South Side of Chicago 2016

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How ironic. The same weekend that a “romantic comedy” about the courtship of Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson opened in cinemas, the cousin of a Chicago Bulls player was gunned down in the city. Both events took place on Chicago’s South Side. Decades apart, of course.

The murder victim was a 32-year-old mother who, it is said, was on her way to register her children for the new school year. As she pushed her baby in a stroller, gunmen shot wildly, hitting her twice and killing her. (May she rest in peace and condolences to her family.) The killer was aiming at someone else, police say.

Two brothers were arrested for the crime; both have lengthy rap sheets and both were, for some inexplicable reason, free to walk the streets and continue wreaking havoc upon innocent people.

The movie about the Obamas, Southside with You, is critically acclaimed, garnering a 93% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Would anyone expect different, given today’s politically correct climate?

The movie was produced by a “pal” of the Obamas. Again, what else would anyone expect?

In my opinion, this sounds like a “must not see,” but it’s up to you how you spend your money.  Although highly praised by paid critics, the movie seems to have grossed only about $3 million so far at the box office.

The plot is supposedly a “faithful” depiction of the tall tale we were told about the couple’s first date, including the sticky, sickeningly sweet fable about the “chocolate kiss.”

The story follows their day-long date across the South Side of Chicago. One reviewer (in comments) said

It’s just two people walking and talking.

Given the current state of the South Side of Chicago, if this date took place today, the lovers would likely be running and screaming, not walking and talking.

The Obama home town is setting a record pace for murders this year:

 The city is on track to have 700 murders in 2016, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said Wednesday. That would be the highest number of homicides in Chicago in nearly 20 years.

Homicides have already nearly doubled this year, with more than 93 murders since the start of January. There were only 52 murders in all of January and February last year.

If the city does have 700 or more homicides this year, it will be the highest number of murders since 1998, when 704 people were killed.

On cue, Donald Trump is being roundly criticized by progressives and the mainstream media for “politicizing” the death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin. The aforementioned fear that Trump’s outreach to the black community will work, especially since, unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump is at least talking about the crime problem in inner city communities.

Aren’t progressives like Clinton the ones who always clamor for these tough sorts of “conversations”?

Am I the only one who believes this movie about the Obamas is the opening salvo, the first “independent” campaign ad, for a future Michelle Obama presidency, in the same way that Obama’s fabulous, fictional biography was the opening salvo for his own national political career?

No matter who wins in November, look for the Obamas to begin campaigning for their own return to the White House, whether in 2020 or 2024, as soon as they leave in January.

Watch out, whether you’re on the South Side of Chicago or not.



192 responses to “South Side of Chicago 2016


    • They go on and on and on about the lack of a deportation force to deal with the 11 million, which in their opinion means he “softened” his stance. HOWEVER, anybody with eyes to see and a brain to think will realize that his 10-step plan does it for him, without the need for any deportation force. IF you deport all the CRIMINAL illegal aliens (not considering that all are criminals, but he means those that have committed additional crimes here) and IF you actually use E-Verify, then most of the so-called law-abiding illegals will SELF-DEPORT. That’s why he said that first you build the wall, STOP further illegal immigration, hire the extra border patrol and LET THEM DO THE JOB THEY’RE PAID TO DO, then whoever’s left can be dealt with then.

      So think about it: IF E-Verify is enforced, if ALL our laws are enforced, then illegals, whether typically “law-abiding” or not, CAN’T WORK AND CAN’T COLLECT SOCIAL BENEFITS, so then what will they do? They’re going to GO HOME where they will be able to work and will be able, if they can’t work, to get on the dole in Mexico. THEN, as Trump said, they can apply to come back and go to the back of the line to compete with the truly law-abiding people who’ve been waiting patiently in line.

      As far as them saying the wall will never be built because it’s too costly, tell me: Which country is wealthier, Hungary or the USA? Hungary built a fence that WORKED and they’re now in the process of building it up more to ensure that it works even better than before. But it stopped the illegal refugee invasion and they built the danged fence/wall in a matter of months. IF Hungarians can do it, then so can we. Added plus: it creates jobs for AMERICAN workers.

  2. THERE WILL BE NO AMNESTY: President Donald Trump

    Our enforcement priorities will include removing criminals, gang members,

    security threats, visa overstays, public charges – that is, those relying on

    public welfare or straining the safety net, along with millions of recent illegal

    arrivals and overstays who’ve come here under the current Administration.

    As another ~ Lame Cherry ~ exclusive in matter anti matter.

