Will the Hawaii DOH Stonewall Orly Today?

By Bridgette


Dr. Orly Taitz

Dr. Orly Taitz is serving a subpoena issued on July 5, 2011 from the U.S. District Court in Honolulu to the Hawaii Department of Health today, August 8. According to Jerome Corsi, prominent, well-known, but unnamed lawyers from Hawaii are standing by to assist with whatever she needs.

Accompanying her on this important and perhaps historic undertaking to examine the real original birth certificate of Barack Obama are Mr. Paul Irey and Mr. Douglas Vogt.   Both men will assist in the forensic examination of the presented document to determine its validity. If you recall, Mr. Vogt filed a criminal complaint with the FBI stating that the birth certificate released by the White House is a forgery and demanding an investigation. He is one, among many, to state the document is a fake and a poor forgery at that.

Dr. Ron Polland, recently released a video stating that he created  the image of  Obama’s  short form  Certification of Live Birth, which was printed out and distributed to the media on April 27, 2011.   He proves that the image he placed on Photobucket was used by the Obama regime in their conspiracy to defraud US citizens concerning Obama’s eligibility.

Instead of using the image that has been on the Web for over two years,  better yet, instead of simply scanning and printing from the actual document that they allege has existed since 2007,   WH representatives inadvertently used an image that Dr. Polland produced, while trying to demonstrate how the Daily Kos image likely came into being.  There is no actual Hawaiian-produced short form COLB,  Polland contends.  The Daily Kos image, like the recently released long form COLB, is computer generated, he says–it does not exist as an authentic, Hawaii-certified, paper document.

Has the day of reckoning come for  Hawaii’s Department of Health as well as for Obama?

Loretta Fuddy

Will there be a sign on the door of the subpoenaed DOH Director,  Loretta Fuddy,  saying, “Gone Fishin’ “?

Will the criminality of the Democrats, DOH, and Obama regime finally be recognized? We have our fingers crossed.


There are millions of patriots waiting for a real determination regarding Obama’s true origins.


Our Best to You Orly!  Hopefully, you’ll say,

“Mission Accomplished!”

Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATED 5:51 pm :  Per ORYR


Attorney Taitz at Hawaii Department of Health: Denied Access;
Files Motion for Emergency Order to Show Cause and to Compel Attendance…

Just filed: 08/08/2011 1 (Proposed) Order on Ex Parte Emergency MOTION for Emergency Order to Show Cause and to Compel Attendance for Production of Documents and for Attorneys’ Fees and Costs – by Plaintiff Orly Taitz.


# 1 Emergency Ex Parte Motion for Emergency Order to Show Cause and to Compel Attendance for Production of Documents and for Attorneys’ Fees and Costs,

# 2 Exhibit A,

# 3 Exhibit B,

# 4 Exhibit C)(emt, ) (Additional attachment(s) added on 8/8/2011:

# 5 Exhibit D) (emt, ). (Entered: 08/08/2011)

08/08/2011 2 Filing fee: $ 39, receipt number HI000664 re 1 Ex Parte Emergency MOTION. (emt, ) (Entered: 08/08/2011)

08/08/2011   3 NOTICE of Hearing on 1 MOTION to Compel is set for 9/14/2011 at 10:00 AM in Courtroom 6 before JUDGE RICHARD L. PUGLISI.   Plaintiff to provide notice of the hearing to Loretta Fuddy, Health Department, State of Hawaii.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that the “polland” story is a red flag just to show the naïveté of the “birthers”. Polland is not going to admit this and implicate himself I’n a felony.

    • I fail to see how what Polland says would implicate him in a felony. He created the image and put it into his personal photobucket because he was trying to prove to the public that it IS possible to create on a computer an image that looks like a “real” scan of a COLB. At least good enough to fool most of the people, most of the time. In no way was he trying to pass that image off as authentic. He made it abundantly clear that he was investigating and showing how forgery is done–not attempting to forge any document image to use in a felony.

      It’s a fact that the WH image came from Snopes. It’s Dr. Polland’s contention, and only he may have the evidence because the site’s been scrubbed, as has the Wayback Machine, that the Snopes image of the SFCOLB was the image from Polland’s personal photobucket, not the image at the Daily Kos or FactCheck blog or Fight the Smears. The image placed on the WH website clearly states that it came from Snopes.

      IF they truly have the original, certified paper document, then where is it? Why did they have to print out an image swiped from Dr. Polland if they had an original to scan and print? That’s the point of mentioning this. To show how duplicitous these people are.

      • But something seems amis….Why wouldn’t the originators of a forged doc. have the original forged doc at there disposal? This is somewhat confusing for me to follow. I never knew really what documents came from where, that is I wouldn’t recognize the original. Who would exactly?
        Yeah, the one I want to see is the one they hand somebody in person , the certifiable one, whatever,wherever that one is.

        • Dr. Polland among MANY others, contend that there NEVER WAS an actual 3-D paper document, produced and certified by the HDOH in 2007. ALL that existed was that digital image OF a SFCOLB, sent to blogs to satisfy people who were stupid enough to believe that a digital image proves something. However, the Obama campaign has always contended that that image on the blogs is a scan of an actual paper document, certified and produced by the HDOH, which they kindly posted on the Web. Meaning, they state that there IS a 3-D paper document. After people disputed the authenticity of the digital image on the blogs, they arranged a visit by representatives from another blog, a partisan one connected with Obama, to see and supposedly photograph the original paper document at Obama headquarters in Chicago. FactCheck blog posted photographs that they contend they took in Chicago of that 3-D paper document and they (with no forensic background whatsoever) declared it to be real, authentic, certified by and produced by Hawaii, although NOBODY in Hawaii TO DATE has ever said that the HDOH created either the scanned image OR the paper document. But the bottom line is that Obama’s campaign put forward the contention THAT THE DOCUMENT EXISTS IN 3 DIMENSIONS. That it’s legitimate.

          IF that’s true, then why would they bother to print out an image off Snopes BLOG instead of just copying the original document that MUST BE under Obama’s control, since it’s HIS SFCOLB (which he won’t show to ANYBODY)?

          IF they had a paper document to scan, they would have scanned it and printed the result. Instead, they took a forged image off a blog and printed that out, presenting it to reporters and to the American people as his short-form birth certificate.

          Now that I think about it, that’s a two-step process. Since they supposedly have the ORIGINAL paper document and since we know they must have used a copy machine to produce all those sets of documents for the media, then they didn’t even have to first scan the SFCOLB and then print it. All they had to do was put the SFCOLB (green, on security paper) on the stack on the copy machine, along with the other papers. Had they done so, then nobody would be able to read Bauer’s letter through the paper. Why go to the extra trouble of finding the image on a blog, printing it out, and THEN copying it with other papers on a copy machine, if you have the original to copy?

