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Democratic Party Coordinates With European Socialists In Bid For “Global New Deal”

Posted By Newssleuth

Socialists Are Undermining Our Constitution!!

Democratic Party Chairman, Howard Dean, speaking to and praising the Party of European Socialists, PES, back during their 2006 Congress

H/T Founding Bloggers,  http://www.foundingbloggers.com/wordpress/2009/10/exclusive-democratic-party-coordinates-with-european-socialists-in-bid-for-global-new-deal/

Is it too much to ask that before the Democratic Party sells America out to the European Socialist movement, they at least enlighten the average American citizen as to their actions?

What are we talking about?

Over the past few years, the highest ranking officials from the Democrat party have been working strategically to advance something called a “Global New Deal” based on Progressive-Democratic-Socialism.

The chief organizing entity for launching this new progressive socialist utopia is a group called the PES, or Party of European Socialists. Their organization is made up of the most powerful socialist blocs in Europe, including Socialists International, the parent organization to its American counterpart, the DSA, or Democratic Socialists of America. For those unfamiliar with the DSA, they are the political arm of the American Progressive Movement.

How do we know that top Democrats are coordinating their efforts with the PES? Well they aren’t exactly hiding the fact.

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