Obama’s Alias of “Harry Bounel” Found in 1940 Census

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Harry Bounel was Alive and Kicking in 1940!

Living in The Bronx and Working at a Fruit Stand

Harry Bounel - 1940 Census, The Bronx, New York City

Harry Bounel – 1940 Census, The Bronx, New York City

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Age 50 – Born in 1890 – Immigrated from Russia

The information on the census reads that Harry was white, male, age 50, from Russia, and that he lived with the Julius family.  It appears he worked as a helper at a fruit store.  This may have been with his next door neighbor, Sam  Cohen, who was a fruit dealer.  It seems to say that Harry was married, but the M is slightly crossed out, so either he was married and his wife hadn’t immigrated yet, or they were not living together.   A further search for another Bounel in The Bronx may turn up the wife and family.

New York The Bronx, New York City Ward 7A- D
1940 Census
April 16, 1940

The street they lived on was Elsmere Place or it might be Daly Avenue.  Harry only completed 3rd grade.  He was naturalized.

311 R 36  No  Julius  Louis   Head  M W 61  MNo 4 4 Austria  Same Place Vent Operator Clothes Factory  PW
Blanch wife  F W 42 M No 2 Austria Same Place
David son  M W 15 S Yes H2 New York Same Place
Bounel Harry Lodger M W 50 M No 3 Russia Same Place xoxo  Yes 48 Helper Fruit Store  PW  988 61 1 49 600 No

312 R Cohen Sam  Head M W 36 M no 8  Russia  Fruit Dealer
Sarrah   Wife F  W 36 M no 8 New York
Sidney  Son M W 12 S yes 7  New York

313  R Siegel Joseph  Head  M w 43? M No 4 Russia


Harry-Bounel-1940-census cropped


Harry’s name was originally found by Al the Debt Collector, The Obama Hustle,  in a specialized database.  The name was connected to none other than Barrack HUSSEIN Obama.  This also connects to a Social Security card that the conman Obama has been using that another investigator found belonged to someone born in 1890.  This information ties to the Connecticut Social Security card that Obama uses.  In August, 2011, all information about Harrison J. Bounel was being scrubbed from databases.  The 1940 census was not available at that time.

At Free Republic in a discussion entitled, “Is this Harrison Bounel name Related or Connected to the Michele Robinson Family Tree?” someone found a ” Harry S. or Harry L. Bounel who lived in Connecticut and lived with a family named Robinson per 1910 census records in the National Archives. He was a mulatto born in 1860.  Michelle Obama’s maiden name was Robinson.”  This is probably not the same person as the man found in the Bronx.  The Harry found in Connecticut was born in 1860 and not 1890.

This is the family  referred to above with whom Harry L. Bounel was living with in 1910.  Harry is shown as a roomer, Mulatto, born in Connecticut as were his parents.  He was a blacksmith.  He was age 50,  therefore born in 1860.  The image may not be clear when enlarged.

From HeritageQuestOnline

ROBINSON, WILLIAM A   (1910 U.S. Census)
Age: 40, Male, Race: MULATTO, Born: GA
Series: T624 Roll: 140 Page: 28


Harry L


Additionally, when Al was searching Harrison J. Bounel, the man kept showing up as living with the Obama’s and using the same Social Security number as Barack Obama.  He also showed up as a relative of Michelle Obama.  Michelle Obama was  in another database as being married to Bounel in 2011.



Obama’s Chickens May Be Coming Home to Roost!


Will be updated with further information.

H/T  Gordo and  Orly Taitz  


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    GORDO | January 19, 2013 at 8:01 am

    “Breaking: 1940 Census Shows Obama Alias Harrison Bounel Born 1890; Ties To Connecticut”

    “Dr. Orly Taitz found the 1940 New York Census at Ancestry.com. The image below is taken from that census which list Harry Bounel and also shows he was born in 1890. That is the same year connected to Obama’s social security number. It’s also reported Bounel lived in Connecticut at one point. Obama’s social security number is a number reserved for CT applicants.

