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Breaking: Georgia’s SOS Brian Kemp Sides with Judge Malihi! (Open Thread)

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What has Happened to the Rule of Law in Our Country?

Brian Kemp, Secretary of State, Georgia


It is with great sadness that I post this.  More news as it becomes available.


Kemp Upholds Deeply Flawed Georgia Ballot Challenge Ruling
By GeorgeM at Obama Ballot Challenge
7 February, at 12 : 07 PM

Well, it appears that GA Secy of State Kemp has upheld Malihi’s denial of the ballot challenges.

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Does Obama’s Attorney Michael Jablonski Know the Truth?

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 Attorney Michael Jablonski

What Does He Know?

Michael Jablonski, Barack Obama's Attorney in Georgia


Around January 25, prior to the hearings in Georgia,  there were some    questions raised that we wanted answers to.  As usual,  we find unusual connections when dealing with anything Obama.  As the hearings grew closer, we researched information about Michael K. Jablonski, the attorney representing Obama.

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