Today America Tells Obama – “You’re Fired!”



We the People are Determining America’s Future!



Polls are Open

Voters are Lining Up

Ballots are Being Tallied!

Media Election Coverage Begins at 6:00 p.m. EST


WTPOTUS will be  staying on top of the  news and you can help by surfing other blogs and bringing us the reaction of  MSM anchors, twitters, or tweets.  We want to see Chris Matthews angry or crying.  It may not be a tingle running down his leg this time.  The reaction of the Left will be as much fun as watching  the states turn red.  Tonight will be the only time we are looking for Red.  The adults are ready to take back the White House from the anti- American clowns. We are making sure that Obama is a one-term pResident as he gets kicked to the proverbial curb.

We’ve waited four long, long, long, years to rid our government of Obama and the day has arrived.  Finally.   It is today.

When you are feeling fearful, pray.  Then think about the  2010 Election and how the Left was creamed.  Remember the crowds of people and the scenes of Glen Beck’s rallies in Washington D.C.  Then remember the recent support of  Chick-Fil-A  that swept the nation.  Lastly,  remember the National Empty Chair Day and how those ideas were picked up across the country.    I’m sure you can think of other events where people showed up out of the blue and in mass.  Remember there is a “silent majority” and they will be pulling the levers today.  Never under estimate their impact.   The people will reject Obama’s vision for America today.

The American Dream still lives, and the Romney/Ryan team are ready, willing, and able to ensure that it prevails.  God Bless America!

“Hope is on the Way”…and It Starts Today!

~ Ann Romney


This is the “Beginning of the End!”


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162 responses to “Today America Tells Obama – “You’re Fired!”

  1. This has to get better gals. I never thought it would be a nail biter after seeing all the rallys for Romney and the turn outs.

  2. Fox just called OHIO for Obama!

    Obama 262
    Romney 203

    Iowa and Oregon will go to Obama.

    So FOX says that Obama is reelected.

    I am speechless.

  3. Holy crap!

    • And I totally believe that in their algorithm they worked it in to make Romney win the popular vote and Barry the electoral vote so that the rest of the people get on board with getting rid of the electoral college, which will cement DemoncRAT victories forevermore, because they will only have to campaign in the large urban centers on the coasts. To hell with the small states and the center of the country. I totally do NOT believe this result. It’s not possible. Look at the enthusiasm and the huge crowds for Romney. We’re supposed to believe that was fake?

  4. Fox News: Obama Projected to win Presidential Election
    Electoral votes: Obama 262 Romney 203

    • Makes me sick. Boy, it’s been a short election night. It’s only 8:22 pm here on the left coast.

      There’s a saying from Ace Of Spades, “Obama is a Stuttering Clusterf**k Of A Miserable Failure.” SCOAMF for short.

      There, I feel a tiny bit better now. A tiny bit.

      Looks like there is a bit of back peddling on Fox.

      • Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

        • Hang on, Romney hasn’t conceded YET!!!

          Pray HARD!!!

          • Leza, I’m prayed out. His will be done. I’m reminded of that video I linked where Savannah Guthrie stupidly stated that Hurricane Sandy was a gift to Obama from above. Remembering the outcry when Mourdock said that perhaps when a baby is conceived out of rape, it’s God’s will. Think of the difference in response by the lamestream. No reaction to Guthrie’s stupidity. I’d hazard a guess that Guthrie herself has excoriated Mourdock for his statement.

            But Mourdock was celebrating a gift of life–something good that came out of an evil act. Guthrie was applauding an event that killed over a hundred people and destroyed the lives of countless others. Some tiny “good” that she applauds for one individual and his minions, coming out of a horrific natural disaster.

            What sort of higher power would you prefer? The god of the likes of Guthrie’s, who destroys life in order to help a minion; or the God who allows life to come from destruction? I know the God that I prefer.

            Our enemy is the lamestream media. That’s who we should relentlessly pursue because they are at least equally responsible for the horror this administration has wreaked upon the USA, our laws, our Constitution. They’re the ones who didn’t report on Benghazi and who actually helped Obama lie about it. They’re the ones who won’t vet Obama and report on his TRUE identity and foundational ideology. They’re the ones who only today, finally after over a week, report about the looting and other violence on the East Coast, and the fact that millions are still without power, heat, food, water, and thousands without homes. Despite this gift that Barry allegedly received from allah.

            Our destiny is in our hands. That’s why the Lord gave us FREE WILL. Our challenge is to exercise it over the next two years. 2014 is right around the corner. Boycott the lamestream. Boycott their sponsors. Write to their sponsors and tell them WHY you’re not buying their products.