    Here are some excerpts from Dr. Taitz’s blog on her research efforts in regards to Bounel:

    [go to link]


    Miri | January 19, 2013 at 10:19 am

    You cannot make this stuff up! Russia? Newtown? Lived with a Robinson family?

    “According to 1940 census Harry Bounel was born in Russia in 1890. This is the date of birth on some of Lexis records associated with the Social Security number 042-68-4425, worked as a helper in a store. It is hard to read the name of the store, looks like Zonick store . I will try to get records from Russia. [ORLY SHOULD NOT TELEGRAPH HER MOVES.] I just got off the phone with a Russian reporter. Also, we had some records showing Harry Bounel residing with Robinson family in CT in 1910. I need help in getting any and all info on Michele Robinson Obama’s great grand mother Rose Ella Cohen, the name strikes me as a name of a Jewish woman from Russia. I need to know, if she was married before she married Robinson. […]

    We see Bounel residing in CT in 1910. The Social Security was issued in 1977 in CT. He was 87 at that time. There was a hospital next to Newton. [Any evidence Bounel was there?] It was a Newtown psychiatric hospital, where some elderly without family resided their last days. The hospital later was renamed to Fairfield state hospital. This is where the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims were taken for autopsy. What is interesting, is that the hospital contained not only death records, it also for some reason contained immigration and deportation records. My guess is, that most of the info was scrubbed, however these people are sloppy. They did not flatten the PDF file and we got direct connection between Obama and this Ct SSN 042-68-4425 straight from the horses mouth, from the Squatter in Chief Obama. […]

    I see Newtown is right next to DANBURY (where you had placed the switched identities Obama and his Connecticut Social Security number. You had surmised that the identity was taken from someone at a local Danbury NURSING HOME. The official name of the “Newtown nut house” was the FAIRFIELD STATE HOSPITAL. (renamed Fairfield Hills Hospital). Mentally ill patients who had died were buried on site. […]

    What we found out that in 1976-1977, when new SSN laws were adopted, when this CT SNN 042-68-4425 was issued either in Danbury or in Stamford CT Social Security office (both near the hospital) elderly individuals needed to get a SSN in order to get medicare benefits. When people were elderly or patients in the psychiatric hospital, the applications were filled out by the hospital employees. (I saw patients in an advanced Alzheimer’s facility in Ca voting in each and every election. I wonder, how are they voting . So, if elderly Bounel was in this facility, his SSN application was filled out by the hospital personal and signed by the hospital administrator. Please, hurry, everything is being scrubbed as we speak!!! I need any and all info on Harry Bounel, his whereabouts, his Social Security number, place and time of death and all of the info on Rose Ella Cohen, paternal great grand mother of Michelle Obama.“

    Miri | January 19, 2013 at 10:57 am |

    I’ve got no time to work on this today, but what I’ve found so far:

    Harry Bounel (from Russia) was living in 1940 with Louis and Blanche Julius (Louis from Austria) in the Bronx. Lots of people from Russia, Poland, etc.

    Very next name: Sam Cohen, also from Russia. Age 36.

    You can view the 1940 census at familysearch.org. The heading on the census page says, “United States Census, 1940, New York Bronx, New York City, Bronx, Assembly District 7
    3-1199 New York City, Bro…rt), Sacred Heart of Mary”
    I don’t know the significance of Sacred Heart of Mary.

    There’s a long list of people’s names and it says “same house”. I can’t find an address; you’d have to page back until you find one on previous pages. Found it. 915 Daly Ave. Most of the time, when people came over together or lived together, they’re related somehow. Harry was working as a helper at a fruit store. Sam Cohen’s occupation is “fruit dealer”, so maybe Sam Cohen was Harry’s boss? It says Harry was married.

    Could it be possible that Harry Bounel is some relative of Mooch’s Cohen relations? Or that they knew about him via family history?

    alfy | January 19, 2013 at 11:43 am


    Notice Roman Catholic…..a parish in Bronx…..most likely place for Russian immigrants to be taken in after Russian revolution. You know Leon Trotsky lived in the Bronx just before going back to Russian after the death of the Zhar Alexander. Seems all the Russian immigrants came there.

