Yes, We Do, Mr. President

With the long Memorial Day weekend coming up, just as America is opening up again, just as people are doffing those masks, preparing to take road trips to gather once again with family and friends, the Biden Administration has deliberately gifted us with the highest gas prices in years. Actually, the highest prices since the last time Biden was part of an administration. They say, “elections have consequences.”

Unfortunately, fraudulent elections have even worse and more dire consequences.

So to answer the question posed in the photo above, we respond to President Trump:

Yes, indeed, Mr. President. We miss you more than words can say.


66 responses to “Yes, We Do, Mr. President

  1. I am living proof of how great America is. Who would be stupid enough to want to change THAT? Only Democrats. They are the dumbest, most ignorant, clueless, dangerous, people on planet earth. We should all run far away from Democrats- before they turn America into a socialist craphole.

  2. Did they want 2 LOSE? so they R
    NOT .. GUILTY of SO MUCH that
    went DOWN … THAT DAY???

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