Weekend Open Thread

Open thread for sharing news, gossip, and your always excellent commentary.

We’ll be taking a few mental health days again, kicking back and enjoying this great weather. Planning to “Q” and clean up the yard and plant some veggies and flowers. Hope y’all do the same. Life is too short to spend all our days riding herd on evil progressives.

Take Ten!



92 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

    • Yes, we need the TRUTH about so much. So much. Let’s start with Barry’s BC and go forward from there.

  1. MORE will Be Revealed!!! YES
    Just like the LAB & C-19 TRUMP
    Was once AGAIN …”RIGHT” !!!

    “& Pelosi did NOT Get nearly the amount of Violence that she was hoping for. Mostly old people, strolling around taking pictures. But with the total cooperation of the MSN & the DOJ, they did their best to Make a mountain out of this … molehill.

    IS ..Ash really dead? Seems a set up … Weird feeling reading ….
    COMMENTS … ACT UP? Or just a ACT … from ..actors? NOT CON-Vinced ….

  2. … HA’ …. FEAR TRUMP

  3. WTP need …a shrink…after U dip

    • It’s really unbelievable. I remember how outraged we all were when Obama’s pal Sunstein wanted to “nudge” everybody the way the progressives intended.

      Remember way back when people first became aware of subliminal messages embedded in TV ads or programs? How outraged everybody was that new technology might be used to brainwash or psychologically and surreptitiously seek to control people’s behavior? Look at where we are now.

      First “vaccine hesitancy,” then what? Or maybe we’ve already seen “what.” Overcome hesitancy to, say, vote for a senile old man?

      • This is from over a decade ago. REALITY now:

        “Sunstein has, for example, written often about the corrosive effects of rumors and falsehoods on democratic discourse (it is the subject of one of the two books that were published while he was waiting to be confirmed last year), and in a 2008 paper, he proposed that government agents “cognitively infiltrate” chat rooms and message boards to try to debunk conspiracy theories before they spread. The paper was narrowly concerned with terrorism, but to some, these were dark musings. The liberal essayist Glenn Greenwald, writing in Salon, called the proposal “spine-chilling.” …”

        GOT THAT? Through social media collusion, they’ve managed to “infiltrate” and do more than debunk: They can CENSOR. And back then, the NY TIMES called it “spine-chilling.” What do they call it NOW?

  4. WTG John. 😀

    • And Biden’s State Dept. is having BLM flags FLOWN over embassies ALL OVER THE WORLD. Imagine if Trump had ordered even just the Gadsden flag flown anywhere, much less overseas. Or how about a pro-life flag? Fetal lives matter, don’t they? They do to me and they should to everyone, the world over. It’s outrageous.

      • You gotta ask yourself WHY they are suddenly admitting it and entertaining the notion NOW? Mind you, they’re blaming President Trump as if to say that if he weren’t so obnoxious (in their progressive opinion), such a troglodyte, and thus if he hadn’t forced them to hate him and so go mad with Trump Derangement Syndrome, then they might have covered the possibility of a lab leak other than as a “conspiracy theory” because, you know, all Trump ever did was entertain “conspiracy theories” so they can’t be blamed for not believing him and dismissing it out of hand. But, you know, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

        I think they know that inevitably truth will out so they’re SPINNING IT to say it was an “accident” and NOT A DELIBERATE LEAK OR EVEN AN UNPLANNED ACCIDENT COMING FROM BIOLOGICAL WARFARE RESEARCH. Come on. We ALL have common sense. They MUST make it a mistake or NOT a deliberate aggression because otherwise, to entertain the idea it was deliberate or was in the planning stage of being deliberately designed as a weapon–well, then, that would mean the BIDEN will have to RESPOND. It’s on his watch now. HIS. Will he hold their feet to the fire? Not bloody likely.

        A while ago I posited the possibility that the REASON they want us all to get the vaccine, even IF we already had COVID, just may be because they KNOW what viruses the Chinese are weaponizing and now they know that possibly this was a test and the vaccine is engineered to PERHAPS give immunity to not only THIS virus but any others based upon similar viruses. Variants, as you say. The mRNA protein perhaps is COMMON to them all and it’s how they infect cells and so they need to boost the antibodies to that spike protein to protect more of the population against not only this particular virus but all others that Fauci probably KNOWS may be in those labs.

        Then there’s the FACT that the funding went to Wuhan from OUR TAX DOLLARS under the OBAMA/BIDEN administration. That puts it at their feet. Not Trump’s, that’s for sure. THEIRS.

        Millions of people around the world DEAD. Like the Holocaust. MTG is on the right track.

        They’re lying and they’ve been lying for a looooooong time.

    • SUDDENLY became credible. Isn’t that amazing? Skeptics will get no credit, though, for knowing all along. Places like The Gateway Pundit will get no credit for reporting on this early and being correct all along. WHY NOW?

      Is it because they think it’s the best time to own up, now that things are opening up and the “pandemic” looks to be over soon, so we’ll all forget and forgive and just be happy that it’s over?

    • Not even “arguably,” Sean. He has some rare common sense for a member of the “younger” generation. Not that he’s “young” as it goes. Didn’t we always say you can’t trust anybody over 30? Well, maybe 50’s the new 30. Even so, Sean’s pushing middle age. Funny, isn’t it? I never thought of him as Asian, but then again I never think of anybody as a race or ethnicity. Just PEOPLE.

      • That said, this is problematic because it seems he’s not thinking deep enough:

        “I am simply saying we should check our strategy if we are not getting the results we intended. I don’t know what the solution is, but I suspect that over sensitizing ppl to arbitrary characteristics like skin colour may be doing more harm than good. …”

        What “we’re” getting is EXACTLY what is intended: DIVISION of the population. Divide and CONQUER. That’s the plan. That’s the goal, Sean. Open your eyes a little wider.

    • OMG! Interpret that one for us! Aren’t we supposed to believe that “Dr.” Jill chewed camel face out over her implication that Joe is racist (which he obviously is)? Check out those falsies. (I mean eyelashes, not …)

      Did camel face wipe her hand off on her dress after touching the “doctor?”

      Suddenly occurred to me that maybe “Dr.” Jill wears a wig. Look at those wrinkles. She really ought to stay out of the sun. Too catty? Meow. I don’t care. Remember how they treated our former TRULY beautiful and gracious First Lady Melania, who’ll always be first (imho)?

  5. Reply to Judith ….
    why are people So concerned with the machines and whether they can be manipulated instead finding out who the People are that did the Manipulating? could it be that people don’t Want to know who those people Are?

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