    Jonah | January 19, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    I agree with everything you say however, if you look at pages 25 and 27 of the 1940 census, the street name is Elsmere Place.

    In regard to Orly’s comment “We see Bounel residing in CT in 1910″, look closely at the 1910 census that shows a Harry Bounel living in New Haven Connecticut with the William Robinson family. This Harry Bounel was 50 years old and was born in 1860, not 1890. Unless the age is noted incorrectly, he CANNOT be the same 50 year old Harry Bounel listed on the 1940 Bronx, New York census

  2. good info Miri.This just gets curiouser and curiouser. 😦

  3. Jonah, I saw it as Elsmere Place that was on the previous page before Bounel shows up also. Yet when I went to the interactive site for Ancestry.com, it comes up as Daly Street. But I see no mention of it on the census sheet and the street names are usually on the left side of the page.

    Harry Bounel New York, Bronx, New York abt 1890 Russia Lodger

    Line 48 Street Name Daly Avenue Bounel Harry Lodger Male White 50 Married Didn’t attend school Highest grade completed Elementary school, 3rd grade, Russia, Naturalized.

    Ancestry Interactive Site

    • I’m back for a little while. Sorry I had to bug off for a while. Anyway, I saw the Elsmere Place (1933, iirc?) and when I looked at Bounel’s page, it says in very pale lettering, on the left, “Daly Ave”. There appear to be similar pale codes written on the page; and the “M” for Harry’s marital status is lined out, as if to say he wasn’t married. Can’t tell what these pale items mean. Pencil marks, while the rest was written in ink? It does say he’s naturalized by 1940. When I was searching earlier, I tried to find Harry in 1910, but I needed to know the name of the head of household but Orly hadn’t given it. Now Jonah says it was William Robinson (danger, Will Robinson!). 🙂 I’ll let you know what else I find.

      • It’s hard to read the surname on the guy living with William A. Robinson in New Haven in 1910. It could say Boswell, as well as Bounel. This one’s name is Harry L. Bounel (or Boswell). He’s a blacksmith, born in Connecticut, as were both his parents, so he’s not likely to be the other Harry Bounel’s father, because that younger Harry was born in 1890 in Russia. In addition, although I can’t read what it says, it appears that he’s not “white” but perhaps “mix”? So a red herring/coincidence? Keeping an open mind, though. An alternate spelling of Bounel is Bunnell. There were a lot of Bounels, especially in 1940.

        Bridgette: I responded to these comments before reading your post. Good job. You already wrote about what I saw on the records. Sorry to repeat.

        • I found the Sam Cohens and the Louis Juliuses in the Bronx in 1930. Although I can’t view the records, they don’t list anybody else living with them (like Harry Bounel as a lodger).

          So far, we have nothing to tie this 1890 Harry (not Harrison) Bounel to Connecticut. The guy who lived there in 1910 isn’t the same man. Orly did not specify, iirc, that Harry Bounel was living in the Bronx, not in CT, in 1940.

          I can’t find anything about Harry or Harrison Bounel prior to 1940. If he naturalized, then there ought to be naturalization papers SOMEWHERE for him. May also be draft records for WWI or WWII, depending upon when he came here from Russia. I don’t have Ancestry and the Heritage Quest and Family Search sites don’t have all records. Heritage Quest requires you to know the name of the head of household and if Bounel was rooming or lodging with another family, he won’t turn up in the search. You can do some fuzzy searches by looking for everybody named “Harrison” in whatever year in whatever state and hope it turns up somebody with a surname similar to, if not exactly, Bounel. But I didn’t find anything when I looked. As Bridgette says, things were SCRUBBED way back when, as soon as this issue first arose. Now that Barry is in control of the executive branch of government, and now that, for example, the National Archives conveniently “loses” records pertaining to anything we research in an attempt to prove the lies he tells, it’s going to be quite a quest to find the truth.

          • Reminder that Obama did some “house cleaning” or was it “house keeping” for how records are kept and maintained at NARA. I know we reported on it at the time and wondered why; we may find out.

