Obama Mystery Theater: One Mystery Solved

mark1990grad - CopyThe Ninety-Ninth Commencement took place in 1990.  Ndesandjo is listed on page 84 of the 1990 commencement brochure.  The top of page 85 is included for reference.

Thanks to one of our intrepid researchers, we now know for certain when Mark Okoth Ndesandjo, the half-brother (?) of Barack Obama, was awarded a Master of Science in Physics from Stanford University: 1990.

It was recently revealed that Ndesandjo had been suspended from the university by Professor Steven Chu, who coincidentally (or not) later on became Secretary of Energy in Ndesandjo’s half-brother’s (?) administration.

Ndesandjo admitted  that he was caught cheating, when he swiped a peek at exam questions that he had to answer in order to be accepted into the doctoral program.  Apparently Ndesandjo never went on to obtain a doctorate, but instead got a second Master’s degree, this one in Business Administration, from Emory University, in 2001.

Here’s another coincidence for you.  Apparently Ndesandjo’s half-brother (?) Barry’s babysitter’s son (follow that?) graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, only the year before Ndesandjo got his Master of Science in Physics:

stephentoutonghi1989 - Copy

Small world.


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  1. New post. New Open Thread. Linking back to prior conversations about Mark Okoth Ndesandjo: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/obama-mystery-theater-mark-ndesandjo-speaks/comment-page-3/#comment-141241

    A WTPOTUS “exclusive”. 🙂 How I wish that we could find ANYTHING similar to this for Barry, his mother, his stepfather, his “father”, etc. Oh, yeah, like Mark, BHO Sr. never finished his Ph.D.

  2. Update: I found what the 1, 2, 3 means:
    1 Degrees conferred September 28, 1989; 2 Degrees conferred January 11, 1990 3 Degrees conferred April 5, 1990

    • Great! Did you deduce it? I looked but didn’t find a footnote so I was perplexed. That makes sense because different semesters ended different times. I was hoping for some meaty comment in a footnote. RATS!

      • Haha I actually just did a search on the document for the number “1” and it worked. Had to sift through some stuff, of course

        • ~ Blood·hound [bluhd-hound]
          or / the Blood of Darkness…
          as the Corrupter’s habit of twisting the forms into beast-men &
          other Monstrosities …
          & ~ Miracles DO un-fold as Persistence is a GIFT ~

          1.) ~ One of a Kind usually having an Acute Sense of Smell: ….
          used chiefly… for following… Human Scents !!

          ( & did NOT Biden once say “Obama’s” .. smelled good? )

          2.) ~ a Person who is a ” Stead~Fast~Pursuer ” …
          ~ say no more… DOGGIES RULE! snif snif snif snif PERIOD.

          • It would not surprise me in the least if he said Barry smelled good, as if that’s a qualification for the presidency. I’d prefer someone who stinks but at least isn’t out to destroy the country. I do remember him saying Barry was “clean cut” and spoke well. Now you got me going, so I had to find a quote:
            “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

            OMG. We didn’t realize how much it WAS a “storybook, man!”

          • wahoobob312 answered 5 years ago
            I have a feeling Biden’s just getting warmed up. He is, after all, the man who said that Obama was a clean-cut black guy who smelled nice.

        • Oh, good idea. I looked at the end of the document, which is where one would expect an explanation of a footnote to be.

  3. It is on page 20 of that years booklet, or page 340 of the whole document 🙂

    • Thanks, again, SEO. I hope you don’t mind the post. I get tired of people stealing other people’s work without attribution and posting it somewhere else and not linking back here but taking credit. Didn’t know how you’d feel about attribution yourself, so I didn’t put that in the post itself. I will if you want. Or not.

      • No attribution desired 🙂

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Don’t be modest, SEO! Well done.

          Once again, WTPOTUS rules! (not “matter, anti matter” , right? 😉 )

          • Wasn’t there once a blogger called Auntie Madder?

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            YES! Auntie Madder.

            • I ran across something I saved that she wrote when I was perusing my Mark stuff yesterday. Couldn’t remember if she had a blog or commented at TD’s or what. Maybe here? DUH! I should search the blog.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Posted too swiftly. I don;t recall if she had a blog of her own, but she was definitely a contributor.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            OMG. Silly me. DUH! DUH! DOUBLE DUH! Hey, at least I can still laugh at myself.

          • Looks like she disappeared out of comments at familiar places like discus, jihad watch, atlas shrugged, birther report, etc., about thirty three weeks ago. Hope all is well with her.

            • Yep. We miss our old friends. Hope they’re all doing well. We remainders must all be the die hards. I hope that’s not a prediction.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            I thought you were riffing on my “matter, anti matter” comment vis-a-vis Auntie Madder. 🙂 thus, the “duhs”! Since we all have expressed thinly veiled concern about our mutual continued well being, for the record I used to post on Pamela’s Atlas Shrugs blog as Dagny Taggart. Since she changed her host I don’t post there any longer. I post under Disqus blogs (mainly Breitbart) as RoseMaryWoods. I post everywhere else as Rosemary Woodhouse. The reason I don’t post under RW on Disqus was because the name was already taken, which pissed me off, at the time since I’d been using this on all blogs (w/ the exception of Pamela”s) since this nightmare began. Thankfully. I have never seen a Disqus post under RW. Sadly, we do need to start keeping track of one another. In America!!!! NSA knows all anyway, so I don’t fear full disclosure ‘re: my internet posts. God bless us and keep us safe from harm.

          • I remember ya, Rosemary…

            do you remember a Captain Zero, too?

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Thanks, dear Miri!

            And I remember you, Pap! We go waaaaaaay back
            I pride myself on an excellent memory, but Captain Zero rings zero bells. Sorry. No recollection whatsoever.

        • As always, a great job, SEO!

  4. Great post Miri. 🙂

    • TY. I almost let SEO’s work stay in comments but then I thought: From our commenters is where people cadge “exclusives” so why not put it out there with at least the WTPOTUS name on it? SEO is really and truly intrepid. Thanks to SEO for sharing the great results of hard work.

    • Hiya Foxy.


  5. Private EYES, they’re watching you … (BOO!)

    ~ They see your every ~ move

    Private EYES, they’re watching you

    Watching you, watching you, watching you

    Hall & Oates – Private Eyes Lyrics … I’d SAY the “EYES” HAVE IT!
    HERE~HERE.. “GO SEO” ~ GO WTPOTUS.. What more can B said?

    • All kinds of eyes are watching, but at this point, who cares and what can we do anyway? They can kiss my BUTT, which has become my favorite phrase.

      • I can’t wait till the tables get turned about…. THEN WE CAN STOCK
        their….. AZZES’ … 24 / 7… I pray I wait & I pray … some day!!!!

  6. I don’t know another way to transfer this info; I found “Men and Women of Hawaii” the 1972 addition, and Madelyn the bank executive is listed. Again only a snippet and haven’t been able to find an online version of the whole thing.

    • Men and Women of Hawaii, Volume 9
      Star-Bulletin Print. Company, 1972
      0 Reviews
      From inside the book
      1 page matching soetoro in this book
      Page 165
      They may not allow you to copy that part SEO ~ so this all I get.

    • Oh, my. Now that does sound familiar, but cobwebby, as if it’s something we dredged up long ago. I’ll look.

