How to Steal an Election, 2016 Style


How to steal an election in 15 easy steps:

1. Concede the election, but only to catch the winning opponent off guard so that he and his millions of supporters think that it’s in the bag, and so they don’t prepare for recounts, lawsuits, or ballot challenges.

2. Plan a bunch of cutesy photo ops–little, heart-warming vignettes–designed to ensure that you’re photographed with disappointed-but-still-adoring young female fans. Such a shame that you didn’t win. Ensure that the media reports that you’re upbeat and that you’ve (allegedly) bounced back from your disappointment. No hard feelings here. She’s a trooper.

3. Allow your people to continue to “quietly take a number of steps” to contest the election, even though you’ve already conceded the election and even though they began to take these steps nearly as soon as you conceded. (Steps included having “lawyers and data scientists and analysts combing over the results to spot anomalies that would suggest a hacked result;” having “numerous meetings and calls with various outside experts;” and having lawyers analyze “laws and practices as they pertain to recounts, contests and audits.”)

4. Sit “innocently” by while another of your erstwhile opponents, one who had no chance of winning the election, begins to fund raise for recounts in only three of the fifty states (“coincidentally the same three identified in the quiet steps your people took), under the guise of wanting to ensure free and fair elections and making sure every vote counts, without fraud or hacking muddying the waters. Pretend there was and is no collusion, even though it’s admitted to be a “multi-partisan effort” and even though both campaigns use the same language, same strategies, and same information.

5. Continue to sit “innocently” by, once your friend asks for the recounts, instead of asking why she wants to recount only the three states you had expected to win, but did not win, and which put the true winner over the top. Isn’t everybody interested in making sure elections in all states were free and fair? What about the vote fraud in Nevada?

6. Join in the recount process, under the guise of making sure that the “process” is “fair” to all concerned (even though you’ve conceded already and even though the process is hardly fair to the taxpayers who must pay for the recounts, or fair to the winning opponent, to whom you have already conceded the election).

7. Make sure to state that you weren’t going to ask for recounts because you’re sure the results will not change and that the election is over (again, to lull the winning opponent into a false sense of security). But don’t condemn the recount process or the “appearance of dirty tricks” being perpetrated in your name, even though you’re on record claiming that it’s “horrifying” and an affront to our democracy to not accept the results of an election. Make sure you’re never anywhere someone can ask if these previous statements you made are why you had your friend call for recounts, so that you wouldn’t look like the hypocrite that you are.

8. Don’t ask why the woman asking for recounts waited until the very last moment possible to ask for the recounts. Was it to ensure that recounts aren’t finished in time, so that the winning opponent might then lose all of those electoral votes that he earned fair and square? Don’t even ask. Don’t say a word. Sounds like a plan.

9. Don’t ask why the woman insisted on hand recounts, thus ensuring that the recounts would take an even longer amount of time, again putting at risk the electoral votes of the three states. Talk about disenfranchisement!

10. Sit “innocently” by while your supporters publish the names and contact information for all electors and begin a campaign to “persuade” them to not vote as they’re ethically and morally supposed to vote, but instead to become “faithless electors” and vote for someone else–anyone else–just so long as the winning opponent doesn’t get those electoral votes and so that, perhaps, you end up with the majority of electoral votes cast. To help with the effort, be sure to have your friends in the media, with whom you are proven to have colluded in the past, plant fake news stories about Russians hacking the electronic machines and about the winning opponent being a white supremacist.

11. Don’t condemn it when you hear that electors are being threatened with violence or worse, death, if they vote for the winning opponent. Just stay mum. After all, it may be wrong, but it also may benefit you! So might bribing or blackmailing electors, but no one would ever suspect a Clinton of doing such a thing!

12. Allow your people to be “briefed” on the project to steal electoral votes from your winning opponent, by hook or by crook.  Don’t come out and condemn this as un-American and wrong. Don’t ask them to stop. After all, what they’re doing may be unethical and wrong, perhaps even criminal, but it may also benefit you!

13. Don’t ask your financial supporter, George Soros, who’s allegedly funding these recounts and the campaign to suborn electors to STOP. Just STOP! After all, it may be wrong, but it may also benefit you!

14. Don’t ask potential faithless electors and their lawyers to STOP planning conference calls with all electors or to stop participating in any national network of anti-Trump organizers (something which sounds to a layperson to be decidedly unethical and perhaps even illegal, akin to jury tampering).

15. If your supporters succeed in stealing the election by cynically whittling down your opponent’s total number of electoral votes; by filing lawsuits to keep the recounts going in the hope that electoral votes in those three states will be forfeited; by challenging state laws forbidding “faithless electors;” by suborning electors and “persuading” them to vote for someone else; and/or by challenging electoral ballots once they are cast (in other words, by using this “all of the above” evil plot to disenfranchise over 62,00o,000 of your fellow Americans), be sure to accept these new results, even though you’ve already conceded the election.