            • This didn’t apply just to presidential records, but to other records in the archives as well. I remember reading the whole thing, but this is all I have in my notes.

              January 21, 2009 (Second day in office!)
              EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489

              By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to establish policies and procedures governing the assertion of executive privilege by incumbent and former Presidents in connection with the release of Presidential records by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) pursuant to the Presidential Records Act of 1978, it is hereby ordered as follows:….


      • Apparently these pages cover apartment buildings that have lots of residents. The 1933 Daly address begins on page22 and goes through pages 23 and 24. 915 Elsmere begins on page 24 and goes through 25 and 26 (where Bounel is listed) and ends on page 27 where 1932 Crotana Parkway begins.

        But the street names and addresses aren’t really significant.

        Here’s the 1910 census for Harry Bonnel (Bounel is alternate name on Ancestry.com) Family Search will not allow you to view the original document…………

        Harry S Bonnel in household of William A Robinson, “United States Census, 1910”

        name: Harry S Bonnel [It should be an L instead of an S – added by admin.]
        birthplace: Connecticut
        residence: New Haven Ward 9, New Haven, Connecticut
        marital status: Single
        race : Mulatto
        gender: Male
        father’s birthplace: Connecticut
        mother’s birthplace: Connecticut

        Household Gender Age Birthplace
        self William A Robinson M 40y Georgia
        wife Clara L Robinson F 38y Georgia
        dau Lillie V Robinson F 18y Georgia
        son Joseph B Robinson M 20y Georgia
        son William A Robinson M 16y Georgia
        Joseph Willis M 28y Connecticut
        Harry S Bonnel M 50y Connecticut

        • I added the copy of the 1910 in the article but didn’t post all the information and Harry S (which is really an L if you look at the census), is not the same person that was just found. The names of the Robinson people and the fact they are listed as Mulatto’s raised eyebrows, as well as the name of Harry. But the birth year didn’t match what the SS # was indicating.

        • Jonah: Here’s where I’m confused. Orly has a post where she specifically says that Bounel lived in 1910 with Jim Robinson and his wife Louisa. I can’t find anything to that effect.

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Wish I had more time. Too bad there was’t a social security # listed, but then again, I could only skim it. You guys are the best!

  5. Now here’s what was noted in the past:


    “Leza | May 20, 2011 at 4:27 am | Reply | Edit

    People Search Results (1)
    Searched: First: JANE Middle: L Last: STUART City: CHICAGO, State: IL
    Records: 1 to 1 of 1
    Personal Information Address History Phone Date Reported Tools
    JANE L STUART [Circuit Court Judge – Chicago]
    Aliases: J L STUART, J

    DOB: 10/1944
    Gender: F
    SSN: 320-38-XXXX
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 684-9838
    Address Only
    Phone (773) 538-4547

    11/1988 -02/2011 1038 E HYDE PARK BLVD CHICAGO, IL 60615
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 373-5984

    03/2010 6144 S INDIANA AVE Apt. 1 CHICAGO, IL 60637
    Multi-Family Dwelling

    03/2010 5037 S DORCHESTER AVE Apt. 2A CHICAGO, IL 60615
    Multi-Family Dwelling

    People Search Results (2)
    Searched: SSN: 042-68-XXXX
    Records: 1 to 2 of 2
    Personal Information Address History Phone Date Reported Tools
    Aliases: BARACH H
    DOB: 08/1961
    Gender: M
    SSN: 042-68-XXXX
    Cell Phone(s) Available $
    227 6TH ST NE WASHINGTON, DC 20002
    Single-Family Dwelling

    01/2006 -12/2006 5046 S GREENWOOD AVE CHICAGO, IL 60615
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 684-9838
    Address Only
    Phone (773) 538-4547

    Multi-Family Dwelling

    09/2006 5450 S EAST VIEW PARK Apt. 1CHICAGO, IL 60615
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 684-4809

    09/2006 7436 S EUCLID AVE CHICAGO, IL 60649
    Single-Family Dwelling

    10/1997 365 BROADWAY Apt. B1 SOMERVILLE, MA 02145
    Multi-Family Dwelling
    Not Available