  2. I expect that, of course, the HDOH will stonewall, as they have done for the past few years.

  3. Colin Powell Offered $15,000 To Meet With Obama Eligibility Experts PRESS RELEASE
    August 8, 2011 Snips

    General Powell, because we value your past and present service to our country, and because we still believe that duty, honor, and country still matter, we affirm that you should be well compensated for your time, and are prepared to offer to you, or to Wings of Hope (or any other charity you may specify), a check in the amount of $15,000. Because of the gravity of this issue, we think that $5000 per hour for little more than listening to the truth should be fair compensation for your time. You stated that Barack Obama provided personal enjoyment for you by supplying what he called a “birth certificate;” now, we’d like to supply you with something of actual value just to see the irrefutable evidence and listen to the truth.

    You see, General Powell, we are not so easily blown away, and we hope that you will consider your place in history, and for what you will be remembered. Will you be likened to Gen. George Washington, or to Gen. Benedict Arnold? Will you be regarded for your honesty and integrity, or will it be for so fearing the facts that you would not even accept $15,000 for three hours of your time to be presented with them?


    • This surely should be picked up by the lamestream…and getting the message out there!

      Colin Powell offered reward to hear eligibility evidence
      $15,000 suggested for sit-down meeting on ‘usurper in the White House’

      August 08, 2011

      “I await your response to our challenge.” [AS DO WE!]


      • I put this on the open thread earlier too. I think if he does show up he will just say “no comment” It is all in the names you know….

    • Nothing on mainstream yet..but Renew America has picked up the story.

      Birthers invite Colin Powell to an examination
      By Arlen Williams
      August 10, 2011

      When the Rockefellerian, transnational progressive “Republican,” Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008, he called Obama a “transformational figure.” His national psyop was tactically timed, two weeks before the election.

      Further, he propagated the lie that William Ayers has had only a “very, very limited relationship” with the putative president now making clearer than ever, his own strategic sabotage of America’s sovereignties, freedoms, and livelihoods.


  4. Has anyone heard anything about Orly yet?


  5. If Orly is going to the HDOH at 10 a.m or so, then it won’t be until around 3 p.m., CDT, for reference. So we won’t hear anything until later this afternoon.

  6. Thanks, Miri. I didn’t know the time difference. I’ll check back later.

  7. From ORYR: 1:24 pm – Time Zone?

    Orly Update: Attorney Orly Taitz now at the Hawaii Department of Health.

    The Taitz v. Ruemmler – FOIA Complaint related to Obama’s birth certificate and social security number now docketed and assigned to Chief Judge Royce Lambert.

    Check back for more updates on Taitz’s quest to inspect Obama’s nonexistent 1961 birth certificate not on file at HDOH

  8. On Orly’s Facebook..5 minutes ago, a person (Ripley) wrote:

    “Read somewhere she was handed a denial letter and was heading for the court house.”

    I don’t know where they got the information.

  9. I just saw the moderator make that comment on Obama Release Your Records place. So it will probably, most likely work out like it always has because Barky seems to own so many people, I guess. I just wish for once that one of those judges or whatever had some guts and loved honesty and truth.

    Personally I think those HDOH people should be arrested.

    • She asks for an emergency order to compel Fuddy to appear at the HDOH and produce the records, because the experts have to fly home tomorrow and because they’ve spent thousands of dollars flying to Hawaii, when Fuddy did not respond to the subpoena. She also asks that Fuddy be held in contempt of court.

  10. Looks as if there will be a hearing on the motion to compel on Sept. 14. So, here we go again, playing the waiting game, running out the clock. While Rome burns.

  11. Listen, I SERIOUSLY wish that Orly Taitz would get a good proof reader. The lawyer’s name is CORLEY, not CURLEY. This isn’t the Three Stooges, after all.

  12. Is this considered contempt of court? Anyone know? Can’t wait to read what happened and who denied her access and where. It proves they don’t have the BC..otherwise they would have shown it without any problems. FRAUD and FORGERY is proven by them not wanting to further implicate themselves in this mess.

  13. Honorable Richard L. Puglisi Chief United States Magistrate Judge
    U.S. Mag. J.; U.S. Mag. Ct.
    333 Lomas Blvd. N.W., Ste. 730
    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Bernalillo Co.)
    University University of New Mexico, B.A.
    Law School University of New Mexico, J.D.
    Admitted 1980
    ISLN 904288535
    No updates on martindale.

    New Federal Judge Heads To Hawaii
    President Appoints Judge Kobayashi To District

    Jan 7, 2011 – HONOLULU — A new federal judge will be traveling to Hawaii from New Mexico. Magistrate Judge Richard Puglisi will replace Judge Leslie Kobayashi, who was appointed by President Barack Obama to be a district judge.

    Puglisi became a member of the Hawaii Bar in 1981. He began his career as a Navy judge advocate stationed at Pearl Harbor. Puglisi is currently serving as the chief magistrate judge in the District of New Mexico. He is expected to begin his term in early March.


  14. Is Loretta Fuddy still alive??? 2 weeks ago she “left Hawaii” ; then “no she is really in Hawaii”. Marxists are murderers. Who has seen her ???

    • The article below may partially answer your question. Perhaps we will hear more tomorrow as to whether Fuddy shows up tomorrow or if she will be on the lam. The DOH doesn’t play straight so answers to anything has been an ongoing problem. Fuddy walked into a hornet’s nest by taking the job in the first place. I believe I read last week that she had gone to the “mainland.”

  15. Orly Taitz Files Emergency Motion to Show Cause in Hawaii

    August 8, 2011 Snips

    Attorney Orly Taitz has filed an emergency motion in the U.S. District Court in Honolulu, HI to compel the Health Department Director, Loretta Fuddy, to produce the document ordered by subpoena on July 5, 2011.

    Page 2 of the emergency motion states that Fuddy “failed to appear” and “failed to produce any documents or things.”

    The Post & Email had been informed by an Oahu resident last week that Fuddy was expected to be in her Honolulu office today. The Emergency Order to Show Cause requests that Fuddy appear tomorrow to make the requested materials available.

    Page 3 requests the issuing of a bench warrant for Fuddy’s arrest should she refuse to comply with the subpoena on August 9, 2011 as well as “attorneys’ fees and costs” involved in bringing the action against her.


  16. Who is the Obot stooge in the DOH that would pass information along to Dr. Con or one of his bots? How would they know that a letter was given to Orly and what time she arrived? Yet that information wasn’t available to Orly supporters?
    Whoever “realist” is posted this at Dr. Con’s. Are they from the same bunch that followed Lakin’s court martial and passed information? Or is it the head of the bots that has them toe the line? Why are they so concerned with what happens in these court cases, if their fine leader is so innocent of the Usurper charge. They are complicit in the cover-up as well. They implicate themselves and they aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

    “Realist: Orly show up at DOH at 9:35 a.m., “experts” in tow. Went inside and was my [met] by a representative of the AG’s office who handed her a letter and “presumably” said that they felt that’s all they needed to do to comply.”

