There’s No Point

Senator Ron Johnson appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s program today and astutely pointed out that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are illogical.

Senator Johnson said,

The mandates are pointless. Now that we know that fully vaccinated individuals are getting infected, they can transmit the disease. Unfortunately, they are being hospitalized, they’re getting seriously ill, they’re dying. There’s no point to the mandate, whatsoever.

Because of the logic of Senator Johnson’s assertion, backed up by scientific fact and statistics, there is definitely a point to people resisting both the mandates and the “vaccinations.”

What is the purpose of vaccine mandates in businesses or schools or public spaces when any vaccinated person is potentially (depending upon individual behaviors) as likely as an unvaccinated person to be infected and able to transmit the disease to others?


Vaccinated people can be infected and, if so, they can and do transmit the disease.

Unvaccinated people are not necessarily infected. If not infected, then the person cannot transmit the disease.

Proof of vaccination is not proof that one is not contagious!

Some vaccine mandates allow for unvaccinated persons to be tested on a regular basis to prove they’re not infectious.

However, vaccinated persons do not have to take regular tests to prove they’re not infectious.

This makes no logical or scientific sense, given that vaccinated people are catching COVID and are transmitting the disease to others.

Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, thus, are useless to prevent the spread of COVID. On the other hand, they’re very useful for certain people to use to gain power and control over the population in order to ram through socialist policies that they cannot impose on people except by force.

How about we just test everyone on a regular basis, allowing individuals the freedom to make personal health choices for themselves, in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and our history of individual freedom?

The right of the people to be secure in their personsshall not be violated

Prominent, much cited medical “expert,” Dr. Leanna Wen, recently made a seeming about face when she insisted:

To me, this is not a scientific question. This is a value judgement. … I do not think that it’s the role of the federal government and our federal health officials to be telling Americans how we should value our lives and our ability to get ill or prevent sickness. The role of the federal government should be to say are these vaccines safe and effective? Is a booster safe and effective? If it is, then allow Americans to make that decision for themself.

Wen, in this particular statement, was arguing for allowing people to choose to get a booster, whether or not boosters are approved by the powers that be in the federal government. She apparently was upset that expert advisors to the FDA and CDC had recommended against booster shots for most Americans; she was relieved when the scientific experts were overruled by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

Follow the science! Until the science indicates that something Wen wants shouldn’t be available. Then Wen suddenly believes in “values,” so long as the values under consideration are hers and not those of people whose values cause them to refuse an experimental, lawsuit-immune gene therapy developed by using tissues from aborted fetuses.

Her values should be respected. If you disagree with her, however, then your values are not to be respected, you should not have a choice about what happens to your own body, and you should not be allowed to “make that decision for” yourself.

Wen is an expert to whom various entities (CNN, The Washington Post) go for her scientific opinion. But one must wonder about her expertise when she argues for her right to get a booster because she doesn’t “want to get COVID at all.”

Surely she knows about “breakthrough cases” and the fact that these vaccines are not sterilizing vaccines–meaning they do not prevent infection or transmission but only help prevent hospitalization or death (albeit depending upon the individual’s immune response and the timing of vaccination versus exposure).

Wen was notoriously in favor of Biden’s announced (but not yet realized) vaccine mandate. In fact, she apparently wished he had gone further to prevent the unvaccinated from traveling or even leaving their own homes!

What a switch from advocating for denying all freedom to those who choose not to take the vaccine to advocating for freedom of choice for anyone to take the booster, no matter what federal government scientists say!

So the government can, and should, force people to take the vaccine against their wishes and choice; and if you don’t take it, then you lose your right to travel or even go out of your house.

On the other hand, the government cannot deny people access to boosters if they want them or choose to get them, even if the experts advise against them.

Is this logical? Is this consistent?

The only way to square that circle is to admit that people like Wen believe in two types of people, two different castes, in this country: Those who deserve individual rights and those who do not.

Elites (like her) have rights. Deplorables (like anyone who disagrees with her) should not have rights, even to their own bodily integrity.

She and those like her get to choose what’s best for themselves, and for the rest of us, too, because we don’t deserve the rights that she enjoys.

How else does her philosophy make any sense?

It should come as no surprise that the very same Dr. Wen, who advocates for people to be able to choose a booster no matter what federal government experts say, also claimed that Ivermectin doesn’t work.

