Obama’s Selective Service Card Fraud: Bombshell!

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Fraudulent Document Precludes Obama

from Holding Office!


Card image from Government FOIA Request Received by Ken Allen


One of our readers, Gordo,  provided a link to “Bombshell” information that is found in an interview with  Mike Zullo.  He is the lead investigator of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse team, that was delving into Obama’s eligibility.

On March 2, 2012, on Frank Beckmann‘s radio program,  WJR (760),  Detroit, Michigan,  Mike and Frank have discussion about the Posse’s findings.   This is the link ,  so you can listen for yourself.

During the first part of the broadcast the emphasis is on Obama’s birth certificate.  They are looking for the individual that created the birth certificate and posted it on the WH website.  The document on the government website, “never started its life as a hard copy document.”   He said they used the airwaves and the internet to give the birth certificate the “look of it being authentic.”  Fraud  was committed.  First, there was  fraud against the citizens of  Maricopa County, then the state of Arizona,  and finally citizens across the nation.    Mike  said that they have identified  “a person of interest” in the forging of Obama’s birth certificate.

Mike also disclosed that the Posse decided not to approach the officials in Hawaii until they had proof from their own  investigations.   Frank inquired if  they were  going to contact them, and he said, “You can take that to the bank!”  He also said they were not involved in trying to keep Obama off the ballot, and that it was up to the citizens of Arizona.   They are investigating fraud and the forgery of documents.

I transcribed some of  the conversation between the two men after the discussion about the birth certificate.  It is worthwhile for you to listen to the entire conversation to get the full flavor of the details presented.

Frank: There is also a question about the president’s Social Security card.  “Were you looking into that as well?”

Mike:  “That is still under investigation.  The Social Security  issue is still  an unexplained phenomenon.  It is a little difficult to investigate that without having an official criminal investigation. But that is something that we are looking at.

What the public should be more concerned about is the possibility of the  Fraud of the Selective Service Card.  That has some severe ramifications.”

Frank:   asks him to repeat what he said because the conversation broke up.

Mike:  “The Selective Service card that we showed in our press conference.
We believe that document was fraudulently created to give the appearance that it  was accepted in 1980.  That has some far reaching implications.  That is actually something that the president himself at some point in time may have to answer for.”

Frank:  “How so?  Explain.”

Mike:  “Selective Service back in 1980, there was a requirement that any males over the age of 18 years old register for Selective Service.  Failure to do so was under penalty of law which was a felony. It also precludes individuals from holding public office, governmental office, if they do not register.”   [Yes, read that again, folks!]

“We showed in our press conference yesterday that  we believe  that the post office stamp which tries to portray that card as  being accepted at a post office in Hawaii in 1980  was fraudulently applied to that document. That document is still under severe investigation by our office.

Frank:  “You are right, that is an even bigger issue than a birth certificate. I would think for most people.”

Mike: ” I do agree with you. It is a bigger issue for everybody involved, and  a lot of media, they are running from this issue because this issue,  it links directly to Mr. Obama.

Frank:  “We’ll see. The MSM is not going to give you a lot of coverage on this, are they?”

Mike:  “Nah, They are trying to go the same route as before. Everybody is starting to come out now trying to say well, its the scanner, its this, and we debunked all of that.  It is a topic that the MSM does not  want to deal with, and we will have to play accordingly.”


To check the integrity of Mr. Zullo’s words that not registering or using a forged document precludes Obama from having a federal job, the following was found on the U.S. Selective Service Registration website concerning registering with the Selective Service.   Indeed, he is correct.

Register for the Draft: It’s Still the Law
Males 18 through 25 are required to register

Penalties for Failure to Register for the Draft

Men who do not register could be prosecuted and, if convicted, fined up to $250,000 and/or serve up to five years in prison. In addition, men who fail to register with Selective Service before turning age 26, even if not prosecuted, will become ineligible for:

Student Financial Aid – including Pell Grants, College Work Study, Guaranteed Student/Plus Loans, and National Direct Student Loans.

