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Hello, USA.  We’re listening.


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  1. An Orphan That Passed Through My Hands
    On Monday, May 5, 2010, Mama Sarah Obama received an honorary doctorate from the Great Lakes University of Kisumu. Officially they say she received the Ph.D. because of the help she gave to orphans and widows in her village of Kogelo, Kenya. During her acceptance, Sarah Obama appealed to the public, saying she believes they, too, should help vulnerable people in their society.

    Included in her words of thanks, Sarah Obama made the following statement:

    “This is a show of blessing from God, since I have always dedicated my time to tend to the orphans. Even the US president passed through my hands.”

    The statement could be interpreted in more than one way. For example, is she telling us Barack Obama was actually an orphan whom she tended, or does she mean he passed through her hands at the moment of his birth, or could she be referring to something else? What do you think she meant?

    I’m tellin’ you — nobody knows anything about this guy — every day it’s a new mystery. I’ve said it before, the more I learn about this guy, the less I know about him.


    I once flipped his helicopter the bird and wondered if they had long-range spy eyes in the sky with a missile launcher so they could take me out asap. Must not have seen me, though, ’cause I’m still here. Every day, five times actually, I flip the bird towards DC.

  3. What is there to say?

  4. Hoot ^ any connections in your book? same circles & more

    • Manaut is under 1972 section. Somewhere on here was discussion about him being on board of Barry’s docile school or something, I think, which was why I first looked up his name; read in article(also probably linked in the halls if wtpotus.).

    • I put up pics from books

      Some stuff on Plietch People. Do not know how connected to David, yet.
      Mad’s friend/coworker,
      David Pietsch retires from Title Guaranty
      and CEO David T. Pietsch Jr. retired Thursday after 41 years with the Hawaii’s oldest and largest escrow company. Pietsch, who will stay on as Title Guaranty’s chairman of the board of directors, is succeeded …
      2004 Women Who Mean Business nominee profiles
      ” said David T. Pietsch Jr., Title Guaranty Escrow Services Inc. president. Marie Imanaka President, Wells Fargo Home Management of Hawaii In four years Imanaka directed Wells Fargo’s market share …
      ASIST scholars dealt a new hand
      judges — David T. Pietsch Jr., president, Title Guaranty Escrow Services; Lee Carson, vice president, Bank of Hawaii; and Elena Seu, EWI president and consultant, work force staffing and development, Hawaiian …

      David’s son,

      Son of Charles J., Jr. listed in 1966/1972 “books”. Do not relation, yet, to David
      Charles Pietsch III, 57,
      dies in California
      By Harold Morse

      Charles J. Pietsch III, 57, well-known Honolulu businessman, died Tuesday in Vista, Calif.
      The Honolulu-born Pietsch was a partner in Associates Four and co-owner of Waimea Falls Park, where Waimea Falls Adventure Park is located on a portion of the overall property. Associates Four retains an interest in the adventure park at Waimea and also Sea Life Park in East Honolulu.
      Pietsch’s partner in Associates Four, John Spierling, described him as “very energetic, very forceful and a doer,” active in a number of community endeavors.
      He also served on the boards of Queen’s Hospital and Hawaii Pacific University and was very interested in those organizations. “It will be a loss both for the partnership and the community,” Spierling said.
      Pietsch was a Punahou graduate and alumnus of Syracuse University. He also served as an Army officer in Europe.
      He was in banking with Wells Fargo in California before returning home to Honolulu where he went to work for his father, Charles Pietsch Jr., in Bishop Corp.
      His father had branched out into subdivision development, home building and apartment building. The elder Pietsch also built three hotels in Hawaii, including the Kahala Hilton, now known as the Kahala Mandarin Oriental.
      Additionally, the enterprising father had rescued Sea Life Park and taken it out of bankruptcy, also acquiring Waimea Falls Park. Son Charles III became involved in these ventures.
      Charles III was president of the Waimea Arboretum Foundation and also chaired the Historic Hawaii Foundation. He was a trustee of the Hawaii Maritime Center and owner of a valuable stamp collection.
      Funeral services are pending.

    • Remember these statements from ^^^ …

      When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!

