O’Reilly Goes There Again

Why is Bill O’Reilly bringing this up again? The video clip (above) comes from this very week of O’Reilly’s television program. Once again, sans evidence, O’Reilly claims that Barack Obama was born in the USA. (Oh, and the UN says red meat causes cancer and global warming.)

Oddly, enough, Rush Limbaugh recently opined that he doesn’t believe that Joe Biden is truly out of the presidential race because there are a lot of skeletons in the closets of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that might still be “leaked.” Hmm.

So at the beginning of his program, O’Reilly opined that Barack Obama was born in the USA because, in his uninformed opinion, it would be impossible to forge the two alleged birth announcements found, allegedly, in the two Honolulu newspapers by O’Reilly’s staff’s “investigation”.

Now, we all know that his staff did no investigating in Hawaii, on their own, and that they did not find birth announcements in any newspapers. No. They found digital images of the alleged announcements on the Internet, just as the Internet is the only place that anybody’s going to find (digital images of) the two alleged birth certificates (long form and short form but NOT original form) that Obama allegedly released after he or his staff allegedly received them as certified copies from the Hawaii Dept. of Health.

We won’t rehash here why those “documents” are proof of nothing, other than to say that no court of law and no government entity would EVER accept as proof a digital image on a website, especially when the alleged underlying “document” has no known provenance whatsoever, nor does the image itself.

The image below is also on the Internet, just like Obama’s birth certificates and his birth announcements. It’s as real as they are.

Could the digital images of the birth announcements be forged? Of course!

Has anyone produced an actual contemporaneous copy of either of those newspapers? No. Ever submitted 3-D contemporaneous paper documents to anybody for authentication? Of course not!

Where did these images allegedly come from? Well, allegedly they came from microfilms allegedly on file in libraries in Hawaii and California and/or the offices of the newspapers. The images were first posted on a blog and allegedly supplied by a woman who is now deceased, so she’s not able to provide any provenance for them.

Even if these images do exist on those microfilms, and even if the microfilms actually date to a time prior to when Barack Obama decided to run for the presidency, the films themselves have never been submitted to anybody for authentication.

In fact, people who have extensively studied the issue have found suspicious labeling on the microfilm boxes, missing microfilms, and mysterious splices and wear on the films themselves, right where Obama’s alleged announcement appears. Could somebody splice a false image into a microfilm? Of course!

In addition, procedures in some of the libraries make switching out films relatively easy. (Who can forget how easily Sandy Berger secreted documents from the National Archives on his person, sneaked them out of the building, and destroyed them?)

Therefore, contrary to O’Reilly’s allegation, the “birth announcements” could rather easily be forged.

As reported here, the birth announcements, even if authentic (a fact not in evidence), are meaningless because all they do is report that a birth has occurred somewhere and was registered in Hawaii.

At the time, Hawaii’s system allowed births to be registered at their Dept. of Health, even if the birth occurred outside of Hawaii. So, whether or not a birth certificate showed the actual place of birth, an announcement would be printed in the two newspapers, because nothing in that announcement indicates birth location. All that list of births means is that the births were registered at the Hawaii Dept. of Health.

If that’s not enough, there’s no evidence that the “son” born to a “Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama” (of an address where Obama’s alleged father never lived) is the person who occupies the White House. None. Why? Because the “son” is unnamed, as is the mother.

If we accept the announcements, then still all we know is that an unnamed son was born to an unidentified “Mrs.” Barack H. Obama on that date. (On that date, Barack H. Obama Sr. had at least two wives, if you believe the official narrative. Which wife gave birth somewhere on that date?)

O’Reilly ended his rant with the amazing contention that

the allegation that he [Obama] was not [born in the USA] is a big lie, but it’s insignificant since it has no effect on anyone’s life.

It’s insignificant to anyone’s life whether or not the president of the USA was born in this country and/or may have always been ineligible to be president?

Consider all the harm that’s been done to this country during the potentially illegitimate Obama administration:

Consider all the lives lost in the Middle East because of Obama’s “war” policies–the lives lost in Benghazi being just four of thousands.

