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Who Will be Chosen by the Democrats? (Open Thread)

By  Bridgette





Since January 4, 2007, Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi has been the 60th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.     Thankfully, we no longer need to worry that she could possibly represent  “We the People”  if something happened to  both the president and vice president.

Unfortunately,  Pelosi stated that she would seek to continue to lead the House Democrats to slaughter as the  House Minority Leader, the post she held before becoming the Speaker of the House.  Fractures within the Democratic House are occurring because of her refusal to step down after the massive election losses on November 2.  Nancy doesn’t want to lose her power that she has wielded so unabashedly for the last four years.  She is showing that her own  goals and her progressive/Marxist agenda are  more important than those  of the nation and the party.  The Democratic house remains a house divided on major issues and whether they will follow Nancy off the proverbial cliff, or if they prefer to stay on level ground.

According to the media, Nancy  may be elected  in Wednesday’s closed-door elections.   If she is elected, the Democrats will once again show they are totally  deaf, dumb, and blind to the will of the people.   Two weeks ago today,  nationwide, citizens in almost every state  totally rejected and stomped on  Obama, Reid, and  Pelosi’s  political agenda and their policies.  Blue states turned bright red, yet it appears the Democrats suffer from severe cases of color blindness.

The only opponent to have the courage to oppose Nancy is the moderate from North Carolina, Rep. Heath Shuler.  He is one of the  smarter politicians  because he acknowledged after a huge nationwide defeat for his party, that  it’s not wise “to go back and put the exact same leadership into place.”   He may lose, but then again, he might win.     We will see if there is any sense and sensibility left in the way fewer returning Democrats.

Rep. Heath Schuler, North Carolina (D)


Will the American people  have to endure Pelosi’s continuing radical and corrupt shenanigans?   Will the rallying call  continue to be “What Nancy wants, Nancy gets?  Will the Democrats finally rein her in and put a muzzle on her?  Or will they vote to continue having her be the botoxed face of the Democrats?   We will know in one day.

There is one thing that we can look forward to whether Nancy wins or loses. With the loss of Nancy’s private military escort service, she will have to endure those full body scans at the airports!  After one or two of those revealing scans or “non-invasive” pat downs,  those body scan machines may be sent to the proverbial dumpsters!

Enjoy yourself,  Nancy. It will be a great experience  for you to see how those less fortunate citizens or the real commoners navigate the airports.    Oh, and by the way, it was your comrades that came up with the brilliant idea of those scans!  Who will leak that “private” body scan of her to the media? More importantly, who wants to look at it?

Indeed, This could be her last stand.




Part I

By Gary P.

Let me just say this, the democrat/communist party is openly carrying out a coup d’état right in front of us. I have written on many occasions how many of the provisions of ObamaCare are nothing more than a complete and total usurpation of the Constitution that will forever destroy states’ rights, and severely restrict individual rights in this country.

ObamaCare is completely and totally unconstitutional. This is pointed out, yet again, in the Wall Street Journal op-ed co-written by Orrin Hatch, Ken Blackwell, and Kenneth Klukowski:
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