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“Jerusalem Is Not Your Capital” states Obama

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Obama Wants to Teach Netanyahu and Israelis a Lesson!

Oppose Me, Will You!

Upstage Me, Will You!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama

The Dictator in Chief at Work – Shoving another Ally under  Obama’s proverbial bus!  Now we are aligned with the PLO!


Obama Signs Document That Tells Israel Jerusalem Is Not Your Capital!!


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Muslim Goals to Infiltrate and Destroy the U.S.

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” The Muslim Brotherhood’s Goals “

Much like the “Communist Goals for U.S.A. Takeover” that were written  January 10, 1963,  the Muslim Brotherhood also developed their own strategic goals or Master Plan in 1991 for their cultural invasion of the United States and their intention to turn the U.S.  into a Muslim nation.

After  reading the Communist Goals and then these developed by the Muslim Brotherhood, we notice their many similarities.    The reason for that is explained in the 17th Muslim Project tactic,  “Instituting alliances with Western “progressive” organizations that share similar goals.” The Progressive’s support of the Muslims fits right into this sequence, as does their support of Palestine’s Hamas regime over Israel’s democratic nation.

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Holder Removed Old Glory from DOJ Website!

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U.S. Justice Department’s website “redecorated” under Eric Holder!


The U.S. GOVERNMENT website for the U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT has removed the traditional usage of the U.S. flag as a background and TRANSFORMED it to include the quote of a Socialist!

Could it be any clearer  as to where this administration wants to take the U.S. now?   Is there any question as to this radical  administration’s philosphy, leaning, and agenda?  Surprised?  Outraged?

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