  3. YEP ….keep ROLLIN’ ….so much news…. ^^^^^

    in a MIRROR …..FAST! … what a real DICKSTER he & LYIN’ HILL

    • The media seems rather SPEECH less today, don’t they? I don’t think they know what to say about it. He ROCKED that speech. He ROCKED the appearance in Mexico, too. I think they’re terrified at this point. WAIT until he ROCKS the debates. He’s going to ROCK Ms. Hillary back on her ample bum.

      • DITTO ^^^^ …. WE SHALL SEE …won’t WTP!
        I CAN’T WAIT 4 “A STRONG MAN” … 2 BE OUR N E X T
        the sad thing is ALL the WASTED $$$ MONEY they gave & gave

      • And I can’t wait to see that Miri. 😆

        • Well, me, too, with qualification. Did you see the moderators? Anderson Cooper, Martha Radditz (sp?), Chris Wallace, and Lester Holt. Not much promise for a FAIR SHAKE for Trump there, with the POSSIBLE exception of Wallace, although according to CTH he is/was in on the “get rid of Trump” orders all the FOX folks got from Murdoch. Kelly, of course, went along when she sandbagged Trump with the stupid question about how he treats women. She, btw, got a $6,000,000 book deal out of it.

    • Wow. Very interesting. And here I thought he was just a biased, dishonest, crummy “journalist” with white guilt, who was in the tank for a fellow progressive. I wonder: Did the two red diaper babies know each other for decades? Is that why Maraniss was “chosen” to be the bio writer? When did Kincaid learn this and why tell us NOW?

  5. A LIST OF FIRSTS FOR PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA President Barack Hussein Obama is certainly a President of firsts. Here’s a fairly comprehensive list: (Read them and weep for our nation)
    1st African-American President (actually 1/2 African-American) in history.
    1st President to come out in open support of gay/lesbian marriage, even though 31 US States have amended their State Constitutions defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.
    1st President to claim that under his presidency the, “rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”
    1st President to rack up over 5 trillion dollars in debt in less than four years.
    1st President to literally bow to foreign heads of state.
    1st President to have the national debt exceed 10, 11 , 12 , 13 ,14 and 15 trillion dollars.
    1st President to preside over a cut in the credit rating of the United States.
    1st president whose Attorney General (or any active member of his cabinet) was citred for contempt of Congress, and in a bi-partisan vote.
    1st president to utilize Executive Privelege to cover for his Attorney General about an activity the President claims to have not been involved in, and know nothing about.
    1st president whose Attorney General actively lied to Congress and then later had to rescind his testimony regarding his knowledge of a gun running plan to Mexican drug cartels.
    1st president whose Attorney General presided over an illegal sale of thousands of illegal weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.
    1st President whose Attorney Genral dismissed charges against New Black Panthers who were filmed wearing camo fatigues, wielding billy clubs at voters during the 2008 elections. He dropped the charges.
    1st President to have his signature legislation ruled unconstitutional on the grounds it was written on, only to have it ruled constitutional on a tax authority for which it was not written.
    1st President to spend a trillion dollars on shovel ready jobs that he later admitted never existed.
    1st President to loan hundreds of billions to solar firms going bankrupt, then re-write the loans so the taxpayers were in last place when they went bankrupt and his supporters then walked away rich.
    1st President to have continuous 8% or higher unemployment for over a continuous three year period.
    1st President to have millions of Americans give up and leave the searching work force, which made a 10-12% unemployment rate look like it was only 8%.
    1st President to preside over a period where over 45% of the American public paid no taxes.
    1st President to proclaim at a conference with a foreign leader that the United States is not a Chrsitian Nation.
    1st President to appoint a Secretary of Treasury (and five other top posts), an individual who is a tax evader owing the US government tens of thosuands of dollars.
    1st President to have over 45% of the American people on Government assistance.
    1st President to publically threaten the Supreme Court while it was deciding a case…particular a case regarding his own initiative.
    1st President to preside over passing legislation to take over the entire health industry, which proposal and legislation is what the Supreme Court is deciding on.
    1st President to deliver a eulogy for a communist activist (Saul Mendelson)
    1st President to openly refuse to uphold Federal Law (the Defene of Marriage Act), openly violating his oath of Office to protect and defend the constitution and bear true faith and allegiance to it.
    1st President to have 17 vacations in his first four years.
    1st President to issue an unlawful recess appointment when the Senate was not in recess (against the advise of his own Justice Department).
    1st President to repeatedly and purposely fail to issue Presidential statements at Christmas and Easter.
    1st President to call for our ally, Israel to retreat back to the pre-war 1967 borders.
    1st President to actively support the overthrow of an allied leader, at peace with Israel, in Egypt and support his replacement by militant Islamic’s, the Muslim brotherhood.
    1st President to cancel the celebration of the National Day of Prayer at the White House but hold a day of Islamic Prayer there during Ramadan.
    1st President to sue a State for requiring valid IDs to vote.
    1st President to halt deportation of illegal aliens in order to issue them temporary work permits, using his executive powers inappropriately to give them amnesty.
    1st President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
    1st President to sign a bill permitting the government to hold anyone suspected of association with terrorism indefinitely, without due process, no indictment, no judge or jury, no evidence or trial.
    1st President to appoint 45 czars to issue directives in lieu of legislation
    1st President to bypass Congress and implement the DREAM ACT by executive fiat.
    1st President to threaten a private Auto Company (Ford) after it publically made light of bailouts to GM and Chrysler.
    1st President to threaten insurance companies after they publically complained that the President’s health care legislation was why the had to increase rates.
    1st President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.
    1st President to require private companies to disclose their political contribution records before being able to bid on government contracts
    1st President to golf over 90 times in his first four years.
    1st President to have 22 personal assistants/servants for the 1st lady.
    1st Presidnet to have a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000/year at taxpayer expense.
    1st president to defy a Federal Court order to cease implementing his “Health Care Reform” law.
    1st President to tell a private manufacturing company which state it could or could not locate a factory in.
    1st President to refuse to comply with a Congressional Oversight Committee subpoena.
    1st President to withdraw an existing coal permit to a private company that had been properly applied for and granted years earlier.
    1st President to take over a US Auto Company and determine who its executives would be.
    1st President to aborgate US Bankruptcy law so he could turn the company over to his Union supporters.
    1st President to issue an Executive Order making his educational, travel, and health history a national security secret.
    1st President to fire an inspector General of Ameri-corps for catching a friend of the president in a corruption case.
    Yep…this is the list of “1st”s this President, Barack Hussein Obama, has accomplished in his first four years.