    Gender: U
    SSN: 042-68-XXXX
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 684-9838
    Address Only
    Phone (773) 538-4547
    Address Only

    Relatives Search Results (1)
    Personal Information Address History Phone Date Reported Tools
    Aliases: BARACK H

    DOB: 01/1964
    Gender: F
    SSN: 350-60-XXXX
    Possible Relationship:

    Cell Phone(s) Available $
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 684-9838
    Address Only
    Phone (773) 538-4547
    Address Only

    06/2005 -02/2011 7436 S EUCLID AVE CHICAGO, IL 60649
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 363-4530
    Address Only

    09/2006 5450 S EAST VIEW PARK Apt. 1CHICAGO, IL 60615
    Single-Family Dwelling
    (773) 684-4809

    02/2004 5470 S EVERETT AVE Apt. 1S CHICAGO, IL 60615
    Multi-Family Dwelling

    09/1997 5470 S EVERETT AVE Apt. 1S CHICAGO, IL 60615
    Multi-Family Dwelling

    Not Available 180 N LA SALLE ST Apt. 2200 CHICAGO, IL 60601
    Not Available 3550 S RHODES AVE Apt. 1802 CHICAGO, IL 60653
    Multi-Family Dwelling

    Print All Searched: 5046 GREENWOOD State: IL City: CHICAGO Zip: 60615
    Fetch – National Property Records: 1 to 2 of 2
    Owner Location Property Sale

    Mailing Address:1038 HYDE PARK CHICAGO, IL 60615-2808
    Carrier Route: C080
    FIPS Code: 17031
    Parcel Number: 20111150270000
    Legal Description: (CLARK) &


    SUB LOT 2
    Sale Price: $1,650,000.00
    Sale Date: 06/15/2005
    Expand Property Information…
    Owner Location Property Sale
    Mailing Address: 180 LA SALLE APT STE 2200 CHICAGO, IL 60601-2610
    5046 S GREENWOOD AVE CHICAGO, IL 60615-2806
    Carrier Route: C080
    FIPS Code: 17031
    Parcel Number: 20111150370000

    Expand Property Information…
    Wineberg Professional Licenses Search:
    Fetch – Professional Licenses Records: 1 to 2 of 2

    Identity Information Address License Information Dates
    License Number: 22791
    Status: NULL AND VOID
    Issued: 02/21/1991
    Renewed: 09/16/2002
    Expires: 12/31/2001

    County: COOK
    License Number: 65005449
    Status: ACTIVE
    Expires: 09/30/2003

    Cook County Property Tax and Payment Information
    Printed copies of this information may not be used as a tax bill.
    Payments must be submitted with original tax bill.

    Property Index Number (PIN): 20-11-115-027-0000
    View Prior Tax Year Information
    Tax Year: 2010 Tax Type: Current Tax Volume: 254 PCL: 2-05
    Property Location 5046 S GREENWOOD AVE CHICAGO, IL 60615-2806

    (To update contact the Cook County Assessor’s Office at 312-443-7550.)

    Tax Payment Information
    Installment Tax Amount Billed Tax Due Date Last Payment Received Date Received
    1st $2,846.54 04/01/2011 $2,846.54 03/29/11
    Balance Due: $0.00

    Cook County Property Tax and Payment Information
    Property Index Number (PIN): 20-11-115-037-0000
    2010 Tax Year Information – Payable in 2011
    Tax Year: 2010 Tax Type: Current Tax Volume: 254 PCL: 2-09
    Property Location 5046 S GREENWOOD AVE CHICAGO, IL 60615-2806

    (To update contact the Cook County Assessor’s Office at 312-443-7550.)

