Obama’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost! (Open Thread)

By Bridgette

When you think it is all falling apart,

it is really coming together!



Cluck, cluck, CLUCK……….



America is Waking Up to the Calls of Patriots!



Cock-a-doodle doooo!


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  1. My two death certificates that I got for my parents today did not have a BC number on it. It does, however, have their date of birth. But not a BC number.

  2. But a child born and then dieing(sp) is somewhat different. Today and maybe as early as 1950s, it was good to have birth certificate numbers associated with death because records could be kept more efficiantly. I posted something one time on this. Much effort has been made to match deaths with people born that didn’t have this info. so people could only assume that the person they were verifying as dead was the person mathcing a birth in a county, with a similarly listed birth date and matching or similar name. It was all a questionable guessing game, that the people matched to births and deaths were accurate so this may have become standard procedure in later death certificates.There used to be people that worked on nothing but this area of work because there were so many discrepencies in the vital stats.

    • I can understand that happening, but it would seem to me that it’d be typed in like the rest of the form, that is, except for the signatures of people.

      • you may be right Kittycat. I ‘ve been looking around to see if I can find something like that one. No luck

      • Exactly. Notice that when they lined out “Tomiyo”, they TYPED IN “Virginia”. So why didn’t they type in the BC number? It doesn’t have a date next to it, so it wasn’t added later (unless it was like, 50 years later!). They put the date next to “Virginia”, because their law said they must date and initial all amendments. So that’s a clue that the death certificate EXISTED prior to the 29th. So it had the number prior to the 29th. And if we are to believe that the birth certificate number was put on it at the time the death certificate was created, then the birth certificate number ALSO existed prior to the 29th.

  3. Elle
    The people here at WTPOUS are the most thorough and honest investigators I’ve seen on the web. And the nicest too!
    When they make a mistake or have other mishaps, they are the first report it and correct it.
    Their interview with Frank Marshall Davis’s son was the best I ever witnessed.
    I would hate to have them investigate me if I was on the lamb or a politician.
    I can see Bidgette now reporting……Yea and Greg didn’t pay his TV tax while living in Great Britian, didn’t clean up after his dog during a visit to Yellowstone back in 79, and stole candy off a baby during a birthday party while visiting a remote area in greenland in 1943. 🙂
    The people here leave no stone untouched!

    • Thanks Greg for the compliments to all of our fantastic researchers at WTPOTUS. Everybody contributes! It is indeed a labor ..can’t say of love…more in the labor field and for no pay too! [Can we be on the government payroll or charge them when we find the answers we seek? All those in favor say Aye!] Should we put a paypal button on our blog like Martha did? I’d bet our thousands of hours against hers any day..but if she got inside information..the bet is off!

      My, is that what I’d find about you? Are you revealing your bad deeds? Stealing candy from a baby..wow. Sinful.

    • TY, Greg, for the KIND words. You didn’t scoop? Shame on you! 🙂 We love you 2!

  4. and Papoose running around with gartered stockings and a pair of syrofoam cups.

    just sayin

  5. actually, they were dixie cups, before they were scrubbed and redefined via photoshop.

    a swirling snack tray, for friends.

  6. I knows nuffin about birfin Russia, said Prissy. GWTW 1939

  7. Bridgette
    I at least gave some of that stolen candy to another child that was less unfortunate. I shared the stolen wealth. That’s when I was a communist but reading this website has changed my ways. 🙂
    Love you!

    P.S. The other candy that I didn’t give away was stolen from of me. So I guess I can say “Someone stole my stolen candy”.

  8. I can also report that it was you all here that first reported Obama’s step sister passing away in Indonesia just before Obama was to visit there. The third time he changed his appoinment to visit the island.
    She wanted to show him the doll he gave her back when they were kids or something like that.
    She died mysterously ofcourse which the media didn’t cover again. I think we logged that chapter whith the Donald Young, Quarrels Harris, ect file.

    • Yes, you are correct. Thanks for remembering Greg. Finding her was a joint effort among many. So far, Lia is WTPOTUS’s major Claim to Fame. We did discover Lia Soetoro Sobah who, unfortunately, passed away with her knowledge and the secret of the real Barack Obama. She would have been able to identify him! She died mysteriously right before she thought she would be attending the inauguration. Who was the white woman named “Gelf” who was making all of the arrangements to attend the inauguration? Gelf was the person who set her up to die.

