Are We on the Road To Ruin? Election Tales From The OC Coast!!

By Newssleuth

First of all, I am not dead. I am just fine and ornery as ever. I just pretend to be nice by using good manners and being polite. So even though I try to be polite and mannerly, in the past few days I have taken secret photos of a neighbor’s house and yelled at two Jehovah’s Witnesses.

These two events could be signs that we are on the Road to Ruin! Four years of Obama have really taken its toll on all of us. We are broke and grouchy. At least I am.

The other day I secretly took pictures of my neighbor’s house after a struggle to find a parking place on street sweeping day. I live close to the beach and most people live in small houses or garage apartments, so parking is tough and it’s extra hard to find parking on Mondays and Wednesdays when the street sweeper comes.

Last Tuesday night when we went to park the car the night before street sweeping, we thought we’d really lucked out when we spotted a parking spot on the correct side of the street at the end of our alley. If we were quick and got that parking place, we wouldn’t have to move the car in the morning and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting a $50 dollar ticket if we couldn’t find a non street sweeping parking spot and forgot to move the car. . . but when we pulled up to the cherished parking spot, the only one available, we saw this:


We didn’t want to park where we weren’t wanted. They could be mean people who would key our car!! After we hiked back from where we parked the car, way up the block and across the street, I stealthily maneuvered down the alley and took pictures.

The next day was Halloween. That evening I got a phone call from a friend of mine and her 10 year old daughter who was afraid to trick or treat at the “Democrat Parking Only” house. I reassured the little girl and finally convinced her to take their candy. I told her to take as much candy as she could.

“Smile and look cute,” I said, “See how much candy you can get out of them. And remember,  none of that redistribution stuff, kiddo. Keep it all for yourself!!

She used her charm on them and got lots of candy but then, in her triumph, confessed that their candy wasn’t very good and tried to redistribute it to her mom, who wouldn’t eat any of it.

Now, on weekends here by the beach there are lots of people who come down on weekends. The weather was hot last weekend so people were looking for cool ocean breezes at the beach, a nice lunch and perhaps, a little  walk around town. A nice relaxing day.

I was in the backyard sprawled out on a patio chair when the doorbell rang, dogs barked  and everybody in the house became discombobulated. Yikes! Somebody is at the door!!

I saw a guy about thirty and a gal in her twenties on the front porch, so I opened the door only to notice a Watchtower magazine the gal was holding up to her breast. Jehovah’s Witnesses!!

“Hey, I’ll talk to them.” I thought, “I’ll see what they have to say.”

They both said hello. Then the guy asked, “Do you think the millions of people throughout the world, who are suffering through no fault of their own, should be helped?” he said, “And do you think a Global government that would give from the better off people to the poor would benefit them? ”

“I think people should be responsible for what they do, for their own lives.” I lamely replied . I was astounded. One world government Jehovah’s Witnesses! Redistribution of wealth. Who Knew? I was holding back my feelings. Maybe I misunderstood?

He went on, “Do you know the prayer, the Our Father?” he asked.

“Do you mean the Lord’s Prayer? What do you think I am , a Catholic? It suddenly dawned on me that they had probably been Catholics before becoming Jehovah’s Witnesses. Oops.

He went on, “The Lord’s Prayer talks about a Global Government.”

“I thought it talked about God’s Kingdom,” I replied.

“No, it talks about a Global government here on earth.”

“What Bible are you reading, anyway?” My voice was rising, but I still felt in control.

He squinted his eyes, pursed his lips, looked at me and said, “The Bible says there will be a Global Government here on earth.”

“What ARE you anyway, a couple of COMMUNISTS!!”

I slammed the door in their faces. The girl’s mouth dropped open and her eyes got big. She looked like she was about to cry. The guy stood behind her, pushed his lips into a tight sneer and his eyes into thin slits of hate while he stood his ground before finally steering the girl away from my front  door, across the lawn and away.

We are farther along that Road To Ruin than I ever dreamed. I never knew there were One World Global Government Jehovah’s Witnesses. Did You?

50 responses to “Are We on the Road To Ruin? Election Tales From The OC Coast!!

  1. Great story, enjoyed it.
    That would be OC CA ?

  2. Yup, Orange County California.

  3. And thanks.

  4. Sleuth! She arises!!!!!! Welcome home, my dear. We’ve been waiting patiently for you.

    I, too, am cranky and broke and too nervous to watch these election results.

    I had NO CLUE until you told me that there is such a thing as a global government-loving Jehovah’s Witness. As God is my witness. 🙂

    I’m a Catholic (or was) who knows the Lord’s Prayer but I can see nothing in it remotely like promotion of one-world government, although Obama’s peeps would certainly understand the phrase “GIVE US this day our daily bread.”

    Enjoyed your tale. And the photos. Oddly enough, I noticed a van parked in the alley behind my house today. It had Obama stickers and a crappy sign in the window saying, “this household supports Barack Obama and the Democrats.” Big Whoop. But they had to hide the car in the alley on election day, probably out of fear of being keyed! I was sorely tempted as I passed it by on my way home from voting, but I refrained.

