Some Simple Truths

Been saving these “truths” up for a rainy day. That rainy day is here. Enjoy!

An illustration of how I feel this week, which is why you’re getting a photo post. I’m DOG 

Open thread!!!


108 responses to “Some Simple Truths

  1. Forgive me for kicking back this week. It must be spring fever. I need some Geritol. Remember that stuff? (Giving away my age, aren’t I?)

  2. Here’s some good news for those who believe in reality (that there are two and only two biological sexes):

    An Obama-appointed judge actually ruled (partially) in favor of students who were harmed by their school’s decision to allow people of the opposite SEX but who believe (or say they believe) they’re the opposite GENDER to use sex-segregated bathrooms and locker rooms. He ruled only that the case should continue; he didn’t rule on the merits, but he did seem to recognize that the plaintiff students WERE harmed and have legitimate grievances–that their own civil rights were violated and that their school, in effect, set them up for shaming and bullying. Maybe incrementally, common sense will win out. One person’s deranged belief does not outweigh the RIGHTS of ALL the other students.

  3. The thing is Lindsey, we’re NOT GOING TO BE SATISFIED if all you do is look into it. REOPEN the case. The scofflaws, NONE OF THEM, including Hillary and Obama, should get away with this. Making sure it doesn’t happen again is NOT ENOUGH. JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED.

  4. Superbly powerful Hannity segment celebrating the Trump Michigan rally and the coming indictments
    If you didn’t catch it the first time,
    enjoy it here

    I am worried about that little dog.

    • Thanks for the video. I enjoy these excerpts when I don’t have time to watch the entire show.

      Pencil neck. HA! I can’t get enough of that. But is it a pencil neck or just a big bloated head? Maybe we should take a poll.

      Amazing collusion with a Russian, Mr. Schiff! Oh, but see, he told the Russian he was going to contact the FBI. Did he? Did he pass this tip onto the FBI?

      Nothing that anybody finds out about Brennan would surprise me. We had his number way back when Barry first ran, when Brennan “cauterized” Barry’s biographical records. Do you think now that Hannity seems to realize that Brennan is the evil puppet master, he might actually consider and LOOK INTO the fact that Brennan was probably/potentially (we believe so) behind the fake BC and the disappearing all prior evidence of Barry’s background?

      Amazing indictment of the DemoncRATS for doing what they ACCUSED Trump’s campaign of doing, but what they did was degrees worse than even what they falsely accused Trump of. They colluded, conspired, and spied, with foreigners, AND they usurped the intelligence community, violated Americans’ civil rights, and tried to achieve a coup against the elected president.

      Oh, I think that little dog is fine. I’ve seen dogs resting like that before. But then again, I just looked and the photo was originally put on the Internet back in 2012, so the dog may or may not still be with us.

  5. see what you think about this stuff
    the advetisement says that as you get older you lose 90% of your stem cells and that’s why stuff stops healing
    don’t expect much
    I might try it

    • SLICK …Dick …BIDEN is a PERVERT’…THINKS he is a STUD? just like
      this ..homey’.. SLIDE in 4 THE TAKE- IN’ WHAT?..WHY? WHY?…DID
      THIS TAKE so LONG? because he was JoeB? He was OLD? & that’s what
      WTP ..R… used 2 ? … WHY did NOT the PARENTS ADDRESS THIS SOONER ? …play along 2 GO along …NOT ROCK the BOAT? these
      WERE …CHILDREN …he did this 2 in FRONT of the WORLD on VIDEO

    • It’s interesting. Most of the info about it is in French. I had to do an image search to see what the ingredients are:

      Apparently extracts of Spirulina (blue-green algae), Wakame (a seaweed), and Aphanizomenon-flos-aquae (another blue algae). The latter seems to be useful to treat diabetes:

      I always take health food claims with a grain of salt, but here’s an article about Spirulina:

      Wakame is good for lots of things, apparently. The Japanese eat it and they think so, too:

      I do know that the Aztecs would “farm” Spirulina in the lake to which they were confined by other more powerful tribes. As a result of eating Spirulina, a staple of their diet, some say they became much stronger and healthier and ended up defeating the other tribes. At least, that’s what I learned way back when in college. These were the famous floating gardens, which the Aztecs built in the lake and lived on, because at the time (and now) space was at a premium in the Valley of Mexico.

      I would say there’s nothing in there to harm you and it may actually help.

      I’m tired mostly because I’ve been doing a lot of projects around the house and also beginning to do more exercise outdoors. It takes more out of me than it used to, when I was younger. Not to mention angst as a result of family members who make or have made bad choices about their own health. Thanks for the tip. I might look into that stuff. If you try it, let us know how it works.