  17. Interesting. A representative of the Attorney General’s office. Can’t wait to see what this letter was. We’ve known for a long time that the obots have snitches and leakers inside all the courts. In fact, remember the infamous case of the guy who worked at the SCOTUS and who messed with the docket? Disgusting, amoral creeps. And Dr. C. expects “birthers” to take a morality quiz and provide him with the results, for comparison. Well, since liberalism is a genetic disease, characterized by a lack of conscience while at the same time exhibiting an extreme faux “compassion”, it’s not bloody likely that we “birthers” will be stupid enough to provide them with any fodder from their biased quiz.

  18. An update from the Post & Email story:

    “Update, August 8, 2011: WorldNetDaily is reporting that after Taitz’s arrival at the Hawaii Department of Health to examine the documents to be made available under the subpoena, she was provided with a letter which said that state law precluded the release of Obama’s birth records. Taitz then obtained “an order” from a magistrate judge at the U.S. District Court in Honolulu compelling HDOH personnel to appear at a hearing on September 14, 2011 to provide their reasons why the subpoena for Obama’s records was not or cannot be honored.

    The underlying issue of Taitz’s request to see the original birth record purportedly held by the Hawaii Department of Health is that if Obama’s social security number is being used fraudulently, it might indicate that he never had a birth certificate issued by any state in the U.S.

    The Hawaii Department of Health has claimed that it cannot release Obama’s original birth record due to “privacy” concerns.”

    So they fell back on the usual meme: their laws forbid releasing the documents. What a freaking JOKE when the WH got a waiver OF the so-called law on the PRETENSE OF GETTING THE CERTIFIED COPIES TO MAKE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC. It’s a joke. I hope Orly places that so-called waiver into evidence at the hearing. What privacy could there be when he’s already released the “real” birth certificate?

  19. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=331517

    “Court tells Hawaii officials to explain Obama’s birth records
    ‘Show cause’ hearing will determine why subpoena rejected.
    California attorney Orly Taitz today secured an order from United States District Court Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi demanding representatives of the Hawaii Department of Health appear in federal court Sept. 14 to show why Taitz should be prevented from seeing whatever original 1961 documents the agency has on record regarding Barack Obama’s birth.

    Taitz returned to federal court in Honolulu today after Hawaii DOH officials presented her with a letter refusing to comply with her subpoena on grounds that Hawaii privacy laws prevented officials from releasing Obama birth records to the public.

    “It’s ridiculous,” Taitz told WND.

    She had argued previously – without getting a response from the state – that Obama had waived all privacy rights by releasing his long-form birth certificate to the American public at a White House press conference April 27.”

    • I pray for our Country. Do you think the Sept. 14th date is on purpose? Is Obummer setting us up for another of his Horrible Distractions on 9-11? God help us all…………

  20. Hawaii news report:

    Critic denied access to Obama’s original birth certificate
    8/08 6:07 pm

    An outspoken critic who believes President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery visited the Hawaii Department of Health on Monday. Dr. Orly Taitz and two document experts were hoping to examine the president’s original long-form birth certificate, but their request was denied. Taitz then headed to U.S. District Court. She wants a federal judge to rule in her favor during a September 14 hearing.

    “We were able to get to the bottom of Watergate and it’s time to get to the bottom of Obama forgery-gate, or Obama fraud-gate – it’s time,” Taitz says.

    In a letter to Taitz, Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine wrote the following:

    “You are seeking disclosure of privileged or other protected matter, and there is no exception that applies to allow disclosure to you.”


    • From the same FOX station that ran the above article – a note to Orly. She doesn’t have the video clip yet.

      Interview outside Health Dept.
      Monday, August 8, 2011 8:26 PM
      From:“Andrew Pereira”
      To: “dr_taitz@yahoo.com”
      Aloha Dr. Taitz,

      Unfortunately my desk assigned me another story today so your interview will not have as much air time. We are running a brief on your appearance at the Hawaii Department of Health. It will appear in our 6 p.m. newscast. I am saving the tape with your interview as the hearing date nears.

      Thank you for your time today.
      All the best,


  21. Gotta love it when we scoop WND! Thanks Dr. P!

    ‘I created Obama’s certification of birth’
    White House links to deliberate forgery from Snopes.com, thinking it was real

    August 09, 2011 8:36 pm Eastern
    By Jerome R. Corsi © 2011 WND Snips

    When the White House posted online an image of President Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate, it also linked to the previously circulated “Certification of Live Birth,” the short-form version that had been presented as the only birth documentation available.

    However, the short-form certificate to which the White House linked April 27 was a forgery, claims computer expert Ron Polland, Ph.D., who says he made the image himself.

    “The White House said the black-and-white image is a copy of Obama’s 2007 [Certification of Live Birth], but it’s not. It is the forgery I created, and I can prove that is the case,” he declared.

    Polland said he created the image to bolster his contention that the short-form Certification of Live Birth circulated by the Obama presidential campaign was a forgery.

    “I didn’t say anything until the White House published my forged Obama birth certificate as the real thing,” he said. “Then I decided it was time to speak up.Once the White House posted the forgery, I knew I could expose both the president and a supposedly independent, fact-checking website like Snopes.com as being caught promoting a fake document as the real thing.”

    Polland walked WND through step-by-step documentation to show that the White House linked to his creation, not a document issued by the state of Hawaii.

    The White House website documenting the April 27 press conference states:

    In 2008, in response to media inquiries, the president’s campaign requested his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. The state sent the campaign the president’s birth certificate, the same legal documentation provided to all Hawaiians as proof of birth in state, and the campaign immediately posted it on the Internet. That birth certificate can be seen here (PDF).


    • Yes, we scooped them again, but it’s “breaking news” and they do original, “EXCLUSIVE” reporting. How’s that possible when we and other blogs reported this already? 🙂

      I noticed almost immediately that the WH white copy of the SFCOLB came from SNOPES; it’s reported in my Gaggle post, but that took me a while to put together, so others may have reported it in the meantime, too. We may have scooped everybody on that FACT, but you never know.

      There are a lot of great “birther” researchers out there. We’re all LOOKING closely and have developed good eyes for this stuff over the past few years. So sad for Barry.

      • I’m glad that Dr. P. has the proof that Snopes did link to his personal photobucket all this time. As I noted earlier, they have scrubbed the Snopes site, the cache, and also don’t allow the WayBack Machine to archive their pages, which in a way is an indication of “non-transparency” in and of itself.

      • They need to start paying attention to our blog again…they are getting way behind!

  22. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=332533

    “California attorney Orly Taitz has filed in Hawaii state court a Petition for Writ of Mandamus, which if granted would require the Department of Health to turn over to her the original 1961 Obama birth records that the agency has kept from the American public.

    A mandamus action is something to compel an official or government officer to perform a duty demanded by the petitioner. And in this situation, the case is in support of her subpoena for the birth records for the president.