      • Now THAT’s in-ter-est-ing… stuff on the far right!!!!

        • Oh, well now I cropped that out because I don’t think it belongs to Madelyn and I screwed up the positioning. Do you need it back or can people just go to the link?

      • Mad’s photo isn’t shown in the above book .. just as some others
        do not show their photo…. & we wonder why??

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Well, well, well……..what year is this from?

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          I am having a triple duh day. Now, I’m no longer laughing. Perhaps a cup of coffee is on order. 1966. From Wikipedia: In 1965, Soetoro and Dunham were married in Hawaii, and in 1966, Soetoro returned to Indonesia.

          • 😉

            Well, here we go again…

            These are not those purported SAD passport applications and whatever, LOL.

            As the Spider weaves… this is a very easy timeline… they finally get over the official divorce papers hump and the rest is underground American History. The commies came. The commies came.

            The Russians are here.

          • Here’s the funnest part, speaking of the purported passports…

            scroll all the way to the last page. (The Epilogue) and just subtly note the exact date of the official document.

            The kettle is boiling…

            • ARGHHHH!!!!! More details and I’m ready to spit. Bullpuckies. I’m gobsmacked! So they get interviewed the very same date that her 1965 passport is issued to her? What another coinkidink. Ya think? But for SOME freaking reason, just a few years later, she has to change her name to Soetoro, even though she’s sitting there being interviewed AS Mrs. SOETORO. So he has uncles, too. We know all about Barry’s. Was Lolo’s uncle who gave them the car an illegal alien, too? B6, B6, B6, because … Could be fun trying to guess the end of the last page. Something like, “… possibility of unusual hard ship prospect for the U.S. citizen spouse …” AND? “and her U.S. citizen son Barry?” NAH. “and their son Soebarkah?” Perhaps. “and his adopted son Barry Soetoro?” Perhaps. “and their adopted son Soebarkah?” Perhaps.

          • What’s missing here? hmmm let me think. ummm thuuuuuuuh
            Birthday Boy! How amusing.

            B6 and I’m (he’s) out, Good buddy.

          • Scribed is down for maintenance… if you click on the link above, it will tell you so. And, if you click on the link there for status, it will tell you that its fully operational. Further, it will advise the last time it was down for maintenance was March 20th.


          • Its back up. weird!

          • Looking at that letter from the State Department and see they think Arizona’s state postal code is AR as in Arkansas…

            butt, there is the definition of (b) (6) — an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

            Mr. Kenneth Allen requested the FOIA information on 2/20/09 and though they don’t date the letter in typeset, it’s stamped 7/29/10. The case number appears to be a date of some sort. ?

            Invasion of who’s personal privacy?

            • Typical government-worker-bee typist? Can’t type or can’t copy an address or is too lazy to look up the state abbreviation or spell out the state name if s/he doesn’t know the abbreviation? Guess the zip code got the letter to its destination. It’s Buttock’s “privacy” they are protecting, since he’s probably the person mentioned in the redacted portions. It would be too embarrassing. They’re by law supposed to respond in 20 days, but hey. A year is reasonable, isn’t it? 🙂

          • Then there is another letter dated 7/29/10 for a FOIA request (3/1/09) from The Department of Homeland Security (a few pages in from the beginning) and it goes on to elaborate as to why there are (b) (6) notations and redactions in this particular document.

            Very Interesting, indeed. Secrets? The child’s real name and origins, perhaps?

        • 1972, SEO said.

      • “Soetoro” smaller type than the rest. Just saying.

      • Is this an addition to the timelines; when Madelyn first recorded as Bank executive?

        • Yes, thanks for reminding me. I still have to incorporate all that stuff about Mark, too. Might get to work on that today.

          • just thought I’d see what the other dudes that graduated with Mark in 1987 were up to. Check out Ben/Benjamin Tigner’s elaborate job. Then the kirk edmond stumpf dude I think is a medical Dr. in Oakland California…… just thought it interesting that Mark, who graduated with these guys was buusy playing piano with orphans. Hmmm…just seems out of character for a guy with a masters in physics. Hmmmm? Here’s Benjamin’s http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ben-tigner/4/19/23a
            With Boeing, wow…that used to come up in my searches alot.
            Just remember we found Mark working with someone on their research lab at Stanford in 1990’s not 1980’s. That labwork is likely where one would be working on a phd. That’s also where one can get paid to do their research. THey aren’t necessarily paying to go to school if they got a grant to do their research work. I know this as my son gets a stipend to do this very thing. His living expenses are paid for while he works in research on his phd. and the lab work are the first years. THis year, no more labs for him, so it’s likely that Mark never got that far towards a phd and the lab work he did would not have been his own paper research. he’s listed as a collaborator on that lab. Some people never get their work published or in the scientific journal of peer review. Mark , as we know doesn’t have anything published himself, that WE Know OF????

          • I mean…Mark comes up with a story that he cheated and never finished .He includes Mr. Chu…that makes it seem legit, but what if Mark did do further studies but he doesn’t want us snooping around or looking for his own research…or perhaps his research is “CLASSIFIED”. I’m saying he didn’t have to tell us about his cheating. Makes him sound so honest doesn’t it. It may be to keep us from realizing the obvious which is he was there after 1987, after that masters. We know he didn’t cheat thus far or he would not have gotten that masters at commencement. And he doesn’t tell us that he went back to Stanford during the 90’s. THe obfuscation is becoming obvious to me. Just wouldn’t know how to find out what he did do as far as his own research towards a phd.

          • don’t forget it was University of Stanford that the research for MK-ultra was persued.

          • So, public records available on ancestry.com show Mark living in the San Francisco/Palo Alto area in 1993 and 1995. That is consistent with him staying on past his masters and working on a PhD.
            On the other hand, records that don’t show a date, but the database only goes to 1993, show him in both Orlando and Bayonne, NJ., plus he was in Lawrenceville, GA in 96 and Bayonne in 97 (again, no original sources. just public records indices).
            Just for the “records”

    • Notable Women of Hawaii by Barbara Bennett Peterson
      University of Hawaii Press, 1984

      Image: http://books.google.com/books?id=rFevAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA352&img=1&pgis=1&dq=obama&sig=ACfU3U1C8HHiOTvshA4rezhbGkHKKqpXhw&edge=0

      ….Went to Tokyo to study law. Her mother was the fourth daughter of Rokuro Noishi, also a clansman of Obama. In 1887 the family moved to Otsu located on theLake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. When…….

    • Butt, you know. The snippet with Madelyn’s info has that big blank space on the left, which I cropped out. And the info for Dunn-Rankin leaves no space for his photo between her name and his. A different format in ’66 versus ’72? The Google snippet page says the book was published by the Star-Bulletin and the original came from the U. of CA. I WONDER if any of the online library databases would have it available to browse? Digitized in 2009, so did they “help” Barry out and put a big white space in there where Madelyn’s face should be? I mean, what kind of page formatting is that? (Sorry that you have to go to the snippet to see what I mean.) http://books.google.com/books?id=kHoZAQAAIAAJ&q=soetoro&dq=soetoro&hl=en&sa=X&ei=RMs9U9inIOGqyAGdxoHADg&ved=0CFwQ6AEwCQ And no ebook available. Why not? I guess that answers my question about whether libraries would have a digital version. It’s $45 at Abe Books. I’d just like a gander at the one page. No need to buy it.