      “When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the
      people fear the government [or the IRS, for that matter], you have Tyranny.”
      (Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States)

      Thanks, Mike Golden

  5. BO.. find-ing out the truth …. such a game they have spun OMG

  6. FLASH…. the Second photo of Ann with her Hand on the Floor has
    a Xmas tree with presents …. Remember Sr. ~ Jr. ~ & Ann passing
    out the presents in another shot.. could this be the same place?

    • Here’s a proxy link.

      You be the judge:

      There’s a rug now, but it would be years later, one assumes.

      • Nope…BUTT’ thanks for the refresher…course. “pretty lies”….
        much to look up on the newest finds…can spend days/years…on

        • imho, it’s the same woman. As I read somewhere on another blog the other day: What are the odds that in a place like Hawaii there just happened to be a dead ringer for “Ann” and BOTH of them just happened to know FMD?

  7. did this put some wind in O’s sails? Dennis Kucinich 2003′

  8. Attempts to …. Impeach … George W. Bush
    Main article: Movement to impeach George W. Bush
    On June 10, 2008, Kucinich introduced 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush on the floor of the House of Representatives. On June 11, the resolution was referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

    Calling it “a sworn duty” of Congress to act, co-sponsor Robert Wexler stated: “President Bush deliberately created a massive propaganda campaign to sell the war in Iraq to the American people and the charges detailed in this impeachment resolution indicate an unprecedented abuse of executive power.”

    On July 10, 2008, Kucinich introduced an additional article of impeachment accusing Bush of misleading Congress into war.

    On July 14, 2008 Kucinich introduced a new resolution of impeachment against George W. Bush, charging him with manufacturing evidence to sway public opinion in favor of the war in Iraq. This resolution was also sent to the judiciary committee.

    Democratic Leaders “Steny Hoyer” …. and
    ……………. “”Nancy PELOSI”” .. OPPOSED…. IT!!!

    would B STUCK with “SLICK LYING OBAMA” as she KNEW THEN) !!

    ” Opposed the Impeachment efforts ”
    None of them ever progressed to a full House Vote.

  9. Well, I haven’t seen this pic before, but then, I am usually a bit behind everyone else.

    Same clothes as the ‘baseball bat’ photo

  10. Sort of funny. first called Barack “Berry”. Blast from the past,

    Zen, ugh! over and over again and again! 🙂

    • This article, along with MAD’s death write-ups talk about being white and a minority in HA. BULLPUCKY! Most of the movers and shakers in 1966 and 1972 WERE white. What a spindadindindin.

  11. Old story? Translated from Punjabi, I think.
    “Obama joined hands with Bush, wash hands with soap and
    U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama won the election after taking the presidential oath of office on January 20, he will remain in vahita House, where George Bush spent his years. But with Obama when Bush met for the first time, Obama hands after mixing with Bush, wash hands with soap and water before them had. Four years ago, did not mention the incident to another, but Obama himself in his self-narrative. ‘Adaisati Hope’ name in this book, Obama said that four years ago with the other newly elected ਸੈਨੇਟਰਾਂ were to meet with President Bush. Bush, Obama took a hand, and with his wife Lara livaia. Lara nukiha them,” you remember Obama, those we had seen on TV. Very good family and your wife Woman.” After the Bush and Obama shook hands. According to Obama after Bush returned to one of his colleagues immediately, the ਉਨਾ੍ਹਂ found on the right hand sanitizer.”

    Other intersting stuff, like. “Sikh organization urged Obama to eliminate the differences of
    New York / Reuters News
    International organization United Sikhs newly elected U.S. President Barack Obama….”

    • Oh, that’s funny. I remember that. You know, it’s not a bad idea to use hand sanitizer any time you shake hands with anyone, but especially somebody who’s shaking hands with lots of other people. That’s how you stay well, something that’s important for a president like GWB to do.

  12. (as we Now TRASH & BURN all who say BLACK in OBAMA’S BOOK)
    Dunham, who turned down a request for an interview, as she routinely does, & is said to be in poor health, made headlines in March, when Obama cited HER in HIS speech addressing RACE Relations Amid Controversy over Incendiary remarks BY HIS former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah WRIGHT.