  6. touch squeeze rub..cling 2… kiss U CREEPY JOE BIDEN ..O’ it’s About TIME…the DICK with lips gets BUSTED … HOW long DOES it TAKE?
    & the young-in’ DEMO’s DON’T WANT …him in THE WAY …any LONGER!
    the camel … book-IT’ …ALEX …on & ON …. & ON …. ….& so many more stories 2 read!!!

    • Why would they be surprised or outraged at this point? He’s not called Creepy Uncle Joe for nothing. Anytime anybody’s called “uncle” in this context, we all know what it means. I worked with a guy like that. I never could figure out if, like the other women said, he was copping a feel or if he was just creepy or short an inhibitor switch. In Biden’s case, the way he does it, the way he “captures” and freezes his target makes me think it’s a form of aggression or a put down. Or perhaps, because he also does it to CHILDREN, he’s making a statement about how he thinks of grown females.

  7. LOVE IT …. ~ LOVE IT~

  8. can … someone bring over the BIDEN PHOTOS …on DRUDGE right now
    IT’S NEEDED …..HERE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. fends …BUTT’ WHY? touch ME?
    that is long BEEN the Co-dependent RULE…ASK if OK or DON’T DO IT

    • It’s the good ole double standard. They constantly rag on Trump for kissing women on the cheek or air kissing, which is what’s done in the Hollywood-type circles he hung in back in his Apprentice days. Yet they want to give Biden a pass. They made the rules, btw. Men in positions of power should NEVER be touching women (or other men) who work for them or have lower status unless they know for sure it’s okay with the woman. I think, though, that this rule should go for women, too. I read a story the other day about a woman who accused a guy of sexual harassment because of, iirc, unsolicited attention from a man she wasn’t interested in. I took that to mean something like flirting, but who knows?

      Let’s think about it, though. If the woman SOLICITS attention, then is she not sexually harassing the man if HE’S not interested?

  10. Biden Says …. he never Meant to make women feel Uncomfortable
    O’ …..SURE JOE ….. we gET IT …. because YOUR 76???
    Biden says H E … Never meant to make women Feel uncomfortable

    • Is he aware enough about himself and his own motives to even know what he “meant” to do? Lots of people, men and women, use passive/aggressive behavior that is perhaps subconscious to themselves and maybe even to the “victim” who may not even realize why the behavior makes them feel so uncomfortable. He’s being aggressive. He’s putting women in their places. IMHO.

  11. MAKES PUKE .. who MOST R & what they WILL DO! NOT COOL!

    • Oh, yeah. I “trust” that “news” organization about as far as I can throw them. The regular and this alternative media (at the link) are carrying the DemoncRAT water again, and promoting their meme. “Trump’s nuts. There are no “caravans.” Only 40 people set out. It was a bust. He’s crazy. There’s no crisis.” Yadda, yadda, yadda. Besides which, “No avocados!”

      Take a poll. I dare them to. Ask Americans (REAL CITIZENS, that is) if they want this INVASION or avocados. This is NOT a “humanitarian crisis.” It’s an INVASION. Aided and abetted by the community organizers in the DemoncRAT party, the global progressive community, Soros, and the countries of Central America (who want to export their social and economic problems) and Mexico (who want to not have to do the dirty work of protecting their own southern border, so they facilitate the “migration” to the U.S. border. THAT HAS TO BE A VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW, imho, and from what I understand. They don’t ignore the illegal aliens, they HELP THEM OUT OF MEXICO AND INTO THE U.S.)

      • A little background on the law on asylum:

        “The short answer is that anyone is allowed to claim asylum anywhere, but states may lawfully remove asylum seekers to safe third countries on the grounds that they could have claimed asylum there. …”

        Can you say Mexico or Canada?

        “The problem is that here in the United States this international principle of demanding that migrants claim asylum or refuge at the first safe country they reach is mostly honored in the breach. Everyone pays lip service to it, but no one, least of all our pusillanimous political or government leaders, really expects America to demand that the international convention be scrupulously adhered to, either by those who are allegedly seeking shelter from harm, or by the countries those migrants use as doormats en route to America as the nation of economic choice. …

        Really, the questions we’re left with are twofold:

        First, when, exactly, do we begin to hold Mexico’s feet to the fire on its own international treaty obligations where human rights, refuge, and asylum are concerned, rather than always presuming it’s our burden to carry?

        Second, at what point, through lenient and shortsighted policies such as waving aliens through ports of entry and into the United States simply because they utter magic incantations, will we begin to experience another Jimmy Carter/Angela Merkel mass migration episode? …”


  12. ~ drkate ……. OLD SLICK…. J O E !

