TO STOP. It’s sickening. It’s such a DemoncRAT thing to do, after all. Then Cyndi (or however you spell her name) can further stick it to the president, by voting against Kavanaugh. AS IF Trump is responsible for McCain’s death. Well, they blame him for everything else …

          So this almost makes me feel as if those who believe maybe he faked his death in order to evade the consequences of collusion with foreigners may be right. Trump, they complained, didn’t keep the flag at half staff LONG ENOUGH. It’s the rule to do it for a day and a half for senators. Trump was probably set up, not knowing that to keep it down longer requires a presidential proclamation.

          We’ve seen this guy’s videos before. He raises some good points. I have the same question that I ordinarily do: WHY did nobody tackle him? He shot how many people? NOBODY took him down in all that time? Nobody whom he had his back to? These were all presumably young, healthy men. I don’t get it.

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