    “I can no more DIS-own HIM than I can MY WHITE GrandMother – a
    woman who helped Raise me, a woman who Sacrificed again & again for
    ME, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world,” OBAMA said in the March 18 speech. “BUTT’ a woman who “ONCE Confessed” ….. ( a confession O’ MY…. O’ MY)
    HER ..FEAR.. of BLACK .. MEN who PASS-ed HER on the Street & who
    on more than ONE Occasion has Uttered Racial or Ethnic Stereotypes
    that made ME Cringe.” … (boohoo…it MADE ME CRINGE!!!)
    (SO WE TELL “OUR TRUTHS” OUT LOUD! & he cringes but worry NOT…
    taking or USING DRUGS… as that may also MADE MAD…CRINGE? )

    BUDDY … it’s not ALL about …U ! BLACK stands OUT… they DO!
    not so much in AFRICA….BUTT’ WE don’t live in AFRICA!!!
    SHE was EXPRESSING HER FEARS… what-if SHE was RAPED? or
    Killed? maybe start with a black person that made her feel IN FEAR?)
    we share …our good – bad & ulgy thoughts ..THAT’s WHAT “WE” DO!

    Obama followed up in a radio interview by saying his Grandmother was
    a “Typical WHITE Person,” …OK for U…OBAMA… to LABEL HER?
    a comment that drew Criticism on Television & ThroughOut the Internet because IT WAS …”Perceived by SOME” …. as an “In-Sult” …. to
    “HER and to WHITE …. PEOPLE” ……O’ … one sided-love-affair??

    “WE ALL” harbor “Stereotypes,” “OBAMA said LATER” when asked
    about the Remark… “That doesn’t “MAKE US”…. “BAD PEOPLE.” ?

      • Who gives the left their power? We do, every time we surrender.

        While visiting in Maryland, I was blessed with another cherished chat with my dad, who just celebrated his 86th birthday. His mind is as sharp as ever. Praise God! Dad is chaplain emeritus for the Baltimore City Fire Department. He only speaks at special events.

        Dad said he was called on the carpet by a department official after a recent event. ……… “One Highly Offended Individual” ….. at the
        Event Complained that dad ended his prayer with “in Jesus’s name.”

        Dad told the official that he could NO MORE DENY Jesus than he
        could deny that he is black.
        Note: Dad did NOT apologize, BEG for forgiveness, or VOW “never”
        to do it again…… The official let it go.

        Who gives the left their power? We do.
        ~ ( SO when U say it … OWN IT!!!) ~ back it UP…. STAND FIRM…
        the changes are 4 THEM…. NOT 4 US! remember 2 remember!

  13. ~ About Punahou ~
    According to legend, an aged Hawaiian couple lived in Manoa & had to
    travel far for water. They prayed for a spring. In a dream, they were told
    to uproot the stump of an old Hala Tree. When they removed the tree
    stump, they uncovered a spring of clear, sweet water, which they named
    ~ Ka Punahou ~ (the New Spring).

    The legend of Ka Punahou lives on in the Punahou Seal, which depicts a Hala Tree & two Taro Leaves, & within the school itself, as the community looks to us as a source of educational excellence. Punahou is the largest independent school in the United States.

  14. On the lighter side. No need to translate this Rssian page comparing Putin and Obama. Most we have seen, some have not. The best is showing Putin’s mistress and then showing Berry with a guy! hhahhahahahahahahahha

    • hey Hoot …I’m not Black… but I could B…. if I wanted 2 B.. we all can
      B anything WE WANT 2 B in todays game of “color hop scotch” just
      ask MO & O’.. then we’d B invited 2 the WHITE House & all the other
      Black private gatherings & even OPRAH.. could have US on HER …
      show & tell … heck we might even get invited 2 visit her in Hawaii…
      The DOORS of HEAVEN… just might open wide …who really Knows?

      • Funny story: My son is extremely pale and blonde and people sometimes ask him if he is albine. One day one of his black basketball teammates asks,
        “Are you an albino or something?”

        Son looks surprised, “Whoa, that is sort of a racist question.”

        To the kid’s credit, “Oh, yeah, man. Sorry about that.”

        Son explained he was just joking, and no, not albino.

    • Hoot that was a hoot…. I enjoyed it …some R new 2 “me” …. ha

  15. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Here’s the bottom line solution for everything. Equal treatment under the law. Whites are now an oppressed class. We are forced to pay for minorities. We must demand equal rights. Pretend it’s the 60s in reverse. Not pay it lip service and do it.