    In submitting the Writ of Mandamus, Taitz filed 48 pages of pleadings and exhibits before Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Nishimura.
    This represents a separate legal action from the court order Taitz obtained from U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi which will require representatives of the Hawaii Department of Health appear in federal court Sept. 14 to show why Taitz should be prevented from seeing whatever original documents the agency has on record regarding Barack Obama’s birth, as authorized by subpoena. …

    “If the federal district court dismisses the case regarding Obama’s Social Security number and my subpoena is dismissed as a result, I still have the state court case seeking mandamus that will continue to apply,” she explained.

    “The subpoena is also limited in that it applies only to Loretta Fuddy, the director of the Hawaii Department of Health, but the state court case applies both to Fuddy and to the Hawaii DOH registrar Alvin Onaka,” she continued. “Onaka authenticated the Obama birth certificate and the state case challenges the Obama birth records independently of the Social Security number issues.”

    According to Hawaii state law procedures, Taitz expects Nishimura to request from the Hawaii DOH certified birth records for the court to examine prior to setting a formal hearing on the mandamus petition.”

  23. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=332041

    “President Obama’s potentially criminal use of a mysterious, Connecticut-based Social Security Number should become an important issue in his quest for re-election in 2012, says a former presidential candidate and ambassador in Ronald Reagan’s administration.

    Alan Keyes, who most recently sought the Republican nomination in 2008, discussed concerns about why Obama has a number reserved for Connecticut applicants, despite the president’s never having lived in the Constitution State. …

    Keyes’ comments came during an online interview with Stan Solomon, as he addressed an issue that has been avoided by the White House and almost completely ignored by national news agencies.

    “Let’s say that you’re trying to establish someone’s identity for the purposes of an investigation and you come across a Social Security Number that has that person coming from a state that all the other records of their life indicate they’ve never been to,” Keyes explained.

    “I think you would look at that as an anomaly that suggests, among other things, that you better probe a little harder to make sure that the identity that you’re dealing with is a real identity – that it’s not something that’s been in some sense fabricated for some particular purpose, because one of the things you want to do if you’re tracking somebody down is make sure you’re tracking them down, not following some phony figment down to dead ends. That’s common sense.”

  24. It took the whole staff to write this? Or they didn’t want to be implicated in some way?

    Attorney files suit to see President Obama’s birth certificate
    By Star-Advertiser staff
    POSTED: 07:10 p.m. HST, Aug 11, 2011

    A California lawyer filed a lawsuit in state court this week seeking to review President Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

    Obama released copies of the certificate on April 27 showing that he was born at what is now known as Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children on Aug. 4, 1961.

    Orly Taitz, who is representing herself, said in her lawsuit filed on Wednesday that she questions Obama’s legitimacy to be president.

    The Attorney General’s Office declined to comment, but wrote a letter addressed to Taitz and dated Monday saying she is not entitled to inspect the birth record.

    This file image shows the certificate of live birth issued by the state of Hawaii for Barack Obama.

    • You know, they probably don’t want to “own” any of the stories or be connected with them, because then citizens can’t call them to account when they write falsehoods. Hey! Is that Dr. P.’s forgery or is it the “real” SFCOLB? 🙂 btw, why are they back to running an image of the SFCOLB instead of the “real” LFCOLB that Barry released in April?

      • Isn’t that hilarious! They used the first forgery instead of the second one! Do you think people in Hawaii might compare their own Long form BC to Barry’s if they ran it?

  25. Atty. Orly Taitz Reports Live From Hawaii

    Taitz stated that when she arrived at the Department of Health, she was presented with a letter dated July 8, 2011 denying her access to the original birth certificate. Taitz described that which transpired as follows:

    We arrived there, and they had two people waiting for us. One was an attorney from the Attorney General’s office and the one person represented the Health Department by the name of Keith Yamamoto. They gave me a letter which was written by the Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, Jill Nagamine. She said that they would not allow us inspection of the original because of privacy concerns. The letter from Nagamine was dated July 8.

    First of all, any opposition to a subpoena has to be made in a proper form. They should have filed a form in federal court in Hawaii or in the original case in Washington, DC, and they did not do it. They provided their opposition on the day I arrived with my experts, which is an outrage of behavior by government officials. I have called and left multiple messages for AG Nagamine, and I wrote emails to her, Fedexed letters to Loretta Fuddy stating that it will cost thousands of dollars for my experts and me to have to fly from different states. I was flying from California; somebody else from Florida, and somebody else from Washington State, and they’re citing “privacy.” This is an insult to the intelligence of every American. It’s on http://www.whitehouse.gov. It’s not privacy; it’s forgery.

    If they had known that they were not going to cooperate with a federal subpoena, they had to advise us timely. They had two weeks to file a proper motion. This is a continuation of the same arrogant, obnoxious behavior of the government officials in Hawaii and the Obama regime. They’re just criminally complicit in this cover-up.

    The Post & Email then asked, “Is Jill Nagamine breaking state or federal law by not complying or not filing an objection within the two-week period?

    She’s representing Loretta Fuddy, and Loretta Fuddy is violating federal law. ...According to Rule 45, which deals with federal subpoenas, if they knew that they were not willing to comply with the subpoena, they had to file a proper objection within two weeks, and they did not do so.


    • They are all complicit: Robert Bauer, Judith Corley, Loretta Fuddy, Registrar Alvin T. Onaka – these people all need to be prosecuted. Even Assistant Attorney General Jill Nagamine knows that a crime has been committed and is complicit in misprision of felony. She is part of this criminal enterprise that has taken over this nation. It’s like the Mafia.

      Do you know anything about the judges who will be overseeing the hearing on the 14th?

      They are Susan Oki Mollway, chief judge of the District of Hawaii, and Magistrate Richard Puglisi.

      • and has anybody seen this witness lately?

        Tim Adams should have been subpoenaed by now and questioned under oath on CSPAN.


      • You know what’s frightening? The fact that they are all complicit and they seem to not care. That means, they’re not looking down the road at a time when Barry and Holder won’t be there to protect them. What then? When a patriot is again in the WH, someone who honors the law and the Constitution, won’t these people have to worry about investigations, subpoenas, hearings, trials, possible prison terms? Look what happened to Scooter Libby.

        THE FACT that this future doesn’t frighten them into complying with the law is frightening. Either they’re more afraid of Barry and company today, or they’re that sure that Barry and company will always be around to protect them, one way or another.

    • Head shaking time, once again. Will this never end? Are we a nation of laws or are we not a nation of laws?

  26. Happy Thanksgiving Mr.Obama! Or is his goose cooked?

    September 1, 2011

    Not long ago Obama was fighting GOP not to have public hearings in November on the issue of raising debt ceiling due to Obama’s insane spending.

    Now he wishes, it was debt ceiling on the agenda in November. Why so?

    Federal Judge for the US district court for the District of Hawaii Susan Oke-Mollway moved my motion hearing to compel production of Obama’s original birth certificate for expert inspection to November 21, 9:30 am in front of magistrate judge Richard Puglisi.

    So, now right before Thanksgiving, the whole country and media will be talking about Obama’s fraudulent use of a stolen Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 and about his use of computer generated forgery instead of a valid birth certificate.