However, since the drug has been used for years by billions, would she argue that people have a right to try the drug, no matter what experts say, as a personal choice, just as she argues for people to have a right to boosters no matter what experts say? Bet not.

In addition, Dr. Wen argues that as a mother who wants to keep her children safe from infection, she should be allowed to get a booster shot, no matter what the government says.

One wonders how Dr. Wen will feel when Biden mandates COVID shots for children.

Will she argue that this is a decision for parents to make? Will she defer to the parents’ choice about what happens to their children’s bodies?

In light of the hundreds of thousands of adverse effects from the vaccines, and the tens of thousands of deaths reported to the government’s own VAERS system, as mentioned by Senator Johnson, will Wen agree that giving COVID vaccines to children should be a value judgement that should belong only to the parents?

Don’t bet on it.

We all know what’s going on here, and it’s not pretty.

Pray for our country and our people.


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  2. YES GAS HIT’S All time HIGH .. as joey BIDEN is OUR GAS TORCH!




    • I loved it that that representative showed art by Monet and Degas and pointed out how their art costs LESS than Hunter’s. What a freaking joke. It’s SO OBVIOUS. That Garland is such an weasel. He pretended to know NOTHING about ANYTHING or else he couldn’t say anything because of alleged on-going investigations. He’s learned his Mueller lessons well. He claimed to know NOTHING about the father who was irate at the school board meeting and got jumped and arrested there because he raised his voice when being shut down, as he tried to explain how his little girl was raped and sodomized in school, in the girls’ bathroom, by a MALE IN SKIRTS. THIS MAN’S CASE was one of the allegedly “threatening” incidents that caused the school board association to label him as a “potential domestic terrorist.” He was the poster boy for their campaign to use the FBI AGAINST parents. But Garland said he knew nothing about the rape and that it would be a “state case” if it happened. So he created his new policy/mandate, siccing the FBI on parents, and he didn’t even look into the details of the examples cited as the reason to attack parents using the FBI. Had he looked, he would have found that the parent had a perfect reason to be upset with the LYING SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER who falsely claimed that nobody was assaulted in restrooms at their schools. So the man was the VICTIM of the lying school administrators, as was his little girl who got NO JUSTICE. Garland wouldn’t say he’d investigate the rapes by so-called transgender individuals. Oh, no! They’re the real victims. The thing is: Isn’t it a “state case” if anybody threatens a school board member, seeing as how the federal government has NO jurisdiction over local schools and the STATES ALONE do?

  5. Hi Miri,
    I keep hearing from that Mike Adams guy (Health Ranger Reports on Brighteon) that there are severe food shortages sort of everywhere and the government is planning to institute Food Rationing with National Guard troops running the supply chain. Is this true? I don’t have any relatives in the US that I can ask.
    What’s going on here is no food shortages but the government is ramping up the vaccine booster shot pressure. If you compare (you can use the daily case rate in the UK and will see that the UK is apparently doing poorly with 15x the daily case rate as Italy but the percentage of people fully vaccinated is the same in both countries. UK has a vaccination rate of 66% fully vaccinated and Italy has a vaccination rate of 70%.
    Since that doesn’t equate on any mathematical or logical basis then one has to begin to question the raw data. Is it real? How would we know if it is real or fake? Why would taking a booster shot radically affect the graphs?
    I am not going to guess a reason for this huge discrepancy. India too had a hugely better set of data than the UK but there is an acceptable reason for their success but that reason doesn’t apply to Italy.
    I had the first two shots of the Astra-Zeneca jab and survived but with blood clots and other nasty stuff. I felt that one was safer because it doesn’t alter your RNA. I am not to keen to have any more.

    • dave m… Doing LIFE ABOVE GROUND! … Glad your OK!
      … I Miss U HERE … jump Back in …WE NEED U !

