Schifty’s Impeachment Circus Continues …

Shifty Schiff’s dog and pony show continues, for those who can stand to watch. Apparently, not many are watching. Unfortunately, the complicit media continue to lie and the complicit “witnesses” continue to provide the complicit media with orchestrated, astroturfed sound bites and narratives, despite the truth about what President Trump wanted from Ukraine:

President Trump’s words, as testified to by Ambassador Sondland, under oath.

In the meantime, sane and normal people go about their daily lives, trying to prepare for Thanksgiving.

If, at your leisure, you care to read up on the proceedings, then at this link, you will find information from the right side of the aisle, in all senses of the word.

In the meantime, the farce continues, so

Illegitimi non carborundum.


99 responses to “Schifty’s Impeachment Circus Continues …

  1. COLD FEET ??? … I’d LIKE 2 stick “ALL of THEM” in “DRY-ICE”

    Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It’s used primarily as a COOLING Agent. Its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice.

    Dry ice sublimates at 194.65 K (−78.5 °C; −109.3 °F) at Earth atmospheric pressures. This EX-treme cold makes the solid Dangerous to handle without PRO – Tection due to Burns caused by freezing (Frost-Bite). ha’ …YEP

  2. O’ just SIT STILL & GET OVER ….I T !!!
    Update: Democrat Brenda Lawrence Suggests Impeachment Exit Strategy — but Quickly Recants

  3. Second Adam Schiff Staffer Linked to Burisma-Backed Think Tank, ‘Close Friends’ with Alleged ‘Whistleblower’

    Yet another staffer for Rep. Adam Schiff served as a fellow for the Atlantic Council, a think tank that is funded by and works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

    • ~ … ^^^^ LOTS of comments!!! ^^^^^
      >> !!! >> WOW ! >> Hmmm… Close Friends WITH Eric CIAmarella?
      ~ That is called Democrat/Ukraine Collusion!
      “If I lose we are all going to swing from nooses” …Hillary Clinton ? REALLY

      ~ So not only is Schiff a traitor, he’s a war profiteer too.
      String him up next to Hillary. …. Let em’ dangle!

      He’s a communist, an Anti American traitor that has spent his entire career profiting off of countries like Ukraine, Russia & every crooked deal he could get his hands on.
      Schiff belongs in Prison, or rather meet a Traitors Fate!

      Lyin’ sack of Schiff is DIRTY and should be removed from the House,
      tried & then executed for treason !!
      K A G 2020 or the corrupt swamp wins !

      It seems to me every one of them should be charged, & locked up.
      Let the courts figure out this mess.
      Every one of them are dirty and connected. The DC Mafia
      Time to bust up this crime ring

      How to end impeachment: KEEP THREATENING TO PUT THESE WEASELS ON THE SENATE HOT SEAT! Schiff first then aides & WB to see if they’ll go to jail for him! Then the Biden’s, then the Coup plotters with Hillary first then the DNC, then the Top (D)omino, Obama! Topple him and the rest will follow but it could also start on the bottom to make it to the Top. (“From the Bottom-up.” Isn’t that their slogan?) They know they have been caught and they surely don’t want that. It’s getting bigger by the day. This is a CONSPIRACY!
      If Barr, the IG, & Durham, don’t take real action: “The Magma is brewing & the Volcano is about to blow!”

      At this point it might be easier to identify the Democrats NOT on Ukraines payroll.
      BTW, why did Jeff sessions RECUSE himself BUTT” >Schiff does not?

      ~ BTW2 why is Roger Stone facing 50 years in federal prison but Schiff
      can LIE over & over again – I thought “no one is above the law” ?????
      The rule of law is dead, does NOT apply to Leftist Baby killng Communists…

    • There’s some trick involved with them asking Trump if he or his attorneys wish to attend. It’s either to disallow attendance later, if they don’t come to this first one, or it’s to say that by participating he’s vouching for or acknowledging the legitimacy of the hearings, or that by participating it’s some kind of waiver of his right to not testify or not participate in the sham event later on. There’s something to it. I’m not a lawyer so don’t know what they’re up to but don’t put anything beneath them. There’s some TRICK involved here.

  4. Rudy Giuliani: >>> “massive pay-for-play scheme under the Obama Administration that will devastate the Democrat Party.”, Giuliani tweets, Biden Burisma Ukraine corruption

  5. CDR Kerchner (Ret)’s Blog

    Protect the Constitution to Protect Our Liberty – Learn Who Is a
    “Natural Born Citizen” to Constitutional Standards

    How Trump’s Birther Inquiry Incited Obama’s Revenge | by Mark A. Hewitt | @

    • Regarding the post about “Indians” I can attest to the fact that they are indeed very racist towards “apples,” or people they perceive as such. Just try crossing the Rez without being noticed.

  6. Warren’s Campaign Clarifies Her Statement Caught On Video: Actually,
    Her Son Went To A >>> Private School ..YEP HOT-AIR LIE MUCH?

    • AND she’s still lying about having lost her job for being “visibly pregnant,” which is another new version of the false tale. What is it about DemoncRATS that they MUST (almost as a job requirement) totally fabricate their biographies?

