National Monuments to Sexual (Mis)Behavior

Stonewallsign1 - Copy

Barack Obama is “poised” to declare a portion of New York City as a national monument to sexual deviancy.

A national monument must be declared by a president:

The Antiquities Act of 1906 authorized the president to proclaim “historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest” as national monuments.

Apparently Obama perceives “gay rights” to be of “historic” national significance:

President Obama is poised to declare the first-ever national monument recognizing the struggle for gay rights, singling out a sliver of green space and part of the surrounding Greenwich Village neighborhood as the birthplace of America’s modern gay liberation movement.

While most national monuments have highlighted iconic wild landscapes or historic sites from centuries ago, this reflects the country’s diversity of terrain and peoples in a different vein: It would be the first national monument anchored by a dive bar and surrounded by a warren of narrow streets that long has been regarded the historic center of gay cultural life in New York City.

Isn’t that special?

What’s next? A national monument to prostitution, perhaps at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada? There could be national monuments in every city across America that has a “red light district.”

How about a national monument to “honor” polygamy, perhaps somewhere in Utah, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints institutionalized the practice?

How about a national monument to honor child marriage, perhaps in Waco, TX, in memory of David Koresh and his groundbreaking ideas? Or perhaps Dearborn, Michigan, might qualify.

We ought to have a national monument, either in San Francisco or New York, to commemorate the “liberation movement” led by the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which bravely seeks to normalize homosexual pederasty and pedophilia.

How about a national monument to good-old adultery and promiscuity? Perhaps that could be placed somewhere in the Midwest, to ensure diversity, given that most of the potential monuments would be on the east coast or in the western part of the country.

We could also have a  national monument to masturbation in Minnesota (ensuring diversity), given that the late Prince’s cutting-edge lyrics on the topic led to the historic creation of Parental Advisory Labels on music recordings.

Of course, we’re missing the many and varied sexual fetishes. Surely someone will expect national monuments to sadomasochism, foot fetishes, and cross-dressing, among others.

Aren’t you glad to learn how your tax dollars that support the National Park Service are being used? Was this the intent of Congress, when they created the agency in 1916?

The good news, if there is any, is that this monument to “gay rights” is still open to “feedback” from the public:

Federal officials, including Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), will hold a listening session on May 9 to solicit feedback on the proposal.

However, in typical Obama fashion, it will be full speed ahead unless the outcry against the proposal is, well, monumental:

Barring a last-minute complication — city officials are still investigating the history of the land title — Obama is prepared to designate the area part of the National Park Service as soon as next month, which commemorates gay pride.

Obama promised to fundamentally transform the USA. He has only about eight months left to ensure his “legacy.” His monument to the “gay struggle” is just a part of what he intends to accomplish in the remaining months of his presidency.  His hope is that everything he does, whether legally or illegally, will be next to impossible to undo.

Pray for the United States of America.


69 responses to “National Monuments to Sexual (Mis)Behavior


    Just another example of how this “president” is abusing the power of his office to fundamentally transform the USA. I already SEE this at work where I live. The thing is, unless they’re able to FORCE PEOPLE TO STAY PUT, this initiative WILL fail and ghettos will still exist. Just look, for example, at Dearborn, Michigan. Have people NOT voted with their feet?

  2. New day new shocker from Obama.SMH

  3. All the GOP punditocracy websites are calling it an unmitigated disaster. They say not only will Trump lose but he will so poison the well that Republicans may never win again.

    I say the well is already poisoned.
    If Trump loses, that is Americas last chance and no one will win again.
    I quoted a beautiful piece of writing by Dr.Kate wherein she said this was our last chance.
    She quoted some scripture, with which I am not familiar, but I do know this.
    Countries of Evil die. Because there is nothing to make them work.
    If you take an MTV fantasy video about some neighborhood that is entirely run by pimps and hos, ruled by ap artists and gang masters, then who will grow food? Who will make the truck engines to bring the food in to the hood?
    There are only so many resources left over from good people, like in a
    Mad Max moview and they will get used up.
    It’s not that hard to look back to Rome and it;s death, death through
    moral decay. It will happen to the USA too, so there is no point in Red State ir Charles Krauthammer saying how they aren’t going to vote.
    Just tell us why you chose death.
    Sometimes people are really sick and they give up on life. What’s your excuse,
    you can’t go into any toilet you want?

    • The odd thing is that I do believe that Trump WILL bring the people together. Why or how this will happen, I can’t say, but I feel it. I think he will win and if THEY didn’t think so, then they wouldn’t be so quick to keep saying he won’t. They’re all running scared. Deservedly so.