      Obama realized Lia could expose him as an imposter because she grew up with him. “They” got her first. Poison? We don’t know. Prior to her death, both Maya Soetoro and Barack said they didn’t know her. Perhaps Maya didn’t, but documentation proved that the real Barack or Barry did. If they didn’t know her, why did she receive an invitation to the inauguration that she was so excited to attend? Why was she being interviewed by reporters a few hours before her death? In Indonesia, an autopsy wasn’t performed as far as we know, and she was buried quickly. I believe we thought or knew she was a Muslim. Of all the stories we have read, her words are the only ones that ring true.

      Her name and legend lives on in books like Jerome Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate” Chapter 10 – Page 256.

      If you are unfamiliar with the story of Lia, the following articles were written about her.

      “Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly

      Lia Soetoro Sobah Speaks–In her own words . . .

      • If I recall correctly, there were other people who knew Barry in Indonesia who ALSO stated that they didn’t believe the candidate was the same person. So Lia wasn’t alone in her doubt. She was anxious to meet him and to share stories. She actually said that she wanted to see his scars, because she remembered when he got them and they would confirm for her that he’s the same person. Alas, conveniently deceased and what Lia knew went with her. There apparently are (or were) snapshots from those days. But those have been locked in a cabinet. Remember? And didn’t one of the relatives say that when “Aunt Ann” was there at the Martodijardjo estate, she didn’t like having her photo taken?

    • Leza found Lia at first if I remember correctly.

  9. Bridgette
    The Lia story plays like an old mob movie. Lia was going to become a “Made Member” of the clan but on her way to the ceremony……she got wacked.
    It’s like the movie “Goodfellas” when when they whacked Joe Pesci or “The Godfather” when they whacked the son inlaw.
    These guys in power need to stop watching movies…….it makes their plays easy to read. All we need to do is get a list of the movies they watch and wait. 🙂

    • Great analogy Greg! Did you know that Obama’s favorite movie was “Godfather”! I read that in 2008 and have never forgotten that fact. Chilling really. I don’t remember how the Don was taken down though.

  10. I don’t know where to post this because we’re so far not talking on this subject, but I must bring up again this Rabbi Metzger……The same Rabbi that Glenn Beck asked to speak at his big Israel showdown. This guy is such a weasel yet Beck is so pleased to be in his presence. This Zionist Rabbi is the same one that Mark Ndesandjo met with in his trip to Israel. What’s with this Rabbi? Most orthodox jews despise Metzger. He’s had numerous problems, everything from lawsuits of him excepting bribes, male and female harrassment charges. He is not allowed on part of Jewish court councils.His speeches and actions have been criticised by many. There is something terribly wrong here.
    Don’t doubt that Beck is hoping for a Romney win….as it goes directly to this jewish /Zionist issue. Has anyone ever thought that one day Israel will become a state with Mosaic Law inforced? Mormons /Catholics/and Jews/some Islamist would be acceptable to this. Danger,Danger,Danger

    • http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/cgi-bin/blogs/voices.php/2008/01/29/p22902
      this is one of many,many posts about Metzger, some are more specific as to his questionable ethics and not just onesided either.

    • http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203721704577158661597986448.html?mod=WSJ_article_forsub
      This is Romney in South Carolina……It’s not the article, but go down,look at the picture of Romney on the right. Now what do you suppose that background is, Anybody want to take a crack at it? Miri, Renee,Kitty, Remember ? I’m just saying…..there’s the beautiful moon,not full but a beautiful cresent. It’s even important whether this is a rising or waning moon. But what the heck does Romney need this background for? Hmmm?

      • And a tree too….

      • What are you insinuating about Mitt by your comments and the moon “it seems so apropo as Romney’s background?” And this one? “Also where did Romney get that name? Romney……like Rome/Romulus…I wouldn’t know but it has that feeling doesn’t it?”

        It has no “feeling” for me. Having done extensive genealogy on my family, I found it interesting that one of the first Romney’s came over on the ship Speedwell with my Stratton relatives. Whether Thomas is in Mitt’s family lineage I don’t know. I remembered this so looked it up and found the following:

        “An early emigrant to America was one Thomas Romney, aged nineteen years, who set sail from London on the “Speedwell”, bound for “Virginea” in May 1635.”