    He really wishes it was his drunken sailor spending we were talking about, as at least being moron on the issues of economy is not criminal, you don’t go to prison for being a moron and spending this nation into oblivion. Using stolen Social Security number and a forged birth certificate is criminal, for which he can be moved in handcuffs from the White House to the Big House.

    Happy thanksgiving Mr. Obama! (or should I say Happy Ramadan?)

  27. Letter to Orly on August 8 from Jill Nagamine, Deputy AG, HI

  28. This is bona fide proof in wrting via a legal court document that barky cannot prove he was born in the State of Hawaii on the date he claims under the name he claims to the parents he claims.

    Absolute Proof

    and insofar as the document disparaging Dr Taitz as the “Queen of Birthers” by the media, no less, matters not one whit. it only serves to prove further that the bogus potus is hiding his original, signed and certified birth certificate.

    It shouldn’t be a problem since he flashed “it” live on television for all the world to see. not.

    Collusion and Conspiracy to hide the truth. Why didn’t they choose to turn the Queen of Birthers into the Monkey’s Uncle? Because they can’t.

  29. Orly Taitz: Update on Hawaii Cases and Her Upcoming Visit to Washington, DC

    Sep. 18, 2011 Snips

    …update on her two lawsuits filed in Hawaii. One is a state case with a hearing date scheduled for October 12, while the other is federal and has a hearing scheduled for November 21, 2011.

    It is unknown where Fuddy was on August 8, and the Hawaii Department of Health has refused to release her work schedule to The Post & Email after we filed a request for it under Hawaii’s UIPA, or open records, law. After filing an appeal to the Office of Information Practices, Attorney Linden Joesting supported the DOH’s contention that Fuddy’s work schedule could be kept confidential because Fuddy “keeps her work and personal appointments in one place and shares it only as needed with her personal secretary.”

    Taitz has submitted a reply to the government’s opposition to the subpoena commanding her to produce the birth certificate and is represented by Hawaii Assistant Attorney General Jill T. Nagamine. “They’re claiming privacy, and I provided information questioning ‘what privacy,’ as Obama has posted this document on whitehouse.gov, but he also posted it on mugs and T-shirts that are being sold by the Democratic National Committee.

    After Judge Royce Lamberth granted the defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment on August 30, Taitz filed a Motion for Reconsideration. Taitz included as new evidence Obama’s 2009 tax returns which show the social security number that he is using begins with the digits “042.”

    Taitz stated that if the federal case is dismissed, the unrelated state case will continue. The latter is based on the state UIPA statute, while the federal case is based on the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


  30. Exclusive: Orly Taitz on her Meetings with Congressional Staffers and Legal Advisors
    Sept. 26




    By Neil Sankey
    September 28, 2011

    Read More Here: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/09/28/open-letter-to-a-sheriff-in-the-heartland/

    * * * *

    By Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.
    September 27, 2011


    * * * *

    By Dr. Orly Taitz. Esq.
    September 26, 2011

    “Atty. Orly Taitz met with congressional chiefs of staff, senior advisors and legal counsel for several senators and congressmen on Thursday, September 22, 2011 in Washington, DC”


  32. Woman denied request to see Obama’s birth certificate
    Reported by: Jai Cunningham
    October 12 Published: 11:11 am
    Email: jcunningham@khon2.com

    A woman who has been seeking to inspect President Barack Obama’s original birth certificate has run into another road block.

    Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Nishimura granted the state’s motion to dismiss a request by Dr. Orly Taitz to see that certificate.

    The state says it has verified that the president’s birth certificate is real. Last spring the White House released that document to the public.

    Taitz alleges the online release is a forgery. She has appealed denials to federal court before, and everywhere she has turned she has been denied. Taitz, along with other so called “birthers”, believe President Obama was not born in America. President Obama’s father was from Kenya, his mother is from Hawaii. Taitz is not alone in making a claim like this other more high profile people like Donald Trump have even brought the subject up in public.

    Jai Cunningham will have more on this story tonight on the KHON2 News at Five and Six.


    • “ONE skeptic believes it’s a fake.” ONE!!!! We are ONE!!!!

      It happens to be their most popular story at the moment, so there’s quite an interest in this issue, huh? I wonder why? Obots or Constitutionalists? Which is making that story SO “popular?” I do notice it’s NOT the “editors’ choice.” 🙂

      “‘I have this record here, was Barack Hussein Obama II born in Hawaii? And the answer, the verification would be yes,’ said deputy attorney general Jill Nagamine.” [Not birth certificat; this “record.” Verification that there’s a record? Verification that the record says he was born in Hawaii? What does she mean?]

      Hmm. Didn’t we find some “connectedness” with Ms. Nagamine? Is the issue whether or not he was BORN THERE? NO, it is NOT! The issues ARE:

      1. PROVE that he was born there with unassailable documentary EVIDENCE provided to a court of law under pain of perjury. Nagamine can say anything she wants. Was she speaking in her capacity AS an attorney? She has “this record here.” Which RECORD is that?

      “The verification would be yes” sounds VERY MUCH LIKE THEIR TYPICAL PARSING. A verification means what? The record says yes. They attorney doesn’t say yes.

      We’ve been down this road before. Legal meaning of “to verify” : a statement (a record? a single record?) like an AFFIDAVIT where one and only one person with knowledge of the supposed birth says he was born there. This affidavit (this RECORD) could be one extorted from Madelyn Dunham in 2008 and filed THEN, in 2008, wherein Granny stated she knows he was born in Hawaii. Granny, under lock and key since and now conveniently deceased.

      2. IS HE Barack Hussein Obama II ON THAT RECORD? What was his birth name?

      3. WHO ARE HIS PARENTS AS LISTED ON THAT ORIGINAL RECORD? WERE THEY BOTH US CITIZENS, WHICH WOULD MAKE HIM A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN? Without the proof of his parentage, we don’t know that he’s a NBC. Do we? Simply being born on US territory does NOT qualify one for the presidency.

      4. IS HE the person who was born in Hawaii? We don’t know WHO HE IS, short of seeing all his documentary evidence. ALL OF HIS VITAL RECORDS. A footprint would help.

      5. It that record Nagamine has is an affidavit, what did the state of Hawaii DO to verify it as true, IF ANYTHING?

      • The video is new since yesterday. The court dismissed the case. I wonder how much information or evidence Orly was allowed to show to the court. The attorney said she didn’t have standing or something like that over the White House.

        Nagamine had a record…what was shown to this court? It will be interesting to see the court transcription.

        • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/maya-kasandra-soetoro-ng-timeline/comment-page-1/#comment-60991

          The link where we talked about Jill Nagamine’s probable HUSBAND. He was Maya Soetoro’s divorce lawyer and they have connections to Punahou, too.

          I don’t know if Nagamine said that IN COURT or to the reporter. It’s not clear from the story. She’s just quoted in the story. I don’t think she took the record or any record to court. It’s a bizarre statement, imho. Out of context and basically meaningless, but who would expect the media to report the facts, all the facts, nothing but the facts, and IN CONTEXT? Nagamine apparently argued that Orly has no standing to challenge the POTUS. If you look on that thread where we talked about her, you’ll see basically that was her response in the letter she handed Orly. That it was privileged or something to that effect.