  6. A HUGE’ ….PLAN … GET on THE TRUMP TRAIN …NOW! …. + COMMENTS …. ^^^^^

  7. ~ First Arab-American President, NOT the first black President. Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side and 43.75% Arabic & 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side. While Barack Hussein Obama’s father was from Kenya, his father’s family was mainly Arabs. Barack Hussein Obama’s father was only 12.5% African Negro & 87.5% Arab (his father’s birth certificate even states he’s Arab, not African Negro).

  8. YEP !!! That HUGE WALL of WALLS …WILL B BUILT ….& GUESS WHAT ?.. U hordes of FOOLS … MEXICO will PAY 4 IT ! …..YEP!

  9. This is interesting:

    A doctor is ambushed and shot less than a mile from the Clinton’s NY home. He survived, thank goodness. But look at his specialties:

    “Charney [the VICTIM] is one of the country’s leading doctors. As well as being dean of Mount Sinai’s medical school, he is a professor of psychiatry, neuroscience and pharmacology and systems therapeutics at the school.

    His primary work has been in psychiatry, and has seen him develop medical treatments for schizophrenia and depression.

    He holds a string of awards for his work and has also been involved in research post-traumatic disorder in veterans.

    Chao, [the SHOOTER] who was educated at Peking Union Medical College, in Beijing, China, had been a pioneer of gene-based therapy for both hemophilia, a condition in which the blood does not clot properly, and muscular dystrophy, which causes muscle wasting. [Now this is the shooter. Keep in mind Hillary’s supposed genetically based blood clotting disorder and rumors that she has Parkinson’s, MS, or some other NEUROLOGICAL disorder. She may have known both or either doctor, professionally or personally, and either or both might have known MUCH about her health.]

    In 2002, when he was a researcher at the University of North Carolina, he told BBC News that work he was involved in which had led to some mice being cured of hemophilia through their genes being altered could lead to an effective treatment for people with the condition.

