Were Seal Team Six Members Executed?

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Ann writes what many of us suspect and believe:   that there is a connection between the death of Osama bin Laden by Seal Team Six and the  dozens of Seal deaths in the last few days, and how the Obama Marxist regime is more than likely responsible for their deaths.

The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 2)

 Ann Barnhardt – August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011:   A Chinook helo is shot down in Tangi, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Within hours, before family notifications could possibly have been completed, global press accounts positively confirm that 22 of the 30 Americans killed were not just SEALS, but members of SEAL Team 6.   Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly classified. Today, the Obama regime made a point of immediately revealing the unit identities of the SPECOPS forces among the dead.

In the past, DEVGRU men and other SPECOPS men have been killed in action, but their missions were so secret and so crucial to OPSEC that their deaths were covered-up by the government and attributed to such things as “training accidents” and the like – and I have no problem with that. These men understand going in to intense units such as DEVGRU that OPSEC is paramount, that they will never be publicly acknowledged for their heroism, and that if they are killed or captured in action, the government will lie about that in order to protect OPSEC and to prevent the enemy from gaining a propaganda and morale coup. Compare that reality with what happened today. The Obama regime distributed this information, and the Obama regime’s lapdog press instantly splashed headlines declaring this as the Taliban’s “REVENGE” for the “death of Bin Laden.” As I write this now, the Drudge Report headline in bright red reads, “REVENGE: SEALS WHO GOT OSAMA KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN.”

I’ll say what everyone else is thinking but is too scared to say. The Obama regime is almost certainly directly complicit in these deaths. The time, location and most especially, the PASSENGERS in the Chinook were passed to the Taliban.   Additionally, you can’t take out a Chinook with small arms fire or even standard RPGs such as the Taliban use. The Taliban needed serious weaponry to take this helo down, and that serious weaponry needed to be in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time, ready to fire.

Why would the Obama regime kill Americans? I think the question is, why WOULDN’T the Obama regime kill Americans? The Obama regime is composed of Marxist-Leninist psychopaths. A glancing, superficial survey of 20th century history shows one glaring fact above all others:   MARXISTS MURDER PEOPLE WITHOUT COMPUNCTION.  Marxists also hate Americans, by definition.   Three tacks:

1. The men on board the Chinook may have been some of the same men who participated or had direct knowledge of the staged Bin Laden raid and were killed to permanently silence them.

2. These DEVGRU men were killed to send a signal to the surviving DEVGRU men who carried out the Bin Laden raid to keep their mouths shut.

3. Certainly, the release of the unit identity of the dead within hours – before even family notification could have been made (which requires an IN PERSON visit to the family, remember) was an obvious bow to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the entire muslim world. This event was INSTANTLY propagandized by the Obama media as “revenge” exacted for Bin Laden’s death. And remember, Bin Laden has been dead for many years. The raid of May 2 was pure stagecraft to distract the world from the release of the forged Obama birth certificate.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I can’t stand Alex Jones or any 9/11 truther. I have turned down dozens of interviews with such types. In fact, I am a huge believer in the Lex Parsimoniae, which is sometimes called “Occam’s Razor”, which states that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. I teach this as part of my job, namely that the cattle markets are neither manipulated nor impossible to operate within at a profit. The reality is that the cattle industry participants do not make money because they are functionally incompetent. It is very, very simple. True conspiracies are very rare.

This entire Obama situation is a conspiracy, and I say that without the slightest hesitation. Obama is not a citizen of the United States, he is a puppet front for a cabal of Marxist-Leninsts including Soros, Ayers, Dohrn, Strong, Jarrett and many, many others. These people are enemies of the United States. These people are deeply psychologically damaged, and are capable of ordering people murdered in order to protect themselves and increase their own power. The three dead homosexual black men from Trinity United Church of Christ, Young, Bland and Spencer, all of whom were sexually linked to Barack Obama, were probably the first people specifically murdered by the Obama regime. The hundreds of Mexicans and the two American agents Terry and Zapata were murdered by Operation Fast and Furious in order to advance and increase the power of the Obama regime. These SEALS and the others on board that Chinook today were almost certainly betrayed and murdered by the Obama regime.