          Whether or not it’s true that his records are privileged, private, sealed, it should be SIMPLE ENOUGH, on an issue of SUCH IMPORTANCE, for them to answer WHETHER OR NOT THE IMAGE ON THE WH WEBSITE ACCURATELY REFLECTS WHAT’S ON FILE. They are covering for him, obfuscating for him. They are all in on it. It’s all for one and one for all, at this point. If he goes down, so do they. That’s how he likes it because it keeps them on the reservation.

  33. Summary of the hearing and actually fair and balanced reporting on FOX HI –KHON 2 at 5/6pm evening news, FOX showed the judge totally biased and dumb
    Attorney Orly Taitz

    Today at the hearing it was clear that Judge Nishimura was under marching orders to dismiss the cas,e but give it an impression of a hearing on the merits and some impartiality. She stated, that she will hear the case on the merits. Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagaminre, whose husband, Todao Nagamine, is reportedly Obama’s family attorney (he handled his sister’s divorce from her fist husband) argued the same old sphil, that I can’t get any disclosure of records, because I don’t have any tangible interest. She kept going on again and again and the judge kept nodding and agreeing with her.

    When my turn came, I quickly responded that this whole song and dance with the tangible interest is completely irrelevant to my case, as I am not asking for any disclosure and I don’t need to show any tangible interest.

    I showed them different provisions in their state law, that showed, that as an attorney with a case, where the certified copy is at issue, I am entitled to get verification of the documents on file in lieu of the certified copy provided. At that point both the judge and the Deputy Attorney General were bewildered and were thrown out of the loop. They were completely unprepared for this argument.

    Nagamine scrambled to come up with something and she came up with the stupidest excuse. She said that the state of HI verifies documents with only 2 words: yes or no, meaning that the document is yes, in records or no, not in records. And they verified and said yes regarding Obama’s records.

    I asked to provide rebuttal and stated that he fact that the state even argues this point is completely despicable. I stated, that I provided affidavits and statements from expert, after expert, after expert, all of whom attested to the fact, that the document posted by Mr. Obama on line is a forgery. So, what Ms. Nagamine is stating, is that the state official can provide a clear forgery and defraud 311 American citizens and the only thing the state of HI will do, is have the same official state, that “yes, the document is on file” and that constitutes verification, which means that anyone can issue any forgery in HI.

    The whole hearing lasted for an hour. I provided them with rule after rule after rule from HI codes, showing that they are required to allow inspection of the original in lieu of the certified copy. (I ordered the transcript) and will post it, when it is ready, you will have the whole argument.

    Also, FOX had their camera in the jury box and it was pointed at me. They recorded the whole hour, but showed small clips at 5pm and a longer clip at 6pm.

    Their choice of material for this evening prime time report was very telling. First, they showed me telling the judge:’ Your Honor, I provided in my complaint statements of expert, after expert, after expert stating that what Mr. Obama posted on the internet, is a forgery”

    Then they show Nagamine, who argued: “Your Honor, the state verified he records already. If you were to ask the state, whether Obama was born here, they would state –yes”

    They finished the clip by saying that after an hour of argument the judge ended by saying 8 words: motion by the state to dismiss the case is granted. This report clearly shows the public, that the judge is biased and unreasonable. She was told to weigh the evidence. She had on one hand multiple affidavits of experts, saying it is a forgery, on the other hand she had one word “yes” from Fuddy, an official who released this forgery, and the judge is agreeing with Fuddy,

    FOX is clearly showing the judge to be either corrupt or dumb. It was shown twice in prime time news in HI and millions of people saw it.

    After the hearing I gave an interview for channel 8. The judge allowed only 1 camera in the courtroom, so I gave channel 8 interview after the hearing.

    Afterwards I went to the clerk’s office, ordered the transcript, later I went to the Federal court, court of Appeals and the Health department. Emergency submission to the court of Appeals will be posted within a few days. More subpoenas will be coming.

    From stress and jet lag and nerves, I did not sleep for 2 nights. I will need to get some rest, as I have to be up at 5 am tomorrow.


      • That is truly bizarre. What “record” does she have “here”? It sounds AS IF the record she has is in answer to a question, “Was Barack Hussein Obama II born in Hawaii?” and she says the answer, the “verification” would be “yes.” (About one minute into the video.)

        So is she saying that this record (now singular) could be an answer by someone attesting that he was born in Hawaii? Who? Why does she use that odd word, “verification?” The “verification WOULD BE yes.” Slick lawyers. I wonder if Todd can parse it for us.

        She doesn’t show any record, that I can see. This is disgusting. She says Orly hasn’t demonstrated any “power” over the “holder of the White House.” HOLDER of the White House? How bizarre is that? She doesn’t say president. She says holder of the WH. He answers to the people, Ms. Nagamine. (Interesting to SEE her. Another page-boyed, bleached blond. What’s up with that uniform?)

        • Wait, I didn’t see Orly’s comments that Bridgette posted above. Now I see. Orly wanted verification, but she’s supposed to settle for Nagamine’s (not the HDOH’s) assurance that the “verification” would be “yes”. Bull. Glad Orly pointed out Tadao’s connection to the Obama’s. That should have made her recuse herself from the case. Conflict of interest? This court takes an attorney’s OPINION based upon her false assertion that the HDOH has already backed up the authenticity of his BC, that they WOULD say he was born in Hawaii, IF the judge asked. So why didn’t the JUDGE ask the HDOH to come and make that assertion UNDER OATH? Why didn’t she make the HDOH follow Hawaiian law and let Orly see the document in lieu of a certified copy? I can’t wait to read that transcript. Then we can ask Todd’s opinion.

  34. ORYR: Judge Lamberth Kills Both Taitz v Astrue and Taitz v Ruemmler Killing The November Court Hearing in Hawaii

    Orly: More cover up of Obama forgery and fraud by the federal court

    Excerpts: Taitz v Astrue – Memorandum and Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration – Obama’s Social Security Number


    An extensive description of the factual background underlying this litigation and related lawsuits appears in this Court’s August 30, 2011 Memorandum Opinion [33]. Plaintiff filed suit under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552 (“FOIA”), to compel the defendant to disclose the Form SS-5 for Social Security number xxx-xx-4425 in an attempt to confirm her belief that President Barack Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security number. The SSA denied the request under FOIA Exemption 6, which guards against release of documents when such release “would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of privacy.” 5 U.S.C. § 552(b)
    (6).This Court in granting summary judgment for the defendant upheld that decision. This Court determined that even public figures retain a privacy interest in personal information, see, e.g. Kidd v. Dept. of Justice , 362 F. Supp. 2d 291, 297 (D.D.C. 2005), and that no legitimate public interest would be served by disclosure in absence of any reasonable substantiation of plaintiff’s allegations of impropriety. Plaintiff then filed the instant motion for reconsideration.

