Labor Day Weekend 2016

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Since Labor Day was the invention of a Marxist trade union, then here at WTPOTUS we’re simply going to celebrate the “workingmen’s working person’s holiday” aspect of the day. So here’s to a three-day (or, if you’re lucky, a four-day) weekend to mark, in essence, the end of summer. May each and every one of you enjoy every minute of your holiday.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

And a happier autumn to come.

Here’s hoping that this time next year, we have more workers to celebrate with, because there are more jobs than ever, because a new president has

Made America Work Again!


151 responses to “Labor Day Weekend 2016

  1. MEET OBAMA’S BOSS ….^^^^^
    Soros’ Goal: “One World Socialist Government.” Frequent White House Visitor, Convicted Felon and Communist, George Soros Bought the 2008 Election and Obama. He Recruited Jeffrey Sachs in the 80’s to Make Huge Sums of Money by Crashing Markets Throughout the World. Soros is Now Running America with the Help of Media, Hundreds of Organizations, a Financial Mafia and the World’s Richest People. George Soros is the Face of the Communist Takeover of America.

  2. ~ MatthewVaughn ….^^^^
    OMG , 13 devises missing , HOLY COW !!!!
    Hillary never had permission to use any of them . WAKE UP AMERICA.

    ~ superfly
    Liberal politicians destroy every society they touch.
    See Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.

  3. Miri ….I can’t open any … of your messages? upper right ? why?
    did we get NEW logos also? & LOVE your HILLARY’S POST! WOW

    • Gee, I don’t know. Word Press does crazy stuff and never with any warning. Is your logo different? Mine seems to be the same. I was able to open comments from the right side. Don’t know what’s going on. Is it better today? One thing I did notice yesterday is that certain words, like the commenter’s name, are in BOLD, at least on my screen. That’s definitely different, so if they messed with the software, they may have caused the problems you noticed.

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked the post. I’m not the only one who focused on the same stuff. The more the merrier and important to get out the word and keep “hacking” away, given that the media have an “omerta” against reporting on this. Just learned that word while reading a story, I think at Red State, about Hillary’s unhealth. Did you see this video?

      Just found it. Couple of days old. He also worries that Huma will be prez. God (not allah) help us.

  4. BURNS ME UP …. 2 MUCH of a GOOD thing? SPREAD “YOUR”
    ….. or ….. E L S E !!! “WHITE” Ocean … ( this is OBAMA’S WORLD)

    • Oh, I’ll bet that they “restore the playa.” Is that public land? Do they get a permit? I’m just wondering. How funny that they attack the very people that they love to follow and whom they praise as “humanitarians.” What a shame. They lost their “refrigeration” in the middle of the desert. Ever seen the movie Wicker Man? It doesn’t end well. Howironic. It’s a “national conservation area,” so yeah. It’s public land. Our land. I’m sure they “restore” all the displaced animals and vegetation. Bunch of pagans. Now if it WERE, say, a Christian or Mormon event, the surely it would be SHUT DOWN by the gummint immediately. How much does it cost the taxpayers to police, provide fire protection, and repair the environment YEARLY? Why aren’t the organizers (a “limited liability” and not-for-profit group) charged for all of the above, as TEA PARTY PEOPLE would be and have been? How can they charge over $400 for tickets to an event on PUBLIC LAND? And, no photos! They have a FB-like policy. If you post a photo, it automatically becomes THEIRS!

  5. NOT like it ONCE WAS ^^^ & never will B AGAIN SO VERY SAD!

  6. HERE Comes “BOLLYWOOD” Kapoor Deva Khan …& MOOORE!
    Now that’s a SMART GROUP of FOLKS… I know many voting 4 ~ T

    • That is so funny and so cute. I don’t blame him for taking matters into his own hands. I mean, imagine standing there waiting for the plunge. Just do it and get it over with. 🙂

    • Apologize to BLACK VOTERS? WTF, Ben? What are you smoking? Medicinals? (btw, I didn’t catch that yesterday, when I linked Hillary’s third coughing fit. She “joked” with the “black folks” about smoking weed, so that’s why she had a cough. Oh, those libs. They are SO funny.)

      Back to Ben: WTF?!!!! I mean, why should Trump apologize and why only to black voters? Shouldn’t Barry the ineligible apologize to ALL voters? Don’t you love how in-the-tank-for-Hackerly Tapper says so surely that Barry was born in the USA? NOPE! Where’s the EVIDENCE OF THAT, Jake? Hackerly is BIG on EVIDENCE. If there’s no EVIDENCE, then it’s not true.

      Interesting that Trump says O’Really is the first to bring up the birther thing in a while. Hmmm. Right on cue when HACKERLY herself brought it up yesterday. Methinks that the talking points from Hackerly are being disseminated far and wide. I guess unlike Greta, O’Really cares what side his bread is buttered on. Greta apparently has more integrity.

      And, hey! Another WTF!!!! “On the day the purported certificate was released, Obama said, “I’ve been puzzled at the degree to which this thing just kept on going. We’ve had every official in Hawaii, Democrat and Republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, I was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961, in Papilla Hospital.””

      Papilla Hospital? When did he say that and who ever heard of it?

  7. & only wanted BLACK models to apply BUTT’NO WHITE FOLKS!!! ha
    good ….saved them from ….heat strokes!!!!

    • That cracks me up. They can’t take 86-degree heat? They ought to try living where I live in summer. Sheesh. 86 is a cold wave. 🙂 In any case, this guy is a racist because he only wanted models “of color” although HE’S married to a WHITE WOMAN who PRETENDS to be “of color.” btw, is there NO END TO THE NUMBER OF KARDASHIANS/JENNERS we have to put up with? Does Kylie call Bruce “Mom”?

  8. … ????
    WHAT ??? NOT GONE YET???? ….just go ….leave

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