    Installment Tax Amount Billed Tax Due Date Last Payment Received Date Received
    1st $14,158.27 04/01/2011 $14,158.27 03/17/11
    Balance Due: $0.00
    The balance due, including any penalty, is as of: 5/10/2011
    Payments processed are posted through: 5/9/2011

    2009 Tax Year Information – Payable in 2010
    Tax Year: 2009 Tax Type: Current Tax Volume: 254 PCL: 2-09
    Property Location 5046 S GREENWOOD AVE CHICAGO, IL 60615-2806

    Mailing Information Exemption Information
    Senior Citizen Exemption Received:NO
    Senior Freeze Exemption Received:NO

    Tax Payment Information
    Installment Tax Amount Billed Tax Due Date Last Payment Received Date Received
    1st $12,351.04 03/02/2010 $12,351.04 03/02/10
    2nd $13,391.27 12/13/2010 $13,391.27 11/20/10
    Balance Due: $0.00

    The balance due, including any penalty, is as of: 5/10/2011
    Payments processed are posted through: 5/9/2011
    The Cook County Clerk’s office can help you with redemption and delinquent inquiries on prior year’s taxes. You may reach the Clerk at: Main Number: (312) 603-5656


    Note that when I copied and pasted, the highlighting got lost. I added some more, but you can go to the links to see what others found interesting. At the first link, scroll down to see a video posted by Bridgette and other relevant links and finds. The entire post asks who the heck lives in the house the Obamas don’t own.

  6. More past information on Bounel

    Bridgette | May 20, 2011 at 2:59 pm
    Bridgette | May 22, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Is this Harrison Bounel name Related or Connected to the Michele Robinson Family Tree?


    • Looking back through the old finds, I notice that this isn’t really new about the mulatto who lived with a Robinson family. What’s new is the HARRY Bounel living in the BRONX in 1940, who was born in 1890. Now that’s somewhat interesting. And that he was born in RUSSIA, considering all the “white” Russians in the woodpile: Toutonghis, Bakers, etc.

  7. An example of the scrubbing: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/who-lived-in-obamas-secret-house/comment-page-1/#comment-61230

    “Bridgetteb | August 21, 2011 at 9:35 am | Reply | Edit

    Obama’s Alias Harrison J. Bounel Tied To Connecticut Social Security Number Now Scrubbed From Databases
    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    From Albert “Al” Hendershot: There has been a development as it pertains to database records for and about Barack H Obama. As we well know I am the one who discovered the Harrison J Bounel alias. Well, these records have been scrubbed from theses databases as of yesterday. All other records are gone except the records belonging to the “chosen one”.

    From Carl Swensson: Spent yesterday with a credit investigator (skip tracer) who has very highly specialized search software available to only those in the business and highly protected…

    In March of this year he was doing a lookup of BHO’s SSN number and came up with this anomaly. Harrison J. Bounel kept showing up as living at the “O’s” and using the same SSN # ???? Also showed up as a relative of Michelle’s? As of yesterday, the same search yielded no reference to Bounel so here we go again, records scrubbed. This Gentleman (Albert) is working with Jerome Corsi to get this and some really damning evidence concerning tax evasion on the Chicago address of the Obama’s residence (Can we say Capone) out to as many as possible.

    Orly had one such investigator working, early on, with the SS numbers but I’m not sure if she tied that together with the voter fraud documents which show multiple fictitious and famous characters living at the addresses of all these BHO residences associated with that CN SSN from across the country. I now have copies of that as well. Anybody here live in Arkansas? Have some interesting leads for you.

    I know that name (Bounel) has appeared before but the significance now is that it is being scrubbed as people like Albert find pockets of this info still out there in the virtual world.

    I do hope Jerome and Albert can put the pieces of the tax fraud puzzle together in a way that’s easily understandable for the masses to understand. Good luck with that as Cook County, IL is an absolute cesspool of political corruption and does an absolutely excellent job of hiding underhanded political dealings involving land and taxes.

    Key here is that sliver of land Rezko turned over to the [Northern] Trust Co. that owned Michelle’s/Barry’s Chicago residence at 5046 S. Greenwood Ave that has every appearance of having avoided any taxes being paid on it. That and the fact that on the Obama’s 2009 tax return it shows taxes paid on real estate when, according to records, they owned NONE.


