Surprise! Thank You, Surprise Tea Party – Open Thread

Here’s to the 250 brave citizens of the Surprise Tea Party, without whose petition Sheriff Joe Arpaio would never have put his Cold Case Posse on the trail!

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to these Tea Party Patriots.  Thank you, Surprise Tea Party, from the bottoms of our hearts.  Thank you for managing to get at least one member of law enforcement to take a look at what we citizens have been screaming about for well on four years.

As America’s Sheriff said yesterday, he’s the first from law enforcement to actually look into the documentation presented to We the People from OUR government.  And Joe’s not going to be scared off by Alinsky ridicule. 

The corruption apparently goes deep when the National Archives loses the week of August 1-7, 1961, from passenger entry records.  Why that week? What a coincidence!  The week of Obama’s supposed birth.  If Obama or his mother did not enter this country that week, then why is that pertinent week missing, without explanation, from records that the National Archives supplied to the Posse?

Similarly, why did the State Dept. “lose” the pre-1965 passport application for Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother?  Why that single application, which we know exists?  Isn’t that interesting?  It’s simply lost. 

Similarly, we have the Chicago office that stores Selective Service Records supplying (before the 2008 election) an apparently forged record for Barack Hussein Obama. 

Similarly, we have the passport records at the State Dept. “cauterized” of “embarrassing information” about then-candidate Obama, by an employee of a man who now holds high office in Obama’s administration.  

If any member of the mainstream media were as brave as Sheriff Joe and the citizens of the Surprise, Arizona, Tea Party, then perhaps that person might receive a Pulitzer prize and as much acclaim as Woodward and Bernstein. 

Anyone among them care to have himself portrayed in a movie by Brad Pitt?  How about Angelina Jolie?  

Grow some, mainstream media.   Live up to the trust that Our Founders placed in you when they protected freedom of the press in the Bill of Rights. 

326 responses to “Surprise! Thank You, Surprise Tea Party – Open Thread

    • Somehow I think Gov. Brewer just lost her reelection…whenever she is up for it! That is twice, she has dissed the thinking citizens. I guess she got the memo, the DOJ or ICE wasn’t going to provide any further border services. Or let’s see if the state of AZ gets a nuclear plant this year!

      Why give an opinion if you haven’t seen or read the Sheriff’s findings? Unbelievable. So she was assured by Linda Lingle, Gov. of Hawaii, that BHO’s BC was authentic? That is new information that she looked into it, but that was before the Sheriff’s findings.

      I hope the Surprise Tea Party sends her some videos!

      • I think she’s up for election in 2014,

      • She says, ““I have every reason to believe that his birth certificate is valid in the state of Hawaii,” the governor said.”

        That’s not the issue, Jan. If he has a “birth certificate” then it might be valid in the state of Hawaii (but nowhere else). Hawaii did, after all, issue birth certificates to people not born in their state or this country; even to people not born the date on the certificate. He could have a re-issued birth certificate on account of an adoption, with the original sealed.

        Since nobody but HDOH and his PERSONAL lawyer has seen whatever Hawaii has, nobody knows. She, as a governor, of course will say she has “no reason to believe” that Hawaii would issue an invalid certificate. The issue isn’t whether they ever issued him a birth certificate, the issue is WHAT DOES IT REVEAL? Not what does the forged image on the WH blog say.

        Arpaio’s problem is with what was put on the WH BLOG and vouched to be an authentic copy OF that birth certificate from Hawaii. That’s the problem. That’s what’s forged.

        HDOH has NEVER SAID that what’s on the WH blog MATCHES what’s in their records. They, too, engage in political double speak, claiming that to even comment on what’s on the WH blog would be a violation of privacy laws. Neither confirm nor deny.

        Just as Jan says NOTHING in her carefully parsed statement, as she tries to have it both ways.

        “But the governor said she had spoken several years ago to her Hawaiian counterpart when the issue first arose. And she said Tuesday that he “assured me that everything was in proper order and they stand by their records that he was born in Hawaii.””

        Yes, but AGAIN, NOT THE ISSUE. Obama can BE born in Hawaii and STILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY.

        Her Hawaiian counterpart “several years ago” was a woman, wouldn’t she? Linda Lingle. So who’s this “he” Jan spoke to several years ago? Abercrombie, personal friend of Obama’s father, or so he claims? A guy who only last year said publicly that there IS no birth certificate that he could find, when he looked?

        Everything can be in proper order and it still could be that, under HAWAIIAN laws, Obama has a birth certificate issued upon nothing more than an affidavit from his now-dead grandmother attesting that he was born in Hawaii. It still doesn’t make him eligible to be president AS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

        Unless we know for certain who his parents were (both citizens?), when he was born (before or after statehood?), whether he was adopted (with parents’ names changed on his birth certificate), and where he was born (in this country or even on Hawaiian sovereign lands?), nobody can determine whether or not he’s eligible for the presidency. Being born in this country does not automatically bestow natural born citizenship.

