Trilogía de Naranja

orangeboehner - Copy

This is the third and final episode of our Orange Trilogy.

Orange  you glad?


105 responses to “Trilogía de Naranja

  1. To: jimbo123 …
    Mr. Trump doesn’t have a conservative record Bush said…
    You really don’t either Jeb. And Donald Trump has built a 10 billion dollar empire whereas you were simply born into a family.

    To: jimbo123 …
    “Mr. Trump doesn’t have a conservative record. He was a Democrat longer in the last decade than he was a Republican,” Bush said.

    I’m not on the Trump wagon yet but I love how he is shaking up the establishment on both sides.

    Trump may be a Dem longer than a Repub but I sometimes wonder when he got burned by 0bama over the birth certificate, if Trump woke up to the massive corruption that is going on with the whole liberal establishment that includes both parties and the media.

    I remember Trump was putting the heat on 0bama over the BC, then magically, 0bama produces the scanned version and shuts Trump up. I hope Trump is tired of all the lies/corruption in DC and the whole liberal establishment, as we are.
    ~ CGato ~ ^^^

  2. this IS …. so wrong …..bless that gal & ALL OF US ~ 2

  3. ANCHOR around the USA’S NECK & MORE ….JUST STOP IT!


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump debated the use of the term “anchor baby” with a reporter at a press conference in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

    Trump was asked, “You said that you have a big heart, and that you’re not mean-spirited. Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby,’ that’s an offensive term? People find that hurtful.”

    Trump responded, “You mean it’s not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it?” He then suggested the reporter give him a different term to use, to which the reporter suggested “The American-born [children] of undocumented immigrants.” Trump said in response, “I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’” ….. ha


    That’s a really fun read. Hillary AND HUMA are arrogant, imperious, and treat the Secret Service guys like servants, minions, second-class citizens. The agents, in turn, refuse to carry bags for Huma. She asked for it. I’d have some choice words for her to teach HER how things work in the USA. A quote:

    “‘There’s not an agent in the service who wants to be in Hillary’s detail,’ a current agent says. ‘If agents get the nod to go to her detail, that’s considered a form of punishment among the agents. She’s hard to work around, she’s known to snap at agents and yell at agents and dress them down to their faces, and they just have to be humble and say, ‘Yes ma’am,’ and walk away.’

    The agent adds, ‘Agents don’t deserve that. They’re there to do a job, they’re there to protect her, they’ll lay their life down for hers, and there’s absolutely no respect for that. And that’s why agents do not want to go to her detail.’

    Agents say Hillary’s nastiness and contempt for them and disdain for law enforcement and the military in general continued, both when she was secretary of state and now that she is protected as a former first lady, earning her the distinction of being considered the Secret Service’s most detested protectee.”

    The thing is: The agents have every right to and SHOULD tell her what for. If I were on their detail, she’d hear a piece of my mind. Politely, of course, respectfully, of course, but also truthfully, starting with, “I didn’t sign up for your abuse. I’m here to protect you; I’m not here for you to abuse.”

  6. Miri They should be treated with respect. 🙂

  7. DE-PORT could WORK? …of COURSE it CAN & WILL ..

  8. TRUMP … 30,000 – 40,000 come 2 B …. WON OVER!


  9. I’M SICK SICK SICK ….of these STUPID interviewers… dumber
    than a BAG of ROCKS…. JUST STOP IT!

    boo hoo…your going 2 Scare the POPE? NO ISIS IS! ..FOOL CC

  10. YES U DID … Mychal Massie … FOX … is lower that DIRT!!!

  11. the HITS just keep on COMING …TRUMP is a clever fellow

    & YES MEXICO ..will $ ..PAY 4 the FENCE some DAY soon also

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