    Carl Swenson, Clayton County, GA, GOP

    Papoose | August 21, 2011 at 9:47 am | Reply | Edit

    If they freaking owned that house, they would have been visiting it and spending time there. Is it currently vacant, unoccupied or leased?”

    I didn’t copy it all. The comments following are pertinent, too. About Northern Trust and Rezko.

  8. UPDATE at ORYR – By Leslie

    I discovered the reference to Harry Bounel in the 1940 census back in Oct 2012 and have been working with Albert Hendershot quietly for three months now to get CONCRETE proof that this is the original holder of O’s social security number. Orly’s information is misleading. First the Bounel in the Bronx census is a white man born in 1890 Russia, and he became a naturalized citizen. The Bonnel that she believes was living with Michelle’s family in CT is not the same man. The one in CT is listed as born 1860, with a different name spelling, and is mulatto. She is confusing information.

    Secondly, there is no known connection to the Newtown CT area nor to any of the hospitals there. A death certificate for Harry Bounel born in Russia has not yet been found. She is running on assumptions. She is assuming that the Bonnel showing in the 1910 census and the one in the 1940 census in NY are the same person. They are not.

    Third, and finally, none of her information can be proved until a death certificate for Harry Bounel is found. I have personally submitted FOIAs to the SS admin and have gone back and forth with them for three months now trying to get information. They are asking for proof of death. What I have done with them DOES show a positive inference that O is using Bounel’s SS#, however it is not proof and won’t stand up in a court of law. My research will now be hampered by Orly prematurely publishing the connection and including misinformation. Any headway I’ve gained will now be shut down because all avenues to gain documentation will be closed. This is the reason Al and I were keeping this to ourselves so we could find actual proof, not supposition. I had the SS admin in check and was going in for the checkmate, but now that she’s published this all doors to documentary proof will be closed.

    Al, and I, will publish an article about what I’ve done shortly, now that we’ve been forced into being public about it by Orly once again grasping at straws and prematurely tipping our hand.


    • This was posted at ORYR. I wonder if Leslie and Al were researching privately how Orly found out? Did they give her the information? I also remember reading recently in one of the lawsuits that named Harry as the owner of the SS#, and I dismissed it because I knew it hadn’t been proven. I don’t know if it was one of Orly’s.

      I hope I made the distinction in the post that the two Harry’s are not the same person. One is Harry L. and the other Harrison J. (Harry) Bounel who is the right one.

      • All it takes is for somebody to see it at Al’s site. Or even get curious, do a search at the free ancestry sites (familysearch, for one), and contact Orly with the information. Leslie and Al seem to say that the Bronx Harry IS the correct person. Unless Harry is 123 years old (unlikely because they track the “oldest living person”), then he died. Unless he died in another country (like went home to Russia?), then he OUGHT TO BE IN THE SS Death Index. But remember? They “fixed” that, too, by changing what’s published and how it’s accessed. Bogus concern over “identity theft”. As if it prevents identity theft by making it harder for someone to check a SS# to see if the owner is DEAD! If you can’t confirm the SS# DOESN’T belong to a dead person, then it just may belong to a dead person but is being used by a living person (like an illegal alien voter and/or driver and/or government benefit recipient). They can’t find a death certificate for him, and it looks as if Leslie and Al are saying that the government won’t release information about Harry until there’s proof of his death. But I guarantee they’re just stonewalling. SAD is dead and they won’t release stuff about her, either. Virginia Sunahara is dead and they won’t release stuff about her, either. BHO Sr. is dead and they won’t release stuff about him, either. If they find a death certificate, then they’ll say the records can’t be found, got eaten by bugs, got misfiled, got burned up in a fire, got lost, got torn up in a machine, failed to be microfilmed, etc.

        WHAT WE NEED IS A PATRIOT TO EXPOSE THE LIES. If the media will publish BOGUS national guard records for GWB, then Breitbart or CNS or Judicial Watch or some other patriotic media organization WILL PUBLISH THE TRUTH ABOUT BARRY. HELP US FIND THE TRUTH. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. WOODWARD AND BERNSTEIN WOULD AGREE. And, btw, the information that’s being HIDDEN is public information that by law OUGHT TO BE HANDED OVER when citizens utilize the laws that were written to ensure that public information remains public and that our government OF THE PEOPLE is transparent.