  4. It’s interesting that some of those supporting “gay rights” claim that Jesus would approve of this monument because in Matthew 9:12 (they claim and iirc) Jesus said that gays were born that way. Putting aside that He said nothing of the sort, but did talk about the “sick” being the ones needing a doctor, these people are twisting Christianity to serve their own perverted agenda. Calling people “sick” is not saying that they should be left as is, HONORED, praised, and commemorated. Calling people “sick” is implying that they ARE SICK, which, imho, they are, whether it’s mental or biological. It’s a DISORDER, by definition, given that it’s not the NATURAL ORDER of things. Nobody is saying that people should not be compassionate nor that they should treat LGBTQ (yadda, yadda) folks any differently than they treat any other fellow human being–with politeness, respect, generosity, compassion. What we ARE saying is that it’s not a condition to celebrate and honor. There is not civil right for homosexual BEHAVIOR or special minority status for gays.

  5. Just consider where we are NOW and look at the warmer periods in the past:


    And we thank them for that. A picture is worth 1000 words.


    A father-daughter dance was canceled after about 10 people COMPLAINED, falsely, as it turned out, that the dance wasn’t “inclusive.” The problem with the story is that there’s no explanation for their complaint. Was it because a disproportionate number of the students have no father (in the home, meaning they live with “single” mothers)? Used to be, kids may be motherless or fatherless on account of the (sad) early death of a parent. Now, however, “fatherless” children are NOT truly fatherless. Is it because boys were left out? Or was there a transgender “girl” who wanted to be a daughter for a day?

    It’s a shame that so many fathers take no interest in their children, boys or girls, not even bothering to wed the moms or care for their children. In this warped world, now, instead of honoring and thanking those men who DO care for and take an interest in their children, we’re supposed to ignore them and not allow them to have a dance with their daughters, because some daughters don’t have fathers (through no fault of their own but probably through a lot of fault on the part of both parents). Everybody must suffer because some poor children suffer. It really makes no sense.

    What if they have a parent-child dance? Well, then, you’ll still have someone complaining. Count on it. It’s become the American way–bitch, bitch, bitch. Don’t make things better. Just try to find ways to nitpick and ruin everything.


    Speaking of Donald’s Wall: That wall in Hungary, that they put up so hastily (but which they call a “fence”)? Well, it’s still working and it took a poor country like Hungary only weeks or months to put it up. And we in this country can’t do the same?

  8. I’m pretty sure that I predicted somewhere that Obama’s peeps would TRY to use the ban on SEX discrimination to FAVOR transgendered or transsexual people. It’s ridiculous. One is BORN a certain SEX. To treat all people with a Y-chromosome the same is NOT discrimination on account of sex.

    Title VII or Title IX–they’re LAWS written by Congress and I guarantee that the “intent” of Congress was NOT to allow men to use women’s bathrooms, no matter what they think their “gender” is. Gender is NOT EQUAL to SEX. The laws mention SEX, a biological FACT. They don’t mention or give protection to “gender”, which even according to the LGBTQyaddayaddayadda people is a MENTAL state that is FLUID.

  9. LOVE that SIGN & that “MAN” ^^^A REAL Man with NO LADY PARTS!!

  10. 14 Responses to Hillary Clinton Will Do What?? [Video] @ MM
    ~ Walter davis May 7, 2016 at 8:18 am #
    Greatness is relative. If you have a car that breaks down twice a week. A new car that breaks down once a month is great! Sadly both are unreliable and should be replaced .
    That is the state of affairs with our leadership. The cumby are compared to the lousy and one looks better. It is the accepted status quo.
    Maybe Donald Trump will land in the top three presidents of all time. Maybe somewhere in the middle, but that is greatness compared to the bottlom of the list.

    ~ jean potts May 6, 2016 at 7:53 pm #
    WOW! The very latest.. Obama wants the ‘ expected nomination’ VETTED in-depth. !!!
    Does he include HILLARY?? That should be interesting.. WHO vetted Obama?
    Bill Ayres connection — Rev. Wright association —- mentioned but hardly vetted…His pot smoking pictures and affiliations?? His grades that got him into Harvard ? PLEEEZE ! Do we even have time to ‘vet’ Hillary with her background ?? I hope the CIA, FBI, & others are doing that…. HA! don’t hold your breath..

  11. Back in 2008, we at Accuracy in Media warned that the Barack Obama presidential candidacy was a Trojan horse, & that his Communist Connections in Hawaii & Chicago needed investigation by the FBI & the media. The media did their best to obscure the evidence, including his relationship with a suspected communist espionage agent by the name of Frank Marshall Davis. …….It turned out Davis was also a Pornographer &
    Child A-buser. …….