U.S. Citizenship if the man first arrived in the U.S. before his 26th birthday.

Federal Job Training – The Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) offers programs that can train young men for jobs in auto mechanics and other skills. This program is only open to those men who register with Selective Service.

 Federal Jobs – men born after December 31, 1959 must be registered to be eligible for jobs in the Executive Branch of the Federal government and the U.S. Postal Service.

In addition, several states have added additional penalties for those who fail to register.

You may have read or been told that there is no need to register, because so few people are prosecuted for failing to register. The goal of the Selective Service System is registration, not prosecution. Even though those who fail to register may not be prosecuted they will be denied student financial assistance, federal job training, and most federal employment unless they can provide convincing evidence to the agency providing the benefit they are seeking, that their failure to register was not knowing and willful.

Again, from the government, just in case Barack Obama (or whatever his name really  is)  arrived in the U.S. from a foreign county, illegal alien males are also required to register.

“All immigrant alien males, other than those admitted on non-immigrant visas, must register, whether or not they have a green card.”

So,  huge questions remain for Barack Obama to answer.  Who filed the Selective Service form and who signed his name?  According to Debbie Schlussel,  who wrote an  exclusive on her findings regarding Obama’s Selective Service Registration card in 2008, the form a forger used was  a  SSS Form 1 that was issued in  1990.  (lower left corner)  Yet, the form signed by Obama and supposedly stamped by a postal clerk  shows  1980!   How did Obama complete a form 10 full years before the form was in use?  That is just one of the multiple abnormalities identified by Debbie Schussel.

The Posse recreated the postal stamp that was used on Obama’s fraudulent form and figured out how it was made.  They  also noted that the stamp was missing  two numbers identified in a normal year pattern of 4 digits i.e., 1980.  The stamp print that the forger  used was compared to other forms from the same time period and found they all used the entire sequence of 4 digits, 1980.   On Obama’s form only the 80 was printed, and the 19 was missing.

Quickly after the Posse’s conference,  the Left came to Obama’s defense saying that the ink didn’t penetrate the 1 and 9 and, therefore, those two numbers didn’t print.   Well, they had to find an excuse for it!  The Posse showed Obama’s stamp compared  to other stamps from the same year and they all had complete 4 digit year markings.    If the Left’s  analysis was correct, then why was ink picked up in the numbers above the 08,  in the circular line and the words beneath the 08?    I think we will believe our own eyes  and the forensic document experts and law enforcement officials who have identified the document as a forgery.  The paid Leftist radicals who manufacture lies and deceive those who can not think for themselves are trying to defend the indefensible.

So now there are two confirmed document forgeries by law enforcement officials that purportedly belong to and are supposed to identify  the person sitting in the White House, Barack Obama.


 Birth Certificate 

Selective Service Registration Form

How long do We the People have to wait to have a criminal investigation started regarding Barack Obama?  If the registration document is not his, then who completed the form for him that was sent to the government?  Is he a foreigner as many suspect since he uses a fake social security card number  and that number didn’t pass E-Verify?  Who created the Selective Service Registration form for Obama to sign?  How did that form information get into the government database?  Who works at the Selective Service Administration in Chicago that could put that card into their files?  (Conveniently, Selective Service forms are maintained in the Chicago office.).  Was the form created  in 2008 when Obama wanted to run for office?  Did the same person create both the birth certificate and the selective service form?  Does Obama think he will be able to skate on both these issues?

The man with multiple identities and no documentation is  occupying the highest office in our nation.  Abiding by the laws in our nation, Obama is ineligible to be in the position he is, and we certainly can not allow him to run for office again.

Failure to register with the Selective Service is a felony.  If Obama did not register when he was required to do so, and it appears he did not;  he is not eligible for a job in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.  

Let’s make Obama accountable now!

