Week One – Trump Administration

donald_trump_official_portrait-copyToday begins the first full week of the Trump administration.  Will the swamp finally be drained?

Will Democrat obstruction continue, or will President Trump finally get his people into his cabinet, so that the real work can begin on fundamentally restoring our Republic?

Will the mainstream media stop with their ridiculous “fact-checking” of President Trump’s every utterance?

We the People know and recognize hyperbole when we hear it. The media, whose very jobs are based upon words and their meanings, ought to know better than we, right?

We the People know what Trump means, even if the media (pretend they) do not.

Will the mainstream media continue their childish, Eddie Haskell-like behavior, or will they finally go back to being what they’re supposed to be–unbiased, objective reporters of fact instead of distortion, lies, Democrat propaganda and their own partisan opinions?

(Example: “Alternative facts” are not always “falsehoods,” no matter what Chuck Todd might claim. The media declared that White House spokesman Sean Spicer uttered “lies” when he disputed the media’s characterization of the size of Trump’s Inaugural audience, as compared to Obama’s. However, there are many “alternative facts” that any reasonable person would and should consider, such as that side-by-side comparisons of photos taken at the several events are like comparing apples to oranges, especially given that some areas in question were barricaded off by security for Trump’s inauguration but not for Obama’s. Other alternative facts: For Trump’s inauguration, many more streets were blockaded; viewers were more heavily screened by security, delaying their arrival; protesters deliberately blocked entrances, delaying people from arriving at the event in time; among many other confounding variables that stymie direct comparisons.  An online dictionary defines the adjective alternative as follows:

Logic. (of a proposition) asserting two or more choices, at least one of which is true.

The mainstream media presented their proposition; Trump’s administration presented their own propositions. Of the two or more propositions, which are true? Not necessarily the proposition put forth by Chuck Todd, as you can easily understand, given all the facts, or at least more alternative facts than were considered by the media. Let the People, and not the biased media, decide.)

Will the mainstream media continue to chase distractions and abstractions instead of reporting on what President Trump is doing for the People as directed by the People?

Whatever Congress or the media do, this much is certain: Nothing will stop President Trump’s plan to “make America great again.”

They can be with us or they can be against us, but nothing will stop the Trump Train.

These facts remain:

Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day,

President Donald J. Trump won.

All those Never-Trumpers, all those progressives, all those partisans in the mainstream media, all those (liberal, radical, or activist) women who marched and whined Saturday can be part of the solution, or they can be part of the problem.

If they choose the latter, then they will continue to be outvoted in our elections.


137 responses to “Week One – Trump Administration

  1. Archie Bunker • a day ago … ^^^^^ LOVE IT!…
    think OUT of the DAMN …. OVER DUE >>> “BOX”

    Bids? Hell most of us will Show-Up & build it for FREE!!!!

    And any Mexican that builds a mile …. earns citizenship.

    • Ha, ha. I’m going to have to read that book! For those who don’t know, Jim Robinson runs Free Republic and Jim Hoft is the Gateway Pundit. MAGA!

    • Ha, ha. I’m going to have to read that book! For those who don’t know, Jim Robinson runs Free Republic and Jim Hoft is the Gateway Pundit. MAGA!

  2. ~ Charlie Skye Rach90211 •

    The man has never lied to us. The media and the Democrats on the other hand… when do they not lie? The wall is going up, and the left hates Trump for it.

    WHY ..TRUMP …kept his HAND CLOSE …. @ HIS RALLY’S ???

  3. You people are fucking idiots.

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