  16. Rosemary Woodhouse

    As an aside, this comment of mine is awaiting moderation at Breitbart regarding Clay Aiken. Probably because I didn’t separate the letters in the word S E X, Will be interesting to see if it posts.

    I just remembered this “scandal”: there is a sex pic floating around when he was looking for a hook-up on some homosexual porn site,. He stupidly photographed himself and denied it was him! I remember minutiae. Sometimes, it’s useful, sometimes it’s just….minutiae. Anyway, there’s a photo floating around of him soliciting for sex somewhere on the net.


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I couldn’ t find the photo (eeeeew) but I did find a link. Spread it around. Seriously, Weiner this wannabe.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Instead of taking the lead I provided ^^^ and running with the story to torpedo Aiken’s candidacy, thrice they deleted the link. There is something very rotten at the site known as Breitbart and has been for quite sometime now, The censorship there is out of control, yet they never censor the liberal trolls. Infiltrated? Probably.

    • RW, what ordinarily would be a negative in the normal world, depending upon who you are in the progressive world, it becomes a positive. If one is conservative, anything associated with being gay or with sex is a huge negative because of the stereotypes about conservatives and then this becomes a “sin” of hypocrisy. However, in the progressive world, since they HAVE NO MORALS OR STANDARDS BY WHICH TO JUDGE (in fact, they don’t “judge” anything or anyone BUTT conservatives), then whatever they do, no matter how outrageous or disgusting, is fine and is, actually, a badge of “honor” and don’t you DARE say anything about it.

      Should Aiken’s opponent use his surfing to hook up, then THAT PERSON will be judged as a hypocritical homophobe. The progressive political policy now is to run ANYBODY who has some kind of “minority” status so that that status can be used to persecute any opponent who speaks out, even against the person’s policies.

      IF there is a card to play (race, gender, sex, person of color, any “ism” or “ist” or “phobe”) against a potential opponent, then that’s the person for them!

      You can’t criticize Hillary. She’s a woman. You can’t criticize Aiken. He’s gay. You can’t criticize Barry. He’s supposed to be black. You can’t criticize Salazar. He’s “hispanic”. On and on. If there’s a transsexual candidate, you won’t be able to criticize s/he.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        You’re both right, alfy and Miri. But our allowing these hypocritical acts to continue only worsens the problem. Our tacit approval by remaining silent has allowed our entire moral code to decay. We have a choice: to fight against the tide and not cave or to become Sodom & Gomorrah II a.k.a. Babylon the Great (Revelation 13)

  17. B – PROUD… B – American…. B – HONEST…… GO MO GO

    • Buggers! I missed “Draw Mohammed Day” yesterday.

    • Did you see the photo at that link with Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged through the streets? Yea, he’s the guy that wasn’t murdered but died due to smoke inhalation in the ‘safe’ room according to Eleanor Clift.

      There he goes defying gravity. Holding up his deceased head.
      Must be magic.

  18. Ben Aaron Shapiro 1 -15 -1984 is 30 ~ Burbank, Los Angeles Ca.
    married July 2008 has 1 daughter. Is editor @ Breitbart..

  19. WHAT a WASTE… & not JUST “the FOOD”… BUTT” what else could
    she DO… needing all that STAFF… around 4 a REASON…. ?
    as if someone could have FORCED or TAUGHT her & O’ to eat better
    in their youth ……NEVER …. EVER… what a CON & “love the hands”

    • Yuk. Fried dumpling ears. I see their point. Oh, look. If you go to photo 6, there he is with his “mom”. 🙂

      • OMG, go to number 32 and watch the video. It has Turdi AND the Barry lookalike who looks so much like Barry, even down to the moles and the bizarre square of hair on his temple, not to mention the fried dumpling ears. Skinny arms and hands, purple lips with the dent at the top. Like twins, I’m telling you.

      • Miri, I remember those photos from that day, very well. She was there. She was gone. She was there…. she was…gone.