Start your letter campaign and demand Congress investigate!  If they want money for their reelection campaigns, then they damn well better do the job they are paid by the taxpayers to do!   Money talks, when Obama walks.



Additional Reading:

November 13, 2008  EXCLUSIVE: Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama’s Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions by Debbie Schlussel

April 27, 2011 – Obama’s Birth Certificate: Will It End Your Doubts? I’m a Selective Servicer by Debbie Schlusel

UPDATE:  March 21, 2012

Authentic Date Stamps from 1980

The Cold Case Posse obtained these official 1980 US Postal Service stamps to show a comparison to Obama’s stamp where only the “80” shows. 

From WND:   The first two stamps in the illustration are from the same Post Office – Makiki Station in Honolulu, Hawaii – indicated on Obama’s Selective Service registration.

While some of the letters stamped in the outer ring on some of the authentic documents are indistinct or even missing, all of the authentic date stamps include four digits for the year at the center of the stamp.

Below are  four of the authentic Selective Service registration forms. All of the forms have a Post Office stamp that indicates the year with four digits.  In sharp contrast, the year designation in Obama’s Selective Service registration has two digits, specifying only “80″ instead of “1980.”

189 responses to “Obama’s Selective Service Card Fraud: Bombshell!

  1. I read Debbie Schlussel’s work on the Selective Service registration of BHO back in 2008 and I haven’t seen much about it since.
    But now Sheriff Joe has brought it back up and I took another look at it. Not only does the USPO date stamp indicate a forgery, there are some other abnormalities (as is with all of BHO’s documents) which raise red flags.

    One of these is the zip code that BHO used on the SS registration.

    All the previous documents that have been acquired through FOIA for Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport records show the address of 1617 S. Bretania, Apt 1008, Honolulu HI 96814. These documents go all the up to about 1976.

    When did the same address become part of the zip code 96826? It appears that all USPS research material has been scrubbed of any reference to the 96826 zip code. The only reference I could find was a table of leased facilities that shows an occupancy date of Sept 1986 for the zip code 96826 at 2700 S. King St Suite B Honolulu HI 96826-3398. The only other facility is 96926-9998 which appears to be an apartment or a condo for the Postal Inspector’s use.


    I can’t find any data for that zip code prior to that date.

    Is it possible that whoever forged the SS Registration probably in 2008, inadvertently used the current zip code of 96826, and is it possible that the 96826 zip code did not even exist in 1980 when BHO claims that he registered with the Selective Service.

    If anyone has the answer to this or knows how to research it a little deeper, it may be very interesting.

    • As for how to research it, how about an FOIA request to the USPS?

      • SEO, I think this zip info is huge..got time ?

        • I think it could be huge also (and all props go to mcgee…my issue was the signature 🙂
          I think a complete history of that particular zip code should be an easy request for the Postal Service to answer, right?

          • The big lie that the obots cling to is that some clerk in the Social Security office, in 1977 when he got his SS card, made a mistake on the zip code, typing a 0 for a 9. However, records like this are VERIFIED by another person. It’s next to IMPOSSIBLE for a clerk to make such a mistake, especially when the SS# prefix USED TO, in 1977, indicate the state of residence. I will try to find where I read elsewhere that the zip code where the Dunhams lived changed. IF that zip code was not the correct one on the selective service card, then likely all has been scrubbed and all have been made “mum” by now. Dept. of State and INS and National Archives have all already been proved to be aiding and abetting hiding records from We the People. The Postal Service would likely be even more complicit, given the demographics of its employees. Just sayin’.

      • It looks like the nine digit zip code did not start till 1986. Haven’t closely studied what you all are looking at, but Connecticut zips start with 0. Maybe you already know that, right? The extra 4 digits weren’t on zip codes it looks like prior to 1986 though.

        • I’ve not been keeping up with you on these zips because been working on something else. I did look a little today for historical addresses around those locations. No luck. Found the zips for the Dunham addresses: Spreckles address in 1987: 96822-4660. Beretania in 1993: 96826-1112. King (no year given): 96813-3501.