Consider all the troops maimed or killed, all the blood and treasure expended, on his watch.

Consider the harm done by Obamacare.

Consider the loss of wealth caused by Obama’s fiscal policies.

Consider the jobs lost or not created because of his economic policies and business-strangling regulations.

Consider the horrific damage inflicted upon race relations in this country because of his attitude and racist DOJ, which prosecutes or does not prosecute, which investigates or does not investigate, based upon the race of the alleged violator. (No blind justice in Obama’s Justice Dept.)

Consider the harm done to our national security because of his weak foreign policies and his alienation of former allies.

Consider the danger to every citizen of this country that comes from deliberately open borders that allow terrorists, criminals, thugs, and drugs to flow freely into our land, not to mention illegal aliens who flood across our borders, costing the states and the country billions of dollars.

Consider the lives lost when criminal aliens murder our citizens because they were not deported or because they came back after being deported, Kate Steinle being just one of far too many.

Consider the deathly damage done to our Constitutional Republic by Obama’s lawlessness–by the way he ignores and does end runs around the law and the Constitution, when he “rules” by executive fiat.

I could go on and on, but how can O’Reilly, with a straight face, contend that it’s “insignificant” to anyone whether or not Obama was born here, when the answer to that question goes straight to the very legitimacy of his presidency and all that he’s done as president?

How can O’Reilly possibly state that it’s a “big lie” to challenge the unproven contention that Obama was born in this country?

No evidence put forward to support that contention–that Obama was born here–has ever been submitted to any court of law, has ever been vouched for under oath, has ever been authenticated by anyone. Never.

There is no EVIDENCE that Obama was born in this country. Without evidence, nobody, especially an allegedly unbiased reporter/commentator, can possibly claim that it’s a “big lie” to merely question where Obama was born.

The best anyone can say is that we don’t know. We don’t know where Obama was born.

And that fact matters to everyone on this planet because there are few people on Earth who are not impacted (most adversely) by the Obama presidency.

Again. Why is O’Reilly bringing this issue up again? Why now?




109 responses to “O’Reilly Goes There Again

    • OMG. Imagine a progressive world, where fun is outlawed, along with everything good to eat, like bacon, beef (it’s what’s for dinner), candy, doughnuts, white bread, and who knows what else? Well, anything tasty just MUST be bad for you and also MUST cause global warming. I wish they’d all go and live in their own little progressive world and leave the rest of us alone. Who would enjoy life more? Progressive Land, where everybody is equally poor, miserable, and brain dead? (Sounds like Zombie land.)

      They forget that in the creating of pumpkins, carbon is taken up. What if you eat your pumpkin instead of mulching it?

      • I have a suggestion to keep the progressives from polluting the atmosphere with their own methane emissions:

        Shouldn’t they use these tools to help them stay on the cutting edge (pun intended)?

  1. A hopeful sign. Hundreds of students, including many students “of color”, walked out of school in SUPPORT of the white security officer who was recently fired for pulling a mouthy, disobedient, disruptive black student out of her desk. http://www.weaselzippers.us/238161-breaking-hundreds-of-students-walk-out-over-firing-of-spring-valley-school-resource-officer/

    • Good for these brave kids. 🙂

      • Really! I just read somewhere that the libs are attacking one of the black women on The View for taking the side of “white” people, including this incident, where all she said was that kids need to obey and follow the rules in school. 65,000 petitioned the network to FIRE her just because they disagree with her opinion! NAZIS.

  2. I don’t think we talked about this story here before. It’s about a string of black church fires (that conveniently and conspicuously and suspiciously did very little damage) in the Ferguson area, which (of course) the media and the black citizens immediately blamed upon whites and “white supremacy” and racism because the blacks PROFILED all white people because of the history of a few whites who firebombed black churches 50 years ago. I knew when it kept happening that it was just like the situations we see far too often where a black college kid cries racism after “finding” a noose hung on her dorm room. How many times have we seen these “false flags” where they do it to themselves in order to drum up racial animus and maybe also get a bunch of sympathy for being a “victim” of racism? (btw, the churches were, of course, collecting a LOT of money.)