(Note: it wasn’t Leon Panetta but John Podesta who spoke to Clinton’s supporters on election night.)

Is this what’s going to happen henceforth every time a Democrat loses?

Will it even matter if the steal does work, since there will never again be a free and fair election in this country?

We already know that Hillary Clinton is above perjury laws, records laws, and the Freedom of Information Act, at the very least. Is she also exempt from election laws?

How about common decency? You know …

Truth, justice, and the American Way?


131 responses to “How to Steal an Election, 2016 Style

  1. Lord Monckton discovers the “faulty towers” of climate change !!!!

  2. Hillary Loses Again! …….
    December 08, 2016
    RUSH: This is another historic precedent for Hillary Clinton.
    She just keeps losing. The way I look at this, she’s lost three times now. She lost in 2008. She lost this year, and now she lost the recount.

    • Hey, well. Don’t we have less than a week until we hear the absolute final truth about the universe-shattering information?

  3. In a twist, Trump is gaining. ….^^^^^^^
    By Wednesday morning, Trump had widened his victory margin over Clinton in Wisconsin by 146 votes, with 23 of the state’s 72 counties having finished their recounts as of Tuesday. In those counties, Trump gained 105 votes and Clinton dropped 41 votes.
    In other words, those who donated to Stein’s effort in Wisconsin have
    shelled out almost $24,000 PER ……. Extra Trump Vote Found —
    a total of $3.5 million to pad his lead over Clinton in the state.
    Backfire rating: Hilariously catastrophic.

  4. ……. PICK ME!!!!

    • Oh, he “suffered” so much. Well, so did we and a lot of what we ALL suffered under him, from him, was racism.

    • Earth to Barry: The “birther thing” is not over and will never be over until the TRUTH comes out. And no, we’re not racists because we don’t believe the lies you tell. If you’re CIA, then fess up and be done with it, but don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that we’re racist when you know that you are the one who published a fake life story. For goodness sakes, they even use the photoshopped pictures of the fake family life in the article!

  5. Is the pizzagate gunman a false flag?
    I haven’t paid much attention to pizzagate but since the hillary bobbed up on my TV last night to complain about “fake news” I decided to take a look at “pizzagate”
    Now I use two search engines provided by the Scandinavian firm “ixquick”
    These are search engine bundles and ixquick guarantees your privacy.
    But one of their products, called “startpage” primarily relies on google. Ixquick removes your personal information so that google can’t specifically bubble you or build a database on you.
    If you are unfamiliar with the term “bubble” – it means that google as they know more and more about you put you into a “bubble” revealing to you only search results that they think will be of interest to you.
    Even without knowing anything specifically about you google appears to do general bubbling.
    If you enter the search term pizzagate into google you only get, at least on the first two pages, stories about the fake news danger and the gunman who was arrested near som pizza restaurant.
    If you use the other search engine bundle, you get very different results.
    On the first page:
    #PizzaGate is the current investigation into a petofile ring which involves high-level Washington insiders. The investigation was sparked by WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails, then Hillary’s 2016 campaign head. These emails contained odd messages which appeared to be coded language, similar to how drug dealers refer to various substances and quantities using code words. Some of the key words were: hot dog, pizza, cheese, pasta, and dominos. You can search for these terms yourself on WikiLeaks. Since the discovery of this coded language, researchers have been steadily compiling evidence.

    I believe that #PizzaGate is going to be massive. The primary reason I think this is because the stranglehold of FakeNews, Inc., formerly known as the Mainstream Media, has been broken. The tipping point has been reached during the Trump 2016 campaign cycle as FakeNews destroyed their credibility in their desperate attempt to derail the ascension of the God Emperor to the throne. 16/11/27/pizzagate-2/

    Hmmm. At least an explanation of the story. I guess that qualifies it as fake news.
    Now I don’t know about the veracity of pizzagate. Some news stories never break because too much is at stake.
    The British Spy Thriller “Defence of the Realm” is an excellent fictional spy story about this topic.

    You have to look around at all the evidence, most of which will be tenuous and make up your own mind.

    For example, Nbiru?
    Nbiru is a dwarf sun that people think will annihilate Earth in a direct collision or close fly-by in a mionth or two.
    My feeling is probably false because if a dwarf sun was anywhere inside our solar system all the amateur astronomers in the world would have spotted it and the story would be come uncontainable. Or if a thousand astronomers were diasppeared, that would be uncontainable.

