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President’s Day 2013 – Celebrating Two Famous Presidents

By Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer, Patriotic Action

President’s Day: February 18, 2013

Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer, Patriotic Action, put together an exceptional series of photos revealing George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s  words.  His work is being posted here for our readers.  The wisdom of our former presidents as seen in their words are as pertinent today as they were in their time.   Indeed, they are timeless.  Let us celebrate President’s Day.

Let their words serve as a reminder of America’s exceptionalism, and its  traditions and values that are currently being destroyed by the Left’s determination to transform our nation.  During these days of a rogue and corrupt  Anti-American administration, the wisdom of our forefathers will renew our spirit and fight to keep what they fought for… freedom and liberty for all.

The man serving as our president today will never have his words repeated years from now,  nor will his words ever inspire like those of Washington and Lincoln whose heads were carved into the side of a mountain, Mt. Rushmore.   In time, Obama’s words will do the opposite. Obama’s words will  be used like those of other tyrannical leaders such as Mao, Hitler, and Stalin.  His legacy and words will be relegated to the dustbins of history where they belong. As George Washington said, they are “bad company.”

May the words of these great men continue to inspire us, and renew our determination to fight to maintain all that we hold near and dear.  God Bless America!

Thank you Larry.


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