South Side of Chicago 2016

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How ironic. The same weekend that a “romantic comedy” about the courtship of Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson opened in cinemas, the cousin of a Chicago Bulls player was gunned down in the city. Both events took place on Chicago’s South Side. Decades apart, of course.

The murder victim was a 32-year-old mother who, it is said, was on her way to register her children for the new school year. As she pushed her baby in a stroller, gunmen shot wildly, hitting her twice and killing her. (May she rest in peace and condolences to her family.) The killer was aiming at someone else, police say.

Two brothers were arrested for the crime; both have lengthy rap sheets and both were, for some inexplicable reason, free to walk the streets and continue wreaking havoc upon innocent people.

The movie about the Obamas, Southside with You, is critically acclaimed, garnering a 93% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Would anyone expect different, given today’s politically correct climate?

The movie was produced by a “pal” of the Obamas. Again, what else would anyone expect?

In my opinion, this sounds like a “must not see,” but it’s up to you how you spend your money.  Although highly praised by paid critics, the movie seems to have grossed only about $3 million so far at the box office.

The plot is supposedly a “faithful” depiction of the tall tale we were told about the couple’s first date, including the sticky, sickeningly sweet fable about the “chocolate kiss.”

The story follows their day-long date across the South Side of Chicago. One reviewer (in comments) said

It’s just two people walking and talking.

Given the current state of the South Side of Chicago, if this date took place today, the lovers would likely be running and screaming, not walking and talking.

The Obama home town is setting a record pace for murders this year:

 The city is on track to have 700 murders in 2016, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said Wednesday. That would be the highest number of homicides in Chicago in nearly 20 years.

Homicides have already nearly doubled this year, with more than 93 murders since the start of January. There were only 52 murders in all of January and February last year.

If the city does have 700 or more homicides this year, it will be the highest number of murders since 1998, when 704 people were killed.

On cue, Donald Trump is being roundly criticized by progressives and the mainstream media for “politicizing” the death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin. The aforementioned fear that Trump’s outreach to the black community will work, especially since, unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump is at least talking about the crime problem in inner city communities.

Aren’t progressives like Clinton the ones who always clamor for these tough sorts of “conversations”?

Am I the only one who believes this movie about the Obamas is the opening salvo, the first “independent” campaign ad, for a future Michelle Obama presidency, in the same way that Obama’s fabulous, fictional biography was the opening salvo for his own national political career?

No matter who wins in November, look for the Obamas to begin campaigning for their own return to the White House, whether in 2020 or 2024, as soon as they leave in January.

Watch out, whether you’re on the South Side of Chicago or not.



192 responses to “South Side of Chicago 2016

  1. The press suppresses negative material related to Hillary, claiming it is repetitive, already disposed, & boring, while replaying contradictions & questionable statements from Trump’s mouth. Which is more dangerous to the nation, poor public pronouncements by Trump or the selling of access to the State Department officials by the Clinton Foundation? As more e-mails emerge on this issue will the press finally do their job? Will they report that the
    Clinton server was Scrubbed by “BleachBit” (not a cloth) !!!!!! intended
    to make the hard-drive unrecoverable by the FBI? Why would Innocent personal material be so CareFullyRemoved?
    JUST >>>> Where<< are the investigative reporters on THIS question?

  2. Emotional Bill Clinton Eyes Possible Exit from Foundation

    Feels ‘Worse Than Root Canal’

    kids DON’T need DAD’S that are the worse DRUGGIES …NUTS

    • This is what it’s come to now: body shaming an OLD LADY. 🙂

      That’s a great progression and I LOVE the redux of Hill looking down that woman’s cleavage. It says so much.

  4. ~ I agree — stop with the distractions. … @the blaze
    Focus on HILLARY CLINTON & how she can NEVER Occupy the White House — She is EVIL in a woman’s pants suit – PLEASE —
    Watch CLINTON CASH & you will be FLOORED as to why she is not being persecuted as I write this —

    Clinton Cash documentary – WATCH IT —

    Pfffft, Liberals, they would have aborted him & been done with it, but now they want to argue over who is a mother & who is not. Good grief their stupid on display.