        Do read the URL for the origin of the surname.

        • This is helpful Bridgett, forgive me for not explaining more right now but I have been out. This still is not entirely an origin of his name, but it gives clues. Like your post says the name has some obscurities; not completely clear of the originations. William the Conqueror would be the first of the Norman invasions. Anglo Saxon would already show a pretext of German English origin,but where the name derives could be Danishland in England or from Earlier Nordic invasions into England. That wasn’t really my entire point. I had just ask out of curiosity Where his name came from.
          I have nothing against Romney, although I don’t feel he’s my favorite, and I noticed a few blogs which got me thinking too, that if gets the nomination, Axelrod has already alluded his Mormonism will get way more highlights than it’s getting now. One blogger said ,”while Obama himself may remain quiet,his minions will call attention to the Mormon issue for him.” I think that could be true. But for me ,I personally just don’t feel good about him ,whether it be (like all of them)sucking up to Israel right because they know they have to have the jewish support to get elected, or that he seems conflicted on other issues. He’s a fast talker though isn’t he? I just imagine if Romney were President would the Senate have to be issued special glasses and a host of angels supplied them in order to the bills that get passed down?

          • oops, left out words in my comment. My bad,sorry.

          • I knew I had seen a priest or doctor with the last name of Romney before and he always rode on a zebra. Check this out…A Romney is also the cross with a Zebra and a Donkey. Oops thats scary! We’ll have to change the party’s dem. and republican symbols now if he gets elected.
            Romney’s ancestors , would have come out of the reign just after Queen Elizabeth, who had no heirs and named her cousin James of Scotland honorary of England. Then of course we get James the 1st. Queen Elizabeth (Henry VII daughter) was the turning point for the Church of England , the break from the Bishops .When King James had the bible meticulously written in English, which included the Anglican Puritans influence (the more strict orthodoxy).
            Romney’s people may have drifted from Scotland some time before as there was already and Earl Sidney of Romney in 1640’s. Maybe on the river you were trying to remember near Kent.
            But Romney’s Mormon influence comes from where. Maybe England before the family ever left England.
            The Mormons believe. I think they are direct decendents from Noah and Adam and most can show you their geneology. It was the Mormons (and I am sure others)who have done extensive research for Obama’s family. These presidential candidates know their even if Lady Clarol doesn’t.

          • The Scots lines are across the hall so I have found this also with King Malcolm of Scotland and the rest of the Tudor, Stewart, Gordon, Cooper, Campbell, Fry etc..group. It is alot of reading to do. I have no favorites yet and I am just looking now at all of them, but those connections bother me. I have found them just too many times.

          • Renee, think my post got lost, but it was just more on Queen Elizabeths reign,she is the last of the Tudor reign, James being the beginning of the Stuarts, but this is also a very important time in history, certainly for some time angering the Bishop’s influence it once had over Kingdoms, and of Course the Rothschild influence. Perhaps you should look at the Rothschilds influence just with the Stuarts. Here’s just some food for thought if you care to see what I mean.

          • This is also the era in which The Jesuits come in having established themselves around 1570s. Remember there are many jewish jesuits.

          • A bit from a Mormon on the Rothschild connections.http://www.moneyteachers.org/Rothschild+Mormon.html

            then this one is fascinating.
            Please note I am not judging Romney by what I find fascinating about Mormon church and affiliates. No Church gets a pass when it comes to good and evil, but it will be interesting to see how he defends his church or if he dodges questions about it.

          • I also find it interesting that a geologist was found to look for oil for the Rothchilds , perhaps like Clifford Veatch, or Lolo Sotoro. Remember we couldn’t find the work that Sotoro had done concerning another University and we Found a Richard Bissell who went to Brigham Young U. associated with Lolo Sotoro. Do ya’ll remember that? Do I have the Bissell name right. There was also a Richard Bissell associated with CIA or the Warren Commission, Remember. I think Miri tried very hard to connect all this and so did some others of us. Brigham Young, Mormon connections,hmmm??? You may not get where I am coming from if you don’t check the urls I posted.

            • I tried hard to figure out why Lolo Soetoro was with the University of Kentucky in the mid-1950s, like 1955 or 1956, when he was supposedly in Indonesia.