        • ding ding ding
          New Open Thread
          Volume I

          okay I’m in for $12.50

          • OK. When I get the book next week what are we looking for anyways? Was there something in it or was it just for comparison in format against the 72 edition? If waste of time I can always sell on ebay, huh? I just pressed ‘buy’ as only one copy left……well, there was one for 118 bucks…….

            • WAH, there’s any number of peeps you might find in that book. How’s about all the people who vouch for him: Waidelich’s parents, the two doctors who delivered him (West and Sinclair), the Nordykes, FMD and his wife, Babs Nelson, anybody else who was supposed to be there and who might be important enough to be listed. Dr. West was a war hero. FMD a journalist. Babs a journalist and poet and musician and teacher extraordinaire. Nordyke’s hubby was a doctor. Waidelich’s dad was a famous surfer who invented a unique surfboard (might not be the kind of thing that gets you in that book, but who knows? It’s Hawaii!) Abercommie? Any of the friends of B.O. who were big shots like the Nachmanoffs? And then, of course, his grandparents. Oh, I know. The Lefforges, too! Mr. and Mrs. Pratt.

          • Do we want the 1972. Need to know, like SOON….

          • not 2 confuse us all ..
            Here is a ANOTHER … 1972 book for $50 …with 3 photo pages
            & 1 page showing list of names in the book

          • Men and Women of Hawaii, 1954: a biographical encyclopedia of persons of notable achievement, an historical account of the peoples who have distinguished themselves through personal success and through public service
            ( another dated …1954′ says Who’s Who & Why their in the books…)

        • My thoughts on the purchase is – who else there and then was a who’s who?

        • Oh, WAH. You’re a trooper. I hope you CAN resell those blasted books on eBay and MAKE A PROFIT. Something good needs to come from these travails. Hope there’s something juicy in there, but probably the obots will contact the WH and then they will contact Abe and poof! Your book will be lost in transit or will arrive missing pertinent pages. 🙂

          • Like I said elsewhere, the 1972 is available in libraries. But, now that I get thinking about it. How convenient in libraries where a wtpotus comment maker has access? Like, really, why would libraries around the country have this book? What did they do, gather up a hundred of them, ‘fix’, and then distribute to used bookstores and libraries? Funny, none of the sellers mention the reference to SADMAD but still charge an extremely high price compared to other books of the likes. Tin foil is my friend. haha.

            • These would probably be labeled “reference books” and so couldn’t leave a library. Do they do inter-library loans for reference books? They may not be in any library outside of Hawaii, but they could be. They have had five or more years by now to gather up and disappear stuff. I really do believe they did exactly that with the birth announcement microfilms. Remember how they were in CA, and DC, and Hawaii? All the same now? I don’t know what to think of the prices, though. Sometimes I find something at an estate sale that I think is valuable and look on eBay to see if there are similar items. Usually I find some and the pricing is so divergent it’s laughable. Like from $3 to $150 for a book or a dish. I found ONE PLATE from a set of dishes I bought when I got married and somebody was asking $18 for it! I found, elsewhere, and entire set for $50. It’s the free market and whatever the market will bear. Buyer beware, I guess. So many people think they’ll get rich selling on eBay that they overcharge. They must learn fast when their items don’t sell.

        • This book arrived today. Not from eBay listing above. The book opened to the third page shown in eBay link above. Page 126-127. 1972 has not arrived and should have as in-state whereas this 1966 is from CA.

          • I don’t know how to get pics on here so threw up on a blog that really is not a blog so just use to get pic over here. (weird, I know, that easier to just put in a post to transfer over. I think it is some sort of dyslexia?) http://islandhoozhooz.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/hooz-hooz-on-island-h-1966/

            Frankie Marshall not listed. No Dr. Sinclair, but some Sinclairs. First Name? Nordyke first names or occupation? Other names for look up. Remember, this is the 1966. 1972 has not arrived and it was only from the next town over. I ordered third party and by the time I called to see if could just pick up it was already shipped. I got expedited shipping; still not here. ’66 came from CA and ordered within same hour and arrived yesterday (although kiddos did not tell me until today.)

            • Cool, WAH! I forgot his wife’s name. Was it really Mary Ann? That didn’t sound familiar, but I might be confusing her with Sinclair’s wife. Sinclair’s first name was David. What a blow to FMD. He wasn’t an important enough “author” to end up in that book. 🙂

              • Here is a summary of West’s years and what jobs:

                intern. & res. Queen’s Hosp. 1934-35;
                gen. prac. in Hon 1935-41
                chief of staff St. Francis Hosp. 1939-40
                Navel Medical 1941-46,
                Olaa plantation physician 1946-47
                dept. ob/gy Straub Clinic 1946-1966+
                Kapiolanie Hosp. 1953-54

          • Oh, great, now my name has been changed across the board!!!!!! I want WAH back!!!!!

            • You have to log out and relog in as WAH or change the comment before you post it. I think you can do that. I changed these two, but they were hanging in moderation because of the different information.

              • Thanks. I just resigned myself to the fact WAH has to be the author on the posts over there, which I really did not want, but just changed it back.

          • Hoot… great job… below @ islandhoozhooz. Note: if you Click on
            the Page /photo it also gets larger & a better read.
            Dr. Rodney Thomas West MD born 12-23-1934 Wailuku, Maui
            @ Kapiolani Hospital …1953 -1954 …. ?

            • I just put a summary timeline answering Miri. Yes a year at the hospital but from 1947 to current (1966) he worked at Straub Clinic. Note he did time at both Queens and K.

              • I noticed that, too, WAH. It’s as we suspected; he wasn’t at Kapiolani. The Straub Clinic isn’t Kapiolani and it’s not Queen’s and we learned before that he did administrative work after he retired, iirc, around 1955. So he was in the OB/GYN Dept. there at Straub, but not necessarily delivering babies.

                • On the link from Zen, is a comment from a grand neice of Wests that says he delivered her at K. in 1961 and her sister in 1964 at K. Clinic for pre-natal and hospital privileges at K to deliver? My ob/gyn never said he worked for the hospital but for the practice he worked out of.

                  • I looked at the Straub website today and it appears they were a hospital and a clinic, but I may be mistaken. I remember seeing that comment by the woman who claimed to be a relative of West’s and said he delivered family members. But you know, anybody can say they’re anybody and who is the wiser? Since allegedly David Sinclair delivered Barry, it’s sort of a moot point, especially since Babs backtracked on her original story and denied that she ever said West was the deliverer, although she did say exactly that.

          • Miri, I think the nuke medicine may have been mentioned in the cavernous files of wtpotus because it was familiar to me and this place is only place going in all directions to find puzzle pieces. Any other names?

            • Lefforges? Is there an index of names?

              • No Lefforges. 😦

                • I guess what I would do, which you’ve probably done, is scan the index for names that pop out. It would have to be someone who was notable back in ’66. Suppose Abercommie wouldn’t have been so back then. Is is arranged by categories or just alphabetical order? Thanks for sharing the info, though. Any little bit of truth helps.