    Hey colin k…. please stay seated you POS,
    you’re not good enough to stand anymore
    Didn’t Kaepernick used to be a quarterback, a one season number quarterback?

    I Wonder when they are gonna Spring the “Elisabeth Warren / Joe Biden” ticket on us? …..October?
    – My guess is they have come to the conclusion that Hillary Might Actually LOSE to The Donald – …..YES YES YES YES!!! LOOSER DEMS

    • I’m feeling “dis-eased” over this situation. How many diseases is it now? It’s insane. And Barry’s commuting more sentences! Just you wait until the 11th hour on his last day. It will be like when Clinton pardoned all those terrorists. It’s coming. Get ready for it. Is the CDC out there? Are they protecting US or THEM?

  5. WTP ….PRAY for Dr. BRUCE LEE…. 61 & “LEFT” …… 4 DEAD? sick!

  6. of course ..he really won’t care ..4 the CHIP is 2 BIG & the real world owes him much .. I say stuff it with the rest of the big fat cry-babies .. they have not a clue …ever! it sure makes them feel real special .. bless his heart!
    it’s just like talking 2 each & every hard core brain dead demo!

  7. 57th pres. 50 years old .. 4 kids divorced … here comes TRUMP!

    • Yep. Use paper ballots if at all possible. If your area doesn’t use paper, then try to vote absentee because that provides a paper trail. You know how the DemoncRATS always say and actually argue to the SCOTUS that there’s scant EVIDENCE of actual voter fraud and that it’s “rare?” Well, there’s a case right now in St. Louis where two black politicians are squaring off. One from the elite black establishment that’s a dynasty (multiple family members in politics) and the other a new kid on the block. He has challenged the way absentee ballots were handled in the primary, which he won at the ballot box but then lost when all the (unusual number of) absentee ballots were counted. There were multiple irregularities. The local paper, which usually ignores and scoffs at any allegations of vote fraud, in THIS case, which involves two blacks, they’re using FOIA and actually investigating. There were felonies committed because, it’s alleged, people went to voters’ homes and actually filled out the absentee ballots for the voters. The voters themselves had not even applied for the ballots. It’s alleged that one politician’s supporters did it for them, in multiple instances. Then, also against state law, the husband of the politician delivered stacks of absentee ballots to the election board, which was NOT supposed to accept them, but they did. Also against state law, 146 of the ballots had no envelopes (which contain name and address, etc., and also notarization marks). These votes were counted, although they were illegally cast. Several dozen other absentee ballots were counted, even though the envelopes had no postmark, which means somebody brought the ballot in, but state law requires that only the voter or a close relative (spouse, child, parent) can submit ballots for another. Other people were allowed to come into the office and vote “absentee” without filling out any paperwork. Again, against state law. People were sent multiple absentee ballots, even though they hadn’t applied for any! In one case, a woman didn’t go to the polls because she got an absentee ballot she didn’t request, and she was afraid to be accused of fraud, so in the end she didn’t vote at all! The BLM activists are saying that any attempt to investigate absentee voting is an attempt to stifle black participation. Sound familiar? Another violation of state law, potentially: A big percentage of the people who voted absentee selected as a reason the ONLY excuse that doesn’t require a notary to back up the excuse. This is when a person is disabled and can’t come to the polls. OR if the person is a caregiver for a disabled person. Only in the case of disability, is a notarization waved. So the DemoncRATS and the activists didn’t want an investigation into the actual voters, to see if they lied on their affidavits saying they had a valid excuse. This is an age-old technique to steal elections in inner cities and the DemoncRATS have been doing it for DECADES. The DemoncRAT machines are alive and well in inner cities across the nation. There’s the EVIDENCE of vote fraud, but they refuse to LOOK so they don’t see it, so then there’s “no evidence” that it happens.

