Happy Mother’s Day 2016

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Happy Mother’s Day

… to all the moms in our reading audience.

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God bless you all! May you have a safe and happy Mother’s Day.


70 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day 2016

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

    • My local paper, on Mother’s Day, ran a story about a woman who’s been a surrogate mom three times, TWICE to carry twins for male homosexual couples. One new homosexual “father” actually “explained” to his (?) daughter where her mother is, thusly: “We borrowed a belly.” So THIS is what women are reduced to–a uterus to borrow. The true “mothers” to be celebrated on Mother’s Day are the homosexual parents. Then they ran another story, today, about how a local church “honored” SINGLE MOTHERS by giving away 4 cars to SINGLE mothers. Celebrating either sin or the wages of sin, in that one woman was “single” because her babys’ daddy had been MURDERED. They left the circumstances to our imagination but since this paper covers all the time for the “oppressed,” it’s not hard to imagine under what circumstances the baby daddy was murdered. In addition, it wasn’t said that her husband was killed, just the “father”. Choices, unfortunate and irresponsible choices, are now what is CELEBRATED, HONORED, and REWARDED. All in the name of political correctness and a desire to be perceived as “more compassionate than thou” by too many people who claim to be Christians and who insult others by claiming that they’re doing as Jesus would do when, of course, while being compassionate, Jesus never failed to POINT OUT THE ERROR OF THE PERSON’S WAYS. Mothers who do as the Lord wants, who married, had children responsibly, sacrificed to care fully for those children–why, those mothers are totally forgotten on Mother’s Day. We wouldn’t want to praise those who do right by their offspring, lest we shame those who do not. It’s PERVERSE. And deliberately so.

      • Very well said and important to note! How secular humanism and rampant sin has changed the meaning of Mother’s Day…as well as many other time honored traditions of Christian beliefs!

        Yesterday, there were so many negative movies about bad “mommies” on TV – it was truly sad and reprehensible…

        Thanks for sharing the truth in this excellent post!

        • Thank you for reading and commenting! I hadn’t noticed the TV movies about bad moms, but it is no surprise to me. I have noticed over the years how real, decent mothers are ignored by the media while they praise poor role models. It’s so “in your face,” it would be hard to miss.


  3. ~ Deapster •

    First All-Alinksy election: both candidates playing Rules for Radicals

  4. Popular Topics @ noquaterusa.net
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  6. Send ALL your FRIENDS … in West Virginia … Delegates 4 TRUMP!
    I know none …that’s so sad!


    • imho, it’s not so much the eyes but it is more the phony laugh before she starts lying.

      Did she just get ANOTHER facelift? They’re slathering on the makeup like it’s the 1940s again.

  7. protecting his flock? …his job? because Cruz jumped OUT on FIRE?
    they needed time to LICK each OTHERS ….WOUNDS ??? SORRY


  8. ~ KAL Now •

    Obama has an UN -healthy obsession with PerverSe Adult Men being
    the same bathroom with Young Girls. obama must really GET OFF… on strange men Caressing Young Children in the bathroom. I guess obama
    was first Molested by a homosexual man in a bathroom when he was a child. now he wants to Destroy the innocence of as Many children as he can so that they can Suffer …… like he did…makes sense. YEP YEP!

    So now its government policy that our children must be sacrificed
    for depraved LGBT fetishes.

    This is just one more intolerable act by the left’s evil ideology.

    The next civil war can’t happen soon enough.

    Gays folks are phoning in say THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY WANT…

  9. Roots of Human Resistance to Animal Rights: Psychological &
    Conceptual Blocks © Steven J. Bartlett ….. (2002)

    I am in favor of Animal rights ….. as well as Human rights.
    That is the way of a Whole …. Human being.
    — Abraham Lincoln

    WTPOTUS ..don’t HAVE 2 PUT UP with THIS! GET in their FACES
    Loretta Lynch ~ BHO the “LEFT JUDGES” COURTS Supreme Courts
    WE SAY NO NO NO NO NO …. STOP IT …. U ALL R 100%.. SICK!!!

      • ~ oldsoldier80 … ^^^^^

        A big thought just came into my head….Joan Rivers SAID… this about MICHAEL OBAMA,
        before she so mysteriously died of a sore throat….
        ”Oh she’s a Tranny & …… everyone knows that” !

        Is this Frantic PUSH … by our government about TRANSGENDERS only
        a PayBack to MIchael ( or Michelle) Obama… your choice.. it would be interesting to have HER …. feedback on this hot button subject that is tearing the country apart & allowing the BIG .. Stuff to just go right over everyone’s heads
        YEP YEP YEP … & YEP! Let’S ASK MOOCH … WHAT about IT???

        • Loretta ….LYNCH ?… fight 4 BLACKS fight 4 GAY just not babies?

