Obama Mystery Theater: One Mystery Solved

mark1990grad - CopyThe Ninety-Ninth Commencement took place in 1990.  Ndesandjo is listed on page 84 of the 1990 commencement brochure.  The top of page 85 is included for reference.

Thanks to one of our intrepid researchers, we now know for certain when Mark Okoth Ndesandjo, the half-brother (?) of Barack Obama, was awarded a Master of Science in Physics from Stanford University: 1990.

It was recently revealed that Ndesandjo had been suspended from the university by Professor Steven Chu, who coincidentally (or not) later on became Secretary of Energy in Ndesandjo’s half-brother’s (?) administration.

Ndesandjo admitted  that he was caught cheating, when he swiped a peek at exam questions that he had to answer in order to be accepted into the doctoral program.  Apparently Ndesandjo never went on to obtain a doctorate, but instead got a second Master’s degree, this one in Business Administration, from Emory University, in 2001.

Here’s another coincidence for you.  Apparently Ndesandjo’s half-brother (?) Barry’s babysitter’s son (follow that?) graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, only the year before Ndesandjo got his Master of Science in Physics:

stephentoutonghi1989 - Copy

Small world.


284 responses to “Obama Mystery Theater: One Mystery Solved

  1. Hoot … on the Right of this page is Categories & at the End of each
    article written ^ are tons of names written & are highlighted… just
    waiting …4 U…. Scott Inoue family is one …

  2. just researching again the Ndisi connections. I found while there that there is a Ndisi Primary school. Here’s just an example to show it exists. Scroll down not to far and you’ll see. I found that it first came about with a land grant of 5 or so acres in the Nyanza district. Later I see one in Siaya district. One of these is near Kisumu. i was saying earlier that education and the elite seems to be Ruth’s ties to the Ndisis.
    I also see where Simeon’s last name is spelled Ndesanjo often ,especially in the early days. I see where High Fidelity was incorporated between April and June 1961 and recorded in the K. Gazette July 25, 1961. His address for the corporation was the Hughes Building on Delamere Ave. in nairobi. In 1962 Victoria appears to be his wife or partner at the same address. and Mack Ndesandjo is at that address as of at leaslt 1983….not Ruth. In 1992 this High Fidelity business is dissolved in August that year after numerous notices to register the corp. prior to 1992. Simeon was a producer but not the Sr. producer….that was a mr. M.Y. abdulaziz. Ruth never appears in any legal transactions until 1997 with Ndisi and 2006 with Simeon and then 2011 or 12 after Simeon’s death and not as his wife.http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?ref=SERP&br=ro&mkt=en-US&dl=en&lp=SV_EN&a=http%3a%2f%2fuivresan.blogspot.com%2f

    • Good work, alfy. I’m going to cross-post this on the Simeon thread. I remember they spelled it Ndesanjo sometimes. All the better to confuse people.

      • thanks miri. if you would correct, then, where i said” Ruth never appears in any legal transactions until 1997 with “””NDISI””” (not Ruth) and 2006 with Simeon and then 2011 or 12 after Simeon’s death not as his wife. ” See where I made my mistake. I hate to have something kinda factual be flubbed up. Don’t want to confuse anybody.

        • I changed Ruth to Ndisi. Did I get it right?

        • http://www.bizapedia.com/tx/E-Z-DIGITAL-LLC.html
          Here’s another fact you can put somewhere….seems Joseph was manager of this business too….as far as I can tell it was satelite system stuff. But notice he’s partners with this Tiferino dude, and the company was in bad standing. The trouble with figuring out some of this is complicated, because William R. Duke (Ndesandjo’s partner at DHS) is also affiliated with this same guy registering EZ digital inc., but that too doesn’t go over as Duke had other companies going on at the same time, so it no longer is active either. They all seem to show registering this company around, or should I say from 2000–to 2002. It seems weird each one would register this company as partners with the other all around the same time….and it appears Will Duke had another business or maybe three other businesses during the same time he’s with DHS Security. One was Phillips Duke LLC (or INC.). Can’t find what that company did. Here’s just a bit, but there’s more. It gets sort of confusing….but I just think, man these guys were busy beavers, and how does one invest and go into so many businesses as first time entrepenuers…seems banks don’t invest easily in young people with nothing to show for collateral . Wonder where they got all the capital to run these businesses.

          • I’m saying this company EZ digital has three different registries. different registration numbers…

          • Gosh, alfy. This is good stuff. Do you have more research? It would make a good post, so long as we can find public information and at least TRY to follow the money. Surely it’s the money. Possibly funded by the Saudis. Ya think? Certainly glomming onto “minority set asides” and “minority contracts” and everything else that comes raining down on one who can claim to be a “person of color.” Hind tit, they call it in these parts. Grabbing hold of the government’s hind tit, where the money flows best. Crude, but an apt metaphor.

  3. http://www.prisonplanet.com/lerner-was-in-contact-with-doj-about-prosecuting-tax-exempt-groups.html
    Evidence there are no scruples when it comes to this crowd. When and evil administration comes in i guess the fever and disease just infects everybody up there.

  4. Just found this; apparently Mark was also performing while at Stanford:

    Stanford University. Dept. of Music – 1988 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
    Stanford University. Dept. of Music. May 28 (Sunday): Mark Ndesandjo, piano. Bach, Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Brahms, Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 21; Debussy, Three Etudes; Beethoven, Sonata in E-flat major “Les Adieux,” Op.

    • where’s the site for it? interesting wonder why only now you found this and not before. Sounds to me like Mark needed some credentials for his music profession since he’s made claims like he’s a concert pianist. Funny though , in an interview with Jeff Koinange , they discussed his musical talents , and he mentioned something about his grandmother, but nothing was ever stated that he had any professional training or schooling……which is odd because he and Jeff were discussing school/highschool and his physics studies at Stanford and of course Brown. Weird. Is there a photo of him playing back in 1988? That would be when he had his AfRO!. I doubt it, don’t you?

    • I’d like to hear “les adieux” from all these brothers. It can’t come soon enough.

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