Happy Father’s Day 2016

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in our reading audience.

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God bless you all!

May you have a safe and happy Father’s Day.



88 responses to “Happy Father’s Day 2016

  1. I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery. —Aeschylus

    I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. —General Douglas MacArthur

  2. But the firing of longtime campaign manager Corey Lewandowski may signal the beginning of a TurnAround. Lewandowski & Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman, had been fighting for Trump’s soul, with Lewandowski pushing to allow Trump to CON-tinue his bombastic, bomb-throwing rhetoric while Manafort Insisted that Trump Needs to Tone it Down. The EXIT OF Lewandowski sends a signal to GOP insiders & donors that Trump may be willing to adopt a more conventional pose going forward. !!!! YEP!!!

  3. DNC DIRT FILE ON HILLARY …..^^^^^ 1 ….. @DRUDGE


    • I’m not so sure that all this isn’t some kind of elaborate false flag itself. An operation to have some disinterested party find and then release the “fact” that there’s really not much there in her background to dig up. Ya think? Where’s the dirt? You KNOW there’s plenty of it. This is peanuts. In the meantime, they go over Trump’s records with a fine-toothed comb. Are they going through his trash, too, like up in Alaska for Palin? They have their panties in a wad because he spent campaign money on his own businesses. Or so it was reported. What I really think happened is that, when convenient, he HIRED his own companies to do work for his campaign. ALL PERFECTLY LEGAL!!! But the media try to make it seem shady, as blithely Clinton takes foreign ILLEGAL contributions for her “foundation” and as she, for years, ILLEGALLY USED A PRIVATE SERVER AND DELETED EMAILS, but the media blows that off. It’s more important to peruse Trump’s LEGAL activities!

      • Proving that it’s possible for me to be totally wrong?!!!


        “A Swiss billionaire and seven-figure Clinton Foundation donor is pouring millions of dollars into a nonprofit voter registration and turnout operation and appears to have shared information about the project with the Democratic Party, a leaked document reveals.

        Hansjörg Wyss is accelerating a $100 million registration and get-out-the-vote plan in order to more quickly impact elections and the U.S. policy landscape, according to a document detailing the proposed work by his charitable group, the Wyss Foundation.

        The document details the scope of Democratic efforts to boost grassroots organizing, and sheds light on how some of the left’s deepest pockets are facilitating those efforts through nonprofit vehicles generally restricted to charitable activity. …”

        Of course, file that under “news you’ll never see in the lamestream.” Clinton Foundation “donor” AND a Swiss billionaire AND the DNC conspiring (aka COORDINATING?). Is THIS legal? Where’s the IRS targeting when you need it? Why do the Swiss need to INTERFERE in our elections?

  4. I…DON’T recall? ~ I DON’T know? …. F the BUNCH of U ALL’s !!!

  5. >>>>> Responses to Obama Must Be Held Accountable <<<<<
    ~ Debbie Deen …@mychalmassie.com
    Obama is hell bent on having this Country Taken Over BY his Muslim buddies. He hates America & anyone who cannot SEE that is a complete Idiot. He did not care about the people killed & wounded in Orlando because he is Muslim & believes that gay people are infidels & should die. He continues to bring in Muslim “refugees” knowing that they cannot be properly vetted & that there are terrorists among them. The prophecy of the downfall of the United States was that it would be conquered from within, which is exactly what Obama is trying to accomplish. He is a traitor & should be tried for treason. ……… !!!!!!!! …….
    Hillary is not any better with all her vast Campaign Contributions from Muslim countries. I actually believe that campaign contributions from Foreign sources should be Illegal. We all know good & well that any campaign contributions come with Strings Attached. If elected, Hillary will Violate our 2nd amendment rights & also bring in more “refugees” & continue Obama’s plan to destroy America.

    ~ Linda Anderson
    Step 1: Trojan Horse immigration policy to destroy the U.S. from within.
    Step 2: Undermine 2nd Amendment to disarm population & remove resistance to New World Order.
    Step 3: Control the media & use Liberal propaganda to sway ignorant masses.
    Step 4: Use schools to indoctrinate young people with subversive & anti-American ideology.
    Step 5: Distract people with focus on sex, drugs, & violent entertainment.
    Step 6: Make war on the Middle Class by destroying the economically.
    The witches brew is already in the pot and coming to a boil. I fear that this nation will not survive in any form our forefathers would recognize.
    Thank you, Mychal, for your warnings & wisdom. YEP YEP YEP

    • Just as being in possession of a certain amount of cash money suddenly makes you automatically GUILTY until proven innocent, they’re going to assume that anybody taking steps to be anonymous on the Internet is GUILTY and should be WATCHED. So now they’re going to pass a law that allows them to stop people on watch lists from buying guns. Supposedly, at the moment, “only” about a million (or is it 100,000?) on the list they’re talking about and “only” about 2800 CITIZENS. YET, who controls who gets on the list and how and using what criteria? We know. It will be simple, and he WILL do it, to add MILLIONS to the list and then use the law to stop them from buying weapons or seize what they have. And probably, it will also be part of the program to assume ANYBODY who is against “common sense gun control” is a potential terrorist or at least a seditious potential domestic terrorist (BLM exempted).

  6. BEAUTIFUL GIANA .. graveyard DEAD! over twice DEPORTED…F’er
    WHAT does it TAKE 2 GET this RIGHT??? …. >>>TRUMP!!!


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