      • That’s a South Carolina symbol.

        • thanks miri, I couldn’t remember the University—Kentucky, but there was a paper or something to do with a richard Bissell, I thought. I’ve been looking back. I do find a Richard Bissell, professor at Brigham Y. in the geology department. And a paper on a geo. study with he and the name missing under the S in alphabetical order in 1966. There’s a ton of Bissells in Connecticut and they go to the Richard Bissell right in the thick of things with the Bay of Pigs, cuba from 1954-62. He also worked for the Ford Foundation, and on the U-2 spy plane with Lockheed. That was his pride. The u-2 is the one that got shot down May 1 1960.

          I am going to look back and see what I can find in U. of Kentucky.I also notice that the Sotoro name has more spanish connectons than Indo. Do you remember where the info. came from that said Lolo worked for Union Oil . That wouldn’t have been in Indonesia…..but possibly Philipines.
          Thanks, about the S.C. symbol. I realized that quickly but it was just another moon in context to me at first.

          • alfy, you must have a mind like a steel trap. How the heck do you remember this stuff? I remembered Lolo in Kentucky, but forgot all about Bissel.

            University of Kentucky, Dept. of Geography, Eastern Kentucky University, Geographical Studies.

            Bissell, Harold P. , 1965. Niue Island: Land Use and Land Tenure in a Residual Economy (M.A. Thesis). Advisor: Peter Pirie. Call number: Hawn/CB5/H3/no. 617.

            BUT Lolo was listed as a co-author, originally, and then he was not. I found a snippet that said in the mid-50s, Lolo was there in Kentucky.

          • Miri, remember the Kentucky t shirt on O bro I noted in that brother group pic ? Brown t shirt Miri.

          • Richard Bissell, professor at Brigham Y.

          • yes, my mind is a steel trapp with lots of stuff floating around in there that I can’t match to anything anymore and won’t shake out either; it’s trapped alright, I haven’t lost it completely yet!
            Did ya’ll know that as late as October of 2011 there was warlike stuff going on in Philipines. I never see it on the news, but the old Islamic morro faction are still having problems. You know how I found out? Because I think the Sotoro/Soetoro/Soto/Soterro name is not uncommon in the Philipines. I think there’s more to the Philipines.There is also a Creole factor that goes way way back there(Creole,as in the stories Ann’s daughter Mya was reading just before Ann died(supposedly of course).There’s more, one should check out Hernando de Sotoro(sp). Look him up, read his biographies. He’s bound to be an important friend to Soros and he is pushing his economic ideas for the Phililpines as well as all the poor countries.Microlending,and getting all the poor involved in the system. It’s complicated,but dangerous.
            While finding a Maggie Soterro in Philipines I also came across Philipino news and when their sites speak of Obama, they spell his name Soetoro as Soterro. It’s quite interesting.Again, either Kezia or someone says Lolo went to work for Union or United Oil. They did not exist in Indonesia at that time.
            And this Bissell that worked for Gov. also was close with Adlai Stevenson in the fifties and 60’s, and remember I told you about his mistress Marietta Peabody tree(she’s had several last names) well she is right in the thick with all these people including a one Desmond Fitzgerald (it’s a slam dunk people).Katharyn Graham and Phil Graham,the Warburgs, Kohn Leib,More, more, more. The propaganda is thick people.I’ll try to clue you in more later.

          • Actually the S.C. moon thing , Harvey brought to my attention, hey but Harvey, I wonder how SC decided on this as their symbol, hmm?

          • http://www.hmdb.org/marker.asp?marker=42940 There’s many Bissells .This one quite an eyeopener and then look him up Wicki style too. George Henry Bissell.
            Some of the Geology people we find with Bissell made geo. maps of oilfields ect. in 1920’s. Haven’t found the one related with U. of Kentucky and Lolo.

          • Maps Alfy, Leza and I worked on this a year or two ago. It went to Lolo and hs job.

          • Harold Preston Bissell (who went to a Brigham Young High School), did a disertation on Niue Island, ‘Land Use Tenure and Residual Economy in 1965. He was a Master of Arts and Geology student at University of Hawaii. There are no dissertations by Lolo there which I find surprising. This Bissell is the one we are probably talking about. If my steeltrap brain serves me it was he or a father with the same name that I found an obituary for. I am beginning to think someone is just using available dead people to serve for fiction for all these people.
            There are no dissertations in anthropology listed for Ann Dunham soetoro and none for Lolo at the U. of Hawaii. What’s to hide if they really exist? And this is on Hawaii’s official Pacific Island Dissertation and Thesis website listing from 1923-2000.

