Flag Day 2016

Flag-of-USA - CopyToday is Flag Day in the USA.

Fly your flags proudly.

You’re a Grand Old Flag
by George M. Cohan

You’re a grand old flag,
You’re a high flying flag
And forever in peace may you wave.
You’re the emblem of
The land I love.
The home of the free and the brave.
Ev’ry heart beats true
‘neath the Red, White and Blue,
Where there’s never a boast or brag.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
Keep your eye on the grand old flag.

You’re a grand old flag,
You’re a high flying flag
And forever in peace may you wave.
You’re the emblem of
The land I love.
The home of the free and the brave.
Ev’ry heart beats true
‘neath the Red, White and Blue,
Where there’s never a boast or brag.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
Keep your eye on the grand old flag.




148 responses to “Flag Day 2016

  1. ~ Renee
    …And don’t forget Aayan Hirsi …. one of the most Vigilant ex-Muslim advocates who risked life & limb to expose the true nature of the
    Religion of … Violence!

    Obama is a Muslim who was raised by anti-American and anti-Christian white liberals his entire life! He may very well be a closeted sodomite himself who has devoted his Affirmative Action based presidency in promoting Islam.

    Without any real opposition from the RINO’s Obama kept his promise in fundamentally transforming America! He has forged the pathway in turning America into a multicultural wasteland of mediocrity, dominated by overrated feminists such as Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, homosexuls & under achieving minorities such as himself!

    Donald Trump terrifies Obama, Hilary, the left the do-nothing RINO establishment! The man espouses a simple message as Obama has but is repeatedly being lambasted for offering solutions as oppose to left wing rhetoric! America will soon be reflecting present day “Eurabia” with the massive influx of Syrian refugees who Obama is welcoming with open arms to destroy our nation!


  2. ~ ben ……..

    I shudder with the knowledge that millions of disoriented, but useful, idiots accept obamao’s BS as Gospel…& I am including those who truly believe the Bible. It is nothing less than mystifying. I become utterly frustrated/aggravated each time I attempt to “school” an b hussien supporter on what is really happening. 99% of the time, it’s like there’s
    a total disconnect from reality. No matter how clearly I draw it out, they dismiss it as some sort of nefarious Conservative propaganda. To call it Maddening is a hyperbolic understatement.I wrote a poem several days after the unnecessary slaughter in Benghazi. I think it is still pertinent.

    Oh, & Mychal, to this day, I have not heard ANYONE bring up the “GOTCHA” the dims placed in our lap right after Benghazi. Though it is
    in the poem, I want to make sure this part hits home. All of our ‘fearless leaders” contended that the people living in the area,–most of whom were Muslims–were so animalistic, so utterly barbaric, that they would stoop to a subhuman level to MURDER innocents over a freakin’ VIDEO that the victims had no part in. The LEFT are the ones who have a conniption (as you’ve alluded to in your thoughtful and accurate video) if Conservatives mentioned Islam or even “Radical Muslim terrorists.” And, YET, they, inadvertently–when you are dissembling so hurriedly, it’s sometimes hard to cover all your bases– tell the world that these Muslim cretins committed cold-blooded MURDER!! We should have been ALL OVER that!!! They were totally trapped, but no one on our side seemed to realize it. I sent an email to Rush and a few others, but, as expected, heard nothing from them. You are about the only Conservative spokesperson who actually responds to public missives, & I appreciate that & all you do, my brother..

    OK, to the poem. 2 read it go to the Comments og O’s 3 am call…
    © Ben Burton 9-16-2012

    • He’ll have to. He should know that by now. He’s not only up against the DemoncRAT cabal. NOT TO MENTION “conservative” writers like the author of this article.

    • Yep. Imagine having a script written by one of those supremely progressive guys out in Hollywood. They couldn’t have done better. Check out his name. Oh, there you go. He was one of the bouncers. Bouncers are supposed to confront and BOUNCE malefactors. Aren’t they? WWRD? What would Rambo do? Run towards to danger? WWCKD? What would Chris Kyle do? Ditto. Etc. Etc. His act of heroism was to open the door. Even though other stories said (1) there were no other doors and the shooter succeeded because he stood in the only doorway or (2) somebody was holding the back door shut to keep the killer from coming into the alley to shoot other people. There was no “latch”. The guy outside was holding it shut. That would be the other actor, whose name I forget–the hispanic guy.

      Semper Fi. Would love to know what Marines from the Greatest Generation would think of this narrative. Let’s Roll. Uh, huh. He “reacted by instinct.” Yeah, I guess everybody else who hid and ran did, too.

    • They’re flying a rainbow Gadsden flag somewhere that says “shoot back” or something like that. AT TERRORISTS! In SELF-DEFENSE. Proving you cannot paint with a broad brush. Expect this guy to get the same “love” from his “community” that black conservatives get from theirs.

