Different Strokes for Different Folks

In the world in which we now live–where certain people are not allowed to speak or write about certain topics–it’s heartening to learn that even though some folks are silenced, others are not (but only because the silencers are confounded when it comes to treating these other folks the same way they treat the silenced folks).

Equity. It’s only a word. In this instance, it’s a blessing to us that equity isn’t being delivered to certain folks.

Save this link for future reference. You may want to review the 30 facts to know about COVID before reading the rest of this post, but it’s not necessary.

The facts to which the post pertains will be quoted as a prelude. More from the link:

A “training exercise” predicted the pandemic just weeks before it started. In October 2019 the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University held Event 201. This was a training exercise based on a zoonotic coronavirus starting a worldwide pandemic. The exercise was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI the vaccine alliance.

The exercise published its findings and recommendations in November 2019 as a “call to action”. One month later, China recorded their first case of “Covid”.

From the “call to action,” linked in the quote above:

Governments will need to partner with traditional and social media companies to research and develop nimble approaches to countering misinformation. … National public health agencies should work in close collaboration with WHO to create the capability to rapidly develop and release consistent health messages. For their part, media companies should commit to ensuring that authoritative messages are prioritized and that false messages are suppressed including th[r]ough the use of technology. [emphasis added]

Remember: all of the above was discussed, developed, written, and published before the COVID-19 pandemic began, almost as if the global elite had a crystal ball, a time machine, or inside information from a supernatural entity.

In addition, they already had their plan to disseminate their narrative and only their narrative, using social and mainstream media to promote their propaganda; quash all questions about or opinions in opposition to their propaganda; and to label those questions and opinions as “misinformation” or “disinformation,” all in collusion with governments.

Their plan seems to have been implemented despite, not necessarily in concordance with, local laws or guiding documents, such as constitutions, which are supposed to define and limit the powers of a government, while guaranteeing and preserving the rights of the People who look to that government for protection.

Since COVID-19 began to infect our country, citizens have found themselves muzzled, censored, deplatformed, and/or banned from social media. They’ve been ridiculed, excoriated, and doxxed in “traditional” media. They’ve been physically and psychologically attacked for daring to exercise their reason and free speech, for daring to ask logical questions, or for daring to go against the “authoritative messages” spewed by public health agencies in collusion with the WHO (World Health Organization).

Not so, however, in response to recent musings by some of the aforementioned “different folks” (i.e., Black celebrities) who seem to be getting “different strokes” from the leftist media, which are in collusion with governments.

The “different folks,” thanks be to God, for the time being are allowed to speak and subsequently are being heard when they make statements and ask questions that many others have tried to ask since the advent of the vaccines but who have been smacked down hard by the powers that be, namely the “governments” that collude with “traditional and social media companies.”

Governments implies politics, and it’s not especially politic to openly muzzle certain members of what you perceive to be your “base.”

What’s more likely to happen is that carefully and quietly, behind the scenes, the colluders will lean on those who employ or represent or have contracts with these mouthy celebrities. What will happen next remains to be seen.

For now, it looks like different strokes for different folks and, as I said before, thanks be to God that word is getting out.

Rapper Nikki Minaj famously spoke her own truth when asked her vaccine status. She responded forthrightly and we surely applaud her for her courage, fortitude, understanding and championing of simple human rights. (Trigger warning: there’s a whole heck of a lot of misinformation in the article linked above. Pay no attention; refer back to the 30 facts you should know about COVID.)

Although full of propaganda, we learn from the previously cited article that not only Minaj but also Busta Rhymes, NLE Choppa, Kanye West, Pete Rock, Juicy J, Migos’ Offset, Freddie Gibbs and Jay Rock, among others, have spoken out publicly about COVID-19, the vaccines, or onerous restrictions of citizens’ liberties.

Rihanna also seems concerned about freedom of thought, although she’s circumspect about the exact interpretation of her t-shirt. Nevertheless, the sentiment is one with which we wholeheartedly agree.

