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Method to the “Madness”

With the usual anonymous spies in the administration of President Donald Trump supplying the fodder, the mainstream media wasted no time in ridiculing the President of the United States for allegedly suggesting that our country ought to buy Greenland from Denmark.

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America’s Coming for You, Congress!


 I-75 Lake City, Florida billboard….Every State should have one!!

 Doesn’t it make you want to stand up and cheer?

An email circulating on the internet is now showing the latest billboard lining the highways.   The sign is more appropriate today as we saw the Democrats sign a partisan bill for Socialized Healthcare against the wishes of the majority of citizens of the USA.  The Democrats will feel the wrath of the people in 7 months!   

              “Now it’s personal,

America’s coming for you, Congress!

Vote Liberals Out in 2010!

                                                    We the People

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