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Anita Moncrief is the Thorn that Won’t Stop Pricking

Posted by Bridgette

Anita Moncrief  is the Thorn that Won’t Stop Pricking

ACORN Whistleblower Co-founds 1st Black Tea Party in Sheila Jackson Lee’s Backyard

By: MataHarley
January 20, 2011

Yet another tea party movement forms, and this group will provide more than the usual pride in citizens, standing up against a government they demand be reined in.   Why? This tea party movement is made up of those supposed non-existent black Americans. And what gives me yet another smile is that this group is formed right under the nose of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, [D-TX]  who made news in the past two days demonstrating her lack of Constitutional knowledge when she proclaimed any repeal of O’healthcare was unConstitutional.

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