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Are We on the Road To Ruin? Election Tales From The OC Coast!!

By Newssleuth

First of all, I am not dead. I am just fine and ornery as ever. I just pretend to be nice by using good manners and being polite. So even though I try to be polite and mannerly, in the past few days I have taken secret photos of a neighbor’s house and yelled at two Jehovah’s Witnesses.

These two events could be signs that we are on the Road to Ruin! Four years of Obama have really taken its toll on all of us. We are broke and grouchy. At least I am.

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John Patrick Bedell

By: Renee and Leza

John Patrick Bedell was shot dead after pulling a gun and firing at the Pentagon.
I am reading some reports that he was a right wing extremeist, and unstable. His parents warned authorities earlier of his behavior. Who was he really ?