Who Wants Income Equality? Do You?

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While arguing for a large increase in the minimum wage, Barack Obama recently said:

Across the developed world, inequality has increased. … But this increasing inequality is most pronounced in our country, and it challenges the very essence of who we are as a people.

Obama called this perceived need to address the allegedly growing income inequality as the

defining challenge of our time.

We know Obama only too well, and so we also know that the challenge, in Obama’s reasoning, is how to impose communism, redistribution, and income equality on nearly everyone in the USA (with the elite like himself excepted).

One brilliant resident of the USA responded to Obama in a particularly pithy, Twitter-worthy manner.  Bob Boles of Missouri wrote:

Who wants to live in a world where hard work, education and taking risks lead to the same income as everybody else?

Who, indeed?   The Pilgrims quickly realized that they didn’t want to live in such a New World.

Why hasn’t Obama absorbed and embraced one of the most important lessons ever learned on the soil of our future Republic?


117 responses to “Who Wants Income Equality? Do You?

    • Duck them! I like that.

    • From your weasel zippers link:

      “An influential bloc of 57 Muslim countries demands that the West make it an international crime to criticize Islam. Then stop making it such an easy target.

      In its 94-page document on “Islamophobia,” the Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation lists as potential felonies: expressing “ideas that Muslims are inclined to violence” and “Islam is an inherently expansionist religion.””

      In other words, telling the TRUTH about Islam needs to be an international crime. But wait! They’re still allowed to spit on other religions, such as publishing that hateful poster at Christmas time. Duck them!

  1. more news…. good & bad…. bad & good 2…..


  2. Usurper just got a new SS # ? it’s on Orly Taitz? DO they REALLY
    think WTPOTUS…. for one second…. Believe… HE GOING 2 USE
    OBAMA— Care him-self ????? …..NEVER!!!! EVER!!!!
    Butt’… SO… is Malia… selling SEX…or going 2 the roller rink?..
    & MO’s rippled thighs… ? nasty…really… so just how great is that
    greens & water world treating U ? USA is crying…over you all!


    • I’ll tell you what I spied at Orly’s site, so you won’t have to go there and have your browser locked up. (Happens to me every time.) Anyway, she did an FOIA request to Sebelius yesterday to ask her HOW the hell Barry signed up for Obamacare on the website with a CT SS# that E-verify won’t recognize. She also says she got information that Barry now uses a NEW SS# beginning with 212, issued from Virginia. I didn’t read it because of website lockup, so I don’t know where she got the information from. She’s asking for help identifying whether it, too, is a stolen number, but she doesn’t print the entire number, so how could anybody help? Anyway, with that in mind, which happened yesterday, consider this: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/12/figures-obama-tried-to-sign-up-for-obamacare-but-system-couldnt-verify-his-identity-video/

      “Ed Henry at FOX News reported:

      “We learned today from the White House. Initially, they said he signed up for what they called a bronze plan, paying about four hundred dollars a month in premiums. But, then they came back to us and said – Wait, he didn’t actually enroll. They said his staff did it and that’s because of his unique circumstance as Commander in Chief. That his personal information is not in particular government data bases. So healthcare.gov could not actually verify his identity, oddly enough… So his staff did it.””

      Yes, ODDLY ENOUGH, Ed. Nobody can verify his identity. We wonders why, don’t we? But We the Peeps KNOW the answer, even if FOX News refuses to report and let us decide. It would be well to have somebody verify this new claim that the Secret Service ALWAYS has scrubbed presidential information from databases to “protect” the president. If so, then what are we? Chopped liver? IF he’s at risk with information in the databases, then why is it okay for us to remain at risk? Remember and NEVER FORGET: Obama is OUR EMPLOYEE. As such, WE’RE as important as he–we’re all EQUAL. Anyway, the questions now are:

      1. What was the timing here? When did the attempt to sign up happen in relation to when Orly asked her clever and pertinent question of Sebelius?

      2. Was it a[nother] LIE all along–meaning that there was actually no attempt by Barry to use the website, they just planned to tell us he did. Who would know? Surely all this information about enrollees is private, so there’s no way to verify if Barry is actually enrolled and paying for any policy. (Probably the DHHS budget is paying for it, anyway, as part of their publicity campaign. We the Peeps are probably funding this propaganda, if it really is happening.)

      3. So there’s another question the media won’t ask: Who’s paying the premiums? DHHS (and thus US) or Barry personally?

      4. Did he REALLY try and get rejected because he has no VALID SS#? When did he get issued that VA SS#, if any? Surely he still needs a valid SS#, no matter how he registers–via the website or via the paper forms.