Why did the Obama regime immediately reveal the unit identity of the SPECOPS forces involved in the first place, despite the fact that DEVGRU was highly classified? Why was the personnel composition of the Chinook released IMMEDIATELY today after the helo went down – before even family notifications could be made? WHY? Why would you hand your enemy, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, a massive propaganda coup? WHY?

I’ll tell you why.    Because the Obama regime IS THE ENEMY. They are Marxist tyrants who hold the lives of Americans not just cheap, but in scathing contempt. They will say anything, they will do anything, and they will murder ANYONE in order to protect themselves and consolidate and increase their power. Please, I beg you, for the love of God and all that is good in this world, read the history of the Soviet Union. Read about Lenin and Stalin and how they murdered people without any hesitation. Read about how Hitler was constantly ordering the murder of his own officers. Read about Communist China. Read about Mao and the millions upon tens of millions of murders he ordered. Read about the killing fields of the Communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia led by Pol Pot. PLEASE. Marxists MURDER PEOPLE. That is what they do. The Obama regime is MARXIST to the bone. If the Obama regime is not stopped, the 30 Americans murdered today in Afghanistan will be just the beginning. I promise you that.

Here, again, is the clip of Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground Marxist terrorist organization in the 1970s. The Weather Underground was founded by Obama’s political godfather, communist mentor (along with Frank Marshall Davis), murderer, and ghostwriter of “Dreams From My Father”, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn.

In this interview, taped in 1980 while Obama was still just an unknown undergrad foreign scholarship student at Occidental College, Grathwohl describes the leadership of the Weather Underground (which is Ayers and Dohrn) discussing what will be done with the “unreformable, diehard capitalists” once they have overthrown the government of the United States. The answer is extermination in camps in the Southwest. The estimated total that would need to be killed? 25 million, which was 10% of the population at the time.   Ayers & Dohrn already have overthrown the government of the United States via their puppet protégé, Barack Obama. They have guaranteed that the economy will collapse. The only thing left for them to do is suspend the Constitution and open the camps.   I’ll see you there.

Additional Reading:

The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 1)  By Ann Barnhardt

Photo Source:  e-news4u.com

122 responses to “Were Seal Team Six Members Executed?

  1. God Bless these Families.

    SHEEP IN HIGH PLACES – Obummer makes me sick!

  2. http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/08/10/who-brought-down-the-helicopter-carrying-american-navy-seals/

    Did anyone link this yet? Sharon does a good roundup of all the contradictions and the ever-morphing tale.


    SEAL TEAM 6 Assassinated – Whistle Blower Talks! (Col. Sixx)
    Aug. 9

    They guy speaking has been with military intelligence for 25 + years. Lot of upper echelon military are aware of what is going on. The last accident was to shut up the Seal Team. The other ones were shot down or blown up because they were getting ready to talk about the Bin Laden raid. The Seals were getting ready to go public and blow the cover on that raid. When we (the public) were told that there no Seals that participated in the Bin Laden raid killed in the Afghanistan helicopter, it was a lie!

    Real operations are never published. Just hearing that information so quickly, we should know it was staged. This was just a cover story.

    Wives of the Seals are going to the press. There was no Bin Laden taken, no burial. Their loved ones died in a way other than what has been reported.

    No one in the army or marine corp is buying the story! The whole bin Laden story is a lie and every connected to it!

    Colonel6’s blog

  4. Below is part of a letter to the editor that actually WAS published:
    “Each week we are fed a steady diet of exaggerated feats and made-up actions presented in our media as fact. Last week we were expected to believe that after more than 30 people were killed in a helicopter crash, our forces were able to go back into the region and kill the exact individual who fired the fatal rocket. It took 10 years to find Osama bin Laden but only 24 hours to locate one guy among hundreds. The facts were presented unquestioned by those in the media who know better.”