          • Ancestry has the 1959 polk directory, but unfortunately only about half; it ends with the individual listings in the C’s. It does have business/professional listings though, and, FWIW, I didn’t find Sinclair, West or Nordyke listed under “physicians, MD. Now, I see from his bio that Dr. Nordyke didn’t get there until 1960, West should be there and Sinclair?

        • Dr. West first name, please?

      • Mrs L. Soetoro (S. Ann)


  7. Rosemary Woodhouse

    The closer “disclosure” becomes, bet the bank that they will double down on scrub-a-dub-dubbing. Dig while the digging can be done. I admire all of the WTPOTUS intrepid investigators who do the research journalists refuse to do. I curtsy to you.(old fashioned, but I am haven’t held a feminist belief other than equal pay for decades. As a woman, I don’t bow. I curtsy)

  8. Rosemary Woodhouse

    What about that ring that someone pointed out yesterday?

    • Newest development is that we don’t know if the guy who was making a fishing fly is the same as the Ft. Hood shooter. He had a ring that resembled Barry’s. On the older post, there are two photos that are the shooter and in one of them, he wears a gold ring, but I can’t tell if it’s the same.

      • My brain abstractly asks what happened in the hours preceding and who was in attendance? Its a such a nag.

        Reminds me of Mrs.Lanza and her son. They’ll never know what hit them. And neither shall we.

        • And the Boston bombers… and Judge John Roll assassinated and forgotten. Ignored, right Gabby?

        • His Puerto Rican family insisting he couldn’t have done this made me think, “Maybe he didn’t do it.” Although, if they were going to set someone up, I doubt they’d pick a white Hispanic or white Puerto Rican or whatever they’re going to label him. They’d pick another Timothy McVeigh type. Don’t you think? Whatever happened to McVeigh’s swarthy Middle-Eastern-looking accomplice?

    • Yes, that ring. Let’s remember its on the back burner.

  9. A friend contacted us about the discussion concerning how Ruth named her kindergarten. Friend writes,
    “MADARI appears to be a swahili-arab noun that means PALACE.”

    I translated and it came up “terraces“, which might be about the same thing.

    Friend also said some complimentary things, for which we are grateful. 🙂

  10. I think Mad’s page…165 in the 1966 book is on the Right PAGE 165′
    when making the Copy it shows a bit of the Left PAGE (page 164)
    so they removed it. on the Right of Mad’s info is the ending of another
    person which ENDS with a # 96816 a zip code? &
    then the start of the … Dunn Rankin also with out his photo…

    • Note: Correcting the “1966” book… I made the error… above
      it should be .. the “1972 book”… ( that SEO found ) page 165
      ~ sorry for the confusion ~ also I forgot to say the Margin area &
      the 1966 book has 3 rows per page as we can all see.

  11. This person, Mark. I find him affable, interesting and a good soul at heart. I also find him to be a nervous wreck.

    I really do like him and I do think he has insecurities. He’s a pawn in the composite and he leaks clues. I am sure he is a really nice person and his inner man knows he’s being drug around by a nose ring. I feel for this guy. I always have. If he was my little boy (with the toddler) I would have put him in clothes that fit him and I would’ve brushed his hair, scrubbed his face and put a kiss on his cheek. Smile Mark.

    • Here’s the thing though,

      Why is he interviewing and writing books? Why is he seeking celebrity?
      What is the agenda?

      • Glad you snapped out of it Papoose. You’re right , he’s a very big agenda. He just about has you right where he wants you and everybody else, to feel he’s a good SOUL. These people are souless, He pretends to so spiritual , generous, he quotes Ghandi while he sends Obama secret mandarin script messages.He’s obsessedd with Sun Tsu’s “Art of War” which in case you don’t know explains terrorism and how a terrorrist should move and hide among it’s prey. His agenda for one is to move along the social ideals of Globalism, global cultures…one for all, all for one, collectivism , just incase you need nudging to come to your senses. I’ve followed Mark since his days of pretending to be shy and avoiding the public.Barf, that is a front. Here he is with his fancy headscarf appearing to be so philosophically inclined gazing at what…who took this photo? It reminds me of a photo I once gazed at of David Bowie in his house in Bali standing in the doorway of his handcarved (cheap local labored)doors basking in his sarong. That’s Mark the intellegtual , sweet ,loving (self edifying, self absorbed). He was a bit awkward at first trying to figure how to present himself so he’s now written a second time to try and be another type of Barack, for the rest of the suckers.

        • alfy, I came to that conclusion when I heard his last interview with Laura Ingraham. honestly, I did. Butt, on the other hand, taking him out of the obamanation scenario I have compassion for him as a person. It was quite revealing. And even Laura herself had her slip showing. (Yo Laura, its snowing sown south) and oh yeah, we look forward to tomorrow when you’re coning back to finish the discussion.
          ~ ~
          Which only goes to prove there is no such thing as FORCING Americans to believe in the new “white privilege” or any other despicable thing (“climate/sex/gender change”) the racist, discriminating, libturd, freakazoid communistic,neo- fascist, elitist movement wants to shove down our throats. Regurgitate. Now. Paper Towels!

          We feel for people. yet, we discern. and that’s their problem with ‘USAmericans’. The “whites”, regardless of one’s race…just look at how they treat our ‘black’ brethren ~ whom are really, truly Brown, and red, and white and blue.

          There’s such a thing as an American. A true Race and People. And then there are those who wish they were. Full Blooded American is not a privlilege. Its an inheritance. It cannot be acquired.

          USA! USA! USA! so sue me, ingrates.

          • In my running around the netsphere chasing after obama story unicorns and rainbows today I stumbled upon this bit of history. A fascinating read, especially when mentions political affiliation. Some stuff good, some great, and some awkward but only because not revisionist history.


          • That is a very good read Hoot. I’m glad you found it.

          • It’s snowing down south. Now that’s an anachronism if I ever read one. HA! Forgot that one. Nowadays, you got Gaga wearing it on the outside and who the hell cares? Yep. She never did get the chance to have him on the next day, did she? Or else he was prevented. A prevent defense, so to speak.

            You got it. We ARE the AMERICAN RACE.

        • and I did check out the book he was reading when Auma and the Barry crashed his pad without notice the year after Bobby died, circa 1988, so the trembling RBN’s biographer deSCRIBES.


          • Bokus? I’d say BOGUS. His story, all these stories, read as if they were written by Ayers. He suffers from the same problem that Babs Nelson does. Too many details. It’s the sign of a liar, trying to convince. Detailarrhea. The Devil is driving someone and something. Seems he’s in the driver’s seat these days. Sounds like something Barry would read.

        • “It reminds me of a photo I once gazed at of David Bowie in his house in Bali standing in the doorway of his handcarved (cheap local labored)doors basking in his sarong.”

          That’s exactly it, alfy. The subliminal symbolism. It’s what Barry does, too, when he uses Malcolm X’s hand gestures and expressions. When he talks like MLK. Poseurs. Those blank slates upon which YOU paint the image. They just suggest. Like Jung’s collective unconscious. NLP. NVP. (Neuro visualistic programming. I just made that up, but it would work the same way on many subconscious levels.)

          Even so, I have to hand it to him for admitting the cheating; but maybe he knows, somehow, that the cat is coming out of the bag anyway, so he’s getting in front of the story.

    • I was thinking that today, too.