    Accordingly, the document [release of the tax document showing the redacted SS #] is not “new evidence” under Rule 59(e) and cannot serve as the basis for reconsideration.

    Similarly, plaintiff submits an affidavit that an individual used the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ E-Verify Self Check system, which returned an error message showing an unexplained discrepancy between the President and the Social Security number at issue. Apparently, plaintiff is arguing that, if one online database confirms the President’s use of the number, and another database shows some mismatch between the President and this number, the President must be engaging in fraud. This constitutes nothing more than an unsubstantiated “bare suspicion” of wrongdoing.

    1 The Court is loath to dignify plaintiff’s allegations of fraud with a response on the merits. However, suffice it to say that plaintiff’s argument is premised on the incorrect assumption that Social Security numbers assigned prior to 1973 have any correlation to the recipient’s residence, see Employer Filing Instructions and information,http://www.socialsecurity.gov/employer/stateweb.htm (“Prior to 1973, social security numbers were assigned by our field offices. The [first three] number[s] merely established that his/her card was issued by one of our offices in that State.”). Plaintiff’s entire premise is totally defeated by a cursory examination of this site, which demonstrates that plaintiff’s allegations lack any basis in fact.

    2 Furthermore, the Court notes that individuals may only use the E-Verify Self Check service to check their own employment eligibility, and that to do so an individual must answer a series of private questions before gaining access to the system. See Self Check : Terms of Use, https://selfcheck.uscis.gov/SelfCheckUI.

    Finally, plaintiff tries to submit as new evidence newspaper reports regarding the allegedly illegal use, by two relatives of the President, of other Social Security numbers. The Court will not give credence to plaintiff’s attempt to impugn the President with the alleged misconduct of others.
    For the reasons discussed above, it is hereby ORDERED
    that the plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration is DENIED

    Signed by Royce C. Lamberth, Chief Judge, on October 17, 2011

    • Error on the judge’s part or on the part of whoever helped him write his order? Intentional mistake so that Orly can resubmit a case? Why would the judge get this wrong?

      Judge Lamberth wrote in his Footnote #1, “is premised on the incorrect assumption that Social Security numbers assigned prior to 1973 have any correlation to the recipient’s residence.”

      That statement is incorrect as it was written only for numbers assigned AFTER 1973. WTPOTUS have talked about the 1973 date multiple times and its importance to the lawsuit.

    • Is there any recourse for an attorney when the judge misstates FACTS?

      Even if that statement applied, what does “card was issued by one of our offices IN THAT STATE” mean, other than that the person was IN THAT STATE when the card was issued? We know that Obama was thousands of miles away in 1973 or 1977, unless he’s LYING about his biography. Why would he be IN CONNECTICUT? Are we to believe that, despite that he said he met his father only once, he was visiting BHO Sr. in Massachusetts and for some unknown reason, they decided to tool on over to Connecticut to get Barry a SS#? In 1977, did the person have to apply IN PERSON? If not, why would Barry mail an application to Connecticut? But as Bridgette points out, the statement the judge cited doesn’t apply to Barry and the opposite does apply: His number was issued after 1973, therefore, the first three digits apply to the zip code of his RESIDENCE. And he never lived in Connecticut.

      I don’t even understand the lame point this judge tries to make by pointing out that E-Verify Self Check service is for the individual himself. So what? Is he trying to imply that instead of the system screening the researcher out when she answered the screening questions incorrectly (assuming she did), INSTEAD the system let her through but gave her a “no match” response instead of a “you’re not BHO” response?

      Number three is the Bill O’Reilly defense. Pointing to other people’s misbehavior, except with a twist–it does excuse Barry’s, somehow.

      Technically, I can understand some of the judge’s points. It’s circumstantial evidence about Zeituni and Omar. Is the judge falling back on a “it must be a data base problem” explanation? I wonder if there’s any precedent for that argument. What did he say, if anything, about Harrison Bounel using the same number and the deceased person who had the same number?

      Can she appeal this?

  35. Taitz v Ruemmler – Memorandum and Order Granting Motion to Dismiss – Obama’s Social Security Number
    Oct. 17 Excerpts:

    As part of her Sisyphean quest to prove that President Barack Obama is using a fake Social Security number and a forged birth certificate, plaintiff filed the instant Complaint [1].Plaintiff seeks access under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), 5 U.S.C. § 552, to the two certified copies of the original long form birth certificate of Barack Obama 1 currently in possession of the defendant, White House Counsel Kathy Ruemmler. So long as the entities or advisors in question “wield[] substantial authority independently of the President,” they are not subject to FOIA. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington v. Office of Admin., 566 F.3d 219, 222 (D.C. Cir. 2009)(quotation marks omitted).

    The White House Counsel’s Office is one such office that is not subject to FOIA, because the Office’s sole responsibility is to render legal advice to the President. See Nat’l Security Archive v. Archivist of the United States, 909 F.2d 541, 545 (D.C.Cir. 1990).

    Indeed, this Court as recently as last year noted that “the White House Counsel’s Office [has] been excluded from FOIA’s definition of agency . . . .” Alexander v. FBI , 691 F.Supp. 2d 182, 189 (D.D.C. 2010). Plaintiff thus cannot seek relief against the defendant under FOIA.

    But plaintiff provides no indication that the defendant’s predecessor and other participants in the press conference acted without the President’s direction. There is no reason to believe that the Office of the White House Counsel’s involvement in the release and continued retention of the birth certificate is independent in any sense or outside the traditional auspices of the office.
    Plaintiff’s entire argument for application of FOIA to this case is simply a restatement of her conclusory allegations that the President and his Administration are committing a fraud. Such threadbare assertions are irrelevant to the status of the White House Counsel’s Office as an entity exempt from FOIA. It is therefore hereby

    ORDERED that defendant’s motion to dismiss is GRANTED,, and plaintiff’s suit is dismissed with prejudice.

    Signed by Royce C. Lamberth, Chief Judge, on October 17, 2011.

    • Sisyphean – Sisyphus

      In Greek mythology Sisyphus was a king punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity. He is also found in Roman mythology.

      The word “sisyphean” means “endless and unavailing, as labor or a task.


    • Corsi wrote an article on Dr. P.’s “creations”: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=356005 “This is the first in a two-part series examining how researcher Ron Polland created a forged duplicate of the Obama long-form birth certificate released April 27 by the White House. This article details the methodology Polland used to deconstruct the White House document for the purpose of reconstructing his forged version. The second article will examine Polland’s belief that the White House document was forged and his deductions about the alleged forger.”

      Another WND story about how the people who set up the debates make sure that candidates are eligible to be POTUS. (Seriously!) One of these guys RECENTLY brought up McCain’s eligibility in 2008 but wouldn’t address Barry’s LACK of eligibility. If you notice, he MISSTATES the qualification “natural born” and instead says “NATIVE born”.