      • oldsailor84 | August 31, 2016 …… >>>> ^^^^^^ <<<<
        ………..for those of us who cannot travel to a polling site. BEWARE the absentee ballot can be altered by unscrupulous bastards where they
        are received in the mail. To combat this potential I have a complete photocopy of my ballot made, and certified by paid witness before I send it through the mail.. After the election I request a copy of my ballot, & I compare it with the original. So far I have never discovered any alterations, or attempted alterations. The upcoming cycle will be the
        third time for me using an absentee ballot. If the election officials refuse to tender a copy of my ballot, I will simply ask for a court order which they must comply.

  8. facebkwallflower

    Interesting comment at cth. Second name looks familiar; discussed here years ago?

    Sunshine on August 31, 2016 at 12:58 am
    $16 Million Food Stamp Fraud (Baltimore…) just busted. Look at the names:

    Walayat Khan, 36, of Reisterstown
    Barbara Ann Duke, 50, of Owings Mills
    Shaheen Tasewar Hussain, 60, of Ellicott City

    Kelym Novas Perez, 34, of Baltimore
    Jose Remedio Gonzalez Reyes, 50, of Baltimore
    Mulazam Hussain, 54, of Windsor Mill
    Mahmood Hussain Shah, 57, of Catonsville
    Muhammad Rafiq, 58, of Reisterstown

    Mohammad Shafiq, 50, of Gwynn Oak, Maryland; and his daughter,
    Alia Shaheen, 24, of Baltimore

    Mohammad Irfan, 59, of Nottingham
    Muhammad Sarmad, 40, of Nottingham
    Rizwan Pervez, 38, of Essex
    Kassem Mohammad Hafeed, a/k/a Kassam Mohammad Hafeed, 51, of Baltimore

    • A part of the ISIS/MB/jihadist/caliphate manifesto is to use social service benefits to fund terror events. So, yeah, I think I see a pattern. Is the Duke woman the right age? An alias or a relative?

      • No, Duke would be around 73 years and she’s nowhere near Baltimore. She has been to Spain visiting her relatives and also to Mauritius to visit her Af. American relatives though. It’s doubtful she’ll need food stamps for a long time too.

        • Thanks, alfy. I figured she was closer to SAD’s would-be age. I did a search and we never talked about any Barbara Duke, but what a coincidence, anyway. Guess she’ll be getting her pardon soon, anyway.

      • facebkwallflower

        No idea about the Duke name; just have the name stuck in some cobwebs in the deep recesses of the mind.

  9. TRUMP in MEXICO ….& got out alive… The WALL is PARAMOUNT!
    Enough SAID!…. GREAT DAY for the USA & WTP …

    • You know what would have REALLY made our media apoplectic? If Trump had insisted on a fake U.S. presidential seal on his podium!

    • CTH says he did good. They were so disrespectful of the man as to provide no advance copy of the Mexican president’s remarks and NO translator for Trump. What assholes. THIS from a country that sends 20% of its citizens here and then expects US to school them in SPANISH, costing taxpayers billions to hire separate faculties, etc.

    • Look how stupid these people are:

      ““From the first days of his campaign, Donald Trump has painted Mexicans as ‘rapists’ and criminals and has promised to deport 16 million people, including children and U.S. citizens. He has said we should force Mexico to pay for his giant border wall. He has said we should ban remittances to families in Mexico if Mexico doesn’t pay up. What ultimately matters is what Donald Trump says to voters in Arizona, not Mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions,” said a statement from Jennifer Palmieri, a spokeswoman for Hillary for America.”

      WHO THE HELL ELSE WOULD TRUMP CARE ABOUT THAN U.S. VOTERS? Is Palmieri suggesting that MEXICAN VOTERS “matter” to Hillary? btw, I don’t know if this is true but I read it in the paper: Mexico’s president invited Trump AND Hillary. SHE DIDN’T GO.

  10. True to Kaepernick’s “Against All Odds” motto inked across his chest, he a& HIS family continue their love for Camp Taylor. He has acted on the Pain he felt years ago after his parents Suffered the loss of 2 infant sons to heart disease.