          • I hope I don’t screw this up, but this is something ya’ll (Leza) found that had the name Ann Bissell and Jane Ayers relating. There was more but I hope I am just posting an excerp. Please forgive me if I screw up.eza | March 8, 2011 at 6:53 am | Reply Descendants of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven – Person
            Jane L Ayers (F)
            (19. May. 1792 – 19. Nov. 1873), #141678

            Jane L Ayers was born on 19. May. 1792. Jane married Edward Ford Hankinson, son of James Hankinson and Sarah Dunham. Jane L Ayers died on 19. Nov. 1873 at Federalsburg, Maryland, at age 81.

            Descendants of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven – Person
            He was the son of William Ayers<< and Ann Elizabeth Conover**. … Baarson and Ann Bissell>>>> “Van Kouwenhoven” to “Conover,” with >>**Benjamin Conover (born 1822) being the first direct descendent (7th generation) to use “‘Conover’” as his surname.[4]<<<<<<

            Dutch West India Company

            Gerretse ran a baking and clothes bleaching business, when in 1625 he was assigned as one of the first settlers to cultivate farms in the New Netherlands colony by the Dutch West India Company.[5]

            New Amersfoort

            Shortly thereafter, he leased a bouwerie in New Amsterdam[8] and managed it until 1636, when he was granted a patent of several hundred acres on Long Island. He called his plantation "Achervelt"; later it served as the founding of the town of New Amersfoort, named after Gerretse's original home.[2] Today the area is known as Flatlands, where the former location of his plantation is found at King's Hwy and Flatbush Ave.


          • Alf, I have posted tons of connections to Kovenhoven and Ayers connections. Look into Bunny MELLON family too.

          • Bissell, H. Preston
            Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701-5618 US

            Preston and Mary Bissell

            Class of 1956. Full name: Harold Preston Bissell. Chorus, Seminary Play, Rocks & Minerals Club, Senior Sluff Day Committee, Senior Hop Committee. Preston Bissell is the older brother of Anita Bissell Long, BYH Class of 1963. BYU BS Geography 1963. ~ ~ ~ ~ Following my graduation from BYU in 1963, I attended the University of Hawaii on an East-West Center scholarship. I received my MA in Geography in 1965. I taught for three years at Bemidji State College, where I met and married my wife, Mary Kay Brummer. I then attended the University of Oklahoma, receiving my PhD in 1971. I taught at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for two years, and later became Director of the Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire for four years. From 1978 to 2000 I taught at McDonell Central Catholic High School in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, retiring in 2000. I then taught part-time at Regis High School in Eau Claire for three years, then one more semester at McDonell High School before retiring for good. I waste as much time as possible, carving wood, growing perennials, and writing curmudgeonly letters to the editor. My wife and I have been fortunate to be able to travel over the years. Since graduating from BY High I have been able to visit 45 foreign countries. In 2004, my brother and I drove from Eau Claire to the Panama Canal, via Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. We were on the road for five weeks. I also have taken some trips with other BY High alumni. In August, 1995, several of us went on a week-long fishing trip to Alaska. The others were Rod Despain [BYH Class of 1956], Gerald Hayward [also BYH Class of 1956], and Bob Redd [BYH Class of 1957]. In July 1997, the four of us went to Peru. We flew into Iquitos, and took a river boat up the Amazon and into one of the tributaries, to the Pacaya Samaria Game Reserve. In 1999, we went to the Four Corners area for a week. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: H. Preston Bissell died on Monday, October 22, 2007, of a brain tumor, at home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with hospice. He was born October 4, 1938, in Provo, Utah, the oldest child of Dr. Harold J. and Ilene Affleck Bissell. Preston grew up in Provo, attending the Joaquin Elementary School, and graduating from BYU High School in l956. He graduated from Brigham Young University in l963 with a major in geography. He subsequently earned an MA degree in geography from the University of Hawaii in l965, where he attended on an East-West Center scholarship. Following that he taught at Bemidji State College in Minnesota for three years. There he met and married his life’s companion, Mary Kay Brummer in l967. He then attended the University of Oklahoma, receiving a PhD in geography in 1971. He taught at the U of W – Eau Claire for two years and then was the first director of the Chippewa Valley Museum. He resigned from that position in l978 to teach at McDonell High School in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He taught a variety of subjects there for the next 22 years, retiring in 2000. Then he taught part-time for three more years at Regis High School in Eau Claire. He was able to travel the world over during his lifetime and visited almost 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America and the South Pacific. During retirement he took up woodcarving and growing perennials. He is survived by his wife Mary Kay, his brother Steven (Denver, Colorado), his sister Anita (New Hampshire) and their families. He is further survived by a foster daughter Mollie Bailey and her sons Connor and Riley (Heathrow, Florida). A memorial service was held at St. Bede’s Monastery on Saturday, October 27, 2007. The family suggested memorials to the McDonell High School Scholarship Fund. [Provo Daily Herald, October 25, 2007.]

