President-elect Trump on Russian Influence on the 2016 Election

I was going to write a much longer post about this fake media narrative about Russia interfering in our election to get Donald Trump elected, but President-elect Donald Trump did such a good job saying what needed to be said that I’ll just let him speak for himself.

I don’t believe it, either. Do you?

Mind you, this all comes from the mainstream media, which has already been proven to have been in cahoots with the Hillary Clinton campaign to interfere in the election and try to get her elected! So who believes this viral meme wasn’t sent over to the Washington Post from the Clinton campaign or the DNC?

The very documents that, with no evidence whatsoever, the media claim were hacked and stolen by Russia have outed the media as doing exactly what they accuse Russia of doing–taking sides. Interfering in the People’s choice. Promoting misinformation, disinformation, lies, propaganda. They, who are supposed to be unbiased purveyors of real news.

Where’s the proof that this speculation came from intelligence analysts? There is none offered, because the mainstream media use “administration officials” speaking anonymously and we’re supposed to take them at their (lying) word. We’re expected to trust them (again) that this is not simply more fake news put out there to serve their own political agenda.

The media are as corrupt as their candidate, Crooked Hillary. They focus upon the source of the message–the messenger–instead of the truth of the message:

The documents released by Wikileaks proved to We the People exactly how corrupt the DNC, the Clinton campaign and their associates, and the mainstream media are, so now they fight back with even more fake news.

We the People are not stupid, no matter what the media think. They still have not digested that fact. The mainstream media persist in doing the very things that have made us distrust and disbelieve them in the first place.

Will they ever learn?


99 responses to “President-elect Trump on Russian Influence on the 2016 Election

  1. Faithless electors

    Texas GOP Elector Risks Criminal Charges to Snub Trump; Law Allows Him To Be Replaced
    by Robert Barnes | 6:09 pm, December 12th, 2016

    shutterstock_283689917-4A Texas elector just publicly stated in The New York Times his intention to vote against the party nominee of the party that elected him to the electoral college. The same Texas elector also appears to be soliciting others to do the same. What he may not know is that he is placing himself at risk of a Texas district attorney thinking his act a crime, should a “faithless elector” follow through with it. And ask Tom Delay if Texas district attorneys have any hindrance using criminal prosecutions of political officials. There is a remedy, though. Texas law allows the electors to declare an intended faithless elector ineligible and replace him at the elector meeting in Texas. This will help the voters and the faithless elector by preventing him from being accused of a crime, like election fraud or perjury.


    It has been said that Soros could bribe the electoral colege, but the bribe can be detected and the electors that take the bribe must know that they are likely to spend the rest of their lives in a federal prison. Unless each corrupt elector is sure that his or her corruption will install hillary, they face the ruin of their lives.

    It seems like faithless electors can be dealt with so the only remaining
    options are:

    1) Obama tries to declare the election invalid. Since he doesn’t have that power, his recourse would be to declare a national state of emergency.
    He would have to suspend civilian government and institute martial law to stop the rooskys from taking over.
    2) One congressman and one senator, at the moment when the electoral vote is being announced in the Congress, can object to the vote and demand an investigation. You might remember when there was hope this tactic could be used to stop the usurper president from being installed. It wasn’t.

    Can anything else happen?
    We’re into the commonsense show territory now.
    I made sure that I, me, would be out of the country this month,
    (I’ve never been in a walmart before!),
    so I might as well give the link to Dave Hodges,
    he might be a bit crazy but he is not insane:

    Stages one and two are not going to happen, but Stage 3 is unknown.

    • Hasn’t some idiot on CNN already called this a national “emergency?” Since WHEN do the commie-loving DemoncRATS care about Russia? Obama mocked Romney for calling them a threat! I think they chose the Russians because they believe that it would resonate most with conservatives, who tend to hate commies and who saw Russia as our long-time enemy. Maybe to try to convince faithless electors to ditch Trump. It would not surprise me to see a DemoncRAT representative and senator object to the vote and “demand” an investigation. They do not comprehend the meaning of COLD ANGER yet, but they will if they try to steal this election from the PEOPLE of the USA. It’s beyond Trump. What he does, whether or not he turns out to be what we hoped, we cannot let the DemoncRATS continue on with this constant lying, distorting, illegal, unethical, corrupt behavior. This “by any means necessary” behavior. This COLLUSION, CORRUPT COLLUSION, WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. It HAS TO STOP. The intelligence agencies have been infiltrated and corrupted, too. Time to drain the swamp. Clean house. Brennan and all his peeps MUST GO, and they will. btw, it’s now said that it was someone within the NSA that gave the emails to Wikileaks because the intelligence agencies are appalled at Hillary’s lackadaisical behavior with regard to government records and communications. It’s THEIR LIVES on the line when she is so cavalier. They did NOT want her to be president, so they LEAKED (not hacked) the data.