    “I know how much it affected my family, my parents, my brothers & sisters, a& how much it affected me,” Kaepernick said. “To be able to give back & help families that are in similar situations is amazing for me. I’m very excited, very Blessed …& very Grateful …to be a Part of it.” !!!!!

    Read more here:

    • I was trying to see what race his father was. STORIES say, without any evidence or attribution, that his dad was African-American. His mother is a white blond whom he resembles very much. I think he looks Arab, not black. The stories about him being biracial are similar to those about Barry–long on narrative and short on evidence.

  11. C K …..HYPOCRITE …. ^^^^^ some much HEART …BUT
    won’t speak 2 his BIRTH MOM!!! …turd!

  12. State Dept: FBI found 30 Deleted e-mails on
    Hillary’s secret server
    about … Benghazi …..O’ my goodness!

    by Ed Morrissey …@HOTAIR

    Willing to Deal on NAFTA…
    Hillary Hits Donald — For Traveling To Meet With Foreign Leader…
    YORK: Big gamble…


  14. ~ Rob HeyNow78 •
    Trump should be admired for his unwavering, straightforward, very presidential day today. Think about what he just did: He flew to Mexico City, befriended their president, reaffirmed the Mexico-U.S. relationship, but also was clear about how the immigration chaos does not serve EITHER country & that the wall WILL be built. When Obama or Hillary go to different places, they even Change their Accents… so insincere.
    The best part about Trump is that NO ONE owns him… he’ll
    work for WE THE PEOPLE. I think Trump will be elected the next President.

  15. Although raised Roman Catholic, Ramos is an Atheist, & criticized Pope Francis for presiding over the canonization of Pope John Paul II, who he believes willingly covered up abuses committed by Catholic priests. On Being B O T H Mexican & American, Ramos stated: “I finally recognized that I Can-Not Be defined by ONE… Country. I am from BOTH countries.
    It took me Many Years to make Peace with that Thought, & that I was …. Never … going BACK….. to Mexico.” !!!…… O’ …??? & WHY NOT?

    Ramos is Registered as an …… Independent voter…..?

    Ramos Disclosed in June 2015 that HIS Daughter, Paola Ramos, IS

    Working for the 2016 Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign…..O” !!!!

  16. NANCY P E L O S I .. agrees with WTP! .. O’ & HILL = ISIS / ISIL !
    you have to READ IT! …2 under-stand IT! .. pure DESTROYERS

  17. ~ Askjrsk •
    Propaganda and the dumbing down of America, this is the epitome. Crooked Hillary used this in her hullucinated state presenting her platform of bad mouthing President Trump. Telling us today in her low energy & disengaged manner Trump is doing it all wrong. She knows, she strains to emphasize, the right way. Sure. Color us convinced. She could not go to Mexico she has emails to send, & her nursing home would not let her travel. Not necessarily in that order. She does not have the energy to comb her hair, wash her face or clean her blue polyester pantsuit, before coming out in public. The only laundering she does is money laundering. Pay for play. Perhaps, she figures no one will see her as she is on tv. Looking as if her HUGGIES were pulled on too tight, she comes out of hiding to speak to her lone camera, mumbling to herself. Such a contrast to Trumps enthusiastic filled to beyond capacity crowds, with just as many outside cheering Trump on. TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


    Reconcile that with what happened to Kaepernick–NOTHING. Public school are government and are precluded from infringing on someone’s First Amendment rights. However, for holding a Trump sign, a student gets suspended! The NFL is a private organization and the constitution does not require the NFL to respect Kaepernick’s “free speech rights.” Go figure. He gets a pass (no pun intended). The media LOVE Kaepernick, unless he’s trashing Hill:

    He said she belongs in jail, so the media just cut that part out!

  19. FEAR .. the FEAR …of … “God ” ! .. (go our donald ! ) YEP!



    WASH POST LEAD THURS: Mexicans now angry at their own president…
    TEXT: Trump Speech On Illegal Immigration…



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