  20. the story ^ … goes with the Slide & Video show … it’s good seeing
    old Turdi again & what about the increasing SPOTS ?… WOW O’

  21. Adek Berry / AFPAd
    Turdi Picture taken in Jakarta on 9 March 2012 this year

    Turdi, the transsexual who for years was the nanny U.S. President Barack Obama in Indonesia currently reviewing its dreams of “Little Barry”, which describes how a good and tolerant boy avoided judging it.

    Turdi born man, he saw wife and friends called her “Evie”. But today, at age 66, prefers to dress in men’s clothing for fear of suffering assaults, told AFP.

    For two years – 1970 and 1971 – Turdi was hired by the Obamas in Indonesia, where the mother of the future president of the United States, Ann Dunham, lived with her new husband, Lolo Soetoro Indonesian.

    “Barry,” as it was called the little Barack was eight years old when his family Turdi hired as a cook and nanny. He (she) did the shopping the house and even sewed dresses pregnant before the birth of Maya, sister of President.

    – I think she [Ann Dunham] knew who I really was. When you cut your hair short she told me: ‘It gets better with him on his shoulders.’

    The Obamas’ always treated me like a family member, “including Barack, Turdi revealed that after leaving work at home in Jakarta put high heels and dress to turn into Evie.

    – I felt free from prison when he was dressed as a woman.

    According Turdi, he (she) has always maintained a masculine appearance before “Barry”.

    – He was too young to know our world (…) but I knew that as I was only pretended otherwise. It was curious and wanted to know everything, but he never asked me about this and always treated me normally. Barry did not discriminate against anyone.

    Turdi also says that Obama “was a friend to everyone. A good child, who laughed and joked a lot.”

    – Had a good humor that rarely missed, even when it was caused by their classmates. When would catch him in high school, his friends shouted: Banci! Banci! ‘ [Transvestite]. But he ignored and told to go home.

    After the departure of the Obama family, Turdi whoring neighborhoods “red” in Jakarta, but after incessant assaults on the largest Muslim country in the world, has left the life of a transvestite.

    Today Turdi live in a small windowless room rented in a slum, and survives washing clothes from neighbors, including many transsexuals.

    “I do not expect anything from him,” says Turdi, not seen when President Obama visited Indonesia in 2010 and 2011.

    – It is impossible for him to come here to see me, and traveling to the United States only in a dream, but would really like to see it, just that. If I met Barry is still the same, I am sure you will accept me as I am, trans ~

  22. SURPRISE $ 15 an Hour wages ~ Back-Fires who would have
    GUESSED …. that could ever happen?

    • The troops are suffering, too. Barry raised the federal minimum wage for “federal contractors” so now fast food places are pulling out of military bases. They can’t afford to stay there and make any profit. So the troops do without Whoppers and Popeye chicken. (Of course, Mooch would think that’s a good thing. What business do they have buying fast food in the first place, when they’re under HER command?) A portion of their profits go to a fund that benefits the troops. That will be lost, too.

      “The companies cite the fact that a limited military customer base cannot sustain acceptable profit margins while still offering up a hefty share of profits to the Army and Air Force Exchange System’s Health and Morale fund and paying $10.10 an hour as Obama has directed for any contractor doing business with the DOD. For those who don’t know, hundreds of commercial franchises have operated on military bases for years. This partnership has been a boon to the non-profit AAFES system. All profits go toward programs such as organized athletic programs for the military and their dependents, exercise equipment, support for social clubs and the like.”

      Obama’s administration ARE dolts. Do they THINK ANYTHING THROUGH? It seems not. They never anticipate all the consequences of what they do. Or do they and they just don’t care?

      • They do. Its all by design.

        I bet you they are laughing.

        • I think so, too. A radio host said this morning that Barry standing next to the apparently jihad-sympathizing father was either very “aggressive” of him or else extremely stupid, unless it’s just that, at this point, he doesn’t care, so long as it distracts from the other scandals. Except this one is blowing up in their faces (no pun intended). The lamestream actually seems interested. I guess they suddenly realized that the actions of this guy threaten themselves and their own families, too.

          • But you almost have to wonder if their “concern” is for real. This is something that could get a lot of people on the impeachment bandwagon. Then, if they do impeach him after November, the media will do an about face and go back to the race card. What would gin up the persons-of-color “base” more than impeaching the first “black” president? Then Hillary will play the sex card and use all of this to skate into the White House after demonizing the racist Republican Congress, and we will have another 8 years of “fundamental transformation”. I trust nothing these people, the media, or the globalists do.