          Lynch: North Carolina bathroom law harms innocent Americans

          May. 09, 2016 – 7:10 – Attorney general says North Carolina legislature, governor created state-sponsored discrimination with law restricting use of public restrooms by transgender people; DOJ filing federal civil rights lawsuit …
          the video would not load above …. I will fetch it …ha

            • https://twitter.com/PatMcCroryNC?ref_src=twsrctfw

              GO PAT McCrory …. TILL we can get IT RIGHT …. IT’S WRONG!
              Get it OUT of OUR LADY FACES!!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR US?

            • I wonder how the idiots who voted to confirm her feel now?

              Now, of course, the law is whatever Obama’s minions SAY it is:

              “In December 2014, the attorney general at the time, Eric H. Holder Jr., directed the Justice Department to begin including gender identity — including transgender status — as a basis for discrimination claims under federal civil rights law.

              That decision reversed a policy at the Justice Department that specifically excluded transgender people from federal protection. Mr. Holder called the decision “an important shift,” meant to affirm the Justice Department’s commitment “to protecting the civil rights of all Americans.”” http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/05/us/north-carolina-transgender-bathroom-bill.html?_r=0

              Of course, as the Citizen Wells post shows, COURT DECISIONS have said that the law does NOT protect “transgender status.” So, the DOJ apparently believes that it doesn’t matter what courts say! So much for Lynch faithfully following the law. What about her oath? Pshaw!

              And how insane is this? NC is accused of discriminating on account of SEX when Obama, himself, blatantly discriminates on the basis of sex AND race:

              “President Obama will launch a new effort aimed at empowering boys and young men of color, a segment of our society which too often faces disproportionate challenges and obstacles to success. These obstacles are found in our schools, our communities, our criminal justice system, our families, and even in the minds of our young people themselves. The President is committed to build a broad coalition of backers to help break down barriers, clear pathways to opportunity, and reverse troubling trends which show too many of our boys and young men of color slipping through the cracks in our society.”

              Explain THAT.

          • Where are the Congresspersons explaining that Title IX was not written to allow people of the male sex to claim to be females and intrude upon their most sacred “safe spaces”, namely the ladies’ room? SEX is protected, not “gender” which is a fluid state, as the progs themselves avow.

          • It’s ridiculous. IF a person is truly “transgender” as they should define it (that is, no longer having the male parts or female parts) then WHO THE HELL WOULD KNOW who is now superficially the other sex but still the birth sex in the DNA? iow, surgical “ladies” will go in the stall and nobody will be the wiser. One can presume that surgical “males” will use the urinal with the created part. If not, then “he’ll” go in the stall and nobody will be the wiser. Right?

      • YES! Would SEEM to be a simple, open and shut case. COMMON SENSE would so dictate as would the law and precedent. But this is the Obamanation. TY, CW, for pointing out the legal ground upon which NC stands. The lamestream is sorely lacking in giving the other side (the right side, as it turns out) to the public.

    • Every state has to stand up against this bullying OR ELSE the 10th Amendment means NOTHING and there is no REPUBLIC but only a dictatorship our of DC.

    • “Radio host Rush Limbaugh chimed in on the legal actions, saying, “The solution here might be that the North Carolina governor could say that we don’t identify as North Carolina anymore, and therefore your lawsuit against us is irrelevant. We’re not North Carolina. We don’t identify that way.””


  10. ~Anne Quinn • ^^^^^
    This is the kind of thing that drove ME & Millions of Others from the Democrat Party. ……!!!!!!
    The F A R -L E F T took over the party & completely abandoned middle
    class people. I’ve been without a party ever since.
    Trump needs to revisit this issue soon, & push back against this Madness.

    ~ WDAA •
    all the issues this country is dealing with already, & Obama and his administration comes up w/ this transgender bathroom requirement.
    Am not promoting a book, but the ‘Snapping of the American Mind’,
    where the author states one of Obama’s goals is to break the will/mind
    of the American people.
    While so simple, the Transgender bill is just ONE More Example of
    Obama …… & the Progressives doing just that.
    While NC may lose the NBA All Star game, & whatever other companies have boycotted NC… I’m thinking a vacation in North Carolina would be appropriate …… & supportive of them standing up (to this point) to this bill.

    Unlike Georgia… what a bunch of wussies… but maybe I’ll give Georgia
    the benefit of the doubt & just assume they’ve been overran by liberals.

  11. ~Cornbread_Noah •
    TRUMPS …… best qualities.
    1. He doesn’t owe any of the Establishment Club any favors.
    2. He doesn’t owe donors any favors.
    3. He likes a fist fight, and he’s good at it.
    4. He doesn’t care who’s little feelings get hurt when it comes to looking out for America.
    5. He could care less what foreign countries think…as long as they’re afraid of him.
    6. He’s the first president in 116 years that actually, honestly, knows this country is broken and how to fix it.
    7. He actually understands that America belongs to it’s citizens, not The Establishment.

    ~ bailintheboat •
    “The real question is: Is Trump’s heart good?”
    When everybody was calling, at first, for the firing of his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, he was the only one to keep his head and explain that Corey had a family to take care of. That he wouldn’t fire him, especially with no evidence. Shows heart & normal decent judgement, even in the middle of attacks from every possible corner at the time. Doesn’t it?