Over the past few days, several NBA stars have very publicly opined about COVID-19 vaccines, much to the dismay of the media. Even more dismaying to them is how eloquent, logical, and confident these men are in their responses.

Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic said:

I’ve had Covid already, so our understanding of antibodies and natural immunity is still evolving. With my age group and physical fitness level it’s not necessarily a fear of mine. Taking the Vaccine, it opens me up to the rare chance of having an adverse reaction to the Vaccine itself. I don’t believe that being Unvaccinated means being infected, or being Vaccinated means uninfected. You can still catch Covid with or without the Vaccine.

(There are videos at the link worth seeing. Isaac is among the few who did not kowtow to BLM bullying.)

Nobody can argue with Isaac’s statements (in red, above), because “trusted messenger” Dr. Leana Wen recently said the exact same thing:

And those who are vaccinated, we now know, based on the CDC, they are now able … we … but, with the Delta variant, because they carry so much more virus, they could transmit it to their unvaccinated family members.

So Isaac is correct. Just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you don’t have COVID-19: you very well could have it, carry a high(er?) viral load, and transmit it to others.

Conversely, just because you’re not vaccinated doesn’t mean that you do have COVID-19: if you don’t have it, you can’t transmit it. If you do have it, unlike the vaccinated who more often are asymptomatic, you’ll probably feel sick and won’t be out in public spreading it around to others.

Riddle free thinkers this: What’s the point of making only the unvaccinated prove they’re not infected via a negative test in order to enter a concert, a stadium, an airplane, or a workplace, when it’s as possible that vaccinated people may have COVID-19 and spread it to others, vaccinated or unvaccinated? (See what’s going on in Australia, e.g. It seems also untrue that vaccination prevents hospitalization or severe illness, or worse.)

If the goal is to stop the spread, then everyone–vaccinated or not–must be tested before gathering in tight groups.

If that’s not the goal, then what is the goal?

Finally we have another NBA star, Bradley Beal, who said:

I would like an explanation to you know, people with vaccines, why are they still getting COVID, if that’s something that we are supposed to be highly protected from? Like, it’s funny that, ‘oh, it reduces your chances of going to the hospital.’ It doesn’t eliminate anybody from getting COVID, right?

Watch the videos at this link where Beal calmly points out to the vaccinated members of the media that they can still get COVID and “can still pass it along” despite being vaccinated.

Beal also mentions that “players and coaches and staff” are vaxxed but are still missing NBA activities because they have contracted the virus. In the second video at the link, Beal reiterates that it’s a “personal decision” for every person to make and this should be “respected” by everyone.

AGREED, and thank you!



161 responses to “Different Strokes for Different Folks

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    Two weeks ago, Kamala Harris hired a “crisis communications expert,” to create a new image for her. She needed a “RE-branding” it seems, to paper over her Failures. Her stints as border surge czar and voting czar weren’t going over well with the public. Her staff flight and toxic work environment continued her downward trajectory. The taxpayers would pay, of course, for this bid to get her poll numbers up, but who was counting?


    • My pet peeve is these people deliberately mischaracterize their own stupid woke ideology. Gender and sex are not the same thing. Gender is FEELING, PERCEPTION, EMOTION. It’s not REAL in a physical sense. Sex is REAL, PHYSICAL, SCIENTIFIC. Maybe there are more than two “genders” and maybe someone can change their “gender” (because, for example, one can be hypnotized into believing he’s a seal). But nobody can change the PHYSICAL REALITY of their sex. They can cut parts off and alter others with plastic surgery, but at the molecular level, they’re still the sex they were conceived as.

  3. POLES ..up your AZZ .. STOP this BS .. in OUR’ WORLD NOW!!

  4. Biden to Cancel Border Wall Projects in Texas … ???? WHY WHY??

    The Department of Homeland Security plans to terminate all remaining border wall projects in the Border Patrol’s Laredo and Rio Grande Valley Sectors. The projects have been paused since January as the agency pondered a final determination to cancel the projects or allow some to continue. The decision brings finality to all remaining projects in South Texas.