    ~ Heather
    I’ve read this before about Hunter and Joe in China. Remember the big deal the media made about China wanting to open a huge bank in America–in the middle of the country during Obama’s years? There was so much hullabaloo about that and then as quick as it started it stopped so I am not sure if that bank was ever built to accommodate for that Chinese Bank to hold this HOT money of the Biden’s.
    I wonder what he has on McConnell in his book.

    ~ drkate
    Media’s failed coup–part of Dems plan against the Constitution

  13. Judge Jeanine <<<>>> is back — & took the high road
    See also: Judge Jeanine is back – without a word about her two-week suspension

    I think Jeanine Pirro took the high road on her program Saturday.
    She returned, did a great show, looked & sounded fabulous.
    Her guests all congratulated & honored her.
    She has the support of the POTUS
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  14. So right on. Excellent Article

    Pop Quiz

    Why do the elected Officials, Senators and Representatives foster, promote and plank that its AOK to kill a newly born American Citizen? Why is that OK? An American Citizen is born with unalienable rights. Birthrights.
    Free to Be, think, say, object and protect ourselves from tyranny, to pursue happiness…

    This is the Question: Is it Constitutional that another person can decide whether you live or die even though you are BORN as A natural born American in the 21st Century?

    The Democrats want the right to kill American Citizens. OMG.

  15. LOVE IT!!! ….. YEP it’s ALWAYS ….ABOUT ….. O’ B A M A !!! ?
    & ….
    Rush: ‘Somebody’ doesn’t want Biden near nomination, Bernie may be next

    • facebkwallflower

      The Dems want a skirt for president at all cost. Even if means opening door to their evils. Small scale groping and they hink they can stop the ball from rolling into the evil and evil people President Trump mentioned when vindicated of collusion. For the Dems, only a woman. They will recklessly open their pandora box with creepy joe and creepy bernie, confident they can slad shut the lid to keep the Big Dark hidden.

    • It’s laughable and predictable: Today the mainstream media is running articles alleging that “right wing trolls” and Republicans are responsible for this attack on Biden. LIARS, ALL. Biden is a gift to the Republicans. The campaign ads write themselves. Republicans would SAVE THIS “Creepy Uncle Joe” stuff until it was most critical and needed. NOT before the primaries even begin. This is the WOMEN, the YOUNG, the BLACKS, the LGBTQ crowd trying to deep six Biden because he’s an old, white, heterosexual male.

  16. btw, Natural Born Americans are just that, we don’t need Citizenship.

    2 AMERICAN parents; born under the USA Flag, naturally.

    • Jeebs. If it is. She needs to give it up. Supreme Court Justices shouldn’t have a medical staff to get them up, bathed, dressed and out the door.

    • Is the woman being escorted by a Marshal? I heard SJ have US Marshal’s around at all times. Except poor Antonio. Rest In Eternal Peace.

    • Looks like her to me. It would take a lot to make any other woman look like that. She ought to retire, as she’s alluded that she would. Aren’t those top photos of a past sighting and not the other day? I remember when she first allegedly reappeared at the airport. Those seem to be the same photos. She was apparently sicker then than now. She’s a tough old bird. Gotta hand it to her. Yeah. Where was Antonin’s security? That’s still fishy to me.

  17. Yes, See Unplanned .. WTP NEED 2 SPREAD the MESSAGE of a LIFE!
    As far as I know, you won’t find a commercial for the movie based on Abby Johnson’s book Unplanned. I have not seen any. Yet it will probably draw Millions of people across the country.

    On Saturday night, we went to see the movie, & it is strong. I am not a movie critic, so I have no clue about the actors or producers or directors.
    All I can tell you is that the movie will H I T …. you between the Eyes.

    This is what Thomas A. Glessner >>> wrote about the movie:
    After 8 years at her clinic, Abby saw something that changed her forever. She was asked to assist in an abortion procedure by firmly holding the mother’s abdomen during the probe on the ultrasound machine. She …
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    click on the book 2 read ….some of the s t o r y ….on LIFE! ??? or NOT

    • ~ Early life ( DEAR ) ……ABBY JOHNSON …..^^^^^
      grew up in Rockdale, Texas, and graduated from Rockdale High School. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in psychology from Texas A&M University & Master of Arts in counseling from Sam Houston State University.[2]