    • They will just then pivot to something else or a new reason to impeach later on. Why else but to extort some “composing” were Giuliani’s two associates recently indicted by the usual corrupt people in NY and why else would they be on a yuge fishing expedition even as we speak to subpoena anybody and everybody associated with those two guys? It would not surprise me in the least to learn that they’re wiretapping and surveilling those two guys, including Giuliani as a one-hop (or POTUS as a two hop) and who knows who else, just as they did with Page and Papadopoulos. Is there a FISA warrant to surveil THEM, too? Why is it that only people associated with Republicans or conservatives are held to the letter of that FARA registration requirement, while people like the Podestas skate? There’s a reason for the indictments of those guys and the reason is: the insurance policy if impeachment fails (this time).

    U OWE the PEOPLE of U$A TON$ of $$$$ 4 WHAT U JUST DID YEP …AGING by the MINUTES!!!
    ~ Piglosi is getting out of town now that Schiff has shot his load & Nadless
    is about to make a bigger fool of his formerly 500 pound a$$.
    HEY…I thought Nancy volunteered to Shovel POO off HER City Streets?

    • My biggest fear is that with the black support for DemoncRATS dropping, they’re going to do a Hail Mooch pass and conscript s/he for the nomination or at least as a VP. If this is even being considered, then for sure it would explain why he won’t “put a thumb on the scale” now. How can he endorse somebody and then switch when Moo jumps in?

  8. PRAY not so …. ^^^^ BUTT’ she is MO’ ….

    Mo’ THREATS … & no ring? or so they say? no baggage butt’ her’s?

    • Hmmm. Contrary to what they want you to believe but which your common sense might have told you would be true. And NOW they want you to allow these people into your house so they can put your packages inside or even food into the refrigerator? NO THANKS. As it is, they’ve gone downhill, imho. You get used stuff, old stuff, food past the “best by” date. ALL a total waste of TREES (paper, cardboard, filler) and gasoline. HOW is this system “green” that ALL the young people praise?

    • “bomb cyclone”

      A new invention, courtesy of their ORDERS to hype any weather event as bigger, more disastrous, more deadly, scarier and all because of man-caused global warming.

    • Shows you how naive I am. I read the headline in the link and first thing I thought was, “Wow. The black guy actually apologized to Buttigieg for calling him a MF?” Silly me. Buttigieg called the black “journalist.” WHY? To bow and kowtow to political correctness? To grovel, like ALL “whites” are now supposed to do, to their “betters?”

      For how LONG have we been hearing that black kids need positive role models? And now, because “Pete” is “white,” HE is racist for saying it? Talk about GAS LIGHTING.

      The problem Pete has is that he strayed from the selected, approved narrative. NEVER, EVER, EVER place ANY responsibility whatsoever on the “black community.” ALL negative outcomes are the result of WHITE PEOPLE AND WHAT WHITE PEOPLE DO OR DON’T DO. Doesn’t he know that? Look what the “journalist” schooled him in:

      “… the reason minority students do worse in school is because low-income community schools aren’t funded as well and black students are disciplined more harshly than white students. …”

      iow, GIVE US MORE OF YOUR MONEY and STOP MAKING BLACK KIDS OWN THEIR BEHAVIOR. That is THE reason. There are NO OTHERS, such as a lack of fathers, a lack of emphasis on education and discipline, a lack of role models who actually EARN what they have as opposed to making a living by collecting benefits courtesy of ALL other Americans.

      Those are REASONS. There are MANY REASONS, including that SOME schools are underfunded. But it’s not because black students are disciplined “more harshly.” They’re disciplined more often than other races because they misbehave more often than other kids do, because (1) not made responsible for their behavior and (2) lack of parenting and (3) lack of will to discipline them to make them conform to behavior that’s conducive to learning.

      In addition, there’s also a vast lack of qualified teachers for many reasons, among which poor pay, not wanting to work in dangerous environments (inner cities), political correctness that throws hiring the BEST candidate out the window in favor of candidates that “look like” the kids they’re allegedly teaching.

      Trump and so far ONLY Trump knows how to respond to this sort of claptrap, which is why we love him.

  9. Obama a sellout? …..BUTT’ of COURSE!!!

    In other words, free health care, free college, free housing, and free and open borders all sound nice, but they lack the verisimilitude of being politically doable.

    Imagine that. Barack Obama berthing the highest hopes of voters who elected him to chart new courses of the possible. It’s almost like he knows something about being elected president not once, but twice.

    Is this really a surprise? You have to question the political ken of someone who thinks it unusual the owner of a $14 million Martha’s Vineyard estate might be dubitative about courting the wrath of the landed. Obama already intimated that he’d vocally oppose Sanders clinching the nomination. He’s not about to let the Bolsheviks put what’s left of his legacy up against the wall

    • I don’t WANT to know how they “used” that particular “toy” on Hunter. Yikes! What a piece of work THAT GUY is. How in the world did he escape media scrutiny for all these years? Imagine if Eric or Don Jr. did anything REMOTELY like any of this.

  10. The FBI Lets Itself Be Taken for a Ride
    That’s when when everyone from Whitey Bulger to Christopher Steele escapes validation. …..

    NOVEMBER 12, 2019
    The Democrats’ Impeachment Strategy Is Simple—and Risky

    Will their less-is-more approach help the Republicans?

    Washington, DC, Bureau Chief …. Bio | Follow

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