    • I don’t know about SEVERE shortages but I do know that lots of food stuffs I want to buy are out of stock. This seems worse than when the pandemic first hit. I think we had shortages then because people FEARED shortages and stocked up. This time, it’s hitting by surprise. But we shouldn’t have been surprised because the commie/Obama plan is to have everyone fearful, dependent, and thus compliant. This is BY DESIGN. I heard the “supply chain” talking points (had never heard that phrase before–supply chain) weeks, if not months, before the actual problem hit. So at the time I knew this new meme was going to be something planned. We can always tell when 100% of the mainstream media pick up on a phrase (like “jab,” suddenly) and goes with it and it’s everywhere. The shortages are said to be caused, mostly, by CA rules on trucks that eliminated so many owner operators. These guys bought trucks, spending hundreds of thousands on them to independently run them to feed their own families, and then Newsom et al pulled the rug out from under them by passing rules making their trucks “no go” for “environmental” reasons. They can’t run them. They have loans to pay for them but now can’t afford to pay them because they can’t use them to earn money to finance their trucks! It’s a plan. It’s wonderful, to people like Barry and Biden. They get off on sticking it to the kinds of “deplorables” who drive trucks. (Just like how they’re planning to give dishonorable discharges to those who refuse vaccines–then they can’t own guns OR VOTE. What’s not to like? They hate the military and always have.) Just another chance to stick it to political enemies. But I digress …

      They have put out a trial balloon about having National Guard offload the ships but (1) there are not enough trucks to move the stuff onward (by design) and (2) there’s nowhere to store the stuff. Even though Biden allegedly “ordered” ports to run 24/7 it’s not going to help because the ships are at anchor not because they can’t offload, but because there’s nobody to move the stuff on. No point IN offloading. So the stuff sits in ports on the ships. This is only in CA. Florida’s governor is welcoming shippers to move their ships to Florida ports so that stuff will actually be delivered to its destination.

      These people cannot be this stupid. This is planned chaos, using “global warming” as the means to the ends: Chaos. Deprivation. Dependent population. COMPLIANT people because desperate people will comply.

      Food rationing? Nothing would surprise me. Biden would have to seize all the food, though, wouldn’t he? Is that going to fly in the red states that are the ones that FEED America? The governors won’t stand for it, that’s for sure. I’m sure that the Red State governors can very quickly get a system up and running to trade food between the cooperative states. South Dakota wheat for Missouri pigs, for example. That does involve interstate commerce, though, so Biden can TRY to stick his nose in. It wouldn’t surprise me to see, as the “pandemic emergency” wanes, Barry and Biden create a NEW emergency like food supply chain with a “need” to step in and control it all.

      You are the first person I’ve heard mentioning rationing but again–nothing would surprise me. An “emergency” of any kind gives them so much power that surely after COVID they’re tempted to create emergency after emergency. Fuel shortage. Food shortage. Supply chain shortage. Soaring heating costs. Unemployment. OPEN BORDERS to ensure more disease issues. (Non-existent) vaccine “mandates” to ensure that nursing homes, hospitals, police depts., fire stations, and all other ESSENTIAL industries have shortages of workers.

      Oh, we’re just beginning the booster push. They approved them for most and are in the process of approving shots for children. Once they do start the boosters, then the next step is MANDATE of the boosters. Walensky at CDC said as much today. They have to see if “fully vaccinated” will have to be redefined to mean boosters. So now many who did take the jabs BELIEVING it would protect them are planning to NOT take any boosters because (1) vaccine was a sham; it didn’t protect them and (2) if they take this one they’ll have to take them forever. Or else? Step two in the plan: Vaccine passports and without a jab and all the boosters–you’re not COMPLIANT. You’re not “fully vaccinated” (even if you’re naturally immune) so you’re going to be SHUT OUT OF ALL SOCIETY.

      OMG, Dave. Did you really get blood clots? I’m so sorry and we will all pray for your complete recovery. So Astra-Zeneca is similar to J&J? iow, no mRNA. That is preferable to the others but still. Blood clots. Yikes! That’s what I fear and other things, too, like heart inflammation and heartbeat irregularities. Not to mention stroke. A 51-year-old state legislator in MO “suddenly” died of a stroke this week. Of course, the media don’t mention WHY this healthy young guy would just up and die from a “stroke” but you have to wonder about the clots.

      Did you see this?

      I haven’t fully read or investigated this data, but it goes along with predictions made by many doctors and scientists (who are censored) that these mRNA jabs are not going to lead to herd immunity but the opposite. People who are jabbed with them cannot develop complete immunity to the virus because their antibodies against the spike protein only works against it, doesn’t recognize the whole virus, so when they catch COVID, which they do, they’re not immune if the spike protein has mutated. So they may have worse cases when it’s a variant AND their faulty immune systems drive the creation of other variants that WILL evade the vaccine’s antibodies.