    • Well, that’s why I said Orly should NOT advertise what she’s doing. The thing is, Leslie says that Al had the 1940 record on his site for a long time. We had the information about the 1910 guy on our blog for a long time, iirc, since May 2011. It’s nothing NEW. The only thing new is that Orly is calling attention to it now. I am totally in agreement with Leslie and Al that people should not telegraph what they’re doing. However, because this has been out there for months, it’s likely that all has been tamped down already. That they’re doing FOIA and backing them into corners is a good thing. However, as with the port of entry records and with BHO Sr.’s records at that college library, things can get “lost” or “misfiled” or just buried in boxes in an archive and the FOIA allows them to decline spending an inordinate amount of time and the taxpayers’ money digging it out. If a court should order it, however, it shall be done.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Nobody, IMO, should EVER announce the data they collect! Get the facts to Sheriff Arpaio STAT! Allow him to be the go to guy. I reiterate, while I believe Orly’s intentions are good, everything she touches…..

  9. I’m sorry, my last post was repetitious of info already posted……..

    Orly was asking for info about Rosella Cohen, Michelle’s gr grandmother.
    I couldn’t find Rosella Cohen or Rosella Robinson on Ancestry.com but I found Rosella and Frazier Robinson in 1940 in South Carolina at Family Search.. .….


    Maybe someone can look up South Carolina Marriage licenses for Frazier Robinson and Rosella Cohen. The license might list the parents’ names. Their son, Frazier, Michelle’s grandfather, was living in Chicago in 1940. I don’t know if he was their oldest child but he was born in 1913 so I’d start looking around 1910.

  10. gr grandmother is not a typo. It’s short for great grandmother.
    Rosella Robinson is Michelle’s great grandmother.

    Michelle’s grandmother
    Lavaughn Robinson in household of Harriett Funny,
    “United States Census, 1940”
    name: Lavaughn Robinson
    event: Census
    event year: 1940
    event place: Ward 5, Chicago, Chicago City, Cook, Illinois, United States
    gender: Female
    age: 25
    marital status: Married
    race Negro
    relationship to head of household Lodger
    birthplace: Illinois
    estimated birth year: 1915
    lodger Lavaughn Robinson F 25 Illinois
    son Frazier Robinson M 4 Illinois
    son Normal E Robinson M 2 Illinois


  11. Busted: 1940 Census Confirms Obama Alias; Born In 1890
    January 19, 2013

    H/T Western Journalism (WJ)

  12. Regarding MO’s ancestry–her maternal g-g-g-grandmother: http://www.goupstate.com/article/20091009/ARTICLES/910099980

    Maybe there are some names from this article that will reappear.

  13. Anyone try Hillbuzz site lately. Server never responds. thx

  14. Some great info here folks keep digging. 🙂

  15. Rosemary Woodhouse

    This is not an open thread, I know, but this is too good to not share.

  16. It takes us all to make this happen.

    Justice John Roberts is going to review a case on Feb 15th regarding Obama’s use of a fake SS#.

    The case review is real:


    We do not think Roberts will act so we are demanding that Congress take action.

    Over 25,770 Letters and Emails Sent So Far.


  17. QUESTION: Which SSN went to Columbia. I know his physical ass wasn’t there, but I was wondering which of these SSNs he was claiming in that instance?

  18. Note: Apparently the man in the 1940 census was named Boymel, not Bounel. http://www.birtherreport.com/2013/01/new-york-census-confirms-obama-alias.html

    “Harry Boymel born Lubnar, Russia September 18, 1886. Immigrated October 18, 1910 with 2 children. His Russian name is Gersch Baumel. Occupation: FRUIT DEALER” h/t Darkhorse Patriot at ORYR. And his SS# was 080-18-6078 h/t Rickey, who got the application. (Posted the info at an obot site. You can find it by searching on Taitz and Boymel.)

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