    • I don’t know about that writer, either, but one thing to note: MOST of the 15 so-called already-identified “faithless electors” are DemoncRATS! What’s for them to gain by NOT voting for Trump? They’re supposed to vote for Clinton. There’s only the one Texan that I know of who is supposed to vote Trump but says he won’t. That will be provided he doesn’t get removed, which he probably will. I would expect that at the point he doesn’t vote for Trump, back in Texas, then he’ll be replaced. We shall see. So the 22 more electors to bribe doesn’t hold water. These DemoncRATS won’t vote for Trump anyway. They’re part of Hillary’s 232. If they don’t vote for her, then she loses votes, not Trump. (I think their plan was like “let’s make a deal” with Republican electors. If you vote for some Republican other than Trump, then so will we. Not that I would trust them any farther than I could throw them.)

  2. Obama’s gift to Hill. 😆

  3. Putin’s Faith.

  4. Obama at the Bat!! 😆

  5. WHAT a CROCK …. or the CROCK POT CROWS once AGAIN!!!
    such a silly person … cries all the TIME!! BOO HOO …

    • ~ lysosome Redskin Love • 2 days ago .. ^^^^^^
      Yes, but at least we are soon rid of him.

      No we won’t! Look at the clintons, jimmy carter. This trash never goes away.

      Oh sure, he’ll have his temper tantrums from his safe space, but he no longer has a pen to make law & executive orders once he’s gone.
      So yes, he can be annoying, but won’t affect lives in any substantial way.

      History books will NOT be kind to him. Smiled his way TO the WH & will B Laughing on his way OUT……as to what he has done… to OUR country.!!!

      The best thing he’s DONE …. is what he did to the Democrat Party. !!!!
      He successfully lost both houses … & ….. the Presidency.

      Don’t forget he is the best gun salesman in the history of America.

  6. R ~ WE R ~ WE ~ R WE ????? …. ^^^^ O’ SPEAKS!!! WOW!!! ha
    America is Still struggling to overcome its “legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism, & racism,” President Obama told Comedy Central Monday night.
    Appearing on “The Daily Show,” Obama was asked about how he speaks to crowds about race.

    How does he “skirt that line between speaking your mind & sharing your true opinions on race whilst, at the same time, not being seen to alienate some of the people you are talking to,” host Trevor Noah asked.

    “You know, my general theory is that, if I was clear in my Own Mind about who I W A S , comfortable in my own skin, & had Clarity about the way in which race continues to be this powerful factor in so many elements of our lives,” Obama said. “But that it is not the only factor in so many aspects of our lives, that we Have, by NO means overcome the legacies of slavery & Jim Crow & colonialism & racism, but that the progress we’ve made has been real & extraordinary, if I’m communicating my genuine belief that those who are not subject to racism can sometimes have blind spots or lack of appreciation of what it feels to be on the receiving end of that, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not open to learning & caring about equality & justice & that I can WIN Them OVER….. because there is goodness in the majority of people.” ?????? O’ REALLY ????? BHO???
    & ..ha be-cause I’M the USURPING … ” K I N G “!!!
    NOW CAN I EAT >>>>> MY WAFFLE <<<<<<< !

    • They’re ALL DemoncRAT electors minus the ONE fake Texan so-called Republican elector who WILL BE removed, no doubt about it. How do these people with no security clearance think they will be “briefed” on national security stuff–something that is likely ILLEGAL because it would involve the outgoing administration in potentially interfering in the peaceful succession of power. Talk about illegal influence! Talk about trying to disenfranchise the people. This sounds like illegal collusion. Somebody suggested it’s a violation of the Hatch Act.

    • It’s a thought. I had to look up “kayfabe”. Still don’t know how to pronounce it (not good on those little phonetic abbreviations and indictors). It’s what “professional” wrestlers do when they stage a fight, for anybody else who didn’t know the lingo. I don’t think Trump’s going to bail, but you never know.