      ~ Work at Planned Parenthood
      Although raised in a conservative family opposed to abortion, Johnson began volunteering for Planned Parenthood after seeing their booth at a volunteer fair at her college.[3] She says she had not heard of the group before & did not know they performed abortions, & Planned Parenthood told her they wanted to reduce the number of abortions.[3] Johnson volunteered in 2001, and progressed to the position of community services director. Identifying as “extremely pro-choice,” she worked at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas for 8 years, escorting women into the clinic from their cars & eventually working as director of the clinic.[4] Johnson regularly encountered activists from Coalition for Life (now known as 40 Days for Life), a local anti-abortion group who demonstrated at the clinic’s fence, & described extensive harassment of clinic staff by anti-abortion activists.[5] Describing Death threats against herself & her Family, she stated: “It’s very scary, this group of people that claim to be these peaceful prayer warriors, or whatever they call themselves, it’s kind of ironic<<>> Death Threats.”[5] The Planned Parenthood clinic named Johnson employee of the year in 2008.[5]

    • Bucket List

      This movie
      Register for the 2nd Amendment to apply to me.(Just for statistics, sakes.)

    • There’s going to be a pro-life video launched, iirc, on Mother’s Day. It will be on You Tube, unless it’s censored. I’ll keep an eye out for it, so we can link to it here. It’s a guy going on campuses to question kids about whether they’re pro-life. They all say they’re pro-choice, but then he gives them information about abortions and many change their minds and say they’re now pro-life and will vote that way in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire video. I saw only a short excerpt. The trailer.

  18. HEY, J O E . . . KISS THIS! . . .

  19. OBAMA’S ???? …. <<< ‘Smears & Forgeries’ …ha' ABOUND!!!

    WTP WANT OBAMA'S P R O O F !!! of BIRTH !!!! NOW ALL of IT!!!

    Biden Spox Dismisses ‘Creepy’ Photos as ‘Smears & Forgeries’

  20. Was talking about this exact topic with friends the other day. Do the younger generations lack IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY?

    btw, PJW remains cute. Imho, of course. 🙂

  21. Solomon’s report is long and nuanced, answering many questions a
    reader may have, Solomon didn’t miss anything.

    What stands out now is why Biden’s KID was paid so much under the rationale of adding value to the company.

    Did JOE Biden amount to Hunter Biden’s added value? If so, it suggests
    that Biden was selling political favors out of his office – & expected NO 1 would notice. ?????

    Creepy? You bet.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


    WTH? Kamala Harris: “[Trump] ??? REALLY ? O’ so MANY have ZERO PROBLEM with a TRUMP PRESIDENCY …..
    1. TRUMP IS N O T …. a USURPER <> Fear” ?
    YEP like WTP DARED 2 EVEN … PUT UP a McCAIN STICKER ….Any-Where 4 TOTAL …. FEAR 4 OUR LIVES!!! YES 24/7 that IS the TRUTH!

    DEPRESSION AS a JOKE of a Black man? with LARGE EARS ..CHEATED
    his WAY ….in 2 OUR White House …. PROVE he was LEGAL???

    • ~ It Is Outrageous that Supporting Trump Is Dangerous ~
      My CAR, which has a “Trump/Pence” bumper sticker, was Keyed. While pumping gas, a motorist seemed impressed by my courage to have a Trump bumper sticker. People have told me they R Afraid 2 Wear a MAGA CAP or have a Trump Sign on their lawn. …. it’s JUST LIKE McCAIN / PALIN!

      Having to feel so Afraid OR SMART >>> to express our political views is outrageous. Democrats & fake news media have so twisted the meaning
      of “MAGA” & generated such hatred for Trump that citizens are afraid to publicly support the President of the United States. This is still America. Thugs who physically attack US for expressing our First Amendment right
      to free speech must be prosecuted.
      Antifa, Black Lives Matter, & other Democrat domestic terrorists routinely Beat up Trump supporters. Meanwhile, fake news media promotes their lie that the Tea Party is the violent movement.
      Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

      While I Believe Trump will Emerge Victorious in 2020, we still MUST rally behind & publicly express our support. We must refuse to be intimidated into the shadows by the Democrats’ henchmen.

      I have received my RED ……. “Trump 2020” cap in the mail
      WEAR the HAT ….STAND TALL & KEEP your EYES WIDE OPEN! 24/7
      ha’ it’s a JUNGLE O U T …there!

      Help Lloyd spread the Truth
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  23. OK OK … BIG JOE hug kiss squeeze… rub… & the View supports IT! ??

    ~ Question Everything • ^^^^ & comments R getting F U N …
    The Kenyan’s administration was the most corrupt collection of thugs & thieves in history.
    While at a meeting in front of a group of journalists, he claimed to have had
    a scandal FREE? administration; the media sycophants broke out in applause.
    His first 3 months in office saw more scandals than all previous admins combined.
    Looks like Uncle Joe is out of the race, before declaring he’s in the race.
    Next up, Kamaltoe…
    She’s 0bama & the Media’s darling. ???
    Bernie will be screwed again. ….

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