    • I considered tucking a piece of paper under the “Democrats Only” people’s wiper blade. It would say, “Bet you thought this was a ticket.” And If I got somebody else’s car instead, they would blame it on the “Democrats Only” people. A win, win situation!

      • 🙂 I wish I’d thought of that! I thought it was a sign that these people were hiding their car and that nobody had Obama stickers or signs out. Not that there were many Romney signs. I think people are just generally to divided and too afraid of each other. It’s a shame–what Obama has done to our country. The great divider.

  5. Oh my gosh! You really appeared Sleuth! Welcome back! Great story. I do wonder if that Jehovah’s Witness is an offshoot of the main church. After all, it is in California. Never heard that they were for One World Government, and I got regular visits from them up until the last two months. The church is about 4 blocks away, so the missionaries come to my house. The Mormon church is 3 blocks away, so they like to talk to me too.

    • But you are NICE to them, aren’t you?

    • Wow, you were really brave talking to them! I have JW stories also. But since they are deceived there “theology” is probably evolving with the political times. Sad but true. My mom studied under them for years but wouldn’t become a member b/c my Dad wanted nothing to do with them. She figured it couldn’t be from the Lord if they were not of one mind on it. Later my mom accepted Christ as Savior.

  6. Missed you, Newssleuth~

    Be well. Blessings, Peace and Love.

  7. I am so nervous, unable to concentrate on the TV election news. I want to eat but can’t figure what I want. I am weepy and hopeful and worried and I don’t want to hear O’s name. It makes me feel me queasy.

    • Oh, me, too. I can’t watch TV. I checked out Morris’s twitter feed and he made me too nervous. He was worrying about Florida. I’m weepy, too, Newssleuth. You’re not the only one. So wearing on our nerves for the past four years. This afternoon, I was screaming at the radio when they played Barry’s comments about Romney. I cannot stand his voice, to see him even. The thought of having to spend another four years listening to him and watching the media fawn makes me sick. I have prayed so hard. If he wins, I can see no other explanation than massive, massive vote fraud. SURELY the people of the USA are NOT THIS STUPID. How is it possible that they say 60% of the people in exit polls blame BUSH for the economy when Barry is the one who WASTED all that money on his green energy pals and tripled the debt? Third World Country.

      • Is Fox news playing with our minds? I really thought Mitt would be racking it up in higher numbers than Barry. Barry will be a wreck if he wins or loses cause I don’t think he wants to win…just val wants her defacto job in place.

    • I ate dinner early and am ready to throw up. So I suggest don’t eat. My insides are in turmoil from pent-up frustrations of the last 4 years.

  8. Then I won’t eat either. Maybe Cheetos.

  9. where are we?

  10. I don’t really know what y’all are talking about with the JW’s and the Mormons. If you would search the Scriptures, you would understand and not be afraid of them.
    For example, I worked with a JW girl that was the best person that I have ever worked with! Then I have heard other folks work with Mormons and they were great people to work with as well.

    I just think that our nation is so ignorant. I’m not casting stones, but it’s obvious to me that most Americans don’t really study the Scriptures to where they ask them to show the truth (i.e., you have to ask for the truth!). They just are so caught up with the PC religious system. Much like people are with the political system of the US, the PC. I.e. they don’t ask the Bible (asking Yahweh) what is truth to guide them.

    This is what I have said for many years now. If WE ASK YAHWEH, to help us, he will deliver. However, mankind (people-kind) is just too prideful to ask Yahweh. Turns out that they don’t have enough sense to study the Scriptures to see what THE SCRIPTURES SAY.

    • Nobody’s afraid of the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons. If you read the post, you will understand what Newssleuth was talking about–a particular pair of Witnesses who showed up at her door to promote ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Said it’s in the Scriptures.

    • Well then, that alleged Jehovah’s Witness guy who showed up at my house must have been pretending to be a Jehovah’s Witness because all the Jehovah’s Witnesses I’ve ever met have also been really nice. This guy shocked me. Maybe he’s a Communist who is infiltrating the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Could be, you know.

  11. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Unspeakable. Unspeakable. And whats odd (not really) is The Obamanation of Desolation won exactly as the movie ended.

  12. I didn’t watch last night because I didn’t want to get sick. I haven’t turned on the TV this morn because I didn’t want to see the gloating faces. I feel like I’m living in some foreign country. I read an article somewhere this morning about the world celebrating the Obama victory. So I suppose I was wrong to feel as a foreigner in a foreign country. Hell now I feel like its a foreign world. I’m turning my TV sets around to face the wall.

  13. Good morning friends.
    for those if us grieving this day.
    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    That I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next.

    • TY, Foxy. Good morning to you, too. Life goes on. We persist. God’s will be done, whatever His inscrutable methods are. 2014 is only 2 years away. Fight locally. Change from the bottom up.