    • Similarly, if you deny that Obama was born in the USA, as his “original long-form birth certificate” proves, then you’re crazy. Just another BIG LIE.

    • Wow. I just finished a post that basically said the same thing. I may as well publish it right now. I was going to publish it tomorrow. Great minds apparently think alike. THE most concerning part of that article:

      “What is the purpose of this elaborate scheme? White House spokesman Eric Schultz announced, “This is not an effort to challenge the outcome of the election.” Senator Angus King commented, “I’m not trying to relitigate the election. I’m just trying to prevent this from happening again.” These comments will be repeated endlessly and they should concern us all. It should remind us of Otto von Bismarck’s remark, “Nothing is proven until it is officially denied.””

      Once again, the Obama rule: Whatever they deny is the truth; whatever they claim as truth is a lie. They’re trying to overturn the election and probably will push this to the limit in order to fulfill that goal, some way, some how. Electoral college subornation. Or, failing that, objections on the 19th and then an investigation to follow (probably about as accurate and truthful as Comey’s investigation of Server-gate). Then, no doubt, attempts at impeachment. Like the Terminator, they will NEVER stop.

  7. The charge that the Russians, or anyone else, interfered with the election to help Trump is as irrational as Stein’s argument that the voting machines could have been hacked by the Russians because the DNC and Podesta emails were hacked.

    How can there be interference with an election by providing truthful information about a candidate?

    Harry Reid admittedly Lied in 2012 that Romney had not paid his taxes
    for ten years. Hillary & Obama lied in 2012 that a VIDEO…… caused the Benghazi Attack.
    All three lied to help Obama win.
    Is that interference?

    • So it would seem, to people with common sense and the ability to think and reason (which, sadly, exempts most progressives and, even more sadly, most millennials).

  8. At best, the Russians, or whoever did the hacking of the DNC & Podesta emails, provided information to the American voters that the MSM & Hillary failed to provide: the Documentation that Proves that Hillay & Obama lied & that Hillary sold access to the State Department. Moreover, IF Hilary & Obama had NOT Lied, …….& had Hillary NOT Sold Access to the State Department, …. then there Would “BE NO” .. Emails 2 Hack & Leak. !!!! O’

    • I was wrong. I thought he was rope-a-doping. I don’t know what to make of that choice but WILL give him the benefit of the doubt UNTIL or IF it proves to be a bad choice. What’s hilarious is the constant question of what a business man who’s negotiated deals for 40 years knows about diplomacy. What the hell did Hillary Clinton know about it when she got the job as SoS?

    • Eenie, meenie, minee, moe. One for you and one for you and one for you. They are RIDICULOUS. This is why Trump won. Diversity. Ha! Isn’t this what MLK dreamed of? That people be judged (selected) not on their skin color but on their qualifications?

  9. “HER” ….RIGHTful ….SPOT ?? funny still ..piece of crap as always
    RUSSIANS here RUSH-IN’ there … So IF they can they WILL?… O’!

  10. WTPOTUS …. have This for Both Soros & Kellogg!!!
    …………………./¯../ /
    ………………../…./ /
    ……….\…………… _.·´

  11. Conclusively proves that
    Johanna Ah-nee’s birth certificate was used in
    the creation of the “Fake” ….. One 4 BHO’ ?????

  12. Debunking Vogt’s 20 points of forgery: Part 1 – Obama Conspiracy …

    Use this link.

    Nov 2, 2013 … Child, Registrar General Date, Certificate Number. Ah’nee, Johanna, August 24, 09945. Nordyke, Susan, August 11, 10637. Nordyke,Gretchen …
    Clue Number Two –… Proxy Highlight

    noted in the Ah Nee and Obama long-form birth certificates. Why were all …. Virginia Sunahara was given the BC# that originally belonged to Johanna Ah Nee.
    HDOH Red Flags – Butterdezillion’s Blog –… Proxy Highlight

    Johanna Ah Nee’s long-form BC from the HDOH has overlapping BC# digits ( impossible with a Bates stamp) and what appears to be a forged Onaka signature .
    Obituaries – Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News Proxy Highlight

    May 18, 2002 … Theresa Pukaua Ah-Nee, 76, of Mililani, a lay ministry volunteer, died … daughters Josephine Lee and Johanna and Elizabeth Ah-Nee, sister …

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