Free Speech Rights for Some, but Not All?

These are Americans exercising their right to free speech, according to progressives and the media:

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

The Ferguson and the St. Louis County police departments, the MO Highway Patrol, the MO governor, virtually all the authorities in MO, as well as Barack Obama and Eric Holder, went out of their way to call these mobs “peaceful protesters” and to school law enforcement officers to take care not to infringe upon the First Amendment rights of these “protesters.”

These are more Americans exercising their right to free speech, according to progressives and the media:

blackbrunchers - Copy

The “Black Brunch Movement” consists of groups of black activists, joined in some cases by progressive activists of any color, descending upon restaurants that are frequented mostly by white people on Sunday mornings, when the whites are trying to enjoy a peaceful brunch after Sunday services. Note that these people are being targeted solely because of their race and possibly their religious practices. The goal of these “peaceful protesters” is to make the whites “uncomfortable.” To do so, the activists, as a mob, invade (trespass in) the restaurants, stand around and over the white patrons, sometimes sitting at their tables, in order to yell at, intimidate, disrupt, and harass white people as they try to enjoy brunch. Imagine if white activists for any cause–it doesn’t matter–deliberately targeted black patrons at restaurants–say at Sweetie Pies, for example–with the sole admitted purpose being to make black folks “uncomfortable.” Free speech?

Here’s a photo of the front of a t-shirt worn by a white American college student who recently tried to exercise his right to free speech:

effingfreespeech - Copy

The young man wanted to board an airplane wearing, under a jacket, a shirt that reads: “Broad f**king city” (whatever that means). He was instructed by a (black) airplane employee that he must wear his jacket at all times or else turn his shirt inside out. He refused, so he was not allowed to board the plane in, of all places where free speech supposedly should be valued, St. Louis, MO.

So this young white man apparently has no right to free speech or expression. His shirt was “offensive,” the powers that be said. But looting, arson, shouting epithets at the police, throwing rocks and bottles at the police, accosting peaceful diners while they’re trying to enjoy their food–all that is NOT offensive and is merely an exercise in “free speech,” if done by blacks! What’s the diff?

Please get out the

DT - Copybecause my head is going to explode!

explodinghead - Copy



100 responses to “Free Speech Rights for Some, but Not All?

  1. Germanwings plane crash, March 2015
    Editor’s note: The New York Times reports the co-pilot of Germanwings flight 9525, Andreas Lubitz, was born on Dec. 18, 1987, which would make him 27, according to local authorities. Earlier reports by German news media said he was 28. We have updated an earlier update noting his age. An investigation into Lubitz is underway after French officials said he deliberately crashed the plane. – Stephanie

  2. HILL O’ HILL…. please go away….

  3. I really do not enjoy spending hours listening to all the spins on Cruz’s citizenship issues, but for what it’s worth, I do have a question. If Cruz was a Canadian citizen at all then his mother must have become a Canadian citizen when Cruz was born. How is it he would ever have been a cit. of Canada (was he a natural born cit. of Canada by virtue of one or both parents becoming citizens of Canada? If his father and possibly his mother had gained citizenship there, did his mother ever denounce her US citizenship. We’re never really told the whole story, only the parts that make it appear that a guy who only renounced his Canadadian citizenship in 2014 (that don’t smell right) had a great desire to be a US citizen. Was he still paying any homage to Canada? No one knows why he remained a citizen of canada all these years…..that’s strange for a guy with such acumen as he has.

    • Are both the GOP and the Dems just seeing if they can push it to the limit with this foreign citizen crap, so when we have global citizens and global leaders, we’ll be accustomed to it. Are they just experimenting with us? I mean why would Cruz, who’s so immaculate, such a heckler on details and the constitution let it go this many years before he recognizes the importance of putting his allegiances in order. It makes little sense unless he thought by now congress would have taken care of this small issue and that he could say makes no difference whence I come, I love the US and that’s all that counts. Are we really this dupable????

      • Who ever posted about Norquist……thanks, that was great reading, and I’ve never really followed much on him. I had no idea,but he seems almost creepy evil, and all this time Ive just thought of him as a teapartyish , small government dude. That’s all I knew about him . Woah!!!

      • It’s the global citizen thing, it’s to innoculate Barry, AND it’s to rope-a-dope for Jeb.

    • alfy, I think I read somewhere in all those stories about Cruz’s citizenship that the Canadians follow the UK system: If you’re born there, then you’re a British SUBJECT at birth. They do all agree he’s a Canadian citizen. He renounced it, so it must have existed. Exactly what kind of citizen was his dad for all those years until 2005?

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