      This, I believe, doesn’t apply to the vaccine you had–just the mRNA vaccines that don’t provide full immunity to the whole virus.

      Supposedly there will soon be another vaccine that is made like older vaccines (like flu vaccine) but it seems to me that all the governments are deliberately stalling approval of it to allow the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaccines to take precedence. Maybe if/when they’ve tapped out every other source of people who will take their jabs, they’ll finally allow this vaccine (Novavax) for the “vaccine hesitant.” Time will tell.

    • Sorry. I forgot you told us before that you got clots but so happy you’re over it (apparently). Are they trying to make everybody get boosters?

  6. Bang

    • That’s awful, isn’t it? The movie, oddly enough, includes a plot line about an accidental killing. It’s interesting in that it was reported by NBC that some employees had walked off the set earlier in the day over safety concerns. Was it a live bullet or not? Brandon Lee, iirc, was killed by a stunt gun with a blank. Shame. Somebody said that in 2017, on Twitter, Baldwin opined about what it would be like to kill someone accidentally, in the context of a police shooting, I think. I didn’t read it all. I feel sorry for all involved, but especially for the dead woman and her family. RIP. I always feel for a child who’s lost a mother. God help the child(ren).

  7. …… BANG ….. 2
    Alec Baldwin: What are Prop guns and why are they dangerous?

    Has this kind of incident happened before?
    Yes. You may remember Brandon Lee, the actor son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

    Brandon Lee died aged just 28 in 1993 while filming The Crow, when a Prop gun which mistakenly had a dummy round loaded in it was fired at him.

    Dummy rounds contain no explosive charge and in this case were used to film a close-up. When blanks were loaded part of the dummy round remained in the gun.

    • Oh, I couldn’t remember if it was a blank or what. I do remember that sad outcome. Such a waste. After that event, you’d think they would be extra careful but you have to wonder about deliberate sabotage.

  8. At least 363 Americans are still TRAP-ped in Afghanistan — far Above the administration’s initial estimate — Weeks after the Biden administration’s Botched withdrawal from the jihadist-controlled country, according to the State Department.

    The State Department reportedly relayed the information to congressional staff Thursday, admitting it is in contact with 363 Americans stranded in Afghanistan. …. Of those, … 176 reportedly Want to Come Home.

    JOE -AZZ GO GET THEM >> NOW!!!! or SEND ‘BRANDON’ .. !!!

  9. Be careful what you spray!

    Yikes. A PSA for y’all. Check your “room spray”.

    On the other hand, perhaps bioterrorism? They’re not sure it was the room spray.

  10. Now even White House spends its time FIX-ing Joe Biden’s statements
    ‘Walk-back’ launched as Biden’s poll numbers plunge

    * dan690 • … @ comments…. ^^^
    I thought they were spending all their time destroying the country.

    I imagine how the idiots feel, that they elected this Doofus!

    * El Gato Blanco •
    Engineered Wuhan China virus
    Engineered poisonous vaccines
    Stolen election due to fraudulent mail-in votes
    Fake frail president ….!!!
    Fake movie set White House
    Obama’s third term
    Enemy regime currently in power.
    Engineered Inflation to hurt Americans
    Intentional open borders

    FUCK-JOE-BIDEN …..!!! …Resist!

    FIXING Jo Biden’s statements? They cannot take care of their OWN statements:
    WOW!… “The White House said Friday that President Biden drove by the U.S. southern border with Mexico during a 2008 campaign trip, after the president said during a CNN town hall Thursday that he had Been to the Border.” What complete total Moron at the White House would release a statement like this?

    Walk Back or Circle Back doesn’t change the root cause of Incompetence.
    It isn’t incompetence, it’s intentional. !!!!!
    Intentionally incompetent! It’s like putting lipstick on a pig!

    44.7% still approve the chomo????? do we have that many mentally ill, criminals, freeloading welfare moochers in the country?????

  11. PSAKI .. joey I’M .. > YOUR PUPPET !!! 24/7 !!! PROSTITUING ! YEP!

    Circle Back Psaki Defends Dear Leader Biden’s Claims He’s Been to the Border by Saying, ‘He Did Drive Through the Border’ . . . in 2008 ????