  5. Whatever happened to the fact that they don’t count absentee ballots until after everything else? All the provisional ballots? Where are they? If it’s that close, how can they call it already?

  6. Stunned. How could it be possible?

    • Florida, North Carolina and Virginia haven’t been called yet.

    • It can’t be possible. That’s how we KNOW it was rigged. Fix was in. That’s why all the lying polls. That’s why all the lying news articles. They rigged it and they rigged the polls to make it seem plausible. Democracy is an illusion in the USA now. There IS no more democracy here than in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The media is CORRUPT. The government is CORRUPT. The people who run the DemoncRAT party are CORRUPT. And they don’t care. By any means necessary. It was like pulling the wings off flies, wasn’t it? To let us BELIEVE we could win, and we truly DID win, but they stole it. The evidence is there–right there in the massive crowds for Romney. IF people were so enthused about Barry, why didn’t we see that?

  7. It’s OVER all right. He will claim he has a mandate. Reid will stonewall. They WILL NOT compromise. SCOTUS will be forever leftist. Say goodbye to the USA as we knew Her.

  8. Don’t give a concession speech Mitt until all the votes are in!

    • Yes, I agree! And he has lots of lawyers and advisors on this so I hope he waits before conceding. Lots of votes still out. I will not watch Fox now. They were fishy tonight IMHO. LC already posted thoughts…interesting. Kevin at Hillbuzz is shocked. About LC – writer noticed Mitt’s number where same as MCCain’s from 08. I think that is how I read it.

      • The reason we’re shocked, we all are, is because this is not real. It’s another selection. Another STEAL for the DemoncRATS. It’s why the polls were studiously kept close, AGAINST ALL THE EVIDENCE OF EVERYONE’S OWN EYES. Once again, the bellwether state of MO is out there on its own. Always on the side of the winner, until Obama. MO went for McCain narrowly in 2008. McCain REALLY WON in 2008, if you remove all the vote fraud. Romney won MO in a landslide in 2012. He REALLY WON in a landslide across this country, except they stole the results in the key swing states via vote fraud. I have NO DOUBT that if you remove the double voters, the illegal and legal alien voters, the felon voters, the multi-state voters, the dead voters, the dogs–Romney won in a landslide. All the polls, all the prognosticators, said it was a Romney win. All his internal polls said he would win. BECAUSE HE DID WIN. Morris is seldom wrong and Wayne Root is never wrong. Both predicted Romney would win. Why didn’t he? Because their projections don’t figure in the KNOWN factor of the DemoncRAT cheating.

        We must double down at the state level and DEMAND that the local election boards follow the law. We must DEMAND that voter ID be instituted and followed in EVERY STATE. Until they clean up the corruption that’s endemic in the inner cities where the DemoncRATS take the vote and count the vote, the rest of the voters will forever be disenfranchised.

        I hope one good thing comes from the UN observers at the polls. I hope that they REPORT that the US is in violation of whatever their stupid policies are with regard to free and FAIR elections. They themselves noted their amazement that the US doesn’t require ID. It’s undemocratic, illegal, and unfair. It’s a system DESIGNED FOR FRAUD, which is exactly why the DemoncRATS fight tooth and nail to STOP VOTER ID.

  9. I guarantee massive fraud is what caused this result, but knowing Romney, afflicted with the “we’re too gentlemanly to fight” RINO syndrome, will give it up. If he hasn’t conceded already.

  10. Rove says OHIO not in! Only 73% in so far. Obama hasn’t won yet. It is premature.

    • He says FOX shouldn’t intrude on this process yet!

      They are going to confer on this decision now!

      • 1/4 of the vote in Ohio is still not in. Republicans are not accepting the decision yet. No concession speech by Mitt is planned until they look at the numbers.

        The rush to 270 was done to quickly by FOX says Romney campaign.

  11. Megan is going to the Decision Desk to interview them about the decision to call this race.

  12. Decision desk is comfortable with their decision. Not enough Republican votes left in Ohio. They would expect democratic votes to rise when they come in. They say not enough republican votes are out there to change things. They are looking at raw votes. The Decision desk stands behind their decision with 99% certainty – before all the votes are in.

    Don’t give in to the media Republicans!

  13. I’m so Happy to hear the Fox number cruncher is COMFORTABLE with his call of Obama winning OHIO. I hate him. “Raw votes. Bla bla bla, Obama wins. 99.95% sure,” the jack ass number cruncher says..