      I can cut him slack on the cheating. He was, what? 25? 26? In a very grueling major. Physics? Please. Just imagine the orals for that course, with the caliber of professors he’d have there at Stanford. The pressure is high and if he happened to get a chance to see the questions, I can understand him peeking. It must have been so humiliating for him. Imagine Ruth’s disappointment. OY. Hate to be stereotypical, but Jewish grandparents, too. But he had the guts to keep at it and get an MBA.

      So now he’s twice as old. He’s matured. He’s come to grips with it and he confesses to the world. That takes guts and maturity.

      Juxtapose that with Barry, who’s a classic case of arrested development. Replace the oral exam questions with a humongous database with the phone calls and emails and social media information from EVERY ONE of your political enemies and rivals in your own party. And for every person in the country who opposes your policies. Do you think Mark’s brother, being not quite as mature, would resist the temptation to peek?

      • That’s exactly what I am thinking. I understand and dismiss it, myself.

        I think he has guts. And, I think that is why I like him so much.

        • I think you are correct with the Barry thing. And I think it burns Mark up. He knows that guy’s name is not Buddock.

          And, I am starting to not blame Ruth for her attitude. Get out of my space. Her memoir is being told by Mark.

          • In due time my dearies, in due time you will see why Mark is the interveiner for Ruth, the deflector. You’ll see.

          • I am thinking a lot. The NSA is lighting up in my 15 digit Zipcode.

            Check out the fact that you have more numbers in your “zone” than you know. Wiki It. Its amazing. Betcha that’s our personal National cell block unit.

            Wait. I’ll do it for you.


            X marks the spot (barcode) where your shtuff is funneled. I’ll betcha they even know what brand deodorant you wear.

            I say 15 digits ^^ because there’s probably a digit or two that wiki cannot divulge. or else

            Wonder how many people they employee. How many of our feellow Americans are on the ‘inside’? A lot I bet. They’re humongous parking lot looked pretty filled.

          • alfy, I believe you.

          • I’m kinda with you Papoose. I was having exactly the thoughts you are, I think. It occurred to me overnight that maybe Ruth had reasons, other than that he was a very bad husband, for wanting to distance herself from the Obama family. Maybe even more so after Barry’s rise to fame? MAYBE she saw signs of fraud,etc?
            Just speculation of course, like most of this. Maybe Richard’s so mysterious because he just wants to remain out of the picture?
            But it is odd he was not mentioned at all in Dreams. Possible he just wasn’t there when Barry visited, but it IS odd how out of the picture he was.

          • I just re-read Auma’s account of the visit with Ruth. She says she doesn’t remember if Ruth’s two sons with her second husband joined them for lunch; so she acknowledges there were two but doesn’t name them.
            Apparently she didn’t remember Joey bouncing on his father’s knee.

            • Remember that we picked up on that somewhere before? That somebody said that Ruth and Simeon went on the have sonS? Maybe that’s what set us out looking for Richard in the first place. Where is he now, one must wonder?

          • I found Richard as far back as 2009 as a Cornell student. He’s all over Kenya in the Tennis leagues ,playing doubles a lot. I also found him as one of the Nairobi country clubs playing tennis. There was only one black guy in a photo and it mentions him playing tennis there……but I couldn’t make out which photos the write up was referring to so I couldn’t say for sure 100% Richard. If it was him, he looked to be in his 30’s. Richard was never in the story at all till that magazine article where Ruth explains her naming Madari and leaves out Joey. Mark has never mentioned Richard and remember he claims he and Buddock are the only two African/American or half black/half white guys,so that pretty well excludes Joseph and Richard right there. Oh I imagine given enough time Mark will pretend to have another brother Richard if need be.

      • I think Barry is very practiced at “oral exams”. Just ask LarryS.

  12. http://www.infowars.com/army-admits-fort-hood-shooter-was-on-psychiatric-drugs/

    Wow. I’m glad that SOMEBODY is pointing this out. It is “clear and consistent” that psychiatric drugs, specifically selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, are involved in nearly every one of these mass shootings. The increased incidence of these mass shooting events corresponds with the increased usage of these drugs as well as the invention and use of new ones. Not to mention ADHD drugs and now this Ambien stuff. Why is this case different, though? Why are they admitting that THIS guy was on those drugs, but they hide it in the other cases or at least downplay it? Ever suspicious, I suspect it’s of a piece with the meme that says ALL the troops are “victims” of PTSD and, therefore, most of them should be on those drugs, and, therefore, because of this newly observed connection, most of the returning vets (who all have PTSD) are unfit to carry weapons. Ya think? They disarm the guys ON BASE, but how do they disarm the ones who are not in the service anymore?

    • You got it Miri, at least I think you’re close to right…PTSD and drugs..all that that goes with it. They want really bad to be able to keep guns away from vets or people that know how to Use the Dang things. It will be interesting to hear what plays out from all this. Some how or other they are going to tie domestic violence with this. I’m not quite sure how, but you watch.

    • along with a little tavistocking, and its all good.

      Ripe for the drill.

  13. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I wonder if the Kardashian whores are descendents of fakirs, fuqkers, whateves….

  14. I see how the 1987 Stanford commencement had me confused. So OK he graduates Stanford 1990 and then Emory 2001 which is when he claims all h*** breaks loose with 911 , so he leaves for China by 2002 ,BUT he’s living in Florida by then ,not Georgia where Emory is. His house was foreclosed on in Florida somewhere around 2002-2004 (don’t remember). If he goes to Brown at 17, there’s some missing years and none of his addresses show him ever in Rhode Island. Isn’t that where Brown is? He would have to have gone to Brown four years before going for his masters at Stanford…Typically. Can you find that commencement too ?

    • He was some busy guy in 2001 living finishing school at Emory, living in Florida, working for Lucent tech.and Nortel, and starting his own shipping business Ndesandjo Enterprises ltd. in Winter Park Florida. Busy, busy guy.

  15. And owning a house in Florida too, just after graduation, wow!

  16. Poor,poor Mark, right?

  17. May be something or it may be nothing….
    I did a search at the site ( Where the book is linked that listed Madelyn and Ann’s names… ) for the name Obama , Barry Obama, Barack Obama,etc. trying to see if Barry’s name or one of his aliases would perhaps show up as being listed along with Ann as a grand child or the son of Mrs Ann Soetoro…..
    I think Barry was supposed to be living with Gramps and Madelyn Dunham in 1972…….
    And yet nuttin’ ……….
    Are there even more lie filled holes in the Barry life myth besides Ann and Barry being in Washington state for roughly 2 years when Barry claims that they are in Hawaii for Sr to leave them???????????????
    To make that “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” even “Hmmmmmmmmmmm-ier”

    There is that picture of Gramps,a teenaged Barry,Maya and Ann that is obviously photoshopped because the pic shows Ann had a black right hand…
    That pic was supposed to show that Ann was with Barry is Hawaii with Maya with Gramps….
    IF they were all together …
    Didn’t they have a pic with them all together?
    Why is there the need to forge a “family group” “photo”?

    In fact come to think of it the Barry campaign posted a whole boat load of photoshopped pics showing Barry in “family” photos….

