Don’t Watch!

The clown show in DC continues today with the “public phase” of the impeachment witch hunt, courtesy of the not-so-musical “donkeys” in Congress.

Don’t watch!

See no evil.   (Make no mistake, this coup is indeed EVIL.)

Hear no evil.  (Ditto.)

Speak only prayers for our President, his family, and our country.

These evil clowns and their complicit media minions want ratings, followed by fake polls.

Don’t give them what they want.

This is only propaganda … because they think We the People are stupid.

Show them that we’re not stupid.

Every parent knows what NOT to do when children have tantrums.

Ignore them.

Don’t watch.

Do pray.

You can catch anything that matters to sane people at decent, sensible, truthful websites that are following the corrupt proceedings.


141 responses to “Don’t Watch!

  1. HEY some-THING EATIN’… > @ U ….HUNTER???…FESS UP!!! OK!

    Hunter Biden started dating brother’s widow right after crack binge

    & when Palin’s daughter GOT PREGNANT? …. BIG BIG NEWS! REMEMBER .. FOLKS .. Hunter’s OLD ENOUGH 2 KNOW BETTER!

  2. JOE …the NUDE SWIMMER ….in FRONT of FEMALE A G E N T S watching & > protecting YOUR naked stupid AZZ~

    The political press is tittering over the idea of the vice president skinny-dipping—& missing the Real news in a forthcoming book on his Secret Service detail. <<< FAIR PLAY? … PEOPLE NOW TALK… JOE!

    Joe Biden's Secret Service detail is Leaking information about where the vice president is most vulnerable to being assassinated, as well engaging in less dangerous breaches of decorum, like gossiping about when he gets NAKED. These are Breaches of the Strict Privacy Code Usually Kept by the Agents.?

    O' so FEEL FREE 2 FLASH your NAKED AZZ ABOUT & THEY just keep QUITE?
    YEP ….that takes the CAKE …& BLOWS YOUR MIND ….JUST DISGUSTING DIRTY & SICK … DO we Wonder the WEINER does NOT FALL ….FAR from the TREE of STUPID'S??? monkey SEE???
    B is 4 BAD NEWS!

  3. BARRY ….& ERIC …. ha’

    PHOTO: Alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella shakes hands with Barack Obama in Oval Office

  4. I am so thrilled to pieces that the commie Usurper picked Dildojo as his VP… still,living in the past with strong collections from 2007 throughout 2008. Coup d’etat in broad daylight.

    PS: still sniffing the Awan’s treachery…Congress/CIA/POTUS

    TREASON in the first degree. DWS

    Coup d’etat via Usurpation. Hidden Records. No Bona Fides, Resko, Chicago…yeah, still living in the past. The lies.

    MAGA…KAG 2020

    With love, pride and joy ~

    Papoose xo ~


  5. Recollections…. time, places, news channels, John Brennan cauterizing the Passports, March 2008…and blowing up a NYC Clinton storefront campaign office by someone on a bike at 4 AM. pfft. but not, so.

    RIP Tim Russert, June 2008, the media at large… rainbows and all… MSNBC

    • Couldn’t get to the remote quick enough this evening and so was “treated” to Lester Holt’s version of what Fiona Hill said tonight. TALK ABOUT ALTERNATE REALITIES. What DID happen to the media? (RIP Russert and Breitbart.)

      HOW can they (at NBC and elsewhere) get away with stating LIES, outright LIES, so bald faced? It’s as if they were watching a telecast from the Twilight Zone.

    • “From the vault.” That about describes it. It’s ALL in the vault. Will it ever be sprung loose?

    • I don’t think I can take watching the whole thing, but this is pre-tooth-fix. Lisp and lisp.

      Oh, it almost (almost) makes me want to start all over again “debunking” this guy. He starts off talking about his parents but says, “as was said in the book,” as if this is a clue to the fact that what’s said in the book ain’t necessarily true. Well, we know it’s not because it’s admittedly fictional with composite characters and made-up characters. It looks like he has to think about it when he starts to tell us about his “mother.” Too funny. Especially in retrospect.

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