A Few Questions for a Friday Afternoon

Why this man is still at the IRS?


Gateway Pundit reports that 50 Republicans (only 50?!!) have signed a letter asking President Donald J. Trump to fire IRS head John Koskinen, the apologist for illegal targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. Koskinen’s mendacity is legendary. While testifying before Congress, he prevaricated (at best) and may have committed perjury and obstructed Congress (at perhaps worst. Who knows the level of criminality engaged in by the weaponized, politicized Obama IRS?)

By firing Koskinen, does the Trump administration lose the opportunity to hold him accountable? If not, then explain, please, how this man can still be on our payroll.

Another question: Why are we still apparently catching and releasing into the population so-called unaccompanied minors and their mothers who have illegally entered our country from Central America?

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump said that he would have Mexico reimburse the United States for a new border wall, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto canceled his trip to Washington D.C.

Although President Pena Nieto is not coming to the U.S., many undocumented families from Central America are still arriving.

A Department of Homeland Security bus dropped off yet another round of Central Americans at the McAllen, Texas bus station on Thursday. This time it’s a total of 28 people, including children, who turned themselves into immigration authorities after being smuggled across the border.

Like thousands before them, they are given a court date to appear and are released, allowing them to buy a ticket to be reunited with loved ones across the country. …

Jaqueline Lopez says that she will be visiting her father in California after four years apart. She says that she left Guatemala because of job scarcity and to give her 8-month-old son Miguel a better life. … Jaqueline says that she was told by immigration officials not to speak to the media

This story was published January 26, 2017–a Thursday. It’s entirely possible, although not clear from the story, which Thursday it was that these illegal aliens were released. Could it have been Thursday, January 19, the day before President Trump’s inauguration? Unclear. Which administration allowed immigration officials to advise a media blackout? Unclear. Also unclear is why the reporter does not refer to President Trump by his title, while he carefully makes sure to use President Nieto’s title. Hmm.

It’s imperative for President Trump to STOP this “catch and release” policy immediately, if it is continuing. Illegal immigrants, above all, should not be released into the population. This Obama-era policy has many adverse effects on our country. For example, these particular illegal immigrants carry and propagate communicable diseases to which our population is not immune. They cost us precious tax dollars. They flout our laws and our sovereignty. Their home countries surely do not catch and then release illegal interlopers, so why should we?

On this same topic of illegal immigration, President Trump announced that he will withhold federal monies from cities that refuse to cooperate with the federal government by helping to enforce immigration laws. As might be expected, progressives and their supporters who encourage “sanctuary cities” are apoplectic:

President Donald Trump’s executive order directing federal agencies to take away funding from self-proclaimed sanctuary cities had one big exemption for one of his favorite constituencies: the police, who would be protected from cuts.

But Trump’s opponents say that very exemption makes it much more likely that a judge could strike down that section of the order as unconstitutional.

It is just one example of the legal arguments that cities, immigration groups and other opponents are readying as they prepare to fight an executive order signed by Trump on Wednesday that would cut federal aid to “sanctuary” jurisdictions that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Suddenly the left is concerned about “illegal” or “unconstitutional” executive orders.

Ironic, isn’t it? Trump’s opponents plan to make “legal arguments” in order to fight Trump’s attempt to make cities enforce the law because they prefer to protect illegal aliens from punishment or deportation, as required by the law.

The “law” matters to the left when it’s useful to them as a weapon to twist or misinterpret in an attempt to impose their policies on the rest of us. The law does not matter in the least to them or to the illegal aliens who so blithely break our laws, when the law is an impediment to the imposition of their socialist/progressive policies on the USA.

If laws don’t matter, then it makes little  sense for progressives to turn to the law for relief, does it?

We either are a nation of laws or we are not. We either have a sovereign nation or we do  not.

We the People elected President Trump because we want our sovereign nation back. It’s as simple as that. It’s about time that the progressives among us realize that we won and they lost.

Right won. Law and order won. The Constitution won.



146 responses to “A Few Questions for a Friday Afternoon

    • And her date and her dress have exactly WHAT to do with policies designed to keep us ALL safe?

      Riddle me this: Did the Obama soirees stop during or after any terror attacks here in the USA? Did Malia and Sasha curtail all their social lives out of sympathy for the dead, say, in Orlando or San Bernardino? Did Michelle cancel any trips overseas on our dime? Did the daughters stay home from their posh school and instead enroll in public school, out of solidarity with the working victims of terror attacks? I’m just askin’.

  1. & stay on so …. the second video plays …. more PROOF… wow

    • I read that the limo that the rioting potential domestic terrorists torched belonged to an immigrant. Conservatives started a Go Fund Me page to collect money to help replace it.