    • Welcome mcgee, wow ! this is a huge find.

    • ^^^ The only other facility is 96926-9998 which appears to be an apartment or a condo for the Postal Inspector’s use.

      makes sense to me. they are all in it together.

    • Is anyone near a major library, not a branch library? Library of Congress access? They used to keep telephone books in the reference area, for multiple years back. Also, they should have a Polk’s directory that far back also, or else it is on microfiche. Polks was a hardback reference book I don’t think you would need a FOIA request to get the information. One just needs a reference librarian that might look up the information for you. Zip code information pages were in both the phone books and Polk’s.

      • I may be able to get that through the Hawaii State Library…hmmm, i might still owe them money.

        • Oh no ! library fines, shame ! LOL !

        • I was thinking of that last night, that maybe your “friend” could help. You could be sly and ask for the address in 1977 of some place that’s NEAR where they lived at the time.

          • I do have an info request in with USPS. I asked for the complete history of those two (HI and CT) zipcodes.
            I feel like the Polks would be informative, but still unofficial. I want precise information on the timing and location of that zip.
            If that fails, I’ll try the other source. In the meantime I should pay for my last research.

            • I’m running across 1977 zips of 96813 to 96815 for South Beretania. Thanks for following up on this.

              • That said, I haven’t found any 1977 address for the 1600 block. It goes up to 1300 as 96814. Then 2400 block is 96826. I’m just finding random addresses by searching on Beretania 1977.

                • http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread805240/pg4 There’s a comment there where the person claims the zip was 96814 when Barry got his number. HOWEVER, they do talk about when it was keypunched. THERE’S NO WAY A KEYPUNCH ERROR WOULD GET THROUGH. In those days, EVERY CARD was “verified” by another person on another machine. If there was an error, the card would be recreated with the correct data. Even after that, if it somehow got through verification and it was still in error, the cards were run through the computer, looking for errors. One such error would be mismatches between zip codes and addresses. The same tables that we’re looking for would be loaded into the computer programs. If a punched card said HI but it had a CT zip code, that card would be spit out and would be redone. HUMAN EYES would look at the card and the original application. They would NOT make a “typo”, especially since the first part of the SS#, back then, INDICATED the mailing address of the applicant. These people grasp at straws but their SPECULATION is just that. Speculation. There is no limit to the extremes they will go to to rationalize what they see right in front of their noses. Or worse, they make up any “explanation” that sounds remotely plausible and which might be accepted by people who are not paying close attention and which WILL be parroted by the complicit media.

                  • Somebody posted the latest by the Daily Pen about how Vital Stats worked in the days of Barry’s birth. http://thedailypen.blogspot.com/2012/03/vital-records-indicate-obama-not-born.html Note the part about what was considered to be the mother’s residence for purposes of birth certificates. They state that as far as the government goes, if someone’s away at college–THAT’S their address. So, wasn’t Barry in CA and not Hawaii when he registered for the draft? Wouldn’t he have been in attendance at Occidental in Sept. 1980?

          • It occurs to me that had SAD gone to live with Aunt Eleanor Berkebile, in Canada, where Eleanor’s husband was in the military–Eleanor who only a few years before gave birth to twin sons who died shortly after their birth on the military base–then perhaps Barry was born on the military base, making him ALMOST in the same position as McCain, except McCain had two US citizen parents. Coinkidink about those DemocRATS who resolved in Congress, including Barry, that McCain was a NBC. In addition, with a putative father who was a British subject, perhaps Barry’s expenses were reimbursed by Canada to the US government, if he was indeed born on a US military base. Those cousins, when their bodies were sent back to Kansas for burial, were listed on the paperwork as “native citizens” of the USA. Those twins, I mean. What a script this novel has. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • http://thefogbow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&p=266055 The discussion at this link will refresh memories of the two zip codes. Interesting.