    IlleGal Alien from China Hit with Federal Charges for Allegedly Setting Fire
    to Historic Alabama Church

    An illegal alien from China is facing federal charges after allegedly setting multiple fires at a historic Montgomery, Alabama, church that she is accused of scoping out and surveilling.

    As Breitbart News reported, 27-year-old Xiaoquin Yan of China was charged last week with second-degree arson after she allegedly set four fires in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church Montgomery. Yan first arrived in the United States on an F-1 student visa but overstayed her visa and has since been living as an illegal alien.


    • Funny thing. I didn’t hear a word about this arson until it was solved. Why do I suspect that this church is NOT a black church but a white one? What? No hate crimes? Isn’t this an attack on religious people, for their religion, or are we to believe Yan is a Christian?

    • Would not surprise me in the least if it did happen here, what with China holding and strangling all the ports and with Biden deliberately making us DEPENDENT again upon foreign oil and destroying our own oil, gas, and coal industries.

  6. did.. IT’ CHEAT / LIE …? LAY DOWN on ALL of her EXAMINES ???

  7. Abortion LovinG Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi Sr. Visit Pope Francis At The Vatican …sure COME on IN!!!!!
    Pelosi and her husband met with the leader of the Catholic Church today at the Vatican. ……. O’ SURE POPE’Y!!!


    • That guy is sure in everybody’s face with his Marxism, isn’t he? She probably fed him the line about being the mother of all those children born within 6 years. You cannot support murdering children in the womb while at the same time getting credit for not killing your own.

    • Nope. All the stories say, and you know they NEVER spout disinformation or misinformation, that it’s not because of police reform but because of the pandemic. Similarly, the nursing shortage, the CNA shortage, the pilot shortage, the air traffic controller shortage, the doctor shortage, the nursing home staff shortage, the police shortage, the firefighter shortage, the restaurant staff shortage are NOT created by the vaccine mandates but are the effect of “supply chain” problems and the pandemic. Mind you, we had NO SUPPLY CHAIN PROBLEMS OR EMPLOYEE SHORTAGES LIKE THIS WHEN TRUMP WAS PRESIDENT AND DURING THE FIRST ENTIRE YEAR OF THE PANDEMIC. Employment was at records highs for ALL racial groups. DURING the height of the pandemic, before vaccines. But somehow, now, none of these effects of Ole Joe’s malevolent, dictatorial “mandates” are causing these shortages.

    • This is getting BEYOND ridiculous. Do they have no unalienable rights in the UK? How about REAL FEMALES? How much do WE have to put up with? WTF is misgendering? How about missexing? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR A MAN TO BECOME A WOMAN. That’s scientific fact and it’s sexist and misogynistic and dehumanizing and dewomanizing for them to allow these MEN to call themselves women.

  8. Applause S.O. 😀

  9. SO ….LOVE IT …. ^^^^ & WHAT if TRUMP WON by a ZILLION …



  10. that RICH BITCH $$$… PELOSI << as She SINGS on & on 4 that $$$
    as I PRAY she melts away SOON!!! What a TRAMP! PURE DIRT!


    • Ha, ha. Gotta love it. I saw a headline somewhere that said if you want to get rich, just follow Nana’s hubby and invest in whatever he invests in. But he can’t be getting inside information, can he? Oh, yeah. What’s good for Martha Stewart is not good for Congress–they’re immune from the laws they make for everyone else to follow.




    • We’ll tell HER who she is–an imposter, a joke, a clown, an incompetent fool who went “heels up” to get ahead. (No double entendre intended.)

      The question is: Was Willie fixated on the craters on her moon?

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    2 your hair …HARRY! … the fish…. ? TRUE LOVE is VERY …rare

    Meghan Markle’s estranged brother makes baseless speculation about Prince Harry being ‘on the chopping block’ after the Duchess’s first marriage lasted less than 2 years


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