    The Barry campaign even even had to photoshop a pic of gramps ( With an alien from outer space arm that extends downwards at his side but ends up magically doing several disjointed turns so that has “his hand” can end up on Barry’s “shoulder”! :)) { In case any Obot wants to go ballistic…. The actual pic has been found and posted of Gramps and Madelyn posing together w/o Barry sitting between them…. YUP that pic with all 3 of them is a w/o a forgery… Just like his COLB and WH images are forgeries. } )
    and Madelyn visiting Barry in NYC with them sitting on a park bench that is supposed to correspond to the time when Barry was at Columbia.

    The more Barry’s life related actual documentation pops up …
    The more controversy it creates!

    • You said a mouthful there, Rob Ca. We know all about the family photos. We’ve hashed them over so much that we’re sick to death of them. Thanks for the input, though. The one of Black Hand Sally is a personal favorite.

      • Miri
        Thanks for the reply…
        I am obviously new to posting here…
        I have watched from the sidelines on a few discussions here now and
        then …
        Come to think of it….
        I’m pretty sure that this blog is where I saw that forgery discussed …
        That “black hand” pic and now that the original pic of gramps and Madelyn sitting side by side w/o Barry between them has been found…
        Those two forgeries certainly rank in my all time favs too…

        What’s fun about bringing up the forgeries like that to Obots again and again …
        Is that I can remember bringing the park bench pick up as a forgery a few years back and the Obots attacked my sanity and credibility because I linked an article that pointed out the impossibility of Gramps hand being able to rest on Barry’s shoulder because the arm can be seen going straight down at the shoulder…

        That said…
        I’m sorry to rehash that pic here if you’ve talked it to death …
        I merely bring in the Photoshopped pics because obviously the Barry campaign needed to cook up pictures to make it appear that Barry was somewhere doing something he wasn’t doing because logically Barry wasn’t there doing that something to have an actual picture taken to record that moment….
        Also in a related manner…
        I found it interesting Ann gets a blurb but as far as I could see…
        Barry got nada…
        The two issues …
        That of forged pics and no mention in a book could have a definite relationship and that is why I brought it up…
        As with everything especially about Barry …
        I often file something away that read or saw and then something else will jump out at me and I go Wow that seems to fit with that other thing I saw earlier….

        So when I saw this article and experimented by trying to search for Barry’s name in the book…

        I just had to relate the forged pics and the lack of Barry’s name in the book.

        • Well, we’re happy to hear from you again. Do you know why I called her Black Hand Sally? Because Mark said in an interview that Buttock’s mother was a white American named … SALLY Dunham. Oh, don’t worry about rehashing. We’re in the process lately, while waiting for the Zullo shoe to drop, of rehashing EVERYTHING. We’ve learned that looking at something again with new eyes and in light of what we’ve learned in the meantime, can bring some revelations!

        • Rob, I re-read my comment above and it didn’t come out the way I meant it. I didn’t mean to critique YOUR comment and give the impression that we don’t want to talk about those pics anymore. In fact, nothing gets us going more than photos. I had to get offline yesterday, before I could respond in full to your comment. We also find that when we read something again or look at it again, something jumps out. Just today or yesterday, somebody posted an article about that Christmas photo of the FAT Barry with his “dad” and his mother by the Christmas tree. The writer pointed out things that I never saw before–such as Barry being handed a gift by his dad who was sitting too far away for it to be plausible. And his mom holding a big box on the tippy-tips of her fingers. I always thought the photo was bogus, but I didn’t realize how ridiculous it is. It’s good to reprise!

  18. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I’ve noticed that young people have “mad skills” when it comes to photoshopping. Why were they so sloppy? The only answer I can come up with is they were determined radicals who were brazen enough to not give a chit. They had a window of opportunity to push through their agenda. But what is more perplexing is HRC would have done the exact same thing. So why was it so important that it was him?! Why would they have gone through all of this chicanary, starring with the passport breech? Simply for giggles? To not just “get over”, but to really get over…children, really, thwarting authority AND spitting in the face of “the man”

    • I worked last election in precinct about 90% black and so many of the voters were herded in and directed on how to vote and what to do and when their were discrepancies their “literate handler” would insist on a challenge ballot be filled out. These took time and there were a lot of them; created total choas. I called the Republican precint head for help on what their “leaders” were doing was wrong (the coaching and standing behind table) because they were designated/badged poll watchers. And this is how I know BO did not win the election: Even with all that, when the votes were tallied only 60% were for O. Not 90% . Some of the Dem poll watchers were extremely determined but I was rather forceful myself. No help or back up arrived. It was just suppose to be simple to just tell them they were not allowed to comment or coach anyone. What chaos. Each person that was not on the books we had to call the state and verify. Nothing was funnier (or sadder) than when one fella was being searched by the state and they said to me, “Please put Mr. ????? On the telephone. He is suppose to be in prison.” AND I still had to fill out all the paper work for him to vote, which would then later be evaluated by some group elsewhere to determine if his vote was valid. The Dems brought all these in just to create choas. I still lose sleep sometimes when I think I may have handled the absentee ballots incorrectly by not matching the signatures correctly and let too many slide through because it was way too busy and I was the only one allowed to handle certain things. I mean, I was very exact but I just don’t know, looking back, how I could have done it. I really doubt I will do it again merely because there was no security and it is a gun-free zone. AND the intimidation tactics directed at me and the entire process was huge. I was born and bred in urban areas so know how to and did stand tall but almost fourteen hours straight in a combat zone was waaaaaaay too much. Plus, neither my son (a very tall teddy bear but knows how to look tough) nor myself (he also worked same precinct; thank God but in his youth did not realize how serious things were. He just loves everyone. Although he did diffuse one major situation) got the paychecks for the day. Who the hell knows where they went!! $75 for him and $117 for me! (I would have done it for free so won’t get too hung up on that.)

      So to your question, “Why him?” Because their is so much fraud in the dependency industry already, which has a large black portion) that no one really knows who exists and who does not so having a black candidate would hide an election takeover because, of course 99% of blacks would vote black. NOT. I think that is one big bogus but convenient propaganda to be sure election not traceable as stolen. That is why BO over HRC. 99% blacks voting for HRC would not be believable; nor would 125%.

      • Excellent point and analysis, WAH. You have guts. I’m afraid to even declare that I’m NOT a DemoncRAT.

        • The Dem election workers I worked with (not the watchers) really, really thought Obama was going to lose. They were dumbfounded by the results. Almost in shock. They even joked, asking me not to rub it in too hard when Mitt won.

          • We should have known and they should have known, too. Do you think there’s a Democrat left in the country who would HONESTLY care and be outraged if they knew the level of cheating that THEIR party does on a regular basis?

            • They know it are proud of it. Why? Because they think the Republicans do it massively, too

              • They have handed them the rationalizations and the lies, so they develop the notion that it’s okay because the other guys do it so the MUST in order to level the playing field. They are very clever in their Alinsky tactics. They use people who haven’t a clue they’re being used and, in the end, they’re the ones who end up the most screwed.

    • They can control Barry but can’t Hillary, if only because Bill is a BIG DOG?