          • Told ya , he’d be DEAD like everybody else!

        • alfy –
          south carolina flag from wiki:
          I think the cadence theory is probably correct; that it’s not a moon but the heraldic designation for second sons.

          “The symbolism in this flag dates back to 1765 when opponents of the Stamp Act marched in protest behind a blue flag bearing three white crescents.

          [edit] The Moultrie Flag

          In 1775, Colonel William Moultrie was asked by the Revolutionary Council of Safety to design a flag for the South Carolina troops to use during the American Revolutionary War. Moultrie’s design had the blue of the militia’s uniforms and the crescent from the emblem on their caps.

          This flag was flown in the defense of a new fortress on Sullivan’s Island, when Moultry faced off against a British fleet that hadn’t lost a battle in a century.

          In the 16 hour battle on June 28, 1776, the flag was shot down, but Sargent William Jasper ran out into the open, raising it and rallying the troops until it could be mounted again. This gesture was so heroic, saving Charleston, South Carolina, from conquest for four years, that the flag came to be the symbol of the Revolution, and liberty, in the state and the new nation.

          Soon popularly known as either the Moultrie Flag or Liberty Flag, it became the standard of the South Carolina militia, and was presented in Charleston, by Nathaniel Greene, when that city was liberated at the end of the war. Greene described it as having been the first American flag to fly over the South.

          The palmetto tree was added in 1861, also a reference to Moultrie’s defense of Sullivan Island; the fortress he’d constructed had survived largely because the palmetto trees, laid over sand walls, were able to withstand British cannons[1]..

          [edit] Civil War

          South Carolina’s flag was ranked as the 10th best designed state or provincial flag in North America by the North American Vexillological Association in 2001.

          After considering many designs for the Republic of South Carolina flag, it was decided that the existing state flag with an upward facing crescent and blue background could be modified for a national flag. On January 26, 1861, the South Carolina General Assembly adopted a new flag by adding a golden palmetto tree encircled with a white background. However, this flag has become known as the “2-day flag” because the golden palmetto tree was changed on January 28 to a simple white palmetto tree on the blue background.[2] Less than three months later, a variation of the palmetto flag unfurled over Fort Sumter on April 14, 1861, the day it was surrendered to Confederate General Beauregard, making it likely the first Confederate flag flown over captured United States’ territory. [3] The flag consisted of a palmetto tree on an entirely white background with a red star in the upper left quadrant, and is commonly known as “The Palmetto Guard Flag”

          The top left corner bears a crescent shape. The symbolism of this has long been a matter of controversy – suggestions have included a crescent moon and a gorget.[4]

          It is known to have been worn on the caps of South Carolina’s revolutionary soldiers, and it is likely according to many experts that it is a gorget, not a moon as is commonly thought. However, its significance is based more on legend than on documented facts. One hypothesis is that it stems from the crescent as the cadence mark of a second son. It is true that many of the early colonists were second (and third, etc.) sons who had no inheritance in England and came to America to find their fortunes. Their coats of arms would have crescents to distinguish themselves from the first sons; and thus, perhaps the crescent was adopted as a symbol for the colony. An alternative hypothesis is that the crescent may be derived from the crescent on the coat of arms of the Bull family, which was prominent in the early days of the colony and produced one of Charleston’s more illustrious Royal Governors.”