    • I agree with Orly but she has the facts wrong and they are far more in favor of the young man than she perceives. If he were just a few years younger, would they have charged the “victim” with sexual assault of the child?

      Orly writes that a 26-year-old woman (I think she was more like 23) went to this frat party and got shit-faced drunk and was dancing with this shit-faced drunk 20-year-old and they went outside and had sex. NOT!

      The rape kit was negative. The victim was totally unconscious; she doesn’t know WHAT happened. There was no sex. There was making out to the extent that “third base” was reached. Her DNA was on his hands. His hands. He told the cops what happened. That he felt her up, in the parlance we used to use.

      There was, despite what the media persists in reporting, NO RAPE whatsoever. NONE. Several charges were dropped because there was no rape. They convicted him of some kind of sexual assault of an unconscious person. But who knows at what point the woman became unconscious? He said she participated eagerly and it was totally consensual. They were BOTH drunk. He remembers what happened. She doesn’t.

      The trauma and upset she claims to have experienced all comes from, apparently, the embarrassment she felt and the humiliation of going through the examination at the hospital and having a rape kit taken when she didn’t know what the hell was going on.

      They were making out in an alley behind the party house. Two foreign students rode by on bikes. They turned around after discussing what they thought they saw going on–basically that they didn’t know what was going on so they went back to see. When they returned and accosted the young man, yelling at him that she was unconscious, he ran away. They chased and tackled him and called the cops and the unconscious woman was taken to the hospital. So …

      At what point do women become equally responsible for what they do and for what happens to them? Isn’t it patronizing and demeaning to assume that men of 20 are responsible for their actions, even when drunk, but drunk women of 23 or 26 are NOT responsible for what happens but are victims when they chose to get drunk?

      Again, if he were 17, would SHE be charged with sexual molestation of a minor?

      This is a political trial, a political case. And all because, in addition, he’s white and his family is well off. So … GUILTY!!!! (of white privilege and being rich)

      Who ever heard of people signing a petition over what a judge has decided? Where is justice if the MOB can overrule the considered, experienced, intelligent legal decision of a judge? I can’t blame his parents for being upset and for defending him. He’s 20 for goodness sake. It’s not like when WE were 20. At 20, this generation is more like 15.

      I’m not saying he’s not responsible for his actions but she is EQUALLY AT FAULT and there’s something very, very wrong when they call him a “rapist” in the media and in the letters to the judge and in the petitions when NO RAPE OCCURRED.

      I was so upset when I read that there was NO RAPE. I thought he raped her. I thought it was fact. It wasn’t!

      Look how betrayed we all are when the media LIES about cases in order to support their political agenda (see McCaskill and Hillary and their war on “campus rape culture”).

      Consider that every day in major cities there are babies born to minors. In TOO MANY CASES, the fathers of these babies, the absent fathers, are over the age of 18, meaning that in every case it’s RAPE. Do the authorities pursue statutory rape charges when a baby is born to a 14-year-old and the father is an adult? Do they even INVESTIGATE? Why the double standard?

        • Indictment & charges
          On February 1, 2015, Turner was indicted on 5 charges:

          Rape of an intoxicated person
          Rape of an unconscious person,

          Assault with intent to rape an intoxicated woman
          Sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object
          Sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object.[3]

          The 2 formal charges of RAPE under California state law were
          ……. “DROPPED”

          at a preliminary hearing on October 6, 2015,[36]
          after DNA testing revealed “NO Genetic Evidence”
          of Genital-to-Genital Contact.[8][37] .”NO RAPE” ..just funning around!

          • A probation officer’s report shows Turner’s blood-alcohol content that night was 0.13 percent, significantly above California’s 0.08 percent legal intoxication limit. He told the court he was too drunk to know that the woman was unconscious during his encounter with her.

            The victim, too, was highly intoxicated. She received a blood draw approximately six hours after her assault that found her blood-alcohol concentration at that time was 0.12 percent. But prosecutors said a back extrapolation done on her blood-alcohol level at the time of the assault placed it at approximately 0.22 percent —
            “almost three times the legal limit.” …..

            3 X’s ? AA is waiting 4 J D …. She also had 3 years on HIM!!!

            & Jane Doe’ had 4 Shots of Whiskey Before leaving HER HOME???

            • Lucky she’s not deceased, with that high of a blood alcohol content. Little known danger on college campuses: Drinking yourself to death. The body can take only so much alcohol in a short period of time. But the young are resilient. Maybe she should be thankful that she was rushed to a hospital for this alleged rape. I wonder if they took any steps to counteract the intoxication. Is that even medically possible?