  5. …I hear what you say, but what must we do, elections sure haven’t worked we only elect those who have power and money. Not a heart or want to help people. The military spends $580 billion a year on military weapons at the expense of its middle class tax payers, yet you have individuals like me who can’t see where my next meal comes from to feed my family. They have given millions to the families of the PLO who are in prison for terrorist acts, and yet here am I former military disabled in the line of duty and all I get is $120.00 a month for my disability 10% is what I was deemed worthy of for my services to this country, and I sit here and get angry seeing all my taxes go to sh** I don’t approve of.

    I feel that elections only make the rich richer, and the middle class and poor get poorer. What of the bailouts that GM and all the banks got? Where is my bailout, you see if I and many like me dont work where is their money? Where is my incentive? I work and yet still have nothing to show for my effort I am poorer than the week before. I haven’t had a family vacation in over 6 years and the last vacation I had was to go see my mother before she passed away. I see all the leadership in the capitol hasn’t had that problem.

    I am sorry for this long write but I am getting sick of doing all the work and seeing my utility companies, bank, and tax collectors getting rich off my work. When I read the “Declaration of Independence” I see the same thing happening in our government to day. They do the same as the King of England did in the 1700’s. Yet I know nothing will happen cause everyone is so comfortable in their “comfort zones” taking there vacations while people like me are back at work busting our asses for a future that looks so bleak.

    • William, you still have what progressive don’t…honor, integrity and character! You served your country and took a fall for her. There is honor in that, and the country thanks you, even if it can’t be measured monetarily. You are a man who was maimed in the line of duty, but it hasn’t stopped you from working. Times indeed became tougher with the installation of a puppet and his minions into the core of our government. Interestingly, the ones trying to push their ideology on the rest of us have money, make money, and yet don’t see their own hypocrisy in wanting everyone else to live their dream of equality for the masses. Their dream is great, and they can talk about it, because they already have their stash of cash. They are illusionists. They don’t use their money to help anyone but themselves.

      The best thing about the Obama wakening is that we have learned about the underbelly of the progressive movement and their intent to destroy the US. We had no idea of the magnitude of their infiltration into our government until Obama was elected. Now our eyes are opened, and people are doing all they can to put the brakes on their revolution to make us swallow their utopian dream. They want to lead it, but they sure don’t want to live it like they expect the poor and middle class to do. Theirs is a deadly pill, and those that swallow it are committing their own suicide.

  6. Anne Barnhardt wrote another piece, citing this article:

    She says it confirms her suspicions. Her blog: http://barnhardt.biz/ There’s no specific link to her post about this, but it’s dated Oct. 25, iirc.

  7. The day the oil rig blew the news reports came out too quickly and were too canned and the info released was too much. Obama fought the clean up, used the oil spill to close down drilling in the Gulf, and also to increase his power of the U.S. I have suspected his involvement with that, either through eco-terrorists, or al-Quaida

    The Clintons were the same way, and are part of the same kind of activity.

    When they killed the people at Waco, they also killed two men who formerly had served Clinton in Arkansas, whom he had used and wanted to silence. The list of deaths at Oklahoma and the involvement of Holder that has recently come out, are the tip of the iceberg with them. They killed McVeigh as quickly as they could to get the whole thing over and out of people’s minds, but I believe that whole event had more than Holder involved.

    I don’t believe our government at large was involved in 9-11, but it is entirely possible that people from this underground group had placed strategically located detonations within the building that were triggered by the planes flying into the buildings.

    We have been infiltrated by the enemy for a long time. McCarthy was suspicious and on to subversive activity at a time when he had power to investigate. His total destruction by the communists in media is still viewed by many as him being out of line.

    It’s seems impossible to get the enemy out of our government because too many people trust the media cover-up.