      “… The co-chairman of the private organization that organizes the debates between the major presidential candidates has raised the issue of Sen. John McCain’s eligibility during the 2008 race – again.

      But Frank Fahrenkopf of the Commission on President Debates, during an interview on the Fox News Channel, did not mention the numerous questions surrounding then-Sen. Barack Obama’s qualifications for the same office

      And today, a spokeswoman for the organization flatly refused to comment to WND on the dispute over Obama’s eligibility. … “First of all you have to meet the constitutional requirements. Most people don’t realize you have to be 35 years of age, native born, born here in the United States,” he said.

      “Some of you may remember some controversy whether or not when John McCain was born in the Canal Zone on a U.S. base down there qualified. So there’s a pretty clear enunciation of what’s involved there,” he said.” http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=357285#ixzz1b8ibPaaV

      Some of the listeners MAY REMEMBER the controversy whether or not BARACK OBAMA II is a natural born citizen. They MAY, if the lamestream REPORTED THE ISSUE. This commission SHOULD address the issue. NOW.

    • So am I to understand that NOW, by this ruling, Judge Lamberth squarely places the responsibility for the placement of an allegedly FORGED and FRAUDULENT document on Barry’s shoulders? They can’t have it both ways. The evidence we have of plausible (now increasingly implausible) deniability is the persons in question REMOVING the LFCOLB from the podium and Barry NOT addressing it or “owning” it. Yet this judge is saying that the people responsible for posting that document on the WH website did so UNDER THE DIRECTION of Barry. The thing is: Ruemmler and Bauer didn’t have possession of the original. Judith Corley, Obama’s PERSONAL lawyer, got them. Maybe she needs to ask for something else: Everything to do with the work process to create and post that document on the WH website. THOSE PEOPLE, the technicians, are not exempt from FOIA. Are they? They’re US employees. We pay them. The WH Counsel’s office may be exempt. Is Barry’s communication director? Are the techs that put the image on the webpage? The techs or clerks who copied papers and created the handouts for the press?

      Dr. Orly Taitz, in pro se ) Case No. 11-cv-00402 ) Notice of Appeal

      Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the )

      Social Security Administration, ) Request to stay final order
      Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (Hereinafter “Taitz”) is hereby notifying this court of an Appeal being filed challenging the following orders:

      1. Order granting Motion for Summary Judgment by the defendant Michael Astrue, commissioner of the Social Security administration. Plaintiff files this appeal based on following:

      a. Court made an error of facts of the case and misrepresented the case and the argument by the Plaintiff in its’ order, as well as error of law.

      b. Court showed bias against the Plaintiff, political dissident civil rights leader attorney Dr. Orly Taitz and in favor of the defendant, Commissioner of the Social Security administration, aimed at shielding from criminal prosecution Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, II, currently occupying the position of the President of the United States and Commander in Chief, party of interest in the case, in spite of clear, undeniable, irrefutable evidence, presented by the Plaintiff, showing that Barack Obama is fraudulently using a Social Security number, issued in the state, where he never resided, which was never assigned to him according to the Social Security administration. Contrary to the court assertion, in and around March of 1977, when above Social Security number was issued in the state of Connecticut, according to the Social Security own guidelines, the application was supposed to be submitted from the state of Connecticut. At a time Barack Obama was 16 years old and resided in Hawaii and was nowhere near the state of Connecticut, which clearly shows him fraudulently using a Social Security number issued to another individual. The court erred in completely ignoring affidavits of Senior Deportation office of the Department of Homeland Security John Sampson, licensed investigators Susan Daniels and Neil Sankey, attesting to the fact, that the application for Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425, had to be submitted and mailed from Connecticut, as well as information that in the national databases this Social Security number is connected to multiple dates of birth, including birth in 1890, which places the holder of the above number at an age of 121 years old, which is clearly not the age of Barack Obama.

      2. Order, denying motion for reconsideration is appealed on the same grounds.

      3. Order, denying preparation of Vaugn index is appealed on the same grounds

      4. Plaintiff Moves this court to stay its’ final order pending appeal, so the Plaintiff can proceed with the Motion to compel hearing currently scheduled for November 21, 2011 in USDC in HI to compel inspection of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate, allegedly created in 1961 and kept in the Health Department in Hawaii since then. Plaintiff previously argued to the court, that Barack Obama’s use of a fraudulently obtained Connecticut Social Security number is integrally connected to his fraudulent use of a computer generated birth certificate, which is a forgery based on statements of experts Chito Papa, Douglas Vogt and Paul Irey. When one does not have a valid birth certificate, one resorts to obtaining a forged, fraudulently obtained Social Security number. This is a matter of outmost urgency for the United States national security, as we currently have an individual, occupying the position of the U.S. President and Commander in Chief without a valid Social Security number, without a valid birth certificate and consequently without any other valid identification papers, as any secondary IDs are based on a valid BC and SSN ID. In light of the gravity of this situation and unprecedented danger to the U.S. interests, plaintiff moves this court to stay its’ final order pending appeal.

      Respectfully submitted

      /s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

      h/t Renee and bob strauss at CW

  36. I don’t know what this means and have no other information. Anyone?
    Oct. 12

    New twist, now the Attorney General of HI states, that they verify forged documents by a yes or no answer from the official, who provided the forgery in the first place. Case goes to the intermediate court of appeals, new subpoenas to be served shortly.


    • She must be talking about when Nagamine stood up in court and said that if the HDOH (the alleged forger) were asked if the document is authentic, they would make the “verification” of “yes.”

      I’m not sure Orly’s correct to accuse the HDOH of forging the document. It’s very possible that they gave a photocopy of a REAL document to Judith Corley, Barry’s attorney. It’s highly likely that the image on the WH website is not OF the document that Corley received. The forger was probably not the HDOH.

      What Nagamine SAYS would be the reponse is meaningless. She has no basis to make the statement. Did she in some way verify that document herself? How did she do it?

      What she said was her opinion. She wasn’t testifying. As a lawyer, she probably knows the way she could weasel out of any allegation that she lied. She can just feign ignorance and say that she was going by statements from the HDOH, which they parsed and she misunderstood.

      I hope Orly really can appeal this case. I wish that the lawyers who created that FOIA request for the climate commission records could help Orly streamline her filings.

    • There is an article on P & E that explains this in more detail.

      • If you’re referring to this article, http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/10/17/opinion-hawaii-court-hearing-verifies-that-white-house-and-health-department-have-the-same-fraudulent-document/

        I would differ that Nagamine “said that the state of HI verifies documents with only two words: yes or no, meaning that the document is yes, in records or no, not in records. And they verified and said yes…””

        Nagamine said that their answer “would be yes.” She didn’t say that they were asked and submitted to the court that the answer IS yes. Whether or not there’s some document of some kind on file in Hawaii (the answer being yes) doesn’t in any way authenticate whatever that document image on the WH website SAYS. Hawaii has never addressed that image, nor have they said what is says is what the document they have says.

        Is the transcript of that court hearing available? I’d like to read and parse the entire thing.

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