    WE had BHO??? the “USURPER DICK” 7 1/2 YEARS ….PLEASE


  13. ~celestialfire .. @blaze ryan & palin …ha
    Choose your third way, I hope if you have children you can force yourself to wake up, because they will be the real losers in your blind dislike of Trump and Palin.
    Palin is supporting Ryans challenger ….. in the WI congressional race because of Ryan’s policies. He supports globalization TTP, amnesty, expanded ME immigration, common core, raising baseline social security age & lowering benefits, while giving the farm away to those seeking amnesty & immigration, & he just passed an $1.1 TRILLION omnibus spending bill & has no current or future budget in the works. Your children & grandchildren will live a life in debt because you can’t see the forest for the trees. ….. Ryan needs to go, wake up! …!!!!

  14. It’s the Democrats who hate blacks. Their liberal policies have destroyed black families, public education, jobs & entire cities. ….^^^^^^

    Blacks FELL 4 the CON in ’08 & ’12 with Barack Obama. If Hillary wins, things will be FAR Worse. There will be more Illegal immigrants, Fewer jobs, more Crime, & blacks will continue to suffer. This is our Last chance to get it right & elect a president who will bring jobs & opportunities back to America’s inner cities. …..Y E S !!!!!!!

    Skunk …weed … YOU STINK JFK … WAKE UP & SAVE US !


    I will call them ALL “DICKS” since we may be seeing THEM EVERY WHERE ….WE GO ..24/7 soon… God help US ALL…
    Dicks =1 ~ Walls = ZERO? …. WTPOTUS think NOT! GET LOST!


    • If they raise the WH wall, then how will future “protesters” like Kerry throw their ill-gotten medals over it?

  17. CLUE – LESS …K E R R Y !!! ..silly fools all around US! 24/7


  18. POOR …HARRY…with the slick shark tranny?…that’s all I ever SEE!

  19. Must Read: Incontrovertible Proof Vattel Is Law; Natural Born Citizen Is Born On Soil To Citizen Parents
    PART 2
    Exclusive Report by Pixel Patriot

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2016/05/must-read-incontrovertible-proof-vattel.html#Tw5eTiLC9IZv3CRm.99

  20. BATH – ROOMS ….U Walk IN …& U end UP DEAD? … O’
    Behind closed DOORS ….ANY-THING CAN & DOES HAPPEN!!!


    • TY. Leave it to the UK papers to tell the TRUTH and give all the sad details that tell the FULL STORY of this alleged murder. Tell me, is that how they should let young ladies (sic) dress for school? A bit low-cut–that shirt–isn’t it? Poor child. May she rest in peace. Condolences to her family. It’s a horrible thing.

      Somebody filmed the fight and subsequent murder instead of intervening. Well, it is a school of “technology”, isn’t it? Euphemism for what we used to call “reform school” (where they sent discipline problems) or where the kids who couldn’t make it in academic subjects were sent in the hope that they could at least learn a “trade”.

    • This will be a tear jerker, too: http://books.simonandschuster.com/Tell-the-Truth-Shame-the-Devil/Lezley-McSpadden/9781942872528 A real “must NOT read?”

      Not being able, probably, to win a civil suit and collect, it’s always (?) profitable to go with the “memoir” especially if one follows Barry’s lead and invents characters and situations, to further the “narrative”. Are we to believe that this woman WROTE this book? Again, like Barry. Oh, wait. Here’s her “ghostwriter”: http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/authors/58098/lyah-beth-leflore

      “Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil [the white devil?] is a riveting family memoir about the journey of a young woman, triumphing over insurmountable obstacles, and learning to become a good mother. [like assaulting your in-laws for selling t-shirts?] With brutal honesty, McSpadden brings us inside her experiences being raised by a hardworking, single mother; her pregnancy at age fifteen and the painful subsequent decision to drop out of school to support her son; how she survived domestic abuse; and her unwavering commitment to raising four strong and healthy children, [yes, the clerk and Darren Wilson know how “strong” Mike Mike was] even if it meant doing so on her own. McSpadden writes passionately about the hours, days, and months after her son was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson, recounting her time on the ground with peaceful protestors, [so “peaceful” that they burned the city down] how she was treated by police and city officials, and how she felt in the gut-wrenching moment when the grand jury announced it would not indict the man who had killed her son.

      After the system failed to deliver justice to Michael Brown, McSpadden and thousands of others across America took it upon themselves to carry on his legacy in the fight against injustice and racism. Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil is a portrait of our time, an urgent call to action, and a moving testament to the undying bond between mothers and sons.”

      What the system failed to deliver was JUSTICE for the store clerk, the police officer who was assaulted and then unfairly reviled and persecuted, and all the business owners who lost their businesses or at least lots and lots of money because uneducated, illogical, or simply selfish people looted, rioted, and burned down stores.

  21. just had to put up this umpteenth photo of O. ….because as O. gets older he is looking like Frank M. Davis .

    • I wonder … If someone born overseas and then adopted overseas by someone who works at the U.S. embassy, does a CRBA make the person a “natural born citizen” or even a citizen?

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