    Pizzagate? Maybe. In England they have been trying to set up a formal enquiry into historical high level child abuse, meaning abuse conducted at the highest levels of government and society. The government has been trying to set it up for about three years now. The chief justices keep quitting. The last one that quit wouldn’t give any reason as to why she quit. They’re still trying. Are all abuse accusations true? Common sense says no. Does that make all accusations false? Equally not.

    This whole fake news thing is just one big “shut up” from the elitte.
    So is the pizzagate gunman a false flag?
    I think probably.

    note: intentional typo error used

    • Like you, I didn’t pay attention to “pizzagate” either. Just recently, I found this at and followed the links. CW was on top of the Chicago Network back in 2008, also. Something is up with the “fake news” meme, I believe. Even the Pope is chiming in on the topic.

      • facebkwallflower

        I didnt’ pay attention to pizzagate, either; mainly because I found it confusing. However, when Dennnis Michael Lynch actually Alynsky-ed people talking about it, I had a familiar feeling; back in the “birther” labeling days.

        Well, now I will make a point to learn all I can about it because there is a reason people are framing it as nutwing and tinfoil hat nubjob stuff.

        • Seriously. They’re only calling attention to the “fake news” and further propagating it. IF it’s “fake.” They’re also, in the same stories, citing other “fake news,” such as the “birther” issue and Sandy Hook. Did you see the article about a woman being charged with threatening one of the most notoriously public SH parents? What’s interesting is the double standard. Of course, I’m not defending her AT ALL, in any way, but the Secret Service, with regards to threats against Trump, say the type of comments this woman made are NOT threats because the only threat that they investigate is when someone basically says, “I’m GOING TO …” not when they say something like “somebody should” or “look behind you, it’s death,” or whatever the hell that woman allegedly wrote. So if it’s not considered a serious and REAL threat when someone says or writes similar things about the president-elect, then how can it be a crime when someone says it about a private citizen? Methinks it’s not and that it won’t hold water BUT it WILL shut her up and others who think similarly. Right?

  6. Further to the link at the bottom of CW’s Article ~

    Here’s some Fake News about Huma and Anthony…

  7. The LSM is railing about Trump picking Rich people.
    Well Hello!!! If you wanted success? Would you go to a successful person? Or a homeless man on the Street. :facepalm:

    • Logic is not their strong suit, as we have observed many times. They complain about “inexperienced” choices, citing people like Trump himself and Ben Carson, but then they complain when he chooses experienced people in the very fields he’s looking for. The fact is that no matter WHAT he does, they will complain and criticize. It’s what they do with EVERY Republican. Usually, however, they call them stupid, dumb, moronic, idiotic. I guess for some reason they believe that’s not going to work with Trump, so they fall back on the inexperienced in politics OR racist, bigot, woman hater memes.

  8. ….. enemy that is even more dangerous.
    Obama was warned about ISIS.

    It is obvious that Obama and his secretary of state, Hillary, were clueless about the Middle East. Hillary was too busy selling access to the State Department for contributions to the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, aka the William Jefferson Corleone Foundation, and arranging speeches for Bill Clinton. Obama was interested in withdrawal from Iraq at any cost and also announced withdrawal from Afghanistan. He started in 2009 by apologizing for U.S. power during his apology tour.

    As a result, we have suffered attacks in our country inspired by ISIS, and ISIS has conducted a war of genocide to kill Christians in the areas it has conquered.

    Obama was warned about ISIS, but he did not do anything about it.

    Now we have to clean up the mess left by Obama.


  9. FOLLOW the FOOL …NO MO’ … what a f-in’ JOKE HE IS!

  10. ~ Michelle Obama’s Mirror


    Friday, December 9, 2016
    The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

    Here’s a pattern you can expect to see more of in the future:

    Donald Trump says something. !!!!!!!
    Media/Democrats De- Cry his comment as
    a) untrue …….b) indiscreet …..c) unpresidential ….d) all of the above

    Facts reveal The Donald is correct …STAND TALL WITH TRUMP!

  11. Politics ~Barack Obama, Donald Trump Forge an Unlikely Rapport
    Aides say the two have set aside harsh words & see benefit in an
    open dialogue ? .. BUTT’ GUESS WHAT’S COMING BARRY O’!!!

