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Dog Gone; Phineas Is Missing Again.

This is an update on Phineas, the yellow Labrador retriever who’s become a sensation in the Ozark town of Salem, Missouri. His story was first discussed in this post. In brief, Phineas stands accused of being a serial biter, a crime for which he was condemned to die, until dog-loving citizens rose up to object.

On Thursday, Phineas had another day in court, but the ole yeller defendant was not in attendance. That’s because someone dognapped the pooch, for the second time.  When the controversy first arose, the dog mysteriously disappeared from the poochgow, but he was as mysteriously returned. Continue reading

If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit (Open Thread)

There was an anti-Zimmerman-verdict demonstration in Houston recently, hosted by the New Black Panthers.  One counter-demonstrator pointed out the obvious:  If George Zimmerman is a “white hispanic”, then Barack Obama is a “white black” (or, as I like to call him: A “white African-American who identifies as black.”)

If only the media would be consistent in their usage.  Is that too much to ask? Continue reading