    • Rosemary Woodhouse
      It’s likely that either the forger didn’t have decent skills and/or didn’t have access to a decent computer and/or software program or that at least some of the doctored photos were done years ago on a computer with lousy ram,etc. and it was just too time consuming to take the time to do a decent job…
      One of my first personal computers was just such a piece of junk..
      And to make it worse …
      I used the non-Adobe Photoshop software program that came with my scanner….
      I’d scan something in at a fairly high resolution and then watch my work grind to a halt as the POJ computer tried to load the document that I’d scanned in so that I could work on the document….
      That’s if the program didn’t crash in the mean time!
      I was then and still am somewhat of a novice playing with scanned in stuff…
      After a while on some stuff I was working on the job just ended up being a “That’ll just have to do pig computer.”
      So I can sort of relate as to why the pics come out looking like some one handed blind man put the pics together.

      Luck for me that computer died a merciful death and that gave me an excuse to buy a newer faster computer with more and better memory and graphics card! :))

    • hey, they may look sloppy, but we have no way of knowing what photos they did use to do all their work from. They may have done a whopping great job considering what myriad ofphotos they were cutting,blending,and pasting from. There could be tons here that we don’t realize is photoshopped to death. By the time they got thru it’s possible there was so much done, that they didn’t realize they’re mistakes

  19. Hey, I found Barack H. Obama in the Nairobi phonebook. Looks to be 1964 and the address looks familiar but once again it’s a snippet so I’m depending on the title to tell me what year. Not that it’s shocking to find him, although if it is 1964 it’s a little surprising he made it into that book.


    • SEO

      Yup it should be surprising because if I remember correctly BHO Sr didn’t self deport until towards the end of August ,1964 (?) …
      So it should have been pretty difficult for his name to appear in a 1964 phone book depending on when the book was compiled of course.

  20. Rosslyn is a suburb of Nairobi carved out of former coffee plantations. It is a very green and lush area and mostly has houses with ample lawns. Rosslyn lies in close vicinity of the UN complex and the US and Canadian embassies. Rosslyn is also close to various schools such as the Rosslyn Acadamy and the International School of Kenya. Security is good here and the streets are patrolled by private security firms. Rosslyn is also close to the Village Market, a huge shopping mall and cinema complex

    • Well, that’s where they would be, isn’t it? NOT wealthy, though. Mark got angry because Barry said Ruth sent a car to pick him up and we all know that Ruth didn’t have that kind of money. Great work, SEO. You are on a roll!

      • That reminds me.something I saw today, I didn’t copy it but i think it’s in Sally Jacob’s book, or maybe Auma’s, where Barry’s on a bus talking (to the folks 🙂 ) during his trip in 1988 and the subject is poverty and someone says there are no poor people in America and he says “you’re talking to one” or something to that effect. It made me laugh and gag at the same time. would that be a gaugh? Anyway it’s both a big lie and also HOW arrogant (talk about the Ugly American stereotype) to compare his level of “poverty” to that in Africa.

      • Oh but some say Ruth came from wealth. Guess it’s whose stories you read.

        • So true. When she lived with BHO Sr., they didn’t lack money. Now when Barry visited Ruth in 1983 or 1987 or 1988, whichever it was, she may or may not have been financially “distressed” (it’s relative, you know) IF she no longer was living with her wealthy, connected second husband. If she left or divorced him (or never married him), then she may have, at that time, temporarily, been “middle class” by our standards, but still … imagine how CHEAP it must be to hire a car and driver in NAIROBI.

    • SEO

      BHO Sr’s Rosslyn residence being so close to several schools in the area?

      Shrimpton stating Barry II was born in 1960…

      Ann’s passport renewal in 1970 could place her original in 1960 couldn’t it????????

      I have often wondered if Ann wasn’t in Kenya going to school shortly before and/or a little after Barry II was born.

      Thus no flying 9 months preggie and thus no rush to get there and no rush to return…

      BOAC had relatively cheap flights ( With payment plans even. ) with very few stops that left and flew back into Canada and that didn’t even use a USA airfield anywhere during the trip to or from …

      According to Hal Abercrombie and another friend of Sr’s …
      Ann was not seen with Sr at all…
      Ann was in Washington from August ,1961 till after Spring quarter 1962 and likely beyond because she didn’t start attending the UofH until Spring 1963 and only attended the UofH before for the Fall 1960 semester…

      Although the Kenyan independence didn’t happen until 12/12/1963….

      What’s was her name the Tea Party candidate that was blasted for the witchcraft comment that had the Marxist opponent ( And What was his name? And I think the race was held in CT{?} ) was a student in Kenya at a college or university there and he touted his Marxist professor’s lectures…..
      Abercrombie ,etc. also visited Kenya and if I remember correctly it was because of the Marxist controlled government there….
      And if that was never voiced that could have still been the reason.

      • That would be Chris Coons, Senator from Delaware.

        From an ‘American Thinker’ article:
        In a brilliant piece of writing and detective work, Mr. Lord has traced a rather involved series of links from Mr. Coons’ junior year of college abroad in Africa, and his marked change in political views, to the Black Liberation Theology movement in South Africa, and ultimately to Trinity UCC Church in Chicago, home of one Jeremiah Wright and our sitting President.

  21. March came and went.

  22. I believe Putin knows who Obama isn’t and so does England. They are enjoying the show..

  23. I don’t know if the participants of this blog have ever discussed this …

    The fact is that Barry’s 1/2 sis had a problem with conflicting YOB claims…
    She was quoted via a translation for an interview that she did for a book she wrote that was being reviewed …
    And she was quoted saying that she was born after Kenya gained independence…
    Kenyan independence was 12/12/1963 and yet according to Barry,etc. she was born shortly after Sr landed in Hawaii in 1959….
    Sr only automatically mentions Roy as his child and Barry after being prodded in his INS docs…
    The 1/2 sister not at all.
    Sr being listed in a 1964 phone book?
    Maybe Sr did go back and forth between Hawaii and Kenya after all?

  24. typistjan @ drkate’sview
    April 2, 2014 at 12:21 am
    Sent through an e-mail so I don’t have a link

    Vladimir Putin’s SHORTEST SPEECH!

    This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin…. How scary is that?

    On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia :

    “In Russia live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia , to work and eat in Russia , should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia , and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We had better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France , if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia . The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.

    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

  25. Orly Taitz was Rear-Ended & the car was totaled… she is home resting
    was O in LA today? O’ where was I.. Well a crisis that keeps US in the NEWS!!! get well ORLY… below came up while I was looking 4 orly so


    • Here’s what they said the day after the LFBC was presented to the American People.


      • Those are some sick puppies there. One says that if Barry planned “birtherism” then he’s a genius more so than Lincoln and Jefferson. What a freaking insult to those great men. Imagine Lincoln or Jefferson being as DEVIOUS as Barry. And then he’s “blessed”. Please.

        This one is ironic: “The “doubt” regarding Obama’s birth was a drama driven by two factors: One had to do with a short supply of reason and intellect, and the other with an overdose of racism.”

        What proves a “short supply of reason and intellect” is seen in the sheer number of people who close their eyes, stop their ears, and say nothing about the LACK of documentation. What? They don’t notice that Barry fights in court to prevent supplying ANY of these so-called original documents to a JUDGE who would be able to vet their authenticity and jail him for the crime of trying to defraud the court, not to mention a nation and the world, if they’re bogus?