    • It’s guys like this that help fuel confrontation .

      • http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503543_162-57358444-503543/u.s-warns-iran-leader-of-another-red-line/?tag=re1.channel
        Then there’s news like this.
        I can see it coming folks (OK, my crystal ball is a littly fuzzy from much foul weather). OBAMA is going to look Iran’s Madhatterdimijahad in the face and tell him “I am the only one who can save you from destruction,you better not be threatening us or our all powerful fleet can control you and the World and don’t you forget it ” .
        Let’s give some credit is due, Ron Paul, while most don’t seem to like his foreign policy stances , may have a point here about just what Iran can and can’t do,but may try to do ….posturing is all they may have.
        I can see it now….prior to election time OBAMA will have saved us from the all powerful villian from Iran and we’ll be piling on the acolades just in time to vote! What do ya’ll think?

      • Alf, the hats and beards look like Quaker Oats people…

        • They sure do Renee. Funny, Quakers, Jewish Rabbi’s and Menonites and Amish do love their beards. Must be the Father Time look is in vogue with all these people. Perhaps a committee paid for by government funding should study this phenomena and it’s phsycological implications.

  11. Do you see where Metzger is comming from….numerology,Old Talmudic Cabalist mystic laws.Everywhere one turns when unearthing Metzger’s comments you can find the same questionable qualities.
    Mark my words, this Rabbi will affect Israel and us.

  12. last one I promise but just as important. A quick read


  13. Darn, I thought I was finished, but guess where Rabbi Metzger may go? It’s no surprise here, the Rothschilds need his kind. The Queen can give him a new SIR title and he’ll right where his family of fraudulent Jews need him the most. He’ll probably move on to head up The world council or something since his credentials are so perfect for these sort of appointments.
    What does Beck know and Mark N. know that we don’t know?

      • Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger may replace Lord Jonathan Sacks as the United Kingdom’s chief rabbi. According to Metzger’s spokesman, a member of the British Jewish community “with far-reaching connections to the royal court” offered the prestigious position to the Haifa native. Sacks is planning to retire in 2013.

        SACKS ? How special is that too ?

      • gag me, yeah, but I saw a video a good while back with Glen Beck and his conversation with Yona Metzger. I thought then, that Glenn was going to kiss his feet or something. It’s just weird that here’s a guy that the West is going to extrapalate that he’s on our side and is a person that must represent Israel’s jews. It’s simply devastating. Even the jewish council doesn’t trust him.

  14. Regarding the Stewart convo above, I just want to point out that I have direct Stewart lines on both my maternal grandmother and grandfather’s sides going to Robert II Stewart and Robert III Stewart and Robert The Bruce. AND my husband, whose people were mostly subjects of my people (nothing has changed there btw!) anyway, he has one line that goes to the Stewarts too! kind of icky if I think about that too much! lol. But noo wonder my daughter thinks she’s princess Aurora!

    My point is, I might look quite suspicious, but I’m not.

    • Don’t worry Hayden, if you saw my geneol. you and everybody here would think ; Conspiracy end of the World thoughts. Many of my relatives are in national archives here and around the world, but as far as I can tell any royal fancy smancy blood has not manifested anything geneticaly to me. I still have to carry my groceries in the house ,although I do have the front tooth gab that has mysteriously been passed down from eons ago.

      • Doesn’t it suck? where are my tiaras, castles, and butlers!!!

      • I have a very large family on both sides. I do have a great uncle that married a countess…twice. We’re not sure if he ever divorced her the first time as he had wives in many states out west. I remember him when I was a little girl.He had at least eight wives that we know of and many children,and had changed his name several places, so I’ve got a few relatives somewhere that will never know what his real name was.His last wife the woman whose father was an italian count….my great uncle spent most of her wealth and sole most her jewelry and drank and had a cheuffier. One of their sons became a very good character acter.
        Well, he’s just one of many interesting ones and many are not. He just came to mind.

    • LOL ! We all come from someone interesting up the family tree. It is really amazing when you look at the rulers though…through time, and how they kept relating. Made for interesting history and fights.

      • Yep, and Renee ,Hayden we could even have some distant relatives somewhere,you never know.Then there’s all the folks that came here and changed their name so they are hard to trace unless you find good history that someone kept.

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