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Communist Goals for USA Takeover


The Communist Takeover Of America

45 Declared Goals

Current Communist Goals

January 10, 1963


Posted by Bridgette 

Prepare to be shocked at the goals that have already been reached since the Communist goals were written and presented in 1963. Fifty seven years later, we have people in our government at all levels who are ardently trying to implement and complete the remaining items. These attempts at transforming our nation are in full swing and are being recognized and exposed. Others are under the radar and have remained closeted. Take a long look at this list and see how many are in the process of being pushed through as bills or are recognizable now. Many were exposed within the first year of this administration i.e., rewriting educational literature and reinterpreting history in school books. 

Obama was elected on a couple words, hope and change. If citizens had known that his change meant establishing, implementing, and installing communist goals and destroying our way of life, they wouldn’t have voted for Obama. If voters fully understood what the Progressives /Communists had in mind, do you think Obama would be the squatter in the White House now? 

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