    The FBI was never called into that case because candidates for federal office—then & now—have been spared such scrutiny. It is a loophole in our system & the media have not done a good enough job filling the void. !!!

  12. O’ …..SURE HILLARY …. BEANS 4 BRAINS? that’s where your money comes from???

  13. ~ FatFreedom
    All you will get is Hillary & your vote will be worth even less!
    You can follow Beck down a hole or you can team up with these people
    that Support Trump & S T O P …… Hillary:
    Alex Jones
    Rush Limbaugh
    Michael Savage
    Sean Hannity
    Lou Dobbs
    Ann Coulter
    Ben Carson
    Rand Paul
    Ron Paul
    Scott Walker
    Mike Huckabee
    Laura Ingraham
    Nigel Farage (The man who can save Europe from itself)
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Joe Arpaio (America’s favorite Sheriff)
    Senator Jeff Sessions
    Pat Buchanan
    Jan Brewer
    Sarah Palin
    Governor Chris Christie
    Rudy Giuliani
    Robert Kiyosaki Author
    Chuck Norris (The only one that really matters)
    Duck Dynasty’ family the Robertsons
    National Border Control Council
    Jerry Falwell, Jr. president of Liberty University
    Pastor James David Manning
    Clint Eastwood
    Sylvester Stallone
    Jean Claude Van Damme
    Milo Yiannopolous
    David Night
    Stefan Monyneux
    Senator Tim Scott
    Former Governor Rick Perry
    Representative Darrell Issa (Probably our most productive Congressman) He would make a great DOJ
    YOU! ….. Either you will stand with these people ……… OR
    You stand with WALL STREET Hillary?

  14. AN IDEA … 4 .. T R U M P ! WTPOTUS has MORE …4 SURE!
    Can we list a few hundred? & send 2 close the DEAL ….?

  15. Bobby Jindal said Tuesday that while Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is by no means his first choice for president, he’d Vote for the controversial businessman over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    “If he is the nominee, I will be voting for him, I will be supporting him,” Jindal, who also ran for president this cycle, said on CNN.

    The former Louisiana governor argued that under Trump, Republicans have a shot at repealing ObamaCare and putting a conservative justice on the Supreme Court, compared to their prospects with Clinton in the White House. @thehill

  16. Hillary can also flee to Dubai or UAE to control all her assets from afar.
    No extradition treaties with US. She can pal around with her terrorist mentors/friends.

    Bill can stay in London. Chelsea will run Chappaqua, etc. FOUNDATION continues.
    No problem, Danno!!!


  17. bring it all on…. spit it out … living life in the fast lane? truth or dare?
    the things I’ve done & were done 2 me could fill many books …..

    • Do we care? I don’t. The libs pride themselves on “ban the box,” so why not the same for the presidential candidates? Don’t THEY deserve a second chance after rehabilitation? Felons can and should vote and get jobs without background checks, and yet the progs don’t apply the same logic to the presidential application process? Pshhht. To hell with them. Burn it down. Can he be worse than Barry? I think not. His life is an OPEN BOOK. They can’t surprise us or shock us with anything.

    • Sorry, Zenway. I posted about this before I saw that you already highlighted it. It’s even more outrageous when you think about this probability: That We the People paid full freight for these women to attend that “prestigious” academy. And WHAT, pray tell, did they learn? Obama is turning our military into just another way to redistribute assets to the people he wants to give them to. One has to wonder if affirmative action caused these people to be there whilst others who may have been more deserving were discriminated against, all in the name of “diversity”. (Above average grades “expected,” but note: not “required,” or it would say so.)

    • Imagine that they were white cadets, all in a segregated-by-race-and-sex group, taking a similar photo showing some “salute” that means “white pride” or, in their parlance, “a gesture of solidarity” (meant to express pride in making it through and beating out whites and males when they weren’t expected to, in their warped beliefs, by those with white privilege). Since it was first reported as a gesture of solidarity with the BLM movement, they’ve changed their explanation of the meaning of the fists-up salute to be a sign of “unity” in their “sisterhood.” Not a political statement supporting the RACIST “movement” known as BLM. Of course not. And who actually believes that there will be repercussions? Who still believes that the LAW and policies and ethics and moral rules STILL APPLY to everyone, regardless of race? The entire BLM movement is predicated on the idea that because of alleged white privilege and systematic “oppression” blacks should get a pass on everything. No punishments. No fines. No tickets. No citations. No prison time. No bail required, even.