        In addition, even more documentation is REQUIRED to determine whether or not he ever renounced his US citizenship (if he ever had it) by (1) being adopted as an Indonesian citizen by his stepfather or (2) renouncing it on his own after the age of majority, such as being a FOREIGN student at college or renewing and then traveling on a foreign passport during college.

        Once again, the “news” story LIES and says the Constitution requires “native born” citizens. It’s been PROVED that even the US government recognizes a difference between “native” born and “natural” born citizens.


        Cabby – AZ | March 7, 2012 at 8:40 am

        GORDO | March 7, 2012 at 12:29 am |
        “Brewer disagrees with Arpaio findings, believes Obama birth record real”
        Thanks, GORDO, for the link to the AZ newspaper. This is absolutely appalling, and I shall act accordingly. Being a longtime AZ resident, I am deeply troubled and offended by the governor’s opinion.

        Cabby – AZ ‘s response to Brewer:

        • Hey, Gordo! Thanks for linking Cabby’s response. She made a great point! If Jan talked to Lingle several years ago, that was long before Barry’s peeps perpetrated the apparent fraud and forgery discovered by SEASONED LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS WHO’VE SERVED ARIZONA LONGER THAN JAN HAS.

          We’ll see who wins reelection in AZ. Jan or Sheriff Joe. I’m betting on Joe.

    • So, during that airport encounter that took place right before Arpaio’s posse was to reveal their results, what was promised to or threated to be withheld from AZ?

      • Jan Brewer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Brewer was born on September 26, 1944 in Hollywood, California. She is the daughter of Edna C. (née Bakken) and Perry Wilford Drinkwine, a civilian supervisor at the Hawthorne Army Depot in Hawthorne, Nevada.

        The thrill is truly gone Miri. Would DRINKWINE be wine from a Rothschilds vine ?

        • Looked Jan brewer up while back. Did not at all put the Drinkwine name with Roths. wow! Renee really. I did recall that name but had no mental notation. For real?

  1. So LC thinks Breitbart had/has a sex tape of Obama with a Pakistani guy?

  2. this photo is from the video I saw way back. Now to prove this I’ll tell ya what else I can remember on it. And it was shown during a time he was running and it was used to support his being at Harvard and having such great influence. First I recall seeing him in a crowd of people, in my memory he is mingled tightly with other people and it looks to be a warm or hot day. He looks on like he’s listening.. and I wondered if it had been photoshopped. Looked closely, thought maybe not. Then he is asked to speak. He does this little bit you see here, then all seem to disband and an older person/professor or someone comes over and shakes his hand as if job well done and Note Obama sort of shrugs as if (at the time this is what I thought) to say ‘ Sure anytime if I can offer my intellect ) It is just a short facial expression or shrug. It had some words with the video but I don’t recall that his speech was on the video, but more a commentary on the video. Then there was a little more on the vid. but I swear, I thought it was something the left had to verify him being important at Harvard. Hey note the girl holding the Harvard sign. What, is that Ms. Fluke in her early protest days? Also not its outside on a street and these are not all Harvard students….Repeat….there’s children, and what looks like possible high school age students, possibly not all Harvard college students.

    We’ll see if any of this is on this vid. , if so it’s been around online for a long time unless it was scrubbed. There is another one too, but I remember less details.

  3. Go look at Drudge….and we’re all going to want to watch Hannity tonight.

    • It figures that they would try to pre-empt. Get the tape, EDIT IT OUT OF CONTEXT, and hope nobody watches the full video on Hannity. Why are they putting it on Hannity? Can we be sure THEY won’t edit it? I’m sure the spin has already been written and this will be played up as proving how Barry “fought” for diversity and rights even then. Notice there was no introduction.

      • This is what they say at Breitbart:

        “However, the video has been selectively edited–either by the Boston television station or by Buzzfeed itself. Over the course of the day, will be releasing additional footage that has been hidden by Obama’s allies in the mainstream media and academia.”

        If you click on Breitbart TV in the upper right-hand corner, it shows the selectively edited video. I think the additional footage that’s been hidden is supposed to be shown throughout the day.

        • The video I saw wasn’t real long and there were other parts to it of things we’d already seen (if memory serves me). The only reason I speculate holding any of what I saw back is just purely for suspense and dribble bits out at a time maybe to see reactions…. But we need more than that folks. I told ya’ll I saw the video that has this picture of O. in it not to brag I already saw it but so you’d know it was already out there and match what I saw with what we get. I’m trying real hard to remember. I saved it and it had to be at least since 2010 that I saw it ,but of course my stuff got wiped out.

          • Are you speculating why THEY withhold what is on it or saying that you are withholding what you saw? I’m confused.

          • Just saw your comment Miri, I was speculating since all the talk they were editing it and not going to show it all yet was there must be a method to their plan, but now that I’ve seen what they’ve shown, I’m not sure what they’re doing… Notice I said that around 2;30. I wanted to tell ya’ll what I had seen before the video came out tonight on Hannity. Thought it might be useful (who knows ) to campare and proof that this video had been around on the internet before(an edited version like Haydon said).