              I’m not excusing the young man but WHY is the onus always on the male? Especially when BOTH chose to get drunk and BOTH willingly engaged in sexual behavior? As I said, take a few years off his age and she should be charged with statutory sexual assault/molestation of a minor and then SHE gets to be on the sex offender list for life. But you know that would never happen.

              As a woman I am totally offended by the assumption that women are less than adults and are not responsible for their actions. It treats females as INFANTS, almost in the same way that progressives treat “persons of color” AS IF they are not and potentially can never be RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, who are responsible for their choices, outcomes, lives. You know, like white males. Soft bigotry and all that.

              This could get interesting if future incidents involve transgendered or multi-gendered individuals. The progressives won’t know who to blame until/unless they develop a hierarchy of blame chart. White male cisgenders at the top of chart, with diminishing responsibility as you go down? (No pun intended.)

        • I read part of it before and I couldn’t take it, so had to stop. It epitomizes all that’s gone haywire in this country.

  3. On the other hand, the judges as well as both AG Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch had and still have in front of them evidence of Obama using a stolen CT Social Security number 042-68-4425 and using toilet paper for IDs. So far they covered it up. (see the file of documents Evidence of forgery, fraud and fabrication in Obama’s IDs) ……..^^^^^^^^

    This cover up led to 8 years of usurpation of the US presidency with disastrous results. Obama incurred more debt than 43 presidents before him combined. He is committing an outright treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy, by bringing thousands of Syrian migrants after ISIS announced that it embedded it’s terrorists among those migrants. Together with the Secretary of DHS, Jeh Johnson, Obama endangered us by deleting thousands of DHS files of radical Muslim terrorists. And the list goes on and on…

    It is time for the public to turn to judges who covered up the issue of Obama’s use of fabricated IDs and demand that these judges sua sponte change their decisions.

    It is time for the public to demand that AG Loretta Lynch appoint a special prosecutor to file criminal charges against Obama for his use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425 and fabricated IDs, for the usurpation of the US presidency via use of bogus IDs, for treason in bringing Syrian migrants with ISIS terrorists embedded in their midst and so much more.

    It is time for the public to turn its’ attention to the most important legal issue of our time.

  4. Bill O’Reilly: Obama Angry at Trump Over “Birther” Issue
    by Sharon Rondeau ….^^^^^^

    (P&E) — On Wednesday night’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” commentator Monica Crowley told O’Reilly that … Barack Hussein Obama on Tuesday employed “vitriol” in “an incredibly obtuse, petulant speech, ….
    & it was all directed at Donald Trump.”

    Has Bill O’Reilly provided cover for Obama’s lack of, or fraudulent, documentation?
    Crowley was referring to Obama’s heated public address clearly aimed at Trump’s contention that immigrants and “refugees” from Islamic-dominant countries should be halted at least temporarily until better vetting of terrorist connections can be assured following the Sunday morning assault on a nightclub by a radicalized Islamic.

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2016/06/report-fox-newss-bill-oreilly-barack.html#tQ6TGupq7prfVEt7.99

    • I think islamophobia is a misnomer. Phobia? It’s not phobia. I’m not AFRAID of them. I just hate their ideology and what they do and we will NOT submit. That’s all.

    • How many “ties” are necessary to be of “consequence” to the FBI? I vote for ONE.

  5. ~ DTOM_Jericho (Creator vindicator)
    Then I’ll do it for you. LGBT f off. You choose to isolate yourselves by calling yourself the lgbt community. How about you just try to be a part of THE community? Bigoted, double standard, jerks. I don’t discriminate because of your sexual anything. I discriminate against anyone that acts like entitled a holes and those that would circumvent the true rule of law in the Republic.

    Keeping arms is a right, not a regulation. It’s not a lifestyle. If I have weapons it doesn’t affect you because I don’t gaf about anyone’s sexual preference or identity. What I hate is whiners who try to vilify everyone else. Your masters may take my life but they will not have my freedom. Ever. And I don’t gaf how that makes you feel.
    Come take it.

    • Excellent rant. I agree 100%. Especially the part about isolating themselves. This was an attack on the USA. On ALL Of us and yet they are “owning” it and isolating their “community” and acting as if it’s THEIR tragedy and so, they should not be surprised if the entire country doesn’t join them in the Kumbaya. They’ve made it clear it’s not “OUR” tragedy. And, indeed, they ALSO pretend as if it wasn’t a muslim jihadi but just your run-of-the-mill homophobic hate criminal. So be it. Divide and conquer. Separate yourself and don’t be surprised when there’s nobody who’s got your back. I wonder if it had been NOT a “gay” club if someone manly (is that sexist?) like Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Clint Eastwood, or even Dana Loesch would have stepped up to save us some lives.