  14. Good morning old friends…it’s been a few years. I have checked in only a few times with you all since 2008, following you over from the TD site. You have done a remarkable job of keeping what was started back then going – I generally don’t have anything new to add, as you are all (Miri, Newssleuth, Bridgette, Papoose, RedPill, Renae and too many more to mention) usually all over it by the time I check in. I will be stopping in more frequently, if for no other reason than to be among kindred spirits, but will try to add relevant content too. My husband and I are the black sheep in the family – I think it was Miri who told me I needed to get several large rolls of duct tape to keep my head from exploding 4+ years ago when I wrote that the family was sending us articles written by Depok Chopra as evidence that Obama was the way, the truth, the light… Newssleuth – any progress on sailing off into the sunset? If memory serves, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve interacted with you all. 🙂 I used to live in OC (Capistrano Beach) and feel your pain! For what it’s worth, I use one of two responses to the uninvited at my door, since I now live in the country and no one just stops by unless I know they are coming:
    1. “I am comfortable in my faith. Goodbye.”
    2. “Get off my porch, I have a gun.”
    Cheers to all!

    • Hiya Flygirl!

      I will always remember you for bringing to our attention “community green banks” and will always appreciate that contribution. Nice to see you again,

    • Welcome Back Flygirl! We look forward to seeing you here often. I need some of that duct tape if you have any to share!

      Good memory, Papoose.

    • Hello, flygirl. Welcome “back”! Good to hear from you. HA! Do you remember that comment about duct tape? It was Glenn Beck who used to say that, way back when, before he was “somebody”. I always thought that was a perfect metaphor for how I feel sometimes. Head threatening to explode right now, over the situation we’re all in now. I like your suggestions for getting rid of the “uninvited”. I usually just don’t answer the door! I peek out and they must know I’m here, but I don’t care. They’re bothering me; not vice versa.

      • Amen to that, and thanks Miri – it is a perfect metaphor, that and “this will make blood shoot outta your eyes!”

    • Welcome Back Flygirl! It has been awhile. 🙂
      I love this site. 🙂

  15. Thanks Papoose – it’s nice to be remembered! 🙂

  16. L@@k at me on Citizen WElls:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Wow. a sneak, liar, thief, thug, double-talking conniving communist traitor prevailed by painting a decent, caring American citizen as an evil bullshitter.

    hmmmm. amazing. Press on the Press.

    coup d’etat forward!

  17. Thanks Bridgette – fresh out, but headed to Lowes!

  18. Ouch Papoose – I’m sorry for you – that must hurt…we have been able to handle short visits over the last 4 years, as we live 6 hours away and don’t see each other regularly, but thinking about having the raging progressives on board 24/7 for a long weekend just 2 weeks from now made us physically ill, so we put the word out today that we are just too busy with work to host Thanksgiving this year. Let the chips fall where they may.

  19. Home Depot it is!

  20. Birfer Mitches!

    yes, we are cordial, but it is oh so hard to talk about every and any thing else under the sun. My eldest recently told me I am brainwashed.

    • If you are brainwashed, then so are most of us. I believe there are millions in the US that are like minded. I was so hoping to eliminate all of the trivia that is stored in my brain about BHO. It would have been such a relief to let the garbage out after letting so much garbage in…that would have been a great brain washing.

      • I know. The O Timeline needs work but it was alluring to think it could be allowed to go dormant. Of course, Don Fredrick is far more complete, anyway. Tired of spitting into the wind. What use is it when nobody pays attention after 4 years? They’re really going after Trump now. Brian Williams took him on when Trump tweeted his outrage–the same outrage half the country feels. It’s always surprising to see how the Brian Williamses of this media think nothing of insulting half their viewers (potentially. Most don’t watch NBC, but they MIGHT if they’d actually report the news fairly and not insult the intelligence of conservative viewers.) Why are Beyonce and Maria Carey allowed to gloat and say insulting things about Romney and his supporters, but if an economic conservative like Trump opines, he’s body slammed by the lamestream? Freedom of speech and opinion only for the Prava-like DemoncRAT party line thinkers.

    • OMG. Sounds more like your eldest is brainwashed by this culture. The young are more immersed in it. They don’t look beneath the surface. I’m constantly reminded of that amazing video where interviewed Obama supporters were extremely opposed to Barry’s policies (thought they were un-American) when they thought they were Romney’s. This is encouraged by the media and the DemoncRATS–to make the elections popularity contests, where only superficials are considerations, not policies. How many stories did you read that actually reported on what Barry’s done (all the 927+ executive orders, e.g.) or what he proposes TO DO? They focus on his celebrity appeal. Mooch’s clothes. The girls. His smile. His basketball and his coolness. Then they contrast it with Romney’s “stiffness” and his old-fashioned values and family. So it becomes like choosing the American Idol, not like choosing a president to lead the free world. It becomes like your HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT PRESIDENT ELECTION OR PROM KING QUEEN ELECTION.

  21. I’m so used to be being called names – that’s the least of my worries! What a concept Bridgette – letting all the trivia/garbage go – perhaps some day.

    • I believe it is a computer term, one that I learned years ago, and I applied it to my brain – garbage in and garbage out. GIGO.

      Gordo will correct me most likely.

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