  2. ~ Chris Robinette • …^^^^^ FIRE BALLS !!!
    Hey everyone, did you see …..”bailed out by our backers” statement?? Is this one of the Soros. dumbass, professional, protestor confessing that like others were paid to riot & cause damage to property? Oh hell yes,10 years is good enough for them. Consider yourselves lucky that the cops arrested you before you ran into the Bikers for Trump as they would have probably put you in the hospital all in self defense.

    • Gateway Pundit has a story that says SOROS is behind all the protests, including the ones at the airports. You would think that federal crimes are involved when people interfere with air travel.

  3. I am hearing of an update to the Canadian mosque shooting.
    Initial reports said that there were three involved.
    The number of shooters has now dropped to just one. Two other men being held by the police are apparently “involved as witnesses only”.
    This story sounds familiar, no?
    The one active shooter was a lone nut job.
    So they say.
    I think it makes Chucky Cheese look prescient.
    Just sayin’

    • I read a story this morning that actually said there was only one shooter but then kept referring to the gunmen, plural. They get so mixed up in their lies that they can’t keep their stories straight.

  4. Being reported that the “lone nutjob shooter” is a big fan of Donald Trump.
    Of course he is.
    And the other two have innocent explanations for why they were there.
    I suppose they do this because they think some people still believe this crap.
    Protests marches, crazy murders, celebrity soporstars in tears,
    This is Cloward-Piven.
    Planned in advance?
    Just ask Chucky.

    • Did you also read that he “likes” John McCain, Weezer, and the movie The Last King of Scotland? Whoops. Seems to me the left admired the Parti Quebecois (French separatists) until now. Or did they? It’s hard to keep track of their views, mostly because logic and consistency have nothing to do with it. As I’ve said before, we all need a hierarchy of victims table to refer to so we can keep straight who we’re expected to sympathize with in any conflict and who’s the evil one.

      This is yet another of those multiple gunmen stories that end up with a “lone wolf” disaffected youth who may or may not be on psychiatric drugs (MKULTRA) and is NOT, no matter what you may think, muslim. btw, they’re still referring to the Ft. Lauderdale killer as a “veteran” but leaving out his conversion to islam.

  5. If there is a deeply organized oposition force to remove Trump from office, then there probably are a whole sequence of increasingly chaotic nightmare events scheduled to take place against soft targets.
    What next?
    Here is just a guess:

    A) Violence at Trump owned hotels around the world,
    not caused by protestors but inexplicable.
    The goal would be to make these properties very much damaged goods for anyone to stay in.

    B) ISIS attacks by ISIS cells that are already inside America. We know they are here. Some cells will be allowed to conduct a successful attack. There would be two goals here:
    1) To illustrate the total ineffectiveness of the Trump travel ban.
    2) To confirm the “don’t rile them up” theory – ie. Trump has caused this violence by making the enemy more angry.

    C) A market collapse caused by the sudden and total withdrawl of funds
    from all the major banks around the world. This is the same tool that was used to sink the 2008 McCain run against Obama in 2008. The massive withdrawls was briefly reported and then disappeared from the news.
    President Trump’s reputation as a sound businessman can be effectively damaged by non-functioning cashpoints and riots in the streets for food etc.
    Greece narrowly survived this scenario but only after it capitulated to the EU paymasters.

    I’m going to stop there. I have no inside knowledge but this is just obvious to the casual observer and we should not be surprised by more violence.
    I hope I am wrong.

    • No doubt “B” will happen. But as Tucker Carlson said, paraphrasing–is anything going to make them hate us less? IOW, they’re going to hate us anyway, so we may as well do anything and everything we can to keep ourselves safe and to fight back against them.

    • Have you noticed the newest meme? He must be “crazy” and therefore unfit to be president under the 25th amendment and so must just be removed from command. There’s NOTHING they will stop at.

  6. That’s a good one!
    It seems to me that anybody who doesn’t feel that the Democrats are truly the only party with a correct message must be crazy and on that basis the entire Republican political party (except for John McCain) should be removed from office.
    Did you see the protest signs being waved in front of the Supreme Court?
    Some were pre-printed iwth “OPPOSE” in big red letters with a blank white space below in which the new nominee’s name was written with black marker pen. Could do better.

    Some clever electronic entrepreneur should make protest signs where the name of what is being opposed is filled in by an LED dot matrix array.
    Signs could be instantly changed from one protest to another and would look more flashy on the news. In fact with a little bit of mobine phone technology the protest message could be filled in by Democrat Central Command, (Or Soros).

    I could make them but I won’t!

    • If you ask me, this is not peaceful protest and instead is beginning to look like criminal conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected president and his government.

  7. Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry has new TV role helping find missing people
    11 hours ago
    Eun Kyung Kim
    More from TODAY.com
    An Ohio woman who was abducted as a teenager and held captive with two others for a decade has joined a Cleveland television station to report stories about missing people.

    Amanda Berry, who escaped Ariel Castro’s home in 2013, is the new host of a segment on WJW-TV that brings attention to missing person cases in northeast Ohio and tells viewers what they can do to help police rescue efforts.

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