  14. Drudge shows the following number of votes in so far….

    R 43,030,369
    O 42,389,249*

  15. They are waiting for Michael Barone to come to the front desk. Rove is holding them off.

  16. Drudge isn’t announcing Obama win yet.

  17. When you look at the map it is almost all RED!

  18. Drudge numbers…

    Obama 47,117,449
    Romney 46,863,690*

    FOX says there are 230,000 votes between them

  19. Romney group thinks they should wait until all the numbers are in from those big states, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina. I don’t know how many electoral votes are left.

  20. Colorado was called for Obama

    290 Obama
    203 Romney

  21. We have to see that slime and wife for 4 years more. I need to throw up.

  22. We know O’s weaknesses, all the chinks in his armor. This from a comment on Ace of Spades:

    Bitter tears are nectar for the wicked. Don’t give them a sweet drink. Mr. Obama’s just one politician and all of the chinks in his armor are now laid bare. Go after them. His next four years are going to be rougher than the stubble on Lizzie Warren’s legs. Your local power is in your wallet and your voices. Hoard your cash and be vocal, but don’t fall for the call of the extremists, either. Be good citizens and operate within the law. The pendulum always swings back the other way. Maybe not today, but one day.

  23. $2 BILLION spent on a campaign and we are at the same place tomorrow as today. The House is still republican and the Senate is democratic with the Usurper at the helm. We are left with the propaganda media, and the lies. The only saving grace can be that he is indicted because of Benghazi. Wouldn’t that be the coup de grace. I am sick, just sick.

    • We’ll keep poking at those chinks in his armor.

    • I think we are meant to carry on. There must be more for us to uncover.

    • I swear he should have been labeled by the Republicans as a Marxist, and that the country was being led toward socialism, communism. People without an education didn’t get redistribution of wealth and what it means.

      • The media helped him on that score, too: We are all socialists now. This isn’t your father’s evil communism. It’s a “kinder, gentler” form of STALINISTIC DICTATORSHIP.

  24. My friend is blogging about how STUPID the people are who voted for Obama who is a “dumb ass Muslim transvestite who was born in Kenya or Indonesia or who knows where!! The guy’s a fraud!!”

  25. Romney is supposed to concede in an hour. He is writing his speech.

    Virginia and Florida still not called.

  26. It seems to me Romney gave in too fast. Why did he do this? I could tell he was broken up. Maybe didn’t want to put his family through any more? Something happened to turn the tables on this for sure. By any means necessary.
    May God give us strength to carry on and and continue the good fight.

    • This business of concede is wrong and has always bugged me. Concedes means just that, concede. The race is not over until it over. Why not go with waiting until every last vote was counted? Why say it is over, the fight, before making sure every military vote was counted? Why not wait to lose? Why end it early and hand the victory to over. Conceding is not losing, it is conceding. In this case I wish Romney would have been a real loser and never said a word. I wish he would have waited it out to give our brains and hearts time to adjust and keep pace with the vote counting that won’t even be official for awhile. I worked the polls yesterday, urban dem country, and I am exhausted. Things are not pretty out there, I tell you. It was amazing how many macho, tough, middle-age white men were voting and were voting for Dear Leader. Union. Burly. Big. Tough. Angry and Hateful against Mitt. Mitt’s biggest crime? Ready? His grandfather had four wives in Mexico and that is not what America is about! Yeah. Guys are unemployed, on charity way past gov handouts, etcs., and that is why they can’t vote for Romney! I was not allowed to say anything close to electioneering so just said, ” Both have that in their background”. One man looked shocked, like I was from outer space for saying that. Another, said, and I kid you not, “Yeah, well one of the guys (I established we could not say names/electioneering) because that is his African culture!” Not ok for Morman religious view but ok for African culture? Go figure. I CAN’T DO THIS ANOTHER FOUR YEARS.

      • This is what Obama has wrought. Anger. Division. Hatred. Is that to be his legacy? Will he be proud of that legacy? Now that the eternal campaign is over, WHAT WILL BARRY DO? He doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING BUT campaign. But he will want a legacy to go down in the history books. It’s been said that some Republicans didn’t want to win this time BECAUSE of the fiscal cliff. Because of the second recession that WILL come because of the debt and deficit. (Already this morning, the DOW is dropping.) Nothing is solved financially. Of course, WE KNOW that anything bad that comes into the economy will be BLAMED on the Republican House, as if they alone can do anything.

        Do note that there are no RIOTS this morning. The good people, the decent people, accept the rule of law. Accept the way the system “works”, messy or not. Fair or not. We don’t riot and inflict violence on others simply for thinking or believing differently.