    Anyway, I knew this was probably the BLM people trying to rev up the “community” again about racism. Then, out of the blue after the 6th incident, suddenly the ministers started talking about teen-aged pranks and knuckleheads. That set off my radar, AS IF THEY KNEW who really did it and they were starting the spin in advance.

    I can’t figure out why Barry didn’t open his trap, but he’s probably glad now that he didn’t, unless he knew all along. Check out the perp: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/10/30/saint-louis-ferguson-church-arsonist-arrested/

    “David Lopez Jackson, 35, was charged Friday afternoon with two in a string of seven church fires this month but authorities say they don’t yet know the motive. … Forensic evidence and video of his car link Jackson to the fires, Police Chief Sam Dotson said. A container of gasoline and a Thermos bottle that smelled of gasoline were found in his car, Dotson said.

    Asked about a motive, Dotson said, “We’re still trying to understand that.” [Guess what? They’re NEVER going to tell the truth about the motive. Mark my words.] …

    Although the locations of the fires in predominantly African American neighborhoods gave rise to speculation that the motive might be race-related, Jackson is black. …”

    Ya think maybe he’s associated with BLM? Or maybe he just hates Christians. Where are the hate crime charges? He has some kind of tattoo on his forehead that the guys at CTH say represents a gang called the Latin Kings (active in CHICAGO, btw). Ya think there’ll be any apologies on here? https://twitter.com/hashtag/whoisburningblackchurches?lang=en

  3. Public Service Announcement

    Part I

  4. Hooray for the GOP Candidates 4 Sticking Together & Fighting BACK against Arrogant Moderators. It was a great to watch & necessary for the base to know that the Days of Being Nice & Genteel R OVER……
    We are NOT Going to PLAY….
    Games Anymore with Democrats dressed up AS Reporters. !!!! OVER!


    The CNBC debate is also a message to …… LIER >>>Hillary Clinton.

    • Don’t priests “discriminate” when they make SINNERS confess before they forgive? How do you determine sin without discrimination?

  5. we KNOW where your HEAD …. I$ & where IT’S NOT ….
    just ASK … C H R I S STEVEN’S … FAMILY …we $ee U hill TRASH


  6. is this ….^^^ true ???

    ~ jackcandobutwont StraysAbound • 20 minutes ago
    The total Deaths ASS-ociated to the clintons is over 50+…from vince foster
    to what was a terrorist attack ALLOWED to happen to remove Stevens…the others were collateral damage… & the 2 SEALS was not even supposed to be there & had been told to not engage!!

    Stevens was about to EX-pose … hildabeast & bobo … in Selling Arms &
    NERVE GAS to Syrians…gas that was used weeks later!! …???

  7. YIKES…… how could it ever HAPPEN …? trick or treats?
    they may be dressing as girls ? …eating pork chops on a STICK…?


    • Gee, how did I know before reading it which “prince” was behind this? She’s so correct and it’s something every patriot argues and should argue: We need to be ENERGY INDEPENDENT. And, in fact, this is exactly WHY Barry is AGAINST us being energy independent, because he WANTS TO KEEP ENRICHING THE SAUDIS SO THEIR MONEY WILL DEFEAT US AND ENSURE THE NEW CALIPHATE.

      • & …the best incomes ^^^ R ..tossed aside…. NON-Working
        workers … “OBAMA STYLE” …. he KNOWS what he DOES…

  8. bleached brain KELLY MEGAN or MEGAN KELLY ..(diamond & silk)
    even …. with boy’s hair .. she HAD BLOOD coming out of her EYES!


  9. megyn kelly …. 2 dumb …thinks she’s smart like a FOX???? not true


    • Seems to me that McCain argued for this way back in 2008, or used it as an example–all the Chinese girls adopted into the USA. I remember us wondering how it would play out, if the adopted kids got brand new BCs with their adoptive parents listed as their biological parents, as is done on adoption BCs.

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