  12. Sending Prayers, For everyone in harms way.🙏

  13. that BAT / WITCH wants to FLY AWAY… FAR FAR away 2 GIGGLE
    LAND’ …where she GET’S a FREE PASS 4 STUPIDITY all of HER
    WILLY LIFE!!!!!! SAD SAD VP …. WHAT A JOKE 2 the USA!!!
    LET …US COUNT the WAYS!!!! 1 zillion & 80 ….. A TOT AL JOKE 24/7

  14. U ..GO U .. SHOW your FACE ??? MEANS …ZERO … 24/7

  15. joey ….BOY …HOW much do U THINK …. U R PROTECTED???

    WAKE ..UP ….USA! ..AWAKEN YOUR AZZ ‘S ..!!! R U LOSERS ???
    STAND UP …. NOW !!! ….OR 4 EVER “EAT SHIT” ….24/7!!!

  16. JUST WHY ….hatching ….GOLDEN EGG??? …sick JOKE USA!!!
    NO MATTER what COLOR …IT IS ….IT’S ALL A SICK GAME on U!!!!!!!

    • They do not have a sense of humor. They don’t understand irony or satire. In addition, they ALWAYS think the worst of anybody that doesn’t toe their political line and so they are ready to jump to the worst conclusions about anything a person says or does. Which is exactly why they accuse Trump of being a white supremacist and a racist–they already believe it so they read it into anything he says that they can DISTORT into meaning what they hope/want him to mean, no matter what he really means.

      As for whether a cat is satanic, my question: Does it wake you up from a very sound sleep at 5 in the morning for no apparent reason at all?

  17. WHY ?..LET IT GO ? 100% WRONG ! Wrong Ain’t RIGHT! EVER!
    WAKE your Azzes UP!!! lie is a lie!!! ….

  18. O’ …hahaha’ & I Haven’t BEEN 2 EUROPE either ! …. O’ Sure!!!

    GIVE US a BREAK??? the IDIOT spend$ …. OUR DIME$

    • May as well get as many globe-trotting free trips in as possible while it lasts.

    • I’ll bet it’s a lie that she’s never been to Europe, too. She was a globe-trotter from way back, just like Barry was. Did all flight go direct to India? And her hubby is a lawyer with international clients, so are we to believe she NEVER once went on a trip to Europe with him?

  19. AZZ .. AzZ Azz azz .. HOW DID ANY ..1 with a tiny baby… BRAIN … Think
    This …shit-head … JOKER… WAS EVER … Able 2 steer OUR WORLD ???
    ..YEP … CHEATING… DOES IT !!! …Every… TIME … As Barry Knows IT ?!!!

  20. I don’t know if this Fuaci story was covered anywhere else on mainstream news. I saw it on RT over the weekend. (RT is an english language 24 hour news station from Moscow). I watch it to hear mainstream coverage of stories that won’t be broadcast anywhere else.
    the NIH has issued a statement that Fauci DID use US NIH funds to conduct gain of function into bat virus in Wuhan. The NIH confirms that Fauci lied to Congress in his testimony. The research was enhance the spike protein of the bat coronavirus so the virus could be accepted by (enter) mice cells in mice that were genetically engineered to have human type ACE-2 receptors.
    Well we all knew this but it is great to hear it “officially”.
    No, I don’t think anyone else covered it.

    I know I haven’t said a lot lately. I keep hearing that there is supposed to be “a lot of stuff” happening “very soon”. Well,
    that’s a pretty deep subject,
    and we will see. “Truth Social” is a good start. I watched the F1 racing from Austin yesterday and I tried to hear if the crowd was saying Let’s go Brandon, but I didn’t hear anthing

    I had this weird dream. I was at work, and the IT department was setting up this new big computer and it’s purpose was explained that it would just subliminally help your brain to think better, your thoughts to be more organized and useful, etc.
    They said it had a range of about 500 miles to be inside it’s helpful field.
    I remember thinking this computer had to be destroyed. Then I woke up and it was only a dream. Thanks to God!

    • How awful. They’re going full bore with plans to vaccinate children. They’re “accidentally” vaccinated school-aged children, without their parents’ permission. They MUST make EVERYONE get vaccinated because the plan is to have EVERY PERSON carry a vaccine passport that does far more than verify vaccine status. They’re emboldened and they’re NEVER going to let up. We have to prepare to RESIST and NEVER COMPLY.

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