  4. Saw it at least as early at 2010.

    • They have the selectively edited version up at in the upper right-hand corner of Breitbart TV. I think they are wanting to show it first.

      Go look and see if that’s what you saw. It would make sense that they wanted to show the edited version first, then show the stuff that’s been hidden to all of us.

      • I saw a different version and I know it was edited now. It was used by someone with Obama’s people without him talking, just him. But there was a part before the very first of this video too, and later, after he hugs the guy. It was as though the group was disbanding, so the one I saw it looks like Obama is last speaker, shakes hands (or hugs) and everyone leaves, but they say here that Derek then makes a speach.
        What I reall want to know, is where was his teleprompter back then.

        • Hannity said last night that this was what was shown on Frontline. Part of the video without audio. Part of the audio without video. But not together and edited out of context, with some stuff not shown. This was supposed to be 1991, so the year he supposedly graduated law school. So he was 30, if you believe when he claims he was born. Seems to me that he looks younger in the video than he does in the still photo of him sitting in the library. You know, the one where the bookcase full of law books is behind him. The one Bridgette thinks is a composite of one side of his face flipped and duplicated. She’s right about those teeth. Always either photoshopped to look like straight, white choppers or he wears some kind of removable veneers, which may be why he sometimes lisps like a sssssssnake. Oh, they’re probably REALLY hiding Derek’s speech because right before he spoke, Barry told everyone to listen and take his words to heart. And Ms. Hay told us that he truly believes what he says. Barry, that is. So when he says he wants energy costs to skyrocket and gas to cost as much here as in Europe ($8 a gallon), who you gonna believe? What Barry said himself? Words out of his own mouth, on tape? His long-time school friend?

          Or Barry, at his Super Tuesday steal-the-media-spotlight-from-the-Republicans presser, when he laughed off a question about gas prices and instead asked the FOX reporter if he really thinks a guy running for reelection wants gas prices to go up. What I’d have said in response is, “Yes, I do believe you want them to rise because you said so in 2008. Were you telling the truth then or now? You can try to laugh it off, but you didn’t answer my question. Will you please tell the American people what you plan to do about rising gas prices?”

  5. I saw this video a long time ago too, but the jump from Obama talking to when he finally says “open your hearts …” and turns it over to the guy was different. The way I remember it, it was a clean transition as if it was Obama’s full intro. this tape clearly shows a jumpy edit, obviously Obama said more. That missing time is surely the juicy stuff and I bet it comes out pretty soon. . .

    • Hayden, Hannity said that PBS Frontline played part of this video. What’s striking to me is that there’s no intro of Obama. I didn’t hear his name mentioned anywhere on either version of the tape. Right at the beginning, there’s a jump from when the guy is videotaping the crowd and then, it’s right into Barry talking. When have you ever been at any rally where the speaker isn’t identified? There MUST be more that’s being suppressed, even by the black guy (Ogeltree?) who said that they hid the video in 2008.

      It appears to me, since Breitbart’s version was so blurry, that they got it from one of the people attending Ogeltree’s lecture. WGBH handed over a nice (edited) version to Buzzfeed, so they could preempt Breitbart’s people and steal their thunder, getting their spin (lies) out there before the RIGHT media, the TRUTHFUL media, put out the whole story.

      btw, WGBH is a PUBLIC TELEVISION STATION, which means the TAXPAYERS fund it. Therefore, anything they produce SHOULD BE AVAILABLE to We the People, the way I look at it. It’s time for Congress to DEFUND PBS. That they refused to provide this video to those who ASKED FOR IT years ago, proves that they are complicit with this administration and PARTISAN in nature. They are NOT interested in telling the American people the WHOLE TRUTH. Therefore, they deserve not one red cent of OUR MONEY. DEFUND WGBH NOW!!! They are in violation of The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, which requires “strict adherence to objectivity.” Furthermore, they are SUPPOSED TO BE “NONPOLITICAL”. To whit, “The Corporation may not contribute to or otherwise support any political party or candidate for elective public office.”

      Helping to hide this videotape, in apparent collusion with Ogeltree, who was Barry’s debate coach and so worked for his campaign, and who has now admitted publicly that the tape was hidden, is a violation of the Act that funds PBS and their not-for-profit status that allows them to operate tax free. Congress should DEFUND WGBH and REMOVE their not-for-profit status immediately.

      Did you happen to see Michelle Malkin on Hannity? I thought steam would come out her ears and fire out of her eyes. She did a TKO on Juan Williams, who was dismissing Barry’s embrace of Bell as nothing much.

      • Did you happen to see Michelle Malkin on Hannity?
        YES !

      • Thats’ what I was telling you all. There is more in the beginning of this film that was on a tape I saw, but it too skips from seeing him in a crowd participating/listening where I wondered if it was photoshopped. Then it shows protesters /the crowd and jumps to him speaking(but it is narrated over) theres no actual sound of what’s going on, just visual….and then a bit more at the end.

  6. Solar storm coming tomorrow or Friday…could knock out power grids..
    Solar flares.

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