      • The outcry began here:

        Other cadets knew that certain members of their graduating class were, “behind closed doors” and on social media, promoting the BLM agenda. However, they said

        “It’s a really touchy subject here. We can get kicked out of West Point, or forced to repeat years for what is called a “respect board.” They can be given for just making someone upset, so no one wants to get kicked out of college and lose their commission over something like this, especially since a white man, in this situation, is already at a disadvantage when a conversation like this starts. It’s purely political.”

        As an aside, there’s a well-known problem of people with chips on their shoulders, for whatever reason–race, “gender”, etc. However, to give penalties to someone just for “making someone upset” (READ A FEMALE) IS BEYOND THE PALE IMHO. Women in the military should NOT expect to be treated with kid gloves. It’s ridiculous that we have those “special snowflakes” on every college campus, but we do not need nor can we AFFORD to have “soldiers” who are so thin-skinned that if they’re made to feel “upset” by another student/cadet, then that cadet COULD BE EXPELLED OR HELD BACK! It’s outrageous. Who knew? Let’s hope our next Commander-in-chief does something about the PC situation in the military academies.

  18. IN SHOCK? …. just like USA was with USURPER BHO?
    EAT CROW ….like WTPOTUS were FORCED 2 … pay BACK???

  19. ‘Her Whole Career is a Fraud’: Trump Hits Back at ‘Goofy Elizabeth Warren’

    • Didn’t he call her a “doofus?” Absolutely pitch perfect and DESIGNED to stick her exactly WHERE you just know it gets the most bang for his buck. She’s going to HATE that meme.

  20. Diamond and Silk tell celebrities how to Leave the Country …..
    Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Reverend Al Sharpton Jon Stewart Raven-Symoné, Samuel L. Jackson, Cher, Lena Dunham the best way
    to leave the country once Donald J. Trump becomes the president. !!!

    • I’m waiting for that plummet to the dust. Odd that the quote says, “dust of HOPE,” as in “hope and change.”

    • Do you think that photo, which was getting play in the lamestream, is why he decided to fold his tent and sneak back into the Tejas night?

      • FWIW: I think that very much looks like Cruz Sr. in the photos with Oswald. In the Dallas photo, not so much. Different hairline and jowls, imho. It would be a piece of cake for those face recognition programs to be used to at least give us a probability of a match, but that sure looks like him with Oswald. The thing is: The Donald starts talking about it and then poof! Cruz drops out, even after promising not to. So what does Donald KNOW that we don’t? Same as with the Barry BC, except it’s frustrating that if The Donald KNOWS, he’s not telling.

  21. PUSHED ….then STONED ….just how many types of bath-rooms
    do they HONOR ????? …. just not up 2 speed OR WHAT????

  22. I’ll stick them here since I don’t want Mother’s Day ruined …
    dis- Grace & wife …what MO’ CAN B SAID …. SAD humans 4 sure

  23. TURN DOWN the VOLUME & ROCK …this BABY!

  24. our hopeless change addict … BHO?????
    so why BLEEP …out some of HIS WORDS? 4 there EARS ONLY?

    • He’s correct again. There’s no litmus test, anymore, and there are many ways to be “black” authentically. Besides, WE ARE ALL AFRICAN-AMERICANS!

    • He is such a racist. AND SUCH A NARCISSIST. Nearly every theme in his speech revolves around–HIM. As usual. Oh, yeah. And Beyonce “runs the world,” now, according to Barry. Yahoo left that part of the quote out.

      • GALL

        …There was also a call for young black graduates to put themselves in the minds of others, police officers who may have bias or “the middle-aged white guy” who “you may think has all the advantages, but over the last several decades has seen his world upended by economic and cultural and technological change and feels powerless to stop it.”

        “You got to get in his head, too,” he said…”

        • Yep. I noticed that one, too. He PRETENDS to be sympathetic to those cops and “middle-aged white guys” when he’s really schooling them on his own artful technique of sticking his thumb in the eye of those he hates. “get in his head.” Uh, huh. Somebody is always getting into Barry’s head. Racist through and through.

  25. & … ^^^ his RING …is as LOOSE as HE IS!!!! fat FREE???




  27. Forget ‘Never Trump’! Bolton has dire warning about Hillary

    ‘If the country’s not safe, everything else is secondary’ …^^^^

    • He knows what he’s talking about.

      • You know, one thing he’s right about is that “inequality” exists. I deserve to live in a mansion (I’ll settle for one like Al Gore’s many) and I also deserve to drive a Lamborghini (but I’ll settle for a Maserati, if I must), and I deserve (at least) to have several thousand bucks per day to spend as I like. Right? So where is it all, man? Where? I demand EQUALITY.

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