    • “Islam is a religion of peace, even though there is a lot of extremism, there have been no high examples so far in the United States of America that show straight-up LGBT hate, as far as Islam goes.”

      Is that person out of its ever lovin’ mind? No example of muslim LGBT hate in the US? I can think of AT LEAST ONE and it’s ORLANDO.

  6. ~ SLAPTHELEFT …..^^^^
    Just blame the Gun and straight up Hate. How original.
    It must be easy to be a lefty. You don’t actually have to think.

    The people who want to kill them are not the problem.

    ~ JeffBassett
    All countries with Islam only allow Islam, kill all LBGT persons,
    are always at war, always hating another race. Peaceful huh?

  7. ~panzerakc • ..GRAVE-YARD DEAD? they DIDN’T H A V E 2 B !
    “President Obama visited the scene of the Pulse nightclub shooting today in Orlando, declaring that “the notion that the answer to this tragedy would be to make sure that more people in a nightclub are similarly armed to the killer defies common sense.” ”

    So, Mr. Obama, do you have much trouble with people breaking into the White House?

    No? …………………

    Do you suppose that the large number of armed Secret Service agents that surround you and your family have anything to do with that?

    If you don’t, then get rid of them all, and face any possible dangers the way the rest of us do – using our belief that the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to defend ourselves.

    If you actually DO believe that the armed Secret Service agents serve to protect you and your family from various miscreants, how DARE you tell other people that they may not similarly arm themselves!


    • Excellent, excellent point. So it “defies common sense” for him to have multiple armed people in his home to protect him and his family. It should be a gun free zone, like other public buildings. Smoke free and gun free. A “safe” space.

    • Wait! WHAT???!!!! He made SIXTEEN phone calls during the attack. It gets more unbelievable by the moment.

  8. YEP ..to protect & serve….a USURPER ???… i don’t get it! ^^^

  9. ~PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) – ….. ^^^^^^^
    Protesters will start gathering near Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix 6 hours before Saturday’s event is scheduled to begin.

    One group says it will offer biker escorts for Trump supporters in Case anything gets OUT of Hand. ( …takin’ care of BUSINESS!) YES!

    A flyer for Lion’s Guard Arizona says it will be “providing a Safe Environment for Trump supporters this Saturday” at the Coliseum. Lion’s Guard members will BE Wearing American Flag bandanas …..
    “so supporters needing our assistance can ….. Easily Find US.” !!!

    “We are a PEACEFUL group comprised of Veterans and Former Law Enforcement, as well as Trump Supporters,” said a Lion’s Guard organizer via text message. “We are attending ONLY to escort Trump supporters into & out of the rally to their vehicles. WE Have been Informed by DPS of our boundary …….. (ha) …….. & expectations.” …..O’ really ?????

    The flyer adds that “All bikers & non-bikers are Welcome!”

    • He WAS part of a group. It was called his mosque. In addition, the larger group is called islam.

      And thank goodness for the NY Post. It’s telling everybody exactly WHAT is was he did and said early on, that led to multiple people reporting him and begging for intervention.

      • SO ….^^^^ let IT slide? …. AS IN ….take away OUR G*N’S
        just WHAT ….does 49 DEATH really MEAN… 2 – T H E M ?

        • Even more convinced of a FF in that Barry complained about how citizens on the terror watch list can buy guns only 11 days before the potential FF and also the Congress VOTED DOWN a bill that would stop someone on the list from buying guns. So, COINCIDENTALLY, within a few weeks, an event occurs where a guy once on the list allegedly buys two NEW guns, even though he’s been a security guard for years, to use in this event. He had no gun to use prior but instead bought two news ones just for this shooting, conveniently giving the gun control people like Barry their meme? btw, am I the only one who’s wondering about that Orlando THEME MUSIC? Know what I mean? Listen for it–the ominous sounding music that precedes every report on the lamestream news concerning Orlando. I do believe I’ve heard it on networks OTHER THAN NBC, but it certainly is on NBC. Orchestrated and choreographed.

  10. Man tries to pull gun from officer at Trump rally
    (Las Vegas, Nevada) 6/19/2016, 3:15:47 PM · by 2ndDivisionVet
    WISN-TV ^ | June 19, 2016 | Greg Clary, CNN
    Police arrested a 19-year-old man Saturday inside a Las Vegas theater where presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was holding a campaign rally after the man attempted to pull a police officer’s gun from its holster during the event. Police said Michael Sandford struck up a conversation with a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer under the pretenses that he was seeking to get an autograph. During the conversation, police said Sandford tried to pull the officer’s service weapon from its holster. Other officers also assigned to provide security at the event were quickly able to detain Sandford and authorities said…

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