    • You know, Waco and Ruby Ridge do seem to be the nose under the tent. I was shocked, horrified, and astounded to see that happen. Especially Waco, where they burned innocent children alive. What was their crime? For that matter, what was the crime of their parents? To this day, I don’t know. Executed without trial. Guilty with no opportunity to prove innocence. Shot by snipers in cold blood at Ruby Ridge. This was the “justice” dept. under Clinton. Scary. Appalling. Nobody gave a rat’s behind because these were “right wing extremists.” Children?

  8. I would think that pissing off Seals and assasinating their comrades is a very stupid thing to do on the face of it. The guys are so well trained that you will never see them coming. I would not want to be the object of their wrath

  9. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/05/outrage-obama-administration-allowed-radical-cleric-to-curse-us-navy-seal-heroes-at-funeral-services-video/

    OUTRAGE! Obama Administration Allowed Radical Cleric to Curse US Navy SEAL Heroes at Funeral Services (Video & Transcript)

    … Today three families of Navy SEAL Team VI special forces servicemen, along with one family of an Army National Guardsman, appeared at a press conference to disclose never before revealed information about how and why their sons along with 26 others died in a fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. This was just months after the successful raid on the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan.

    At the press conference today the families released video on how military brass, while prohibiting any mention of a Judeo-Christian God, invited a Muslim cleric to the funeral for the fallen Navy SEAL Team VI heroes. This cleric disparaged in Arabic the memory of these servicemen by damning them as infidels to Allah. A video of the Muslim cleric’s “prayer” was shown this morning with a certified translation. … ”

    It speaks for itself. There’s video at the link, but it’s over 3 hours long. It would help if GP would post the times within the video where the important nuggets are to be found. 44 minutes in more or less the parents begin to speak.


    Navy SEAL Team VI Families

    Three families of Navy SEAL Team VI special forces servicemen, along with one family of an Army National Guardsman, will appear at a press conference on May 9, 2013, to disclose never before revealed information about how and why their sons along with 26 others died in a fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011, just a few months after the successful raid on the compound of Osama Bin Laden that resulted in the master terrorist’s death.

    Accompanying the families of these dead Navy SEAL Team VI special operations servicemen will be retired military experts verifying their accounts of how and why the government is as much responsible for the deaths of their sons as is the Taliban.

    The areas of inquiry at the press conference will include but not be limited to:

    1. How President Obama and Vice President Biden, having disclosed on May 4, 2011, that Navy Seal Team VI carried out the successful raid on Bin Laden’s compound resulting in the master terrorist’s death, put a retaliatory target on the backs of the fallen heroes.
    2. How and why high-level military officials sent these Navy SEAL Team VI heroes into battle without special operations aviation and proper air support.
    3. How and why middle-level military brass carries out too many ill-prepared missions to boost their standing with top-level military brass and the Commander-in-Chief in order that they can be promoted.
    4. How the military restricts special operations servicemen and others from engaging in timely return fire when fired upon by the Taliban and other terrorist groups and interests, thus jeopardizing the servicemen’s lives.
    5. How and why the denial of requested pre-assault fire may have contributed to the shoot down of the Navy SEAL Team VI helicopter and the death of these special operations servicemen.
    6. How Afghani forces accompanying the Navy SEAL Team VI servicemen on the helicopter were not properly vetted and how they possibly disclosed classified information to the Taliban about the mission, resulting in the shoot down of the helicopter.
    7. How military brass, while prohibiting any mention of a Judeo-Christian God, invited a Muslim cleric to the funeral for the fallen Navy SEAL Team VI heroes who disparaged in Arabic the memory of these servicemen by damning them as infidels to Allah. A video of the Muslim cleric’s “prayer” will be shown with a certified translation.

    “This press conference takes on special significance given that our government has over the last twelve years since September 11th committed brave American servicemen to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that, in large part as a result of politics, were poorly conceived of and implemented, resulting in the deaths of thousands and the maiming of tens of thousands of our brave heroes. To make matters even worse, America has effectively lost these wars,” stated Larry Klayman, legal counsel for the families. …”

    • I’m listening to some of the video. WND and Diana West are there, so look for stories about this. From what I can gather about the Muslim prayer, the ceremony was at Bagram and included Afghani Muslim deceased in the memorial. However, I haven’t yet figured out WHY OUR GOD couldn’t be mentioned but allah could. The families, unlike REGULAR PROCEDURE, were NOT given a transcript of the ceremony, which is normal to happen. They got (I think) a video months later WITHOUT THE TRANSLATION of the muslim “prayer” that condemned “infidels” to the fires of hell. They did NOT get it from an official source; they had to get it some other way and they weren’t meant to see it.