    • wow. 69 replies

      here’s a comment Orly made:

      the driver did not hive me his papers, but he did give them to the Highway patrol. I repeatedly asked the CHP officer for the truck driver
      s papers, but he refused to give them to me and said that it will be with the report and insurance will get it within 10 days. I never saw an accident where the CHP officer would refuse to give the papers. I got the license of the truck though. They told me that I need to be transported to the emergency room, I refused. Strangely my insurance called and the rep stated that they were told that I was taken to the emergency room with an ambulance, which was not true


      • Everybody has a right to the paperwork and documentation when in an accident. There probably are LAWS requiring it to be provided, but who knows? It’s CA. She seems to be okay because she commented at her site. There should be a police report and some open records on this. It’s concerning that she was on her way to an appointment at the L.A. Times. She’s running for political office there, too, so if it was a set-up, the potential culprits could be anywhere. Sounds more like a warning, if not just an accident. Unless the plan was to get her to the hospital for another “accident”. God watch over her. Pray for Orly.

    • woops, Miri, you can scratch this one, I didn’t think my earlier one got posted. But it finally showed up.Duplicate..Sorry.

      • No problem. OMG, alfy. That writer knows FAR MORE about this than I do and look–everything falls into place, considering the little I dug up about Ann and her friends in Indonesia. Amazing. Even down to the story I read this week (linked elsewhere) about USAID trying to overthrow the Cuban government.

    • absolutely chilling

  26. Wondering if alfy or someone can advise as to why parents have such a problem with the name/spelling of such a prestigious pre-school:


  27. oh really? Nice.


    btw, isn’t racism the belief of one race being superior over another race?

    • Wow, never heard of the 5%,/ NGE (Nation of Gods and Earth). Have my eyes been opened. So Obama hangs around with Jay Z. I remember in his book that he said that he hung around with the Radicals, Chicano’s, etc. It never stopped.

      Now it’s Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Jay Z, etc. I feel like we’re living a nightmare.

    • They’re racists. AND they’re wonderful role models for Malia and Sasha, according to Mooch.

    • You can sort of see that symbol echoed on the front of “Bey’s” dress.

  28. OK, I can’t resist posting this: Photo 18 of 18, is this Ruth teaching the kids how to say “f#@k off” in American? Her hand is blurred but look at the hand in the foreground 🙂

  29. Wanted to let you all know, i came across this article posted april 6 on patriot net daily by JohnPND. It’s “Obama mystery theater: Auma Rita Obama” posted march 11 by Miri. They attributed it at the very bottom to beforeitsnews. That link goes to an article by the same name on beforeitsnews but different content. Should be attributed to you guys!


    • Eventually it comes back to us. Go figure. Funny story about BIN: They wrote here long ago asking if they could cross-post our stuff. So far as I know, we never said okay, but they did it anyway. 🙂

  30. The doctor who provided the “hardship” letter for Lolo’s wife:

    Dr. Toru Nishigaya

    His secretary:
    Ethel C. Yamachika, 90, of Honolulu, a medical receptionist and office manager for Dr. Toru Nishigaya, died Aug. 16 in Honolulu. Born in Honolulu, she is survived by son Dr. Ronald K. and three grandchildren. Services: 2 p.m. Saturday at Hosoi Garden Mortuary. Cremation to follow. Aloha attire. No flowers.


  31. Posted on the wrong thread. ^^

  32. Above mentioned book of 1972 has arrived; does indeed mention Mrs. Soetoro. Will post later today. Names to look for? Still no FMD.

    • Good job, Hoot!

    • Great! Try the usual names above. Abercommie, Dunhams, Sinclair, West, Waidelich, Lefforge, Nachmanoff, basically anybody who is supporting his tall tales and who might be important enough to end up in that book. Maybe if you could somehow post the index, if there is one?

        • Everything I ever learned about surveillance and clandestine technical operations and devices I learned from my little brother?

          • Tacy Singleterry, Rodney Canada: Those are new names to me. How about you?

          • Rodney Canada was probably 40’s when he went to Emory.. and Tacy was there around 2000-2001 ….this would be when Mark would have had to be there, but he claims he worked for several years and left Florida 2001 or 02. Either he only went to Emory in Georgia for just a few months or he was commumuting from Florida to Georgia. It’s hard to be in two places at once. And of course he had his own Ndesandjo Enterprises too….Forgot what year that was registered in Winter Park Florida. ANyone remember. Wow, he sure gets around. Check out Rodneys credentials and who he has worked for….McMoran is the largest copper /molybdenum mining co. in the world, which of course gold too and Indonesia papua New Guinea ..it was this co. that got the deals when the wars were over there. Nelson Rockefeller had some ties to that . I think Tracey is with IBM.

          • Excuse me…it is Tacy , not tracey, Sorry.

      • Young? The house in the birth announcement?

      • No index which means browsing through. Book was a reference copy at the Brooklyn Public Library in NY. No pics of obviously black persons; some may have entries but no pics.

        Also, when fgbow tried to debunk birthers they mentioned,

        “Rev. Mike Young, Pastor of the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu

        When Obama was in elementary school in Honolulu, Young recounted in a telephone phone interview, either his grandmother or grandfather (there’s confusion over which one) brought him to Sunday school there for several years.

        When Young reminded Obama at the memorial service, “his eyes lit up, and he turned to Michelle and said, ‘Hey, that’s right. This is where I went to Sunday school.'”

        Young refers to Obama as Barry. “That’s who he was here. No one here called him Barack.” At the memorial service, the 70-year-old minister saw Obama as “a tall skinny kid.””

        Now, pastors and ministers ARE included throughout the books but in both the 1966 and 1972 this guy is NOT listed. Just an observation.
        1972- No Sinclair, No Waidelich, No Nachmanoff, No Lefforge, No, no, no.

        • Thanks, WAH!

        • No black people? How racist. 🙂

        • Surprising that Dr. Sinclair isn’t in there. Waidelich was a well-known surfer, but I guess that doesn’t meet their criteria. Nachmanoff was connected to the government so maybe under the radar. Lefforge? Thought they were well-known, too. Are the Nordykes in that one, too? Aren’t they the ones who lived in the architecturally significant house? Kind of obnoxious that they don’t have an index. Rats. Is Ziegler in the ’72 issue?

          • I wonder if Nachamanoff had moved on by then. I think I found his bio once, I’ll look again, but here’s a memo he wrote in 1971; doesn’t say where he was at the time but he was writing on Panama.

          • I suspect we don’t have the right kind of book for all these people. Hoot has done a great job, but I suspect we need a who’s who in the book of “Comrades” don’t you. THat’s why none of them made it in here. Or perhaps they’re on a list of longshoreman supporters, or Immigrants handbook….you know…for the “peopleing” of Hawaii.

          • I am not familiar with Nachmanoff and how he fits into the O. timeline. Clue me in. Lefforge was also government connected. We just can read his stuff. It’s all nonpublic…has anyone ever requested FOIA papers on him. Most all the early Nuclear med. people may have been affiliated with government, because that’s how this arrived in medicine via the military research and some operation paperclip or such.

            • Nachmanoff was in that photo with BHO Sr. at the party with “Ann USA”. I don’t have the memory that you have, alfy. You are a treasure trove of information. I’ll have to go looking and see if I have more on him. I remember a long time ago looking for information about all those people in the photo. iirc, one of the women was named Marda and she also ended up with “important” connections. Nachmanoff had something to do with the Dept. of State. There were two brothers, too. I’ve forgotten so much. I’ll try to find more tomorrow.

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