        The unions guys were voting for their own self-interest. Trumpka tells them that under Barry, card check WILL be implemented, by hook or by crook. But it won’t. You should have mentioned that one guy’s brother has had at least 12 wives.

    • He gave in because he lives in a fundamentally different universe than do the minions who follow the likes of Obama. Romney and most other Republicans follow a moral compass. The DemoncRATS and the likes of Obama do not. Their motto is “never give a sucker an even break.” Suckers are people who follow that “superstition” characteristic of Christians but also other religious people, which calls for them to be respectful of others, honest, law-abiding, moral, ethical, decent, humble. Romney likely conceded because, like Nixon, he felt it was better for the country to not divide us by dragging the election out by insisting on counts, recounts, and investigation of the likely voter fraud. Even Nixon was more moral than the likes of Obama and his minions. Romney, like Nixon, to them is a sucker. They COUNT UPON THE DECENCY of guys like Romney. They use it as a weapon. They themselves have NO MORALITY because they fear no God. Why? Because they don’t believe in Him. They don’t believe in any life beyond this one. Therefore, by any means necessary, get what you want, even if by doing so you tread on anybody else in your way. Even if to get it you must LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL. They have NO RESPECT for other autonomous beings. The individual, to them, is NOTHING. Expendable. The COLLECTIVE is all. We have the strength to carry on. Pray to God that He sends us the wisdom to know how best to carry on. We will continue to fight. It’s in our American genes. You know, that’s what they’re trying to destroy. The one thing that binds us all together: Pride in American exceptionalism. That’s their enemy. Destroy that pride and you destroy everything that binds us together as a nation. We must fight to remind people that we ARE ONE PEOPLE and that’s why we have become the greatest nation to ever exist on the face of the Earth.

  27. I hope we are still alive when that pendulum swings back the other way.

  28. Ann and Mitt looked terrific.
    I wonder how Mooch looks and if Barry’s scars are showing.

  29. What a classy man Mitt is. He conceded. He was so gracious. How humiliating to have lost to such a loser, a con man, an immoral fraud. My heart goes out to the Romney and Ryan family and to all of us who believed that we would finally be rid of the TWAP.

    Americans had a chance to take the high road, and instead ignorant voters pulled the lever for the dismantling of our country. What they have done is unconscionable. And now more will suffer because of their ignorance. They voted for no jobs, and a continual destruction of our economy. When the money dries up, where will all the takers go? Baby boomers now have socialized medicine to look forward to in their golden years.

    We got no relief tonight. We are all in shock.

    • It’s heartbreaking. I went to bed. I couldn’t watch it.

      Yesterday, when I voted, the sun was shining. By noon, suddenly it began to drizzle. By mid-afternoon, it was so dark that I had to turn on the lights. I felt it was a sign. And it was. I suddenly knew it in my heart that relief was not to be.

      We must continue to fight. We have not yet begun to fight.

      I wouldn’t blame the voters because I truly, truly believe that it was not a fair win. They cheated. They rigged up enough fake votes in the key states to put him over the top. It’s the Chicago way. The media and the complicit pollsters helped by publishing those polls and stories that LIED about how “close” it was, despite the alternative polls that used fair methodologies and the internal polls, all of which confirmed the evidence of our own eyes, as seen in the enthusiasm, the huge crowds coming out for Romney, and the tiny groups, if any, coming out to see Barry, Mooch, and Biden. They are not loved.

      I was thinking about how, recently, TWICE Biden made comments to the effect that he might be or run for president. How could that possibly ever happen? The guy’s a buffoon. But then I wondered what he might know that we don’t know: Like maybe there’s a “plan” and Barry will bow out or be pushed out over this Benghazi thing. Or maybe even a fake illness. They KNOW what a disaster Obama is for the DemoncRAT party. They saw the popular vote. They know they all will have to fight for their political lives in two years.

      It’s said that Barry didn’t look as if he wanted another term. The house in Hawaii is ready to go. He was talking about how you can’t change anything from inside DC. He was talking about his plans to travel the country, “teaching”.

      Why would Biden talk about being president? It’s curious. I don’t see how Hillary can possibly survive the blowback from Benghazigate. Or even how Obama evades it. The inquiries will go on. We know where the truth lies and how, if it comes out, it will be devastating. They’ve run out of people to throw under the bus.

      At least the murderous thugs in Guantanamo will have to stay there for another four years instead of being released by Jan. At least the Blind Sheikh will stay put, at least until Dec./Jan. 2016.

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