Trick Or Treat!! Halloween Weekend, 2015

jackolantern - Copy

This will be an eventful weekend. First of all, today is Halloween!

Now, I know that many of you don’t “celebrate” this holiday, but I think it’s good, clean fun. Or at least it used to be.

Remember traipsing around your neighborhood, in the good old Leave-It-to-Beaver era, dressed in what you thought was a spooky costume, tightly clutching that sack of candy, hoping that the next neighbor will be handing out full-sized Hershey bars, preferably with almonds?

Halloween_candy_bucket - Copy

Remember decorating your brown-paper grocery sack just so for Halloween trick-or-treating? Drawing bats and jack-o-lantern faces on it, in living crayon color? Or did you use a pillow case?

Do you remember the freedom of running through the darkening night–the excitement, the laughter, the overly dramatic screams of your friends, the wonderfully scented leaves falling and skittering away in the brisk wind, hoping that you can cover just one more block before the clock ticks around to 9 p.m. when you’re expected home?

Those were the days.

Next up, tomorrow is the day when we turn the clocks back an hour, to “real” time instead of Daylight Saving Time.

Fall back, folks! First_Daylight_Savings_Time_(Cropped) - Copy

Remember to turn your clocks back before you go to sleep on Halloween night or else you’ll be too early for church on Sunday, which is All Saints’ Day.

May the saints preserve us all!

Now Monday, the day after tomorrow, is All Souls’ Day, aka the Day of the Dead, which some folks celebrate. I enjoy the colorful accoutrements:

DiaDeMuertosXochimilco - Copy

Marigolds are the traditional flower used to commemorate the dead in Mexico. Beautiful, if morbid.

Let’s pray for the souls of all the faithful (and unfaithful) departed.

May they rest in peace.

Does anybody eat those sugar skulls?

Anyway, have a great weekend, all you tricksey tricksters out there. Be careful, and eat a Snickers for your resident witch, who has the Moon in her eyes.

Zenobia_witch - Copy

The resemblance is uncanny.



91 responses to “Trick Or Treat!! Halloween Weekend, 2015


    U gotta luv it. I’m sorry, but I’m happy they are (were?) doing this. How many lives did she save? She deserves a medal and THIS PERSON should be invited to the WH, not clockboy.

    • RIP Fred Thompson

      Grateful to have ‘known’ him when America was the Land of the Free and The home of the Brave.

      Speaking of Old Souls. It was a bonus day being Catholic.
      btw, Halloween was a blast. 🙂

      • Glad you had a good Halloween, Papoose. I did, too. About Fred Thomson: I read his obit in the paper today and what struck me was that throughout his entire life he was a stand-up guy, a gentleman, and, despite him being a conservative, the paper couldn’t find a negative thing to say about him. Now that’s saying something.

      • Neither could LC find anything bad to say about him. I so do wish that he’d been president. Imagine how different our country would be today. RIP.

  2. Not stand up 4 chaos …& dis-order… Obama….did it? 2 White? Hill?
    or just KISS Azz….2 get ….there … V O T E ????? O’!

  3. Talking ….HEADS Meeting tonight .. getting DRILLED help us SEE
    there inner workings … BUT TRASHING is todays SICK-ness
    it on …. FAIR’s FAIR as we know …STOP the child’s GAMES!!!

  4. So why did they elect him?

    New Yorkers don’t approve of Wilhelm, but elected him nevertheless. Or did they? Maybe the answer is in vote fraud.

  5. It is the illegals and dead people that vote for him Miri. 😡

  6. o/t but cute. 🙂

  7. Vote!!

    It is our term limits. 🙂

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