    The treatment used ‘gene-splicing’, where faulty genes which cause disorders such as hemophilia are injected with corrected genetic material. Such treatments are at the cutting edge of medicine, but none has yet proved a complete breakthrough. …”

  10. Genevieve Cook’s diary brims over with frustration about her inability to breach the defenses Obama had erected around himself. “[A] wall—the veil,” she calls it at one point; “[b]ut he is so wary, wary … resents extra weight,” she says at another. The material Maraniss has extracted from Alexandra McNear is even more interesting, because it’s in Obama’s own voice. There are hints of the presence, in early form, of one of the classic politician’s personality traits, a difficulty in defining oneself that leads to a tendency to define oneself through impact on others. “Caught without a class, a structure, or tradition to support me, in a sense the choice to take a different path is made for me….” he says in one letter. “The only way to assuage my feelings of isolation are to absorb all the traditions [and all the] classes; make them mine, me theirs.” In another letter, he says, “I don’t distinguish between struggling with the world and struggling with myself…. The minute others imprint my senses, they become me and I must deal with them or else close part of myself or make myself & the world smaller, lukewarm.” This sounds like the Obama we know, who is uncannily good at relating to a stadium full of strangers but not so good at schmoozing with chairs of congressional committees. In his resistance to being pinned down in any way, there is a lot of his mother. As Maraniss puts it: “Ann had the will to avoid the traps life set for her, &
    she infused that same will in her son.” …
    ( & it’s all BS 2 ME!!! ) ZERO GIRL-FRIENDS! ZERO!

    • DOCUMENT DROP ….@foxnews
      FBI files: Clinton claimed ignorance on classification
      READ: Clinton probe, part 1
      Part 2 DAMAGING INFO: FBI files show agents focused Clinton interview questions on ‘top secret’ emails MEMORY STRUGGLE?
      35 times Hillary Clinton ‘could not recall’ when the FBI asked about her emails NEW REVELATIONS: FBI Clinton docs give insight into cyberattack concerns POT, MEET KETTLE?
      Clinton campaign glossing over its own Russia connections TIMELINE: Clinton email server setup VIDEO: Wallace ‘honored’ to moderate third debate COMPLETE CAMPAIGN COVERAGE

      • The worst thing, and this would make a great campaign ad combined with a photo of her making that “what?” face, was when she said she CAN’T REMEMBER ANY BRIEFINGS AFTER HER 2012 CONCUSSION. So who the hell was SoS for the time until (IF EVER) she became able to REMEMBER THINGS? Why didn’t she step down when it was proved she could no longer do her job? If something happens similarly if she’s president, who will run the country then?

        Isn’t this a question we all need answered? Will the media ask? Will Huma step in as president? Was Huma the SoS during this long, long time when Hillary was “confused” and couldn’t even remember security briefings? Did it occur to her to step down? Another question that needs to be asked.

        So I read an article in the paper that basically says there’s nothing new in the revelations from the FBI! It’s nothing new to know that the so-called functioning Secretary of State was so out of it that she didn’t REMEMBER ANY BRIEFINGS AFTER HER CONCUSSION? Why did she bother to get them, then?

        Not to mention, here’s another obvious question: WHO CONTROLS THE FBI SUCH THAT THE DECISION WAS MADE TO (AS USUAL) MAKE THIS DOCUMENT DUMP ON THE DAY BEFORE A 3-DAY HOLIDAY WEEKEND? Was the FBI just following unbiased procedure and responding to a Congressional request when SOMEBODY decided to hold onto the documents until right before the Labor Day Weekend? Funny how that works.

    • If he truly did “resent extra weight,” then why did he marry Mooch? 🙂

  11. On the Trump train. 😀

  12. SHE’S offended? play a DUMB CARD lady .. real bad on MARCO G
    WTP GET IT!… BUTT’ not JOY… so her rating just went up? so sad!
    PLAY all they must ….WE SEE THRU U ALL … & will CALL U on IT!
    & it’s true ….Adriano Espaillet ..also is living in the STONE AGE!!! ha

  13. YEP! 4 sure ..taco here ~ taco there .. pass the HOT SAUCE
    H I L L A R Y ….. WE RAN >>>> O U T !!!

    • I’m suspecting a sandbagging and a meme here. Did you see that now the WSJ is trying to tie TRUMP to the mob? How ironic. Hillary and Bill have their own mob. It’s the Arkansas Mafia.

      And, you know what? It’s not as if the DemoncRATS haven’t ALWAYS been connected to the Mob. Kennedy?

  14. ~ bob strauss ….. still …she has BLOOD on HER BRAIN? !!
    BENGHAZI !!!!

    NEW LEAK: Here Is Who Ordered Hillary To Leave The 4 Men In Benghazi!

    This email that was recently released by Wikileaks shows that Hillary Clinton received an order from the Saudis to leave the men to die in Benghazi. VIA Liberty…



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