      • About 1:02:00 (more or less) in, Mr. Strange speaks. He talks about meeting Barry at Dover. He blames Biden for blabbing about Seal Team Six by name after they (our officials) all agreed in the “situation room” that nobody would talk about WHO offed OBL. Strange talks about the “disk” they gave the families; he printed it out and decided that the entire incident was a “set up”. They told him that the “black box” was lost.

        So many details in this video. The families fear that the Afghans who were treated as military equals were the ones who betrayed the location of the flight, leading to it being shot down.

        Mr. Strange talks about how Barry grabbed him by the shoulder, so he grabbed him, too, but the Secret Service intervened. Barry promised him they’d look into what happened to his son “very, very, very deep,” but Mr. Strange still has heard nothing back and has no answers to his questions.

        They had an investigation but the Afghans weren’t apparently interviewed. Sounds like Hillary and Benghazi.

        Mr. Strange says there’s evidence that the Taliban knew, were sitting in the valley waiting, and the aircraft was sent right over that location.

        The parents say the “rules of engagement” are designed to “win the hearts and minds” of the Muslims. They want to know WHAT ABOUT THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS? THESE WERE THEIR KIDS WHO DIED (WERE MURDERED, IMHO).

        Who gave the okay? Mr. Strange says it goes all the way to the top. It’s appalling. Mr. Strange says Afghans were SEEN on a roof of a building. Our government CALLED the Afghans to ask them what these guys were doing there. The Afghans said these were men “hanging crops” (at 2 in the morning)! Mr. Strange says the report indicated that the RPG came from that location.

        OMG. Mr. Strange is so compelling and it’s so very sad. They cremated his son for no reason. He has the autopsy photos and he said there was no reason to cremate him. The photos show his son “fighting”. He asked a government official WHY they cremated his son and the answer was (a lie) that ALL were “burned beyond recognition.” He has photos that prove otherwise.

        WHY did they put the whole team in the same helicopter? 25 ELITE WARRIORS in the same helicopter? (This from a military expert (General Lyons?) who speaks at 1:21:00 or so. The helicopter they were on is a troop transport NOT a special operations aircraft. It was dereliction of duty and somebody needs to be held accountable.

        Strange asks what are the names of the Afghans allegedly on the helicopter? They’re NOT on the manifest. Supposedly Afghans died and they were given the SAME honor as our heroes. I’m guessing that NOBODY in the lamestream covered or WILL cover this press conference. The families want all of us to demand answers.

        Mr. Strange asked, “Who’s the leak? Somebody has to be held accountable for this. Who’s profiting from this? Follow the money.”

        Lyons said this is the same situation as Benghazi. Not to come to the aid of our diplomats is “un-American”.

        ALLEN WEST speaks about 1:45 into the video. (That’s hours, not minutes.)

    • One mother talks about the “final act of betrayal” from this administration that allowed an imam to “pray their souls into eternal fire, proclaiming the Muslims ‘the winners”” at about 52 minutes in. Do listen to this. They are calling for Congressional hearings. Let’s hope they get one. Vallely is there, too.

      • Anyone got a clip of just the mom speaking starting at around 44:00 ish? Would love that part to go viral.

  10. Are WE DOOMED to LIVE IN DISGUST???? I feel like jodi arias…

  11. That photo is SEAL Team 10 circa 2005, (SDV1) not DEVGRU…

    • TY. I think it’s been pointed out before, but I suspect the author used it only for illustration purposes. Welcome and thanks for commenting.

  12. The above image is of Seal Team-10, not Seal Team – 6.

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