            They’re trying to spin their way out of this even now. Although they’re now suggesting that maybe he did desert, Bergdahl isn’t complicit; he’s crazy. He’s “delusional”. They have expanded the “health” excuse for why they made the deal without Congressional approval by including his “mental health” now, because people saw him with their own eyes and he looked healthy enough. If he’s nuts, then they can spin it that he’s not REALLY a potential sympathizer or traitor. (Deserter is now seen as better than the alternative. Imagine the outcry if it turns out he was a “mule” as Shoebat suggested or that somebody within the U.S. was working for/with the Taliban.) They’re going with the hope that people will believe that he was just “misguided” and a “hippy dippy”, and so are his parents. I’ve already heard that said on the radio. Barry is claiming that he DID consult Congress about the “possibility” of them having to make this trade for Bergdahl. They’re citing his “signing statement” as if a president can just announce he doesn’t have to obey the law and then he doesn’t have to. Somebody asked Carney yesterday if Barry agrees with Rice that Bergdahl served honorably. He wouldn’t answer, of course. He wouldn’t answer whether or not Bergdahl is a deserter, either. I wonder if Bergdahl is now on “suicide watch”. Maybe with the war coming to a conclusion, it suddenly became very important to get this guy back, lest he start talking. Who knows? We’ll probably NEVER know. The lamestream is actually reporting what his platoon members say about him, which ALWAYS makes me suspicious. They do NOT like to report the truth about Barry or any progressive. So what’s up?


    This is worth reading if only for the way it begins:

    “Folks this POS and the one in the White House make me want to puke. For good measure let’s puke on the father too. I’m done. …”

    I don’t think this is only a distraction from the VA scandal and the others. I think it’s ALSO to keep the media’s eyes OFF what’s going on during this trip to Europe where, once again, Barry will MEET WITH PUTIN while saying he won’t meet with him, until he does. WHAT is he doing in Europe again? Considering he was in Afghanistan and then suddenly, this terrorists for a deserter deal went down, one has to wonder with whom he met in Afghanistan.

    From another story:

    “The former intelligence official who spoke with The Times corroborated that assertion but declined to offer further details, saying only that the deal turned out the way it did because “the administration wanted to close the door on this no matter what the price was.”

    Their priority was releasing AS MANY terrorists as possible. Barry preempted the military by doing this, lest they preempt him by “rescuing” Bergdahl, whose purpose WAS to serve as the object of the trade. Rather than Bergdahl’s health, one wonders whether the circumstances of his imprisonment made a rescue imminent so THAT had to be headed off. Why is Rice lying, as with Benghazi? Why was he being held in PAKISTAN, a country which Barry famously visited and which was hiding OBL?

  24. This is why the NBC requirement makes so much sense, from a national security point of view. Think of who Barry is and the sheer number of non-U.S.-born people in his inner circle, then read this:

    A White House official told MailOnline on Monday morning that Obama’s deputies were caught flatfooted by the intensity of public outrage in some quarters after Bergdahl’s rescue by Special Forces.

    Everyone thought this would be a January 1981 moment,’ the insider said, referring to the negotiated release of 52 U.S. hostages in Iran after 444 days in captivity. …”

    For goodness sake, they traded a MASS MURDERER along with 4 other TERRORISTS for one guy who is a deserter. But they were caught “flatfooted” by the public outrage? Anybody who KNOWS the USA would KNOW that would happen and also that their illegal non-disclosure letters would not hold. You can’t ORDER someone to sign a non-disclosure. It’s meaningless if done under duress.

  25. A prediction: Obama’s going to wag the dog, sort of like Clinton shooting missiles through a Chinese window or blowing up an aspirin factory alleged to be making “chemical weapons”. Then they will claim a huge victory against Taliban terrorists and give the credit to Bergdahl, saying “intelligence” he provided made it all happen. He’s a hero and so is Barry. Case closed. When you’re accustomed to lying and getting away with it, when you can make up stories about ANYTHING (like your biography) and get away with it, then there’s no narrative you can’t invent that the lamestream will swallow. There’s never a down side for LIARS who get away with lying.

    We sent him there as a spy for five years. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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