  12. M~K ..the TWAT of 2016′ ! WHO gives a flying PHONY FIG aBoutU!

  13. Daily Poll ….
    What name would you rather Never EVER hear again in your life?


    DONALD John Trump …….. ~ YES 8 Years & MORE!!!!!
    Kellyanne Conway …. ~ YES
    Rudy Giuiliani
    Newt Gingrich
    Chris Christie
    Mike Pence …………. ~ YES
    Corey Lewandowski
    Jeffrey Lord
    Sean Hannity
    Paul Manafort

    View Results …Archive

    • Are the lamestream media NOW going to criticize Obama as they’ve been criticizing Trump for “attacking” the integrity and competence of the intelligence agencies? This is what they’re saying when Trump says he doesn’t believe the LIE, the FAKE NEWS, that Russian tried, via hacking, to get Trump elected. They say he’s sowing discord and distrust and hurting his own administration if he doesn’t trust what the CIA, etc., tell him. So, are they saying the SAME about Obama? I’m not reading that entire article, but I totally suspect, “not on your life.”


  15. …ITS>>>> SO >>>> REAL ~ WTPOTUS ~ TRUMPED them ALL! ^^^^

    Best Compilation- People Who Laughed at TRUMP…& said he would never be President – FUNNY!

    Published on Nov 15, 2016
    Celebrities, Pundits, & Politicians made their predictions & had their laughs like George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Bernie Sanders, Seth Meyers, Joy Behar (The View), Bob Beckel (CNN), Julia Roberts, Ann Coulter, Bill Maher (HBO), Stephen Colbert (The Late Show), Nancy Pelosi (congresswoman, former house speaker), Harry Reid (senator), Barack Obama, The Simpsons (TV show), Elizabeth Warren, Fareed Zakaria, George Stephanopoulos (ABC News), Mark Cuban (Billionaire), Chris Matthews (Hardball MSNBC), John Oliver (The Daily Show Comedy Central), Keith Ellison (Congressman), Ron Reagan….& More!

    • All the people that we love to laugh AT, not with. A fine bunch of idiots. If you put them all into a room together, would they make one brain? If you send them all to Canada, would you simultaneously lower the average IQ of that nation while raising the average IQ of ours?

    • That’s premature, I believe. They’re reporting it but I also read that Trump said he didn’t and wouldn’t make a decision over the weekend. This is part of their narrative and FAKE NEWS MEME about Russia and how the Russians support Trump and influenced the election to support him. I don’t believe there’s anything “innocent” about this fake news. It’s a plan. A scheme. An Alinsky plot. They’re not going gently into that good night. They plan to disrupt his Inauguration, if they fail in stealing the election from him via faithless electors. It’s no holds barred at this point. Whatever MIGHT work. They hope to influence electors by scaring them into thinking he’s a Russian plant, which is ironic, when you remember what was said about Barry, CIA, Russia, communism, the OTHER Obama (“Roman”, the one who went to school IN RUSSIA), his mother’s connections, etc. Is it PROJECTION? May be. Remember the stories about how Obama was groomed to be POTUS by Russia? I don’t know what they’re up to but it’s something. All this crap about the Russians and the CIA saying they helped Trump steal the election from Hillary. What’s their goal? To undermine him, for sure. To sow distrust within his administration. We already KNOW that the CIA contains people like Plame and her husband. We already know about what they’ve been up to for decades. Surely they do NOT want a Trump who’s promising, as he told Mike Wallace, to bring in his own people and clean house, basically. But it may be worse. They may be setting up a soft coup, wherein they “prove” that Trump was treasonous. I put nothing past them. They stand to lose TOO MUCH if he really does drain the swamp. Just look at Brennan and who he is and what his goals are. Who dislikes the Russians? Well, first off, you have to KNOW it’s ISIS, the jihadists, Muslim Brotherhood. It’s not just us who have been fighting these muslim terrorists for decades. Who was OBL fighting when WE supported and funded him? We’ll have to see who Trump supports. This Tillerson choice seems extremely odd to me. Bolton would have been my choice. Or Giuliani who, for some reason, took himself out of the running. What say you?

    • I have to say, I don’t like “First Ladies” being involved in the business of government. THEY aren’t ELECTED. So, to be consistent, I equally don’t like daughters and sons-in-law involved in government for the same reason, and also because nepotism sucks. It just does. Not to mention, Ivanka is far more liberal than Trump supporters would want in a close advisor to the president they just elected. I’m just sayin’. My personal opinion. It doesn’t feel good or look good and we wouldn’t have liked it at all from Clinton or Obama. They’ll be busy running his companies. I think that should be enough power for them both.

  16. Fox interview today!! 😀

  17. lol on this

    The Greatest Achievements of the presidents.
    Theodore Roosevelt built the Panama Canal, under budget and on time.
    Franklin Roosevelt created the largest navy, army and airforce in the world and defeated Germany and Japan, while supplying Britain, Russia and China with arms, too. He presided over the greatest industrial power ever.
    Dwight Eisenhower built the largest and best highway system in the world.
    John Kennedy put a man on the moon.
    Barrack Hussein Obama put a man in the ladies bathroom.

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