      5. Did he issue to himself a waiver, so that HIS identity doesn’t have to be verified, unlike every other applicant? How will the navigators at the DC office verify his documents?

      6. Isn’t this just TOO FISHY? Are they that STUPID to pull this stunt or is it all just another distraction to use to ridicule “birthers”?

  3. MARSHMAN · 3 hours ago

    The dictator purchased three plans……

    Barack Obama has the bronze plan,

    Barry Seotoro has the silver plan

    & Frankie Marshall Davis Jr has the gold plan. He’s a triple dipper!

  4. Angel ~ 9 hours ago @the American Spectator…

    Pope Francis was named “person of the year” based on comments he made that were misinterpreted to be a repudiation of capitalism & an endorsement of socialism. Progressives will latch on to anyone or anything they believe will further their agenda. Just look at their love of Islamists, who they believe will help them crush capitalism & Christianity. The fact that they put gays to death is irrelevant to the cause. Ends always justify means to leftists. The Pope is just a useful tool to be discarded when no longer needed.

    • Wow. There’s another quote the progs won’t like from Pope Francis):

      “When he was a cardinal in Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio declared that same-sex marriage is a literal diabolical effort of “the Father of Lies” (i.e., the Devil) to “destroy God’s plan…and deceive the children of God.” He said that gay marriage discriminates against children “in advance,” depriving them of “their human development given by a father and a mother and willed by God.””

  5. Rose Parade.. we flaunt our forced WIN! Sodomy on Parade 4 ALL 2 SEE! How Lovely…… O


    • Precedent set when trannies danced in the Macy’s THANKSGIVING (to GOD) parade.

      Just one more thing to boycott. Spend time with your family instead of watching this middle finger to you.

    • Instead of “Pono Choices” it should probably read “Porno Choices”.

      Consider the irony: While the “educators” inform children about “anal, vaginal and oral sex”, they prevent ADULTS from learning about what the educators are teaching their children! Children can know but parents can’t. Isn’t the idea EDUCATION?

  6. http://vermontloonwatch.wordpress.com/2013/12/24/take-a-minute-and-take-this-quiz/

    Here’s an amazing quiz. Take it and then read the answers below. I got them all wrong.

  7. A phony enrollment to cover for another lie. He thinks he is keeping his promise to participate by signing up for the cheapest policy that he knows he’s not going to use. Who amongst us thought that his promise to participate in Obamacare included him AND his family being able to also keep their taxpayer-funded, platinum coverage while he just pays a token premium for a policy he’ll never use? http://washington.cbslocal.com/2013/12/24/obama-enrolls-for-health-coverage-wont-use-it/

    “As commander in chief, the president receives his health care through the military, so his new coverage will go unused. Rather, the move fulfills a commitment to personally participate that Obama made in 2010, when he signed into law the Affordable Care Act requiring millions of uninsured Americans to buy insurance or face a penalty.”

    No, it doesn’t fulfill the commitment because he and his family are certainly NOT, and never will be, in the same boat into which he FORCED everyone else and their families. What a jerk.


    President Obama will get his insurance through those special exchanges being set up under his health care plan, the White House announced today — assuming he wins re-election.

    The exchanges — designed to increase the size of risk pools, thereby lowering insurance costs — won’t be up and running until 2014, two years after Obama’s re-election bid.

    The announcement came after Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, proposed an amendment to the health care reconciliation bill that would have required Obama to buy insurance through the exchanges.

    White House spokesman Reid Cherlin called Grassley’s proposal unnecessary and obstructionist.

    “We think the amendment is unnecessary,” Cherlin said. “The president will participate in the exchange. But let’s be clear: The amendments being offered by Senate Republicans, including this one, are just a ploy to delay the bill.””

    So they made a bogus promise to stymie a LAW that would have forced Barry into Obamacare. Keeping his personal insurance from the military is NOT “getting his insurance” from Obamacare.

  8. Do we ~ or did we ~ ever know these dates? Orly needs some HELP!


    • geez! you’d think dear ole fuddy ruddy just led the jews out of egypt or was about to reach sainthood. OK, enough fawning over a health director,–there’s work to be done -so they say- Wonder what continued work this bunch of misfits need to continue. We’ve witnessed their famous work. And , when’s the last time you watched a funeral live and with a partial open casket and mourners. Touching, gosh such an aprapo piece of work. I’m getting that feeling mrs. fuddy is sipping pina coladas somewhere in the Bahamas laughing her p ass port off. It was all just so mushy. THey can hardly continue without her, but they must, they just have to gone on. THen the new dude chimes in so poetic , and is he gay or what….sorry my radar must be set on high alert. Oh that’s perfect seeing all the new legislation on gay marriage. Gotta love this bunch of kooks on the Sandwich islands.

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