  2. That is interesting in that isn’t one of the rationalizations for Obama’s CT social sec. number that 06826 is a CT zip code and possibly the SS clerk misread his zip as having a “0” instead of a “9” ?

    • Yes, that’s one of their rationalizations. I read on one of the obot sites that at some point, the zip code where the Dunhams lived changed to the one that is off one digit from the one in CT; however, when Barry registered, it hadn’t been changed yet.

      • Say that again Miri ?

      • Someone see if they can find the 1980 census info? I have to go do something else but i did find the 1997 economic census, and while there was a 98626 zip in honolulu at that time, there was apparently NOT a 06826 in CT at the time.
        Looking further…

        THis is the 1990 U.S. Gazeteer list of zip codes. Again, 96826 did exist (gives lat/longitude but I don’t have time to look them up) but no 08626 in CT

        • o6826…i keep messing it up

        • http://www.socio.com/cdad1d2.php But is gonna cost a hefty penny!

          “Five-Digit Zip Codes 1970, 1980, & 1990

          ZIP Codes are administrative units established by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for the most efficient distribution of mail, and therefore generally do not respect political or census statistical area boundaries. ZIP Codes usually do not have clearly identifiable boundaries. They often serve a continually changing area; are changed periodically to meet postal requirements, and do not cover all the land area of the United States. ZIP Codes are a possible substitute for “neighborhood” if tract, BNA, and enumeration district are not available.

          This data set includes socio-economic and demographic data for all ZIP codes in the US. The first data file consists of data from the 1970 Census, and has 11,957 cases and 164 variables. The second covers data from the 1980 Census, and includes 218 variables for 35,610 cases. Thid third data file covers data from the 1990 Census and includes 231 variables for 29,335 cases ”

          Not sure if this is what is being asked for??

  3. There is something else I want you all to see and help me look at better also. Let me put it together a bit for you.

  4. It seems to me that whether or not one is a “Birther”, the number of anomalies associated with this one person is more than coincidental! How many people do you know with multiple Social Security numbers? Issued from states they never lived in? And has no birth certificate to display but offers a certificate of live birth with items such as race and hospital of birth not used on other CoLB forms from that era. And supplies a Selective Service card where the spacing of the “80” relative to the circle enclosing the date is different than any other legitimate card, the “19” is completely missing, has an error regarding the signing date and the form has a printed revision date of 10 years in the future. And refuses to release any educational records including elementary school. And can travel to a forbidden country on a US passport. And on and on and on….. Now, maybe any ONE of these issues are common place for an individual (not so common) but to have this entire laundry list of “issues” is suspect to me. I think that anyone with any amount of intelligence should raise an eyebrow. Why does the American media turn a blind eye to this conglomeration of anomalies and write off anyone who questions this as a kook?

    • Hey, Bonnie! Welcome. You’re right. As I said before, to paraphrase Bogey from the Maltese Falcon:

      “All those are on one side. Maybe some of them are unimportant, like typos or broken stamps or bug-eaten records or lost records. I won’t argue about that. But look at the SHEER NUMBER of them. Now, on the other side we’ve got what? Obots and the lamestream media who are in love with the idea of the first African-American potus. We the People don’t like being played for chumps. You’re going over, Barry.”

      Oh, so we hope. The media turn a blind eye because they KNOW and they don’t care. It’s the best explanation for why nobody’s going after that Pulitzer. The other explanation, I don’t even want to think about. It’s go along or worse. What’s worse? Nuclear blackmail. Economic blackmail. Personal threats. There are enough conveniently deceased already to make one wonder.

  5. http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/
    Pravda English Edition will carry Orly’s story about
    OUR Ilegitimate USURPER
    Should we all help her?

  6. There is something else that I noticed about the “postmark” on this document. Well actually the postmark and the date that it was signed. Since when does a person (in this case,Obama) sign the registration card, a day AFTER it is postmarked? I do hope that the team that proved his birth certificate is a forgery, will also prove that this is also.

  7. I find this more than interesting, but im hoping it is all just a mentally created fantasy of mine. I really cant believe so many people have ingored so many of these obvious signs. I really just wish Obama would release all the records, go over the law (like he always does anyway) and supply evidence that we are all out of our minds. I cant believe they tried debunking the USPO stamp by saying it was discontinued in 1970… which like debunks a debunk by stating that it shouldnt have been used in the stamp in the first place because it was 1980.. Or maybe the fact that the guy is rich and your telling me this guy cant go out and find an old uspo stamp or have one made then weathered… WTF is wrong with this world 😦

    Im just completely disgusted with what we have become… Fight for the people of this country just to have the country turn their back on the people and the people that protect it. How could this really have happened? How can only 12-17% of the people only care? I really just dont understand.

    • Hi Damon and welcome to our blog. People didn’t ignore information, it just wasn’t reported by the media. If it was reported, it was after they had twisted the information to fit their narrative, and then sent out to their multiple minions to rewrite and report.

      I can’t imagine where we would be without the internet to disseminate critical information that isn’t reported. Because it isn’t reported, we are still considered “fringe”. But the Fringe is larger than they think. We only have to look at what happened to Trump’s ratings for president when he wasn’t even running. Now why he hasn’t pursued what he started is a real question. He even alluded to the Rezko property deal with Obama saying if he did anything like that he’d be in jail. Did anyone do anything yet besides the “fringe”? Nooo – but they got Rahm into a power position in corrupt Chicago, so they can “take care of these extraneous things” that might upset the Marxist applecart!

      • Speaking of Illinois, currently Gov. Quinn is proposing to make public employees pay more into their pension funds and to raise the retirement age. So riddle me this: How does he differ from the governors of Indiana and Wisconsin, who are constantly demonized by the unions and the lamestream media? How? Why, he’s a DemocRAT. Nobody’s calling to recall him.

    • Welcome, Damon. What are you hugging in your avatar? Just curious. I can’t make it out.

      Say, anybody who likes Judge Napolitano is a-ok in my book. 🙂

      I hope that this country NEVER turns its back on the people who fight to keep us free. We appreciate and admire everybody who serves or has served our Republic. It may look like the media and some among the elite don’t, but the majority of the PEOPLE in this country love our military.

      We really don’t understand this situation with Obama, either. Why nobody cares. Why the media looks the other way. Why he won’t just release the records. It’s damning that the Selective Service is stonewalling when these are public records, subject to FOIA requests AND enquiries by duly elected law enforcement officers.

      • Its an air compressor… I do some automotive tech stuff on the side… I mean fraudulent documents? Patriot act and NDAA combined aka “Minority Report”… NDRP? PPACA? Cavity Searches for everyone? Legalized Stock Market Fraud? I mean really… This is the country we defend… The media agenda? Ron Paul (like him or hate him) doesnt exist apparently? All of a sudden people are looking around saying “what has happened?” and mainstream calls those people “crazy”. “Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies.”

        • Oh! TY. I couldn’t figure out what it is.

          I hope that litany of recent horrors isn’t the country that you defend. The country is so much more than the government and these unconstitutional policies. We the People will prevail. We the People are who you defend. And We the People are forever grateful to have you on that wall. Like foxylady says, “Stay strong, Patriots; we will take back our Republic!”

          • Im not giving up i assure you, I am finishing my degree right now and furthering my education in law.. I plan to get into politics as soon as i am offered the opportunity to finish my degree. I hope more information comes out on this matter and that the american people will not overlook this issue, i mean Clinton got impeached for lying to a grand jury… I would think lying to all of america must be worse… maybe not?!?! But what is the mainstream alternative? Romney… I am just as concerned…

            • We hear you. Loud and clear. Good luck with your career. We need more people like you in law and in politics. What’s amazing is what Nixon resigned over compared to what’s happened these past four years.

  8. Taking A Closer Look At The Signature On Obama’s Selective Service Form
    Published on Apr 27, 2012 by ObamaBC

    Obama Files http://web.me.com/kzvideo/OF/Obama_Files_Home.html
    Breitbart.com on 4/26/2012 released an unearthed letter that Obama in 1995 had sent to radical Critical Race Theory professor Derrick Bell, asking for a blurb for his soon-to-be-published Dreams From My Father. The point of releasing the letter, of course, was to illustrate the relationship Obama continued to have after the much publicized ‘open your hearts’ comment and hug in 1990. But Obama Files noticed something about the letter that as far as we know no one has caught.

    A little background first.

    In Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Obama’s Selective Service form the focus has been on the obviously fraudulent post office date stamp. But no one has looked at the signature. Of course we are not saying the signature is fraudulent, but that it is obvious the signature was not affixed in 1980 as supposed.


    That is where the Derrick Bell letter comes in. The letter was sent in 1995, in which the signature looks nothing like Barack Obama’s current signature. Fine. People’s signatures tend to change over time, but they generally do not change from one style to another, and then REVERT BACK to a signature that one had two decades before. Obama’s signature in 1980 looks very close to his current signature, but nothing like his signature in 1995. That makes a strong case, along with the post office stamp anomaly, for the charge that the Selective Service form is a recent concoction, and not something that Barack Obama filled out in 1980.

    Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Watch the short video, then you decide.

  9. Wake me when it’s over…. we catch the crap often… but I now believe
    everything is false & nothing is real..I feel Mad & SAD are alive as others may live a life away from our eyes… after O destroys our county…he will fly the coop & roost some where very far from here…

  10. Because there is NO way this could be a photoshop, is there? *eyerolls and mutters “gullible idiots” under his breath*

  11. WND redacted the info on the examples of other 1980 Selective Service cards, but has anybody bothered to look at the sequencing on those things? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WNFaD-glx8Q/T1PR2GC1Y4I/AAAAAAAAEKk/D5rTteKss_M/s1600/BruceObamaSS3.jpg

    That has an example of another guy who registered only a few days after Barry. Look at the number on his card: It ends with 13. Barry’s ends with 32. Yet Barry’s card was stamped four days earlier. Both registered in Honolulu, Hawaii and I think it’s the same post office. Barry filled his out, he claims, July 30, 1980 but it was STAMPED the DAY BEFORE! Bruce Henderson filled his out and it was stamped on the same day–August 2, 1980. How come the sequence number at the end is so much EARLIER than Barry’s?

    OR, is there another number that’s his official number? I think there’s another number but I don’t know how to find Mr. Henderson’s number to compare. Debbie Schlussel calls that number at the top the DLN. However, she says and an informant tells her that Barry’s number is bogus because on the printout they sent her, somebody added an 8 to the front to make it look as if it were issued in 1980 instead of 2008. What’s odd, if true, is that Henderson’s DLN also, on the form, begins with 08. It’s a Document Location Number. So maybe Barry’s number was fudged to make it hard to locate his “document” on microfilm? http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4428/exclusive-did-next-commander-in-chief-falsify-selective-service-registration-never-actually-register-obamas-draft-registration-raises-serious-questions/

    • I found that example on an image search. I wonder if it was put out there to make Barry’s look “real”?

  12. Joseph DuPont

    Dear Editor,
    If I’m not mistaken, Hawaii’s Governor Abercrombie has not demonstrated any concern for the bogus PDF Birth Certificate file the White House published on their own website or the date screw up on Barrack Hussein Obama II’s selective service registration card. Has your governor done anything to get to bottom of
    Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio’s credible efforts in getting to the truth about a president whose parents had complete disdain for America? How could Abercrombie just stand by after Obama’s thugs produce a bogus certificate which the state of Hawaii claimed could not exist? This